Best Online Poker Sites in Nigeria Guide 2022 – Top Games & Tournaments

Online poker is a favourite game to many Nigerian players. Explore the top online poker game selection at the best online poker sites in Nigeria.

Best Online Poker Sites in Nigeria for 2022

Poker Sites Bonus Rating
1xbet Poker Win up to $1500 and Hundreds of Free Spins 5.00
Betsafe Poker Get a Ticket €100 Freeroll Exclusive 4.90
William Hill Poker £100 + Twister Discovery Pack 4.80
Betsson Poker 100% up to €2000 4.70

Top 4 Poker Sites for Nigerian Players

  1. 🥇 1xbet Poker (Top Nigerian Online Poker Site with Most Attractive Welcome Bonus)
  2. 🥈 Betsafe (Best Online Poker Real Money Site in Nigeria for Playing Live Poker Games)
  3. 🥉 William Hill Poker (Top Online Poker Games and NG Poker Tournaments)
  4. 🏅 Betsson Poker (Among the Best NG Online Poker Sites for Vast List of Payment Methods)
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Best Poker Sites in Nigeria for 2022

Poker Site Poker Bonus Tournaments Cash Games Speed Poker Rating Secure Link
Win up to $1500 and Hundreds of Free Spins Yes Yes no
5.00 ★ out of 5
Get a Ticket €100 Freeroll Exclusive Yes Yes no
4.90 ★ out of 5
£100 + Twister Discovery Pack Yes Yes Yes
4.80 ★ out of 5
100% up to €2000 Yes Yes Yes
4.70 ★ out of 5

Information is key and we strive to provide you with the most accurate and valuable information for every newbie that would like to commence their respective poker journey in Nigeria. We will focus on and examine only the best sites we think will satisfy your criteria the most. Various questions come on the agenda. And answering them can help to find the best online poker sites in Nigeria

Among the vital details that you need to focus on are what games you can engage in, the tournaments you can take part in, how does the casino reward your efforts in terms of bonuses, and can you enjoy your favourite game on the go among others will be among the questions we will address in great detail in this review. Our aim is to be as helpful as possible, in addition to providing you with a completely objective and unbiased point of view that can help you make the most informed and reasonable poker decisions. Let’s move on and dig deep into the topic.

What Is the Best Nigerian Online Poker Site?

⭐ Best Online Poker Site in Nigeria William Hill
🎁 Best Nigeria Poker Bonus William Hill
🔝 Highest Payout Poker Site in Nigeria Betsson
♦️ Best Online Poker Games in Nigeria William Hill
📱 Best Mobile Poker App in Nigeria Betsson

In this thorough guide, we will help you find the best online poker sites in Nigeria. But to be able to present to you the top-ranked Nigerian poker sites with the most attractive features, you need to know that we analysed different vital components. This is the combination of specific elements that can provide you with the best gambling experience possible.

Safe gambling is a major topic nowadays even for NG players. We know that, and this is the reason why we observed the safety features of the best poker sites in Nigeria. We want to assure you that these gambling sites are licensed by the country’s gambling authorities and are trusted enough. They can provide you with top security features.

Moreover, the top-ranked NG online poker sites that we have listed have the most attractive selection of online poker games. You will be able to choose from the most preferred online poker variations that come with excellent quality and interesting gameplay. Besides, the recommended NIgerian poker sites for Nigerian players also offer exciting poker tournaments for you to join and aim for the biggest prize pools.

How to Choose the Best Nigerian Poker Site to Play At

In times at which the safety of your personal information is vitally important, we want to stress on the fact how careful you must be when choosing the poker sites for Nigerian players. Regrettably, there are a ton of websites that choose to willingly go against the law. Mark our words that such casinos will be kept as further away from being recommended as possible. Through our extensive testing and research, we have established, which are the safest environments for your possible gambling activities in Nigeria. This should be the first of three important things for you to consider in the process.

Aside from website security, pay attention to the diversity of the casino. The website should be abundant in tournaments and games where you can test how skilful you are, not to mention the perspectives to win at the poker sites for Nigerian players. The more games you can take part in, the bigger the chance to win various and exciting rewards at the NG online poker sites. Last but not least, consider the platform’s stability, intuitiveness, and above all mobile compatibility. Easy navigation and optimisation are key factors nowadays and we are certain a great deal of you are placing them as high on your lists of requirements as we are.

This is where we come in, as we have saved you the hassle from going about dozens of sites to check which is OK and which isn’t. Our tests have successfully determined this and we have made sure our top picks abide by the above-mentioned essential and vastly important rules and are simply the most delicious and rare finds in the vast ocean of choices.

If you are a seasoned player at the best poker sites in Nigeria, that is totally cool and you are more than welcome to directly dive in and prove your worth. We are certain in your capabilities. However, in case you are trying out something new and exciting that you think will be of your liking, go through the general poker rules. Learn the cards and understand the pairings and their significance. You don’t need us to tell you it’s not worth going into something without having the slightest clue about what’s going on, even more so when your hard-earned money is involved.

Knowing the rules is just one half of the groundwork you need to lay. Take your time and give the underlying terms and conditions a careful look, as well. We understand how you might feel about this. These dozens of paragraphs are written in what would appear as the tiniest font ever and are always the same no matter which site I visit.

This certainly is the wrong attitude about it as there are some considerable differences, not to mention they contain a lot of valuable hints regarding procedures and outcomes that can significantly aid your experience when you are aware of them. We can’t save or spare you that from your agenda of things to do before you commence playing.

However, what we can do, is to point you towards the top NG online poker sites that we think is worth the most. Without a doubt, the William Hill casino should be your go-to for the best poker sites in Nigeria based on our extensive research. It’s got everything you might want from such a website, even before you know it.

Up to £100+ €6 Free Entries
  • Bucketload of Tournaments
  • Easy-to-Use Software
  • Games Variety

There certainly is a reason why we turned our attention to William Hill and there actually are a number of them. Aside from the great welcome bonus at the best online poker sites in Nigeria that grants you extra cash and prizes, the game variety is simply outstanding. The website is bursting with options for your poker cravings.

From games as popular as Texas Hold’Em to various tournaments such as the Progressive KO Tournament and the Sit n Go Tournament, as well as the multiple Twister formats, it will be difficult to leave dissatisfied. If you fear that engaging with your favourite games might be hindered by website insecurities, fear not because the website is completely safe and trustworthy. Now that we mentioned it, let’s expand a bit here and provide more information because we all take this topic extremely seriously.

Online Poker in Nigeria – Safety and Security

There are a few signs that you can pay attention to that will help you differentiate between safe best poker sites in Nigeria and ones that aren’t. The most important of them and something we absolutely always take into account when we recommend casinos to our readers is the licenses of the poker sites for Nigerian players. The holiest among them are the ones obtained from either the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, the Malta Gambling Authority, or both. Having one vouch for 3 main qualities of the awarded website: transparency, trustworthiness, and safety.

Moreover, the NG online poker sites should have a proper SSL certification. This stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a type of protocol that provides security over internet communication. That includes credit card transactions, logins and data transfer information among other things. This can be easily checked from the URL of the website. If it has a tiny padlock before it or has an “s” standing for “secure” added to the “http” it means the poker sites for Nigerian players are certified.

In case you want to make sure our recommendations are secure, these are the ways to go. Let us just say in advance that we assure you that they are. As you are practising strictly online activities, the safety of the website is the most important thing to pay attention to and with the above-mentioned tips, you should be sure that you are in safe hands.

Popular Online Poker Games – What Nigerrians Play the Most

The laws might be a bit stricter for the land-based casinos in Nigeria, however, there are none against practising online gambling for offshore sites, as long as they allow it. This has allowed many locals to join millions of other fellow enthusiasts that test their luck and improve their skills.

Poker, in particular, is what stands out as the game with an ever-increasing fanbase. There are a number of variations that people can enjoy and arguably the most famous among them is the Texas Hold’Em. The rules are really simple and it can be explained in just a few lines. Basically, each player is dealt 2 hands down cards known as “hole” cards, followed by 5 face-up “community” cards dealt in 3 stages.

Each one consists of 3 cards and they are called “the flop”, “the turn”, and “the river”. Your goal is to manage the best 5-card poker combination and if you manage one and haven’t folded by the end of all betting rounds you win the pot. We don’t expect everybody to be a die-hard fan and neither are the casinos we recommended. Other poker variations you can test your skills with include:

Each game comes with its own little twist on the original and each game has its own pros and cons in each gambler’s eyes. Fact is, the availability allows for plenty of players to take part both in the beginner level and a more advanced one. We did identify the NG online poker sites that features the most staggering collection of games in terms of pure numbers and that’s Betsson Casino. Make sure you check it out as it features more than 1500 games across all categories at the best poker sites in Nigeria and you can find literally everything you might want there.

100% up to €2000
  • Massive Game Variety
  • Live Poker
  • Tournaments

Poker Tournaments – All Your Options

We would like to focus on one of its most exciting sub-sections: tournaments. The best online poker sites in Nigeria offer a good deal of them. On one hand, you can head to William Hill for one of their Progressive Knockout Tournaments where you knock out your competition and for each one, you receive 50% of their head bounty and the rest is added to yours. The rules are the simplest you can come across: buy-in, play, and once you’re out of chips you’re out.

Speaking of buy-ins, they are very accommodating and range from as low as €0.10 to as high as €10000. That, of course, depends on the tournament and Nigerian poker sites you choose to enter it from. In the table below, we have highlighted some of the most famous ones you can stumble upon and are enjoying a great deal of popularity not just in Nigeria, but all over the world.

Poker Tournament Buy-in Re-buy Play At:
Hold’em Tournament €0.20 – €100 Freezout William Hill
Age of the Gods Twister €2.00 No Betsafe
Omaha Tournament €5.00 Unlimited William Hill
€4000 Mosh Pit Lite €11 Unlimited Betsson
€250 Lunchtime Special €5.50 N/A Betsson

As you can see there are a variety of options with buy-in ranges suitable for everyone. The good news is that these 5 listings are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of tournaments that awaiting your participation across all 3 websites. The even better news is that each site individually would be potentially able to satisfy all your poker needs and cravings. Granted, some have more options than others, however, each one boasts enough to make you happy and each can reap you phenomenal rewards.

Depending on your personal preferences, you are welcome to jump right in and test your skills. We advise you to check the Nigerian poker sites criteria and rules of each tournament before you jump headfirst. We don’t want you to be forced to leave the table much earlier than anticipated. Ultimately, no matter the website you go for, you will be genuinely satisfied with the number of games you can join. There is a reason why we have selected William Hill and Betsson as the top 2 you must play at and as soon as you begin, you will see why.

Online Poker Cash Games

Cash games are undoubtedly an extremely popular choice among poker aficionados. Mind that the rules, however, differ from the tournament ones. When you engage in a good-old cash or ring game of poker, the chips you enter with represent their actual value moneywise. You are welcome to cash in and out at any time you see fit; it really doesn’t matter if you are winning or losing at the best poker sites in Nigeria. Depending on if the poker has a limit or not, it could have a maximum buy-in or no limit at all as the limit of the bets is restraining the amounts players can bet with during each hand.

You are really lucky here, as all of our picks offer a wide range of cash games for you to choose from. Buy-ins vary, as well. Depending on your skill level, make sure you enter the appropriate game. Let’s avoid having you be le left with nothing just after a few hands have been dealt.

Speed Poker

Speed poker is designed for impatient people. As the name suggests, the decision time is considerably shortened to about 10 seconds which gives you the possibility to play even more hands, compared to the standard-paced poker. As soon as you’re done or fold, you are instantly moved to a different table at the poker sites for Nigerian players where the process repeats and goes on until you feel like you’ve had enough for now, or have you? Its naming varies here as we have seen it being labelled as Bullet, Snap, and Fast-Fold poker, among others.

Nigerians are welcome to see if they can keep up with the speed here bot on Hold’em and Omaha poker if they are interested. The variety of stakes and buy-ins provides even more flexibility for seasoned and newbies alike. Head to either William Hill or Betsson, and see for yourself, just how much faster each game develops. Apart from that, daily fantasy in Nigeria is also catching up, so you can check out for yourself what types of bets are available there as well!

Best Freeroll Poker Sites in Nigeria

Freeroll tournaments are without a doubt among the most celebrated and beloved types of poker tournaments. In a typical tournament, the prize consists of the accumulated entry fee at the NG online poker sites that was gathered by all participants minus the fee, which the house usually remains. In this case, the prize is deemed as sort of a “donation” by the house. This aspect attracts big crowds as the thought of not losing anything upon entering but just possibly win is very enticing and not to mention with a considerably lower risk level.

With our guidance and picks, you have access to a good amount of freeroll tournaments at the Nigerian poker sites. Any of the websites offer such to a certain degree with a range of prize pools you can compete for. Which, in simple words, means that you can have some profit without even spending a coin.

Rank Poker Site Daily Poker Freerolls Joining Condition Play Freeroll at:
1. Vary Per Day Registration Betsson Poker
2. Vary Per Day Registration William Hill Poker

If we have ignited your spark and you are willing to give the freeroll tournaments a chance, before jumping to the real stakes poker games, we would like to mention just a few additional remarks that might prove useful to you. Each tournament has its own specific date and time. Follow these strictly, as you might not be able to join should you miss your chance by mere seconds. Otherwise, all you need to do is register on the website, head to one of the currently active tournaments, and join.

All you can do from there is either win and increase your balance or lose and quit without actually losing anything invested. Either way, it’s a great way to learn the game, practice, or use it to maintain your poker skills. We certainly would expect you to read all the adjacent terms and conditions just to be on the safe side that nothing will surprise you on your way to tournament victory.

Betting Limits

Poker rules are very easy to learn and follow. One of the more important aspects you need to pay attention to are the betting limits. You can encounter 3 types. The Fixed Limit is a limit that tends to be small compared to the pot, is pre-determined, and cannot be topped. The second type is the Pot Limit where the limit matches the size of the pot. The last one is the No Limit or NL poker where the sky is the limit and there are no limitations as to how much you would like to bet. This is the most popular choice among the high-rollers ads nothing prohibits them from betting cosmic amounts and reap even bigger rewards.

Mobile Poker Apps for Nigerian Players

In an era of constant technological advancements and mobile availability unlike anything we have experienced before, it is absolutely essential to stay at the top of your game and deliver the best portable experience on the go. Out of our 3 recommendations for you, the only casino that is a bit behind on the app front is the Betsson casino. William Hill has delivered a dedicated app for its respective poker section and we are absolutely certain you will love the convenience and user-friendly interface.

They require a bit of free space with both hovering around 100 MB, in case you download them. Even if you choose to browse through your mobile browser, every site has been optimized to be perfectly accommodated on your device. Circling back to the Nigerian poker sites apps, both get high marks across the board, but if we were to give a slight edge to one of them, William Hill would take it purely on the grounds of its aesthetic feel and satisfying game selection.

William Hill
  • Bonus:£100
  • Top Game:Texas Hold’em
  • Cash Games:240+
  • Speed Poker:6
£100Welcome Bonus

Due to the efforts the casinos have invested, we can say that no matter what device you log in from and where you currently are, the experience will be equally captivating and exciting for you. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you will be able to break a sweat on one of the many available tournaments and improve your skills from any location possible, as long as it is allowed as per the local and site legislations.

The bottom line is that you are given plenty of freedom to align the poker experience with your personal preferences. Some of the aforementioned best online poker sites in Nigeria offer great mobile apps for sports betting in Nigeria, so they can serve as a great way to diversify your poker experience with some exciting bets at the best poker sites in Nigeria!

Poker Bonus in Nigeria – Best Real Money Poker Bonuses

Considerable bonuses and great promotions are a key selling point and an attraction of newbie players, and retention of existing ones. Our selectees boast enough offers to keep you interested in the long run each. Fantastic prizes lurk on every corner and the websites are ready to lure you in and keep you close and tight. They are for from the same in terms of type and rewards, though. In the following table, we have listed the welcome offers for William Hill and Betsson, respectively. You can already observe that they vary greatly in what they offer to potential newcomers.

Poker Bonus Minimum Deposit Cashback Claim Here
£100 + Twister Discovery Pack £10 N/A William Hill Poker
100% up to €2000 €10 N/A Betsson Poker

The bonuses always sound and look fantastic, written in big flashy letters across your screen as you see them. Bear in mind though, that every promotion comes with its specific conditions, not to mention that it is entangled with the terms of the website itself. It’s nothing complicated, really, but it will help you understand and know the most efficient way of collecting any bonus.

Always check the wagering requirements it entails. The smaller the number, the faster you will be able to get your cash. This is stated in the terms, in addition to the validity of the offer and any possible bet restrictions. If you go in unaware of the details, it might end up being less fruitful than what you thought it would be.

Payment Methods for Safe Deposits and Withdrawals

We reached the point where we will discuss the banking aspect and the variety of options you have at your disposal when depositing and withdrawing. We consider it a key feature that should be thoroughly looked at. The abundance of payment methods and swift processing times provide the customers with flexibility, willingness to invest more, and trust in the casino.

Furthermore, there are even Bitcoin casinos in Nigeria where this cryptocurrency can be used as a payment method. Apart from that, we are happy to report that with William Hill and Betsson you will have the option to choose among the most popular and frequently used financial services you can think of. Below we have highlighted the ones that stand out in terms of frequent use:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer

Without a doubt, PayPal stands on top of the e-wallet services. It is extremely widespread and the go-to option for millions of people. Its inclusion is a joy for the eyes of many gamblers. In addition, credit and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard are a given, as they should be, as well as the good old-fashioned bank transfer.

Neteller, which is another form of an e-wallet that is becoming increasingly popular is also present for the fans finding it most convenient. The list of currencies you will encounter on the websites are either Euro or Pound Sterling. Regarding processing times, depositing in a majority of the cases is instant.

The funds will be reflected in your casino account at the NG online poker sites immediately. Withdrawing usually takes more time as it needs to be internally processed and evaluated by the casino and then send back to the selected source, where the amount might undergo an additional processing procedure. All in all, expect it to take up to 7 or 8 business days. For concrete information, we advise you to check each website’s transaction terms where you will find every bit of useful tidbits that will assist you in the most useful way.

Gambling in Nigeria is defined and governed by two federal Acts that refer to it in terms of what is legal and what is not. What is allowed in terms of types are betting, lotteries and 3 land casinos: 2 in Lagos and 1 in Abuja. Even though, every game that involves a certain element of luck and chance is deemed illegal, including slots and roulette tables, it is unknown why these 3 spots have been granted permission to operate with such games, despite the clear prohibition by The Nigerian Criminal Code Act and The Gaming Machines (Prohibition) Act of 1977.

Poker does not fall into this category as it is considered a game of skill, rather than luck, although many are willing to debate here as luck certainly is involved to a lesser degree according to some. Otherwise, online gambling is defined as illegal and anyone caught operating or being a part of a group running such a website within the country will be held accountable and prosecuted in accordance with the local laws. Apart from online poker, there are still online lotteries in Nigeria which are provided by international operators and can be a great way to test your luck!

Legality of Online Poker in Nigeria

This might depict a gloomy picture for the gambling enthusiasts and poker lovers, as with most things in life, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Off-shore betting is something you can gladly take part in, as it reaches far beyond the Nigerian federal claws. There are numerous websites – our recommendations included – that are very friendly and accepting of Nigerian citizens. Keep an eye for their licensing, how responsible they are with regards to gambling and if you see the proper signs (UKGC, the MGA, GamCare, ResponsibleGambling), create a profile, verify it, and you are good to go.

Conclusion: Enjoy Excellent Online Poker in Nigeria

As we are slowly inching towards the finish line of this thorough and hopefully helpful and informative review regarding the poker scene in Nigeria, we would like to conclude with a small summary of the highlights from it. Even though gambling within Nigerian borders is a risky business that can potentially lead to prison sentences , you have a plethora of off-shore options that will satisfy even the pickiest of cravings you might have.

The amount of tournaments, speed, and cash games you can join are more than satisfying and each of our recommended picks offers bonuses that will certainly tingle your betting senses. If you crave additional juicy and useful information regarding gambling in Nigeria and extra recommendations on casinos we find awesome not just for poker but overall, don’t hesitate to check our review about the gambling situation in Nigeria.

Popular Poker Questions in Nigeria

We do understand that this is a topic that can’t be easily covered in a few-page review. Some questions are bound to arise, especially the more you think about what’s on your mind and want to do it. That’s why, as a final good offering from us for you, we have taken the time to prepare this short and yet informative “Frequently Asked Questions” section and spare you at least a bit of your time for when a possible question pops up into your mind. At least for some of them, of course.

1️⃣ What are the best online poker sites in Nigeria?

The Nigerian online gambling market is growing fast. BG players can access lots of online gambling sites. However, the best poker sites in Nigeria will provide you with top safety features. Besides, they offer the most attractive list of online poker games and other exciting features that can improve your gambling session.

2️⃣ What online poker games can I play at the best poker sites in Nigeria?

The top-ranked poker sites for Nigerian players that we have listed, offer lots of attractive features. However, their selection of online poker games is one of the leading components that we have taken into consideration. These operators offer many different and most preferred online poker game variations to choose from.

3️⃣ Are the NG online poker sites secure enough?

Safety is a top priority, and this is the reason why it was among the essential details that we could not ignore. Each of the Nigerian poker sites that we have selected in this guide has strong safety features. You should be aware that these operators will keep your data secure.

4️⃣ Does the NG online poker sites offer any tournaments?

Online poker players in Nigeria want to benefit from different gambling opportunities. To keep their attention, the best online poker sites in Nigeria offer very attractive poker tournaments. These tournaments can also provide you with the chance to climb the leaderboard and grab exciting rewards while you play.

5️⃣ Can I access the NG online poker sites on the go?

The top-ranked poker sites for Nigerian players boast excellent mobile performance. You can enter them on any mobile device and play quality online poker games on the go. Some of the NG poker sites even offer special apps for Android and iOS devices that can grant you even quicker access.

More Gambling in Nigeria

Poker is a beloved game for millions of people around the world. Nigeria doesn’t fall out of this category as there is an abundance of players ready to showcase their skills and dominate the tables. Well, this isn’t the only form of gambling fun you can enjoy as a Nigerian citizen.

There are other types that can bring you thrills and excitement and are definitely worth checking out, especially if you need a short break from your most recent and sweat-inducing poker game. We have created dedicated pages for different gambling branches such as daily fantasy, sports betting for the Nigerian market and the top online casinos in Nigeria, so don’t hesitate to take a look and learn more by following the links below.

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6x (500%) More Chips on 1st Purchase
18+ Winstar Social Casino does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. It is intended for an adult audience and entertainment purposes only. Due to this app’s authentic nature, all users are required to be 18 years or older to play. By downloading the app, you agree you are at least 18 years old and comply with all local laws pertaining to social gaming. Practice or success at social casino gambling does not imply future success at “real money gambling".