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Most probably you have been in a casino before, and you know how it may look like from inside. But have you been wondering actually how many people work there and what things they do every day? In this article, we will tell you more about the most important and exciting jobs in a casino. You will be surprised to know that there are even different departments that are responsible for various working procedures and daily activities. You will also learn a bit about the different casino careers and the multiple responsibilities that employees have.
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Gambling industry is well known to many of us, and its presence dates back to a very long time ago. Maybe your grand, grand, grandparents may tell you when the first casinos were established in your country. Somewhere they were legal, while in other places gambling was prohibited and it is still nowadays. But throughout the years this industry established as money-making, and today it is part of many countries’ economies. Where strict regulations are created and set, the gambling business provides an excellent income. And it boosts the industry as many job positions are being opened and many people are continuously employed .

As you may know, there is a tremendous number of casinos all around the world. In fact, there are countries and towns where the casino industry has become a tradition that attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the whole year. Take for example Las Vegas or Atlantic City or Panama City, Lima, Peru and even the Philipines. These places have become popular tourist destinations, and people are eager to visit them and to enjoy the wonderful hotels and casinos there.

Well, it seems that this is quite a big industry that requires considerable resources. There are of course small town casinos with a couple of slot machines and very few people that are working there. On the other hand, there are the big casino complexes such as “The Mirage“, “Ceaser’s Palace“, “Treasure Island” or “The Palms” which comprise of hotel accommodations and enormous casino halls with hundreds of slot machines, roulette and blackjack tables. And these big casinos may sometimes have hundreds of employees – from the cleaners, security guards and table dealers, to management and marketing staff. All these people with different job positions are responsible for running this big ‘’machine’’ which main task is to provide customers with a beautiful experience and at the end to generate significant income. Even smaller casinos, if appropriately managed, can produce excellent income. But what about the big and most famous ones? The money that is being created there daily can reach millions – tremendous sums that are sometimes unthinkable. With significant income comes significant expenses too. But the taxes gathered from the casino will also be very high.

Amazing Casino Complexes

So, let’s get back to the different casino careers that may be available in such an enjoyable place. Depending on how big is the casino, it may employ from a few people or several hundred or thousands of people. Anyway, we can not describe all the various job positions such as the cleaning staff or the doorkeeper, for example. We will describe the list of casino jobs and most exciting positions that are of great importance in casinos and will explain a few of each employee’s responsibilities.


The dealer is the person that works in the roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other game tables. He or she usually deals the cards and operates the game. Paying and collecting the chips is also part of the responsibilities. The bigger part of the casino employees are the dealers. They have to know the rules of the games and have to undergo extensive training to fit the position.

Pit Bosses

This is among the best casino jobs. Those are the people who are responsible for supervising the gaming staff. They are usually in charge of specific areas. Other parts of their activities include dealing with complaints or explaining the house rules.


This job is critical if we are talking about safety and frauds. Players are always trying to cheat or even steal chips from other players. Surveillance staff uses a different kind of audio and video equipment to be able to detect any type of illegal activity in the casino. If there is something wrong going on, they can report and request help from the security personnel.

Casino Surveillance and Security

Security Guards

Security is of significant importance as lots of money circulate at the casino rooms. Security guards are responsible for the safety of the visitors and have to ensure a harmless environment. If a person is misbehaving or is suspected in any kind of fraud, security personnel will ask him/her to leave the place or even sometimes detain the suspected and call the police. A security manager may be one of the highest paying casino jobs.


This is the person who is responsible for maintaining the slot machines when they are broke and need some repair. Sometime he/she might be a programmer and should be aware of casino software. Technicians also fix other various problems concerning the electrical installation or the proper functioning of the ventilation system, for example.


This job, you need good attention to details and requires good education and working experience. The accountant is responsible for making income and expenses reports and for properly managing the casino finances. In the end, running a casino is not an easy task, and there are many risks involved in the business. For this reason, a well trained and experienced accountant is needed.

Marketing Manager

Like every other business, the gambling business also needs a good advertisement. For this reason, many of the big casinos worldwide have marketing managers who are running various advertising campaigns and are using different communication channels to promote casino services. The successful execution of these responsibilities will guarantee the company’s popularity and will attract many players while offering them many bonuses and promotions.


Big casinos have people who take care of the clients’ cars and park then in the casino’s parking lot. These are the valets. They have to take the vehicle back to the casino entrance when the client is leaving. People in this position usually work on shifts and must have a valid driving licence. They have to be very careful not to damage the vehicles as some of them may be quite expensive.


Of course, people at the casino want to have a good time. They will be happy to enjoy the game with a couple of drinks. And they will go to the bar where they can order beverages. The bartender will offer the casino visitors a tasty cocktail or a glass of whisky. Various Casino Career Opportunities

All the jobs that we described above require different skills and responsibilities. For this reason, job salaries are different depending on the position occupied. Moreover, the working hours and contract duration may be different too. Some of the positions are offered as a seasonal occupation, while others are long term contracts.

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