Best Poker Sites in Germany for 2023 – Top Operators, Games & Tournaments

Poker is a game of skill which intrigues many German players with tournaments, tables, and bonuses. Don’t miss our guide for the best poker sites Germany has to offer!

Best Online Poker Sites in Germany for 2023

Poker Sites Bonus Rating
NetBet Up to 20€ First Deposit Bonus 5.00
888poker 20€ No Deposit Bonus 4.90
GGPoker Up to €500 or €85 in Rewards 4.80

Top 3 Poker Sites for German Players

  1. NetBet (Great Online Poker Real Money Tournaments)
  2. 888poker (Top Online Poker Games in Germany)
  3. GGPoker (Top Payment Methods for Online Poker in Germany)
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Best Poker Sites in Germany for 2023

Poker Site Poker Bonus Poker Tournaments Poker Cash Games Speed Poker Games Rating Secure Link
Up to 20€ First Deposit Bonus Yes Yes Yes
4.95 ★ out of 5
Personalised Offer Yes Yes Yes
4.90 ★ out of 5
Up to €500 or €85 in Rewards Yes Yes Yes
4.80 ★ out of 5

We’re going to cover the full spectrum of questions that arise around the words ‘German poker’. How are we going to do that? Well, firstly, we’ll try to get across the criteria we used to figure out which operators are worthwhile. We use simple but effective testing procedures, including confirming the sites are safe, have many types of poker available, and are mobile-friendly. As you will probably agree, of all three, the emphasis always falls on security, and we like to keep it that way. To ensure we are dealing with a legitimate operator, we always double-check for a licence from a trusted regulatory body.

What Is the Best German Online Poker Site?

⭐ Best Online Poker Site in Germany NetBet
🎁 Best Germany Poker Bonus bwin
🔝 Highest Payout Poker Site in Germany NetBet
♦️ Best Online Poker Games in Germany bwin
📱 Best Mobile Poker App in Germany NetBet

When it comes to the creme of the crop, the best poker sites Germany has to offer need to be packed not only with frequent tournaments and exciting cash tables but with overall reliable platforms. This includes safe and transparent software which won’t compromise your personal information. Furthermore, speed is also a viable factor when it comes to playing at one of the best online poker sites in Germany.

All of our recommended German poker sites excel in the aforementioned categories, but there are still more criteria. Welcome offers, for example, are a big part of the overall operator offering. They come with terms and conditions which are best to go through beforehand. Mobile gameplay, payment methods and many more are also added to the mix, and they all have a place in our online poker Germany guide.

How to Choose the Best German Poker Site to Play At

As we already pointed out, you ought to sift through your options so that you’re left only with the sites that guarantee your safety the best. This is what we are always looking for initially before we even start testing their service further. Of course, second to safety is performance. You can rest assured that in terms of software capabilities, the platforms we review here meets the highest standards. That means you can enjoy a seamless transition between the different sections and browse the games and rooms easily from your preferred device. It’s as easy as browsing through some of the top slot sites in Germany.

Let’s not forget the freedom to choose whichever games you feel most comfortable with. Don’t limit yourself to just cash games. It will be wiser if you choose the poker operator with the best selection of tournaments and sit & go tables. We’re happy to announce that we tested the best poker sites in Germany and have put together an in-depth review according to the abovementioned recommendations.

You will be amazed by how many people get started with real-money poker before they even have a good idea of how the rules work. Don’t make the same mistake – it’s fairly easy to get a handle on the rules. Once you feel confident enough to start playing for real money, there’s another boring but essential thing to do. Namely, to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of your chosen German poker site. Nobody’s going to do that for you and, at the same time, staying in the dark could cost you. Find below is our top recommendation.

Up to 20€ First Deposit Bonus
  • Highly Reputable
  • Many Freerolls
  • Inclusive Table Limits

This operator boasts one of the most sophisticated poker platforms worldwide. The company is a global leader in online gambling Germany, partly thanks to that. On the site, you can play a variety of poker games ranging from sit & go to high-roller tournaments. Cash games are not out of the equation either. You can take your pick between various table limits and lineup. In addition to that, the brand is a reputable one, having been in business for quite some time.

Online Poker in Germany – Safety and Security

We stressed the importance of choosing a licensed operator but repeating it one more time won’t hurt. Here it comes – do choose a site with an operating licence. Another essential thing that could not be overlooked is the SSL certificate. The abbreviation standing for ‘secure socket layer’ is there to guarantee that your personal information or game log history can’t be compromised. We make sure those boxes are ticked so that you can focus on playing rather than researching but even so, you have always to doublecheck if those features are present. The country legislation hasn’t implemented any specific safety measures worth mentioning. One thing to note is that income from playing poker professionally has to be declared and taxed accordingly.

Popular Online Poker Games – What Germans Play the Most

Let’s first set the record straight. Since we are talking about German poker sites, we’ll have to eliminate the nation’s favourite three-player game, Skat, which can be seen at some of the best online casinos in Germany. You are highly unlikely to see an operator hosting Doppelkopf tournaments either, but that’s really beside the point. What matters is that you’ll have the following poker variations at your disposal.

It seems as though poker Texas Hold’em online is the name of the game these days. If you have any hopes of becoming a respected professional, you’ll have to learn the game. It usually has the best and biggest tournaments as well and is the variation we recommend since the rules are not challenging at all. You can literally learn them in a 10 minute if you’ve had any previous experience with poker. The game is played with 2 pocket and 5 board cards. The standard rules of the five-draw variant apply here too. Actually, the only differences are the board and the fact that you hold two cards instead of 5. In addition, you will be able to enjoy some amazing German live casino sites as well!

Personalised Offer
  • Speed Poker
  • Freerolls
  • PL Omaha Tables

Poker Tournaments – All Your Options

If you want to make a good profit with a relatively small investment, your best bet would be tournament play. The latter vary in buy-in size, rules, and payout structure. Speaking of rules, in some cases, you will be allowed to re-buy an unlimited number of times during the first hour of play – that’s how important they are. The same goes for sit n’ go, sometimes re-buy will be an option but sometimes it won’t. What matters is that such tourneys exist and their short format is perfect for newcomers. Speaking about poker tournaments in Germany, it’s worth pointing out that satellites prove the most attractive to players.
Poker Tournament Buy-in Re-buy Game Play At
Twister Tournaments €1 – €100 No Texas Hold’em NetBet
8Rox All Systems Go $5.50 Yes NL Hold’em bwin

Satellites come across as a wonderful opportunity to experience intense tournament play for a small price, and it’s no wonder that so many German poker players opt for that route. 888 Poker grants all new players the chance to participate in a major-like tournament without risk of losing a substantial sum of money. That’s what the Step 1 to Major Tournaments series is about. You get to enter the whole thing for the small price of €0.01. We definitely recommend you try that and polish your game before you start putting big money on the line.

Online Poker Cash Games

Cash games are for those players who like to live in the fast lane. If where you choose to play there’s no limit, which means you’ll be able to re-buy and wager as much as you want at all times. This is definitely not a bad deal for the high-roller type of players and those who love to go all-in pre-flop. The best of the cash games world you can find at 888 Poker. Even, at times, the gambling provider is blamed for focusing too much on that side of German online poker. It then comes as no surprise that the majority of the customers who sign with the operator do so precisely because of the plentiful cash games.

Speed Poker

The speed poker format fits perfectly the style which most professionals like to play. It causes players to do one thing – take a quick decision. If you’re not the type that can think on their feet, don’t try this variation. However, if you want to squeeze in as many hands played as possible in a limited time frame, then do try speed poker – it will work wonders for you. It can be argued that there’s a place for speed poker in the best poker sites Germany offers because there are so many aggressive players there. However, to what extent exactly it’s prevalent as compared to the other variations, is known to few.

Best Freeroll Poker Sites in Germany

Poker freeroll turniere, as they call them, are another brilliant way for newcomers to get a slice of the tournament action, this time – for free. Yes, that’s deeply embedded into the whole concept – you don’t have to pay to enter. The best online poker sites in Germany qualify as great poker platforms for freerolls. Some of them are even ready to go the extra mile and offer a substantial prize pool – to the tune of a few hundred thousand. For example, 888 poker holds a $100, 000 first-deposit freeroll each week. That’s a lot of dead money, but it’s extremely hard to even make it to the final table.
Rank Poker Site Daily Poker Freerolls Joining Condition Play Freeroll at:
1 2 No NetBet

Most of the time, simply joining one of the best poker sites in Germany site is enough to guarantee you a spot in the daily freerolls scheme. It could be the case though with some bigger freerolls that they may require you to make the first deposit in order to enter. As we pointed out in the previous paragraph, the opportunity to enrol the $100,000 poker freeroll doesn’t come out of thin air. It’s available only to those who have made a first deposit.

Betting Limits

A vital online poker tip is, you don’t want to sit at a table with less than 50 big blinds in your stack. That’s really up to you because depending on how much you can afford to allocate to gambling, you can always pick a bet limit that will feel comfortable. Those can vary from mere cents to a few hundred. Additionally, you must factor in the so-called ante that’s automatically wagered on your behalf each round regardless of your position. High-rollers will genuinely enjoy the action at the Blast tables of 888poker and the high-stakes PLO tables of PartyPoker.

Mobile Poker Apps for German Players

Not only are the sites we review mobile-friendly, but they also have compelling alternatives in the form of mobile applications. All of our top operators are a prime example of user-friendly, compact apps that bring out the best in the game. The only thing that puts a wrinkle in the otherwise perfect for German players app of 888poker is that it isn’t translated in German. Betsson’s app, on the other hand, has, it’s most valuable features in-tact and the option to switch between this and many other languages. For those reasons, it’s our top mobile poker app in Germany.

Top German Mobile Poker App
  • Bonus:20€
  • Top Game:Hold’em
  • Cash Games:204
  • Poker Tournaments:193
20€ First Deposit Bonus

If for some reason playing on the go isn’t your thing, we’re here to tell you that you can reap pretty much the same benefits by playing from home on your personal computer. Using the good old mouse and keyboard, you will be able to sit on your favourite tables and play the limits you like. We can’t help but notice that this experience resembles a lot the atmosphere found at some of the best blackjack sites in Germany.

Online Poker in Germany – Best Offers for a Great Poker Start!

A good way of keeping a lid on your betting money while still enjoying the game you love is the poker welcome bonuses. They are known to provide players with cash and tournament tickets. What’s more, as you progress and keep playing, you might even get a greater cashback percentage on your wagers. Either way, you get a good bang for your buck! We have to say that although there are many poker promotions awaiting German players, some of the best offers you can find are included in the table below:

Poker Bonus Minimum Deposit Cashback Claim Here
Up to 20€ 20€ No

Wagering conditions can be the real kicker in a situation where you seemingly did everything as it should be done, but there’s this rule you don’t know about that’s still holding you back in some way. For that reason, you ought to check for conditions attached to the bonus cash you receive. Otherwise, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Make a mental note to examine the terms and conditions of all of the best online casino bonuses in Germany so that you’ll know what are you signing up for.

Safe Payment Methods Offered by the German Poker Sites

The best poker providers implement many layers of security to ensure that your money will be safe. Inarguably, the first line of defence is the available deposit methods. There are many safe ways to withdraw and deposit at the sites we recommend, but we are going to mention just the most frequently used ones. Visa and MasterCard are a good place to start – they are still the most viable option for transferring e-money to your poker account. Such transactions don’t incur fees. The same goes for when you use e-wallets to transfer money over. Here’s a complete list of all your options.

The minimum deposit is, most of the time, €10 across all deposit methods – and absolutely affordable bottom limit. When it comes to the maximum deposit that is allowed, Neteller and Skrill. That’s to say they have a much higher cap on the max deposit amount. You can still wire a hefty transaction over MasterCard or a smaller-size deposit using Maestro and Visa. As far as pre-paid vouchers go, Paysafecard can be of help only for transactions smaller than €1000. It’s not by chance that we give you the sums in Euros – this is what most German poker players choose to work with.

Legal Status of Online Poker in Germany

There’s no way to sugar the pill – officially, Germany-based businesses are not allowed to host online poker events. This doesn’t mean though, that German players can’t visit and play at online platforms that are ownership of foreign companies. What’s more, no charges have been raised so far against somebody for doing this. The liberal approach on state and country level, coupled with the thriving industry has motivated the players to keep taking part in online poker. Not only that, but the northernmost state – Schleswig-Holstein already issues online gambling licenses, which means there are legal gambling norms for that jurisdiction.

Another thing to break the ice between players and the gaming operators is the fact the legal gambling age was lowered from 21 to 18. A similar situation regarding the legal gambling age can be observed in most European countries today. However, the decision the most beneficial for the German players is to not ban international gambling providers such as 888 Poker and PartyPoker. This allows them to tap into world-class online poker service absolutely legally despite the largely negative view of gambling in most states.

Conclusion: Enjoy the Best of Online Poker

Though not endorsed on a government level, online poker plays a very important role in forming Germany’s gambling landscape. Most importantly, it’s technically legal considering that no one has been accused as of yet of violating the law for playing Texas Hold’em online. That’s of course, partly due to the fact that the online poker Germany providers branching out in the country are also some of the best casino sites in Germany.

Those are operators that can be trusted and have a solid legal background. All in all, it’s not an overexaggerating to say that online gambling is blooming in the country, and joining in on the act is made easier than ever. If, at one moment, you decide that you want to try something that depends on pure luck and not skills, we advise you to take a look at the lotto sites in Germany where you can try to win some very, very alluring jackpots.

Popular Poker Questions – What German Card Players Want to Know

We tried hard to summarise everything that needs to be said in 10 minutes read, but we’re left with a bunch of questions that still need to be answered. It could even be argued that those are the most frequently asked questions regarding the online poker climate in the country, so here’s a dedicated section to provide the necessary answers.

✅ Is online poker legal in Germany?

The safety and security of German poker sites is essential and we've made sure to provide you with world-class legal operators which abide by various international gambling laws. Furthermore, they stand out among others in terms of security of personal ID and money through high-quality SSL certificates.

🏆 What are the best poker sites in Germany?

There are many operators in Germany which provide various gambling possibilities related poker. Still, it might be hard for many players to choose the correct operator. However, we do have your back with the best online poker sites in Germany. Make sure to check them out as they have passed all of our checks.

💰 Which German poker sites have the best bonuses?

Regardless of the game type you choose, welcome offers are one of the most exciting aspects of gambling. The best bonuses for online poker in Germany come with advantageous terms and conditions which will certainly be appealing to most of our readers. Bear in mind that, apart from newcomer deals, our top recommendations also provide other rewards!

🃏 What are the most popular games for online poker in Germany?

Just like all other gambling games, poker has numerous versions which players can take advantage of. However, the most popular online poker games in Germany are just a few, but compensate with exciting rules and gameplay. Most often you'll find various Omaha and Texas Holdém versions , but keep your eyes open for 7-Card Stud and Razz as well!

❓ Where can you play online poker in Germany?

There are many places and online operators where German players can enjoy a good game of poker. However, one question remains - where it is best to gamble on this classic card game? The in-depth analysis we've performed, alongside the experience we have as gambling experts, have helped us outline the best poker sites Germany has to offer.

Other Interesting Germany Gambling Topics

Despite the unclear state of affairs regarding gambling in the country, playing games of chance in licensed online facilities is now a common practice. Not only online casinos in Germany though, the fans of football and other sports can also find good sportsbooks to place wagers at. On top of that, there are quite a few land-based casinos, located in the bigger cities around the country. In addition, daily fantasy and online lotto sites with decent offers for new players can be found.

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