Irish Online Poker Guide 2022 – Best Sites, Games & Tournaments

Smarten up your game with the best poker sites in Ireland. Easily accessible, and always accepting new players – you can become a member today! But let us first introduce you to the best poker sites in Ireland.

Best Online Poker Sites in Ireland for 2022

Poker Sites Bonus Rating
888Poker £10 Bonus 4.90
Unibet £20 Bonus 4.85
William Hill Poker £100 Bonus 4.80

Top 3 Poker Sites for Irish Players

  1. 🥇 888Poker (Best Online Poker Real Money Site in Ireland)
  2. 🥈 Unibet (Top Irish Online Poker Games and Welcome Bonus)
  3. 🥉 William Hill Poker (Poker Site with Live Poker Tournaments and Customer Support)
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Best Poker Sites in Ireland for 2022

Poker Site Poker Bonus Poker Tournaments Poker Cash Games Speed Poker Games Rating Secure Link
£10 Bonus 140 35 9
4.90 ★ out of 5
£20 Bonus 250 30 8
4.85 ★ out of 5
£100 Bonus 223 29 10
4.80 ★ out of 5

Playing at one of the online poker sites in Ireland Is no trivial matter – it requires a lot of preparation and related experience. If you have none, reading this review will be a good idea. We’ll acquaint you with some of the licensed poker sites popular in the country. On this page, similar to the top Irish lotto sites, you’ll find featured three respectable operators with a view to give you more elbow room in case you decide to start playing today.

In terms of specific details about the sites, we’ll provide you with the number of tournaments, cash games and poker types in each and every one of them. To get off on the right foot, we will begin with a short how-to guide designated to helping you find the online poker Ireland site that’s best for you.

What Is the Best Irish Online Poker Site?

⭐ Best Online Poker Site in Ireland 888poker
🎁 Best Ireland Poker Bonus Unibet
🔝 Highest Payout Poker Site in Ireland William Hill Poker
🔶 Best Online Poker Games in Ireland 888poker
📱 Best Mobile Poker App in Ireland Unibet

It’s not just one or two online poker sites Ireland is home to. There’s a significant choice of specialised sites where poker enthusiasts from the country can spend quality time playing their favourite poker game. Not that interest in live poker has withdrawn, but we clearly observe a surge in the popularity of online poker Ireland. The best thing you can do to stay on top of your game is to find an online poker service that’s suitable for your preferences.

Here you will find three rated and ranked operators to choose from. We looked at them from every angle to establish an opinion on which ones have the best payouts, the best poker bonus, the best app etc. If you want to play at Ireland’s best poker site, then you are on the right track. Each operator has the necessary licence and experience to be a top contender. Let’s take a closer look at our criteria.

How to Choose the Best Irish Poker Site to Play At

It goes without saying – safety is of utmost importance to all parties involved in the online poker business. On that note, the sites we recommend, are way ahead of the pack in terms of providing a safe gambling environment to their customers. They shine through with consistently big selections of tournaments and cash games, including several poker variations and not just Texas Hold’em.

Another pronounced feature of the front-runner sites in the industry is mobile compatibility. That means you can play on your favourite mobile device without any hassle. Placing high demands on their service, the most elite poker companies also invest heavily in native mobile apps for iOS and even Android. This is known to make online poker Ireland that much more enjoyable. Now that you know all that, another look at Ireland’s best online poker sites will be perfectly reasonable.

The first thing on your list should be familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions of the online poker sites Ireland has to offer. The second most important thing is the rules. It’s not just online poker, the game, in general, has many different versions that have evolved through the years. It’s your responsibility to make sure you know the exact rules of the game you’re going to play. If you feel the need to brush up on your poker knowledge, go ahead and do that. Keep in mind that the best online poker sites in Ireland help you learn the ropes so that you can ease into your gambling journey. Such is the case with the top online poker Ireland operator, more details about which you can find below.

£10 Instant Bonus
  • Daily Freerolls
  • Inclusive Table Limits
  • Trusted Operator

A good place to start will be mentioning the numerous, varied tournaments that become instantly available when you register and verify your account. Those include PL Omaha, NL Hold’em, Stud, and other game variants. The company’s site and apps make the grade in every respect, but above all, emphasize user safety. You might not notice that, but tons of under-the-hood work is done every time you log in, log out, or play in order to guarantee your privacy.

Online Poker in Ireland – Safety and Security

Along the same vein as in the previous paragraph, we want to stress the importance of playing at a licensed site. Holding an operating licence is of crucial importance for Ireland’s best poker site as it attests to its credibility. On the technical side, it’s generally a good idea to check if the web platform you’re using is SSL-certified. A quick look at the URL tab will provide you with that piece of information. We go through those two steps every time before putting a given operator on our trusted list.

Popular Online Poker Games – What Irish Play the Most

The indisputable favourite of Ireland poker players is (as weird as it may sound) Texas Hold’em – a game that originated in a completely different country. It’s no wonder Ireland’s best poker site provides plenty of Hold’em tournaments and cash games. In short, your pocket hand consists of two cards, and you are looking to make the best five-card hand by using the two pocket cards and the board. There are other variations that lend themselves to a good deal of action, albeit not as intense as Texas Hold’em.

Having not one but several poker variations at your disposal mean that you’re granted significant latitude in terms of choice. Each variation can be profitable in its own way and most importantly, requires a slightly different skill set. We can’t stress enough how important it is to play the game’s version you feel most comfortable with, but we identified the online operator with the most poker games in Ireland. Other important details are listed in the table below.

£10 Deposit Bonus
  • Regular Freerolls
  • Daily Satelliets
  • Razz Poker

Poker Tournaments – All Your Options

There’s a fair amount of poker tournaments that are available to players playing from Ireland. On the one hand, they are primarily Hold’em tournaments but on the other hand, they vary in table limits and the number of entrants. Many of the sites live up to high expectations by hosting events appropriate for a wide array of players. That would be the pot-limit tournaments with reasonably big buy-in and player quota. You can find a bunch of those on the platforms of all three of the top-rated online poker sites Ireland has on offer.
Poker Tournament Buy-in Re-buy Game Play At:
The €1,500 Deepstack 8-8-8 £8.80 No Hold’em NL 888poker
Satelite to $12 Tournaments – 2 Tickets GTD £1 No Hold’em NL 888poker
$100 Guaranteed Turbo Deep £0.5 No Hold’em NL 888poker
Sat to €30k – 4 tokens Gtd £3 No Hold’em NL William Hill
€500 Guaranteed 6MAX £30 No Hold’em NL William Hill

Whether you are from Dublin, Limerick or Galway, you’ll be able to join an Ireland poker tournament of your liking. The best poker sites Ireland has to offer easily cater to the preferences of Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud fans all at once. While it’s not guaranteed you’ll get the exact same amount of tournaments for every game type, you are sure to find at least several to choose from. We recommend you give the Texas Hold’em tournaments a try. Preferably, an event with no re-buys because this complicates the game in that participants tend to play loose and fast.

Online Poker Cash Games

No true fan of poker games in Ireland can stay indifferent to the variety that’s available online. Players can rebuy quickly, play at more than one table at a time, and browse hundreds of tables with different blinds. That’s essential because the cash game tables come in all shapes and sizes, you don’t want to sit at a table with just 10 big blinds in your stack. Luckily, online poker in Ireland offers a world of opportunity across the whole spectre of table limits. You can play micro or high stakes, it’s entirely up to you.

Speed Poker

It’s not hard to grasp what the word ‘speed’ in ‘speed poker’ stands for. It has to do with the time interval between each hand. At the end of each round, the player is taken to another table where they will have to wait a minimal amount of time before it’s their turn to act. You can see this referred to as bullet poker but is not to be mistaken with turbo tournaments where the blinds are growing faster than usual. Many Irish poker players find common ground with speed poker, but there’s no specific proclivity towards this particular style. Simply put, if you are a cash games fan and want to see as many hands as possible, then look for tables of this type. Ireland’s best poker site can grant you that wish.

Best Freeroll Poker Sites in Ireland

Freerolls, the beginner’s best friend. Residents in the Emerald Isle are among the privileged ones to have free-to-enter tournaments at their disposal. Not only are they a good way to learn the basics but also a good way to make a little profit. Since you’re playing practically for free, there’s no risk involved. The only condition you have to fulfil is essentially making an account with one of the the best poker sites Ireland can offer. With that out of the way, you are going to gain access to a satisfactory number of daily freerolls.
Rank Poker Site Daily Poker Free Rolls Joining Condition Play Freeroll at:
1. 10 Registration
2. 5 Registration
3. 7 Registration

Most online poker site in Ireland have a thoughtfully designed freeroll plan to supplement the new players taking their first steps. You are not expected to do much other than registering and validating an account at one of the recommended operators on our page. Having done that, you will be on your way to becoming a regular freeroll tournament player. On a side note, remember that every scheduled poker event has a predetermined timeframe in which you are allowed to register.

Betting Limits

Any game is good for high-rollers, as long as it’s marked as ‘no limits or NL’. By dint of this rule, you can get your chips in the middle at any time you want. This high-risk high reward dynamic fosters unpredictable plays of makes online poker in Ireland exciting. For the very same reason, we recommend all high rollers to try no-limit Hold’em or any other poker variation for that matter.

Mobile Poker Apps for Irish Players

Mobile poker has transcended the ‘earn a bit on the side’ idea into a full-blown industry. That is quite understandable, given what’s on offer. Not only the Irish poker players, but anybody can play the game now from the convenience of their own home. In our earnest estimation, that has been the single most important transformation in poker thus far.

Simply download the handy iOS app or enter instant play mode, and just like that, you will find yourself in the middle of the action, playing from your favourite mobile device. Should you decide to download a native application on your device, we are happy to announce that Android poker apps are available in Ireland.

Top Irish Mobile Poker App
  • Bonus:£100
  • Top Game:Texas Hold’em
  • Cash Games:30
  • Speed Poker:7
£100 Deposit Bonus

The most impactful change that mobile online poker in Ireland has ushered in is playing on the move. Having the ability to do that, you are no longer bound to your living room or office (wherever you’re playing form). Not to mention, most Irish poker apps are performance-oriented and allow you to play at multiple tables as long as you want to.

Poker Bonus in Ireland – Best Real Money Poker Bonuses

What is a card game without a juicy pot in the middle? Similar to the best online casino bonuses in Ireland, with the best poker sites you can get plenty of cashbacks and deposit match bonuses. Additionally, the more you play the better rewards you’ll get for your loyalty. They definitely know what’s needed to make playing poker games in Ireland interesting and rewarding. We checked through the sites the best poker sites Ireland has available and extracted the most lucrative offers.

Poker Bonus Minimum Deposit Cashback Claim Here
£100 N/A Yes William Hill Poker
£10 £20 Yes 888 Poker
£20 £20 Yes Unibet Pocker

The online poker sites in Ireland with the best offers are usually the ones that enjoy the biggest popularity among players in the country. The effort to give the players what they want doesn’t go unnoticed. We checked the types of poker offers you are mostly going to see online and have got to tell you that it’s easy to get lost. Most important in this situation is knowing the terms and conditions and how they affect you. Opting in a promotion you don’t know the rules of can be described as unwise.

Payment Methods for Safe Deposits and Withdrawals

The rather fast-growing popularity of online poker sites in Ireland has been undergirded by the advancement of new and innovative online payment methods. If you are domiciled in the country, you can rely on safe payment services to help you get money in and out of your poker account. That includes e-wallets, bank cards, pre-paid vouchers and the good old bank transfer. Down below is a more detailed list of the available brands and services.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayNearMe
  • Paysafecard
  • Wire Transfer

It would be counter-intuitive not to mention how the gambling sites with PayPal are dominating the e-money field. That’s one of the preferred mobile-friendly deposit and withdrawal methods for a reason. Thanks to the company’s privacy policy, your personal data remains strictly confidential. On top of that, deposits are instant and withdrawal times are some of the best in the online payments industry.

You need not worry about currency either. PayPal and Neteller are good for transfers in pounds sterling, euro and many others. This puts you in a position where you can play online poker no matter whether you are based in the northern or southern part of Ireland.

Not only is online poker legal in Ireland, but it also continues to grow in popularity – even more so in recent years. It is regulated by the Gaming and Lotteries Acts 1953 to 2013. It is qualified therein as a form of ‘gaming’ where players would bet real money. Just as all regulated gambling outlets, poker is subject to taxation as well, both land-based and online. Land-based poker in Ireland deviates a bit from the traditional sense of the word in that the scale is much smaller. A case in point is Dublin’s Emerald Casino.

Legislation of Online Poker in Ireland

While it may be the biggest one in the country, it doesn’t impress with the numbers of tables, nor the numbers of gambling machines housed therein. The rest of the so-called casinos are also called ‘clubs’ and are also operating legally, which makes them safe to visit.

You may not get the Las Vegas vibe setting foot in one of those, but you can still find a decent game to join. If you’re up to the challenge, there are 14 or so legal brick and mortar casinos in Ireland you can visit. But if you prefer to play in the comfort of your home you can check the best online Irish casinos as well.

Conclusion: Enjoy Excellent Online Poker in Ireland – Be It Tournaments or Cash Games

Not only poker, but gambling in Ireland general is following an upward trend in Emerald Isle. The opportunities to gamble in any shape or form have increased exponentially throughout the past few years. Still, online poker remains the cherry on top because of the many top-of-the-line operators that have decided to serve Irish poker players.

On that note, what we want to leave you with is the affirmation that whatever your taste for poker is, it is catered for. Going through the key elements once again (bonuses, stakes, game types, tournaments) we can reassure you that the best Irish online poker sites are up to the standard.

Popular Poker Questions about the Best Poker Sites in Ireland

Having additional questions? Something we didn’t cover so far? Hold tight, we saved the best for last. Here are a few handpicked a few frequently asked questions the answers of which we think may be of use to you. For further details, you might want to follow the quick links in each answer.

🏆 Which are the best poker sites in Ireland?

The number of sites where you can play poker online in Ireland is considerable. We reviewed them and picked the best poker sites in Ireland. Characteristic of them are the good welcome bonus for new players and the big number of poker tournaments and game variants.

💰 Are online poker sites in Ireland safe?

You ought to have no privacy or legitimacy worries when you play at Ireland's best poker site. As long as an operator is on our list, it means it's licensed and attestedly legitimate. Furthermore, we performed quite a few checks to see if their service measures up to what the players want.

🃏 What onlie poker games in Ireland can you play?

Those in the know can exploit a considerable variety of poker games online in Ireland. Texas Hold'em is invariably supported by the poker sites of Ireland. Other game variants you could play against other players are PL Omaha and Five-Card Draw. Seven-Card Stud is not that hard to find either!

💰 Can you play poker for free in Ireland?

The top operators online organize regular freerolls for poker players in Ireland. Although, they are mainly for new players, there can be found some that are available to loyal customers too. You can find a list of the best free poker tournaments for Irish players on our page, plus an overview of their buy-ins and prizes.

🎁 What is the best bonus poker bonus in Ireland?

When claiming bonuses for poker players in Ireland, it all comes down to how much you are willing to deposit. Your bonus, usually, consists of a sum of money matching your first deposit. As it stands, you can get up to £100 when you top up your account for the first time.

More Gambling in Ireland

The best poker sites Irlenad has to offer are just one face of the prolific gambling industry in the country. We did the hard work to identify the most popular forms of gambling in the country and to review them in detail. Sports betting is still king in the Emerald Isle. There are numerous ways to have a flutter, be it bet shops or online bookies. With the advent of blockchain technology, Bitcoin gambling is already a reality.

These and many other interesting gambling topics worth discussing like where in IE to play roulette online, we took the time and effort to flesh out, here on the site, each in a dedicated review like the one for the top live casino sites in Ireland. These casinos offer other exciting games as well, like slots or blackjack for instance. As you can guess, we have a guide for this as well, where you can read about the best online blackjack sites in Ireland or the best slots sites in Ireland.

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