Grasshoppers in Las Vegas – All About the Unexpected Visitors

For decades, Las Vegas has been mostly known for its majestic casinos, rich gambling scene, and outstanding venues. But not anymore. In July 2019, the city and its visitors were shocked by the unexpected invasion of swarms of grasshoppers. Even though the insects are harmless, they have managed to cause a significant impact on the tourists. Eager to learn more? Stay with us as we discuss how it all started, and how long will the grasshoppers stay in Las Vegas.
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Grasshoppers in Las Vegas 2019 – How It All Started?

Planning to visit Las Vegas anytime soon? Fear not. Even though the infamous grasshoppers might still be there, they are completely harmless to humans. While the insects may not affect your vacation, they will most likely make your trip to Sin City unforgettable. We suppose you cannot help but wonder how they got there in the first place? To answer your question, we must dig into several scientific facts.

To begin with, according to our sources, Las Vegas was invaded by pallid-winged grasshoppers. If the name means nothing to you, we must clarify that they are from the Acrididae family, and are mostly known to range from Argentina up to British Columbia, Canada. As you have probably figured, Nevada is an inevitable part of their route, and possibly a great territory to stay at, considering that they prefer to live in desert ecosystems.

Hence, the invasion of grasshoppers could be considered relatively normal. In fact, similar outbursts of the pallid-winged insects have been recorded throughout history. Furthermore, studies show that between 1952 to 1980, there were six outbreaks only in Arizona. One of them even lasted for two years! Similar experiences were also recorded in New Mexico, Utah, and California. But still, why did the grasshoppers choose Las Vegas this time? According to our information, their invasion is associated with the unusually high rainfall in Vegas. We must, of course, also consider the fact that grasshoppers are drawn to green spaces, where they can feed on broad-leafed weed, and ultraviolet lights. Anyone who has even been to Las Vegas, or has at least seen the city on a picture, must know that it is practically covered in ultraviolet lights. Thus, locals are advised to change their lights for more yellowish bulbs, as they are less likely to attract the insects.

How Long Will the Grasshoppers Stay in Vegas?

Unfortunately, we cannot know how long exactly the grasshoppers are planning to stay in Vegas. Some experts say that they may remain in the city for several weeks, or even longer. According to a video published by Jeff Knight, the state entomologist with the Nevada Department of Agriculture, the grasshopper populations will soon start dropping off due to the lack of food, or their transit towards their final destination.

As we have already mentioned, however, their presence should not bother you in any way. In the same video, Jeff Knight has assured that grasshoppers pose no threats to humans. They do not carry any diseases, do not bite, and would unlikely cause any problems. Still, some people were so worried when they first saw the insects, that they were even afraid to get out of their cars. To see a brief example of how the grasshoppers invaded Las Vegas, please watch the following video:

Luckily, the grasshoppers Las Vegas have no access to the actual casinos, and hotel rooms, so tourists are unlikely to be disturbed. Hence, if you are planning your perfect holiday to Sin City, you may wish to review our list of the best hotels in Las Vegas. By the time you embark on your journey, the grasshoppers will most likely be far away from Nevada.

Still, if you wish to get a glimpse of how it felt like to see grasshoppers in Las Vegas 2019, we recommend you to try the infamous “The Canyon Hopper” pizza at Evel Pie. Its secret ingredient is grasshoppers. Not the pallid-winged invaders, but specially ordered insects from Oaxaca. Even though it all started as a joke, and the owners of the pizza place expected no more than a few people to try their speciality, “The Canyon Hopper” quickly turned into a hit. The Evel Pie even struggled to find more grasshoppers when they ran out of supplies. Luckily, they managed to stock up, and the legendary pizza is expected to stay on their menu for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that our article has been useful to you. Still, we realise that the Las Vegas grasshoppers are a rare spectacle, that might have left anyone full of doubts. If this is your case, we will gladly answer some of the most popular questions regarding the grasshopper invasion in Vegas. If reading about Las Vegas inspired you but you are not a fan of insects and crowds, you can give a check to the best online casinos that you can enjoy from the comfort (and the safety) of your own home!

Why Are There So Many Grasshoppers in Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas grasshopper invasion is a rare event. To put it simply, the grasshoppers were drawn to the city due to the unusually high rainfalls and the hundreds of ultraviolet lights. The insects are migrating from Argentina to Canada each year, and such events are rare but possible. The grasshoppers in Las Vegas, however, are completely harmless, so your safety should not be compromised.

How Long Will the Grasshoppers Be in Las Vegas?

According to experts, the grasshoppers will leave Las Vegas within several weeks. The lack of appropriate food will most likely drive the insects away sooner than expected. We must also consider the fact that they will eventually move towards their final destination, and hence leave the city. Meanwhile, locals and tourists are advised to restrain from using repellents, as they will have an only temporary effect on the grasshoppers.

What Store Sells Cooked Grasshoppers in Las Vegas?

Even though it may sound unbelievable, Evel Pie has launched their own "The Canyon Hopper" pizza. It consists of delicious pizza dough, tasty grilled cheese, special toppings and… grasshoppers. Following the Great Grasshoppers Invasion in Las Vegas, the owners of the restaurant created the thematic pizza only as a joke. Surprisingly, however, "The Canyon Hopper" became significantly popular and remains one of the most requested pizzas at Evel Pie.

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