Lottery Online in Ireland – The Best Draws and the Biggest Jackpots in 2022

Ireland is the country of leprechauns and pots of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow! On this page, we will tell you more about the best sites to play lottery online in Ireland.

The Best Online Lottery Sites in Ireland for 2022

Online Lottery Lotto Draws Rating
Lottoland 34 5.00
NetBet 94 4.75
Unibet 15 4.65
The Lotter 55 4.60

The Top 4 Lotto Sites for Irish Players

  1. Lottoland (Best Site with Lottery Online in Ireland)
  2. NetBet (Top Irish Lotto Online Draws and Games with Jackpots)
  3. Unibet (Best Irish Payment Methods for Deposit and Withdrawal)
  4. The Lotter (Great Irish Lottery Online Bonus Offers for New Players)
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Best Irish Online Lottery Sites for 2022

Lotto Site: Lottery: Highlights: Rating: Secure Link:
Weekly Deals
  • 30+ Lottos
  • Outstanding Mobile App
  • Renowned Provider
5.00 ★ out of 5
500 Spins Code: NBWELCOME500
  • 90+ Lotteries
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Different Products
4.75 ★ out of 5
Play with €30when Deposit €20
  • 10+ Lotteries
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Easy to Use
4.65 ★ out of 5
  • 50+ Lotteries
  • Trusted Site since 2002
  • Android & iOS Apps
4.60 ★ out of 5

In our review, you will learn everything you must know about online lottery in Ireland. From the best websites to the best jackpots! We will give you some hints on how to choose your favourite site for Irish lotto online and also how to understand if an operator is legit and trustworthy. We didn’t forget to mention the comfortable mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites that can allow you to buy that one ticket (the one that will win the millions) no matter where you are! You will find all available payment methods too, together with the safety standards you must look for. At the end of the page, you can find a section with frequently asked questions about lotto in Ireland.

What Is the Best Site for Lottery Online in Ireland?

⭐ Best Online Lottery Site in Ireland Lottoland
🎁 Best Irish Lotto Bonus TheLotter
🔝 Most Popular Lottery Draws in Ireland NetBet
🎲 Best Online Lotto Games in Ireland NetBet
📱 Best Mobile Lottery App in Ireland Lottoland

These are the top sites for lottery online in Ireland, because they offer an unsurpassed combination of bonuses, lotto draws and other promotions. Moreover, we highly recommend these sites because they are 100% safe, fair and reliable. You definitely want to play at a safe and licenced site and you should always put this factor in the first place!

The other criteria we took into account when we selected the best online lottery sites in Ireland include the mobile compatibility and the accepted payment methods. Of course, all the modern Irish players from nowadays prefer to play their favourite lotteries on the go. That’s why the best Irish lotto online sites offer numerous mobile billing methods as well. Check out all the other important details in the next sections!

How to Choose the Best Online Lottery in Ireland?

Choosing the best website when it comes to online gambling in Ireland of any kind is of utmost importance! There are few, but vital criteria that will help you pick the right operator. The first one is security – you must always make sure that you and your money are safe. Further down in the review, we will give you tips on how you can estimate if a site is the best candidate for you. The second important part of a website is the platform.

A good one should include a big catalogue of draws to play lottery online in Ireland and must be, in all means, easy to use. Mobile applications and mobile friendliness are the next in the line. It would be a waste if you choose an operator that doesn’t grant you the possibility to buy your tickets from your mobile device. So, let’s make a short list of what your future favourite lotto website should be…

All those Irish lottery online sites that you see listed at the beginning of our page were tested by us and have all these qualities. Each and every one of them can offer you great service when purchasing tickets for lottery draws, both Irish and international.

Play Lotto Online Ireland: Mobile Apps

Since mobile devices are a big, actually huge, part of our lives, almost every single website out there is mobile-friendly and the bookmakers where you can play the lottery online in Ireland don’t make an exception. Some of them even launched special apps for Android and iOS. This, of course, doesn’t weaken the security in any way. And while we were reviewing the websites that can be interesting for you, we reached the conclusion that Lottoland is the best one amongst them when it comes to the mobile experience.

Top Irish Mobile Lotto App
  • Bonus:N/A
  • Available Lotteries:32
  • Syndicates:Yes
  • Easy Cash Outs:Yes
Take Your Chance

Using your mobile phone to buy your ticket and to play lotto online in Ireland can save you a lot of time, energy and eventually regrets. Because we all know how hard it can be to actually reach the lottery retailer in some days… Now imagine that on the draw, after that one day you chose not to play with your numbers, they all come out… What a pity, isn’t it? Well, that’s why your smartphone or tablet can be your very best friend!

There are dozens of options available when you want to play lottery online in Ireland, so you will hardly be disappointed. You can play both the national and international lottos. And many of them have amazing jackpots waiting to be won. Of course, some draws are more popular than others. Irish Lotto is, for sure, the most popular lottery game in the country, with Irish Lotto Plus 1 and 2 giving you the chance to win an additional €1 million. They have rewarded thousands of people by now, and you will definitely not mind winning their jackpots. Even bigger prizes are given by the American lotteries MegaMillions and Powerball, and the European EuroMillions and EuroJackpot.

Irish Lotto

Lotto is the most beloved national lottery in Ireland. It takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at around 8 p.m. It costs just €2 and gives you the amazing odds of 1 in 29 to win a prize. The numbers picked are between 1 and 49.

Irish Lotto Plus 1

Lotto Plus 1 is drawn immediately after Irish Lotto and you can win up to €1 million, spending just €1 more on your Lotto ticket. Practically, the same numbers will be selected and play on Plus 1 too. You can win the jackpot if you match 6 numbers.


MegaMillions is an American lottery game, played in forty-six jurisdictions with draws every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. ET. The biggest jackpot won from MegaMillions is $1.537 billion in 2018. More than 180 jackpots were won since the beginning of the millennium.

You, surely, gave a check to the jackpot amount of at least one lottery, right? Did you think about how this jackpot reach so high? From where the money is coming? Because, let’s face it, no company, no operator or government will throw such amounts to winners… Actually, it is you, the players, who generate it. Every time you purchase a ticket, part of the money you spent, go exactly in the jackpot.

Let’s see which the most rewarding lottery online in Ireland is… Irish Lotto has a jackpot of more than €5 million. The next one is Irish Lotto Plus 1 with €1 million. From the international ones, the highest jackpot belongs to Powerball with €552 million, followed by MegaMillions’ €478 million. EuroMillions and EuroJackpot are also not to be missed with prizes of €90 million each.

Safe Banking when You Play Lotto Online Ireland

We know that is might be slightly boring to hear it over and over again, but the security is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to your money. You must always aim to use known and reliable payment options. Here we will list some of the best methods for deposits and withdrawals when you want to play lottery online in Ireland. The first possibility is to use your bank card.

This, however, is being skipped by many players who are searching for faster ways or are not comfortable in sharing their bank details with casinos or bookmakers. Here is where e-wallets shine! PayPal, Neteller and Skrill are the most commonly used, offering fast and safe service. Another option is to go for a prepaid card, like Paysafecard for example.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Wire Transfer

For us, the best payment method when you want to play online lottery in Ireland remains PayPal. It offers you the most when it comes to security, hiding your details from the recipient and making payments fast and hassle-free. If you are from the ones that want to use their credit or debit card, you must know that the timings for both deposits and withdrawals are longer. In all means, you must use what you are comfortable and familiar with. Just make sure that you check all conditions of the chosen broker and your preferred payment method.

Gambling in Ireland was always popular, so its legality was somehow compulsory. Casino games are regulated by the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1953, with last changes in 2013. Under these acts fall also poker and lottery, except the National Lottery which is subject to the National Lottery Act of 2013. Both online and land-based bookmakers are operating under the Betting Acts from 1931 to 2015.

There are different bodies that are regulating the gambling industry in the country. The Revenue Commissioner is the institution responsible for licensing all companies that are on Irish soil. The Irish Department of Justice and Equality manages the requests from overseas operators, while the National Lottery’s regulator deals with the gambling for charity. If you are interested in the other gambling possibilities in Ireland you can give a check to our dedicated pages. You can also check out the best lottery sites UK guide for more alternatives.

Minimal Age to Play Online Lottery in Ireland

The minimal legal age for gambling is centralised, which is actually a great thing. Differently than other countries where the age varies by province or type of game, in Ireland is much simpler. To play Irish lotto online, regular lottery or any other type of gambling in Ireland, the legal age is 18.

Security Standards of the Irish Lottery Online Sites

In this section, we will give you a few tips, so you know what to look for when you land on an operator’s page. The first and most important thing you must check is the licensing. The most renowned licence authorities, except the Irish ones, are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Gibraltar Commissioner. Usually, the licensing details are in the footer of the website.

Another main factor is whether the site at which you play lotto online in Ireland promotes and helps responsible gambling. If so, you will find the seals of organisations like GambleAware, GamCare, GambleResponsibly etc. Almost all operators nowadays utilise the latest technologies when it comes to the protection of your and their data. The most common one is the 128-bit SSL encryption, but some prefer to use a 192- or 256-bit ones. They are all secure and forgery-proofed, and you must stay away from casinos that do not use encryptions!

All About Playing Irish Lotto Online

Our review is about to end, and we sincerely hope that you find it useful. Let’s summarise all that we know about playing an online lottery in Ireland, shall we? he best part is that it is completely legal and safe to do, as far as you are at least 18 years old, of course. Who would mind winning one of those delicious jackpots? Anyway, if you want to gain your fortune step-by-step, you might want to test your luck in other gambling games, so feel free to read our guide dedicated to the best online casinos in Ireland. From the operators that we listed above, the best one is and will remain the giant NetBet.

Up to 500 SpinsCode: NBWELCOME500
  • 90+ Lotteries
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Secure and Reliable

How can we finish a review for lottery online in Ireland without telling you a story of at least one jackpots landing in the hands of Irish person? Or people, in this case. In the begging of 2019, a family syndicate from North Co Dublin won the unbelievable amount of €175,000,000 from EuroMillions! A fun fact is that the owner of the shop from which their ticket was purchased, was a winner himself, barely six years ago, with a smaller amount though.

Frequently Asked Questions About Irish Lotto Online

We were about to forget to introduce you to our favourite part – the FAQ section! We are aware of how annoying it could be to google over and over your questions, trying different words and never reaching the so-much-needed result. That’s why we tried to compile some of the most important and commonly asked queries and to give them well-structured and understandable answers.

🥇 What are the best sites for lottery online in Ireland?

As a start, you can choose a website through which to play your favourite Irish lotto online. The best Irish lottery online sites that we listed are a preferable option, since they were reviewed and tested by us. They offer the perfect combination of lotto draws, bonuses and trustworthiness.

💵 How to claim lottery winnings online in Ireland?

To get your winnings from an Irish lotto online site, first, you will need to complete the wagering requirements. Second, you will need to request a valid withdrawal from the cashier by selecting a payment method and the amount you want to withdraw. Third, you will need to wait up to 3-5 days depending on the selected withdrawal method.

🏆 Who is the biggest winner from online lottery in Ireland?

That is an easy answer! The biggest lotto win in Ireland happened at the beginning of 2019 when a family syndicate from North Co Dublin won the EuroMillions' unbelievable jackpot of €175,000,000. The lucky members of the family had hard times believing in their fortune. This is the highest jackpot ever won in the history of the National Lottery and nowadays, there are many popular Irish lottery online draws with huge jackptos.

🎫How to check lottery tickets online in Ireland?

Usually, you can enter your number(s) to check your Irish lottery online tickets. According to the legal lottery situation in Ireland, you have 90 days from the draw to claim the prize. In case you don't do it, the money will be used for promotions of the National Lottery or will be transferred to a reserve fund for later use.

⚖️ Is it legal to play Irish lotto online?

The situation about legality of Irish online lotto relies mainly on the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1953, which was later amended in 2013. This act suggests that lottery draws are legal in the country. Furthermore, our top recommendations are licenced and regulated, you shouldn't have any issues participating in your favourite draws!

More Gambling in Ireland

Ireland, as we mentioned, is the country of luck and online gambling is widely popular. Among the gambling products that you can enjoy are poker, blackjack, casino slots sites and amazing live casinos alongside the top-rated Irish roulette sites, and of course, the highest-ranking online blackjack casinos in Ireland. We will again refer you to our review of Best Online Casinos in Ireland. All the operators there are thoughtfully checked by our team and have proven themselves trustworthy and secure. The casinos can grant you an extraordinary experience with top-providers and great casino bonus offers both for first-timers and for seasoned players. In the review, you can also see some interesting facts about profound Irish gamblers and the best gambling resorts too!

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