Best Online Poker Sites in Sweden & the Top Online Poker Offers and Operators

Sweden is a great place if you want to play online poker. However, it might be hard for some of you to find the best poker sites in SE and that’s why our list of the best online poker sites in Sweden comes in handy!

Best Online Poker Sites in Sweden for 2022

Poker Sites Bonus Rating
PartyPoker Get SEK 100 4.85
Unibet 100% up to 1000 SEK on First Deposit 4.80

Top 2 Poker Sites for Swedish Players

  1. 🥇 PartyPoker (Great Poker Payouts & Customer Support in Sweden)
  2. 🥈 Unibet (Outstanding Online Poker Games & Excellent SE Bonus Offer)
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Best Poker Sites in Sweden for 2022

Poker Site Poker Bonus Tournaments (daily) Cash Games Speed Poker Rating Secure Link
Get SEK 100 330 95 9
4.85 ★ out of 5 18+ | Full Terms Apply | Play responsibly | Stö (020-819100)
100% up to 1000 SEK on First Deposit 280 80 8
4.80 ★ out of 5 18+ | Full Terms Apply | Play responsibly | Stö (020-819100)

In this review, we are going to address the most important points about playing online poker in Sweden. We’ll see if there are enough game variations to choose from, factor in the table limits and capabilities of the platform. We also compare different casino bonus offers and analyze their wagering requirements. To give you the full picture, we break down availability by tournament play and cash games, specifically accentuating on freerolls and where to find them. Last but not least, you can see in advance what payment methods are accepted where together with the corresponding deposit limits.

What Is the Best Swedish Online Poker Site?

⭐ Best Online Poker Site in Sweden Partypoker
🎁 Best Swedish Poker Bonus Unibet
🔝 Highest Payout Poker Site in Sweden Partypoker
🃏 Best Online Poker Games in Sweden Unibet
📱 Best Mobile Poker App in Sweden Unibet

Sweden poker online sites have many factors you should always look to be present at your chosen operator. However, which ones really deserve your attention? The one that stands out among the rest is safety. This is logical due to the importance of having your personal information and hard-earned money well-protected. Furthermore, if you aren’t playing at a legitimate and regulated site, all your progress might go to waste at some point. Our advice is to always look for that particular licence number at the bottom of the page of your chosen website. This way, you’ll know that you’re in safe hands!

After you’re sure you’re not putting your account in jeopardy, shift your attention to other important staples of online poker play. The availability of games and various poker formats is a must for a platform that wants to establish itself as one of the leading online poker sites in Sweden.

Fortunately, we’ve chosen some of the best operators in the country which come with a variety of options, catered to the tastes of most players. However, what would a great selection of games be without the inclusion of favourable welcome bonuses? This is also something you should have in mind as well as mobile gameplay. Other factors should also be considered, so if you’re eager to learn more about them, stick with us until the end!

How to Choose the Best Poker Site to Play At

It would go against the grain to not inspect a gambling service all ends up. First and foremost you have to make sure that it meets the industry’s safety standards before you proceed with the other criteria on the checklist. Game diversity is a must too. Otherwise, you’ll be forced into playing the same poker variation every time. All sites that score high on your rank list are also mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

The top poker sites of Sweden have operating licenses for the jurisdictions they cater to, meaning that they go through scrutinous due-diligence checks and audits. Aside from that, you can count on our keen for detail eye to give you an insight into any other important to know facts about the reviewed poker sites.

Hopefully, we agree that it’s a cardinal sin not to know the rules well by which you are supposed to play when real money is on the line. Another things to keep in mind are the terms and conditions of the platform you’re playing on. Those are the rules that apply to every customer be it a newcomer or a loyal one. The reason you need to be familiar with those is that they will be definitive for your entire gambling experience with the operator of choice. Down below is a poker operator, in line with the aforesaid.

100% up to 1000 SEK on First Deposit
  • Speed Poker
  • Main Event Satelites
  • Sweden Licensed
18+ | Full Terms Apply | Play responsibly | Stö (020-819100)

The site has an impressive selection of cash games and tournaments that’s easily noticeable even for the untrained eye. There’s a fair amount of Sit n’ Go tables too, the short-format tourneys that changed for good the way the game is played. It goes without saying – the famous brand is absolutely safe in that it’s founded on the principle of law-compliance. In other words – it’s the whole package.

Online Poker in Sweden – Safety and Security

For you to be safe in the knowledge that your money is in safe hands, we’d say that it’s best to choose a licensed operator. This speaks volumes about the level of transparency and fairness you can expect. There’s no denying that the official regulators have the best methods and procedures to determine which site is trustworthy and which one is not. One thing you can check yourself is the availability of an SSL certificate – this is the best way of assuring that all data is encrypted and protected against theft.

Popular Online Poker Games – What Swedes Play the Most

Among the most popular SE poker games online has to be Texas Hold’em because of Martin Jacobson (WSOP main event winner) that the game rose in popularity in Sweden. The beauty in Hold’em is that players hold only two cards which they can combine with three more cards from the community cards.

Hands strength is the same as in five-card draw – starting the scale with the highest card and ending with a royal flush. There are оther interesting variants you can find in the top Swedish poker sites which might have rules set that is more appropriate for your play style. Here’s, by and large, what the savvy players prefer.

With an abundance of poker variations like that at your disposal, you are free to play what’s in your wheelhouse. In spite of the diverse options to play Sweden poker online”, we’re here to say that not all games were created equal. Yes, you heard that right. The rules of Omaha PL are quite easy to understand and could even be qualified as intuitive.

That being said, the action that takes place as a result of the rules is uniquely dynamic and usually favours the more experienced players. Taking into account the arguments said so far in favour of Omaha PL’s player-friendly rules, it becomes clear that it’s the altogether better choice for players new to online poker.

Get SEK 1000
  • Daily Freerolls
  • Range of Betting Limits
  • Snap and Blast
18+ | Full Terms Apply | Play responsibly | Stö (020-819100)

Poker Tournaments – All Your Options

When online poker is concerned, tournament play oftentimes takes centerstage at the best poker sites Sweden has to offer. For reasons well-known, many players prefer to play several low buy-ins or free-to-enter tournaments and give it their best shot to make it to the final table of at least one of them. The organized events that allow for this type of strategy are the sit n’go ones. Those are single table tourneys where the top three finishers get a return on their buy-in. Other competitive events of the tournament variety, include multi-table, bounty and heads-up. If you want to go big you might as well try to qualify for the Swedish Championship – organized by the collaborative effort of PartyPoker and the Swedish Poker Federation.
Poker Tournament Buy-in Re-buy Game Play at:
Unibet Open Freeroll Free No NL Hold’em Unibet
Qualifier to €1 Ticket 3 TIX 0.20 € No NL Hold’em Unibet
Qualifier to €25 Ticket 5,00 € No NL Hold’em Unibet
Morning Grind $25 Gtd 0.22 $ No NL Hold’em PartyPoker
PLO8 Hyper Turbo $150 Gtd 4.40$ No PL Omaha Hi-Lo PartyPoker

It couldn’t be simpler, eliminate an opponent and win extra cash – that’s what knockout tournaments are all about. No wonder so many players, to coin a phrase, get a kick out of it. We’d only recommend knockouts to seasoned online poker players because this is not merely hedging your stack and surviving, this is war!

Bounty tournaments run along the same vein and are generally a lot of fun too. You could also try freezouts and satellites depending on your current game plan. Generally speaking, satelliets promise the biggest return relative to your buy-in and is what we’d suggest you try if you want to keep your spendings to a minimum.

Online Poker Cash Games

When you have to play nothing but your opponent, no tournament scheme to consider or how many blinds you have left. The only goal is to take the money in the middle. It’s no surprise that some people consider cash games to be the truest form of poker. Not only is this impromptu form of gambling is liked by so many, there’s no shortage of cash game tables where it can be practiced. The table limits can typically range from $0.01 / $0.02 to $200/ $400. On certain occasions, even higher than that. Some operators host cash SE poker games online with blinds of $600/$1000, but having those is not a general rule of thumb.

Speed Poker

Speed poker – also known a Fastforward – successfully bring the heat of non-stop, intensifying action. The way this is done is by interconnecting a pool of players who are seated at regular tables but not permanently. An automated system monitors the game and would position you so that it’s always your turn to act. After folding a hand, a player is automatically redirected to another table and dealt a new hand. This is the concept of speed poker and we have to say it’s being implemented on a large scale nowadays. It’s largely well-received by Swedish poker players who like to play aggressively and make their opponents fold.

Best Freeroll Poker Sites in Sweden

Freeroll poker sites fly in the face of the notion that at the poker table there has to be a loser. This type of site empowers players with the opportunity to play Sweden poker online while having the chance to win real money in the end. While not particularly invested in dishing out freebies, the best online poker sites in Sweden have at least 2-3 daily freerolls that run on a regular basis. Being free to enter makes those accessible to everyone with the desire to join unless other conditions apply. Such conditions could include being a newly signed customer of the site or to the contrary – being a loyal customer who plays cash games regularly.
Rank Poker Site Daily Poker Freerolls Joining Condition Play Freeroll at:
1. Partypoker 4 No
2. Unibet 4 No

Most freerolls don’t have specific entry requirements other than being a registered customer, but that’s not always the case. For some, you need to have accumulated a certain rake amount. Sometimes your right to join a freeroll comes as part of a welcome package and lasts only for some time. By and large, though, freerolls registration is free and is not accompanied by additional. stipulations

Betting Limits

If you have neither the time nor the money to go to Las Vegas why don’t you bring it to your living room? The inclusive online poker betting limits can make that happen, well, at least to an extent. There’s plenty of high-roller tables ready and waiting online. You can also find open seats at a regular table with relatively cheap blinds and ante. Tournaments buy-ins also vary on a spectrum. A neat thing is that you can opt-in a guaranteed tournament where the prize pool remains the same regardless of the number of registered players.

Mobile Poker Apps for Swedish Players

A practical outlook on online gambling would also favour mobile apps over playing on desktop. Now, that’s nothing new, but how does that idea apply to the best poker sites in Sweden? Four words – It makes things better. Imagine yourself laying on your sofa calling the shots from your handy iPad or Android Tablet. Sounds good? – There’s more.

In our earnest estimate, the application combining all virtues of mobile poker is Unibet’s app. Much to our amazement, customer reviews on iTunes paint a different picture. However, we’ve been testing it for quite a while and are familiar with what it has to offer, and it’s worth it.

Top Mobile Poker App
  • Bonus:100% up to 1000 SEK
  • Top Game: Hold’em
  • Cash Games: 76
  • Speed Poker: 7
100% up to 1000 SEK on First Deposit
18+ | Full Terms Apply | Play responsibly | Stö (020-819100)

In view of the definite advantage of mobile poker, it’s quite obvious that it’s to be preferred over playing on a desktop. More specifically, the freedom to wager on the move is crucially important for when you’re four hours into a tournament, the stakes are high, and you need to go out. Now you can just take your cellie with you and keep playing on the go SE poker games online.

The Best Real Money Poker Bonuses – Online Poker in Sweden

If you’re looking intently for a good startup bonus to kickstart your best poker sites Sweden journey, then you are sure to find many. Most common is the welcome deposit match offer. It oftentimes comes alongside a juicy portion of tournament tickets. On rare occasions players would also receive complimentary free spins. For this to happen you have to first find the top Swedish gambling sites with an online casino. We did this part of the hard work for you. Here are the best poker bonuses in Sweden.

Poker Bonus Terms and Conditions Minimum Deposit Cashback Claim Here
100% UP TO 1000 SEK 18+ | Full Terms Apply | Play responsibly | Stö (020-819100) SEK 100 Yes
SEK 100 18+ | Full Terms Apply | Play responsibly | Stö (020-819100) SEK 100 Yes

Although people would generally agree that online poker is much more lenient than online casinos when it comes to the bonus wagering requirements, they do exist and can influence the game a great deal. For instance, the playthrough bonuses are released only after the player reaches the requested rake amount as a result of wagering. What’s good about this is that any money gets credited directly to your real money balance, which means it’s yours to use.

Payment Methods for Safe Deposits and Withdrawals

Provided that you have a bank account, it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to deposit money in one of Sweden’s best poker sites. The majority of time a credit or debit card is enough for a fast and secure deposit but in rare cases, it’s more time-efficient to deposit using an eWallet. eWallets are the best of both worlds, bridging the gap between card payments and personal banking. Many a service of this type can be utilized for gambling purposes. See the full list of eligible methods below.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Diners Club International

First of all, typically, no poker site would charge you extra for using any of the abovementioned services. The payment companies are the ones that would deduce a small fee from your balance whenever a transfer is processed. Paysafecard seems like a reasonable choice for someone who doesn’t want to put a lot of money at stake. Buying just the right amount from your local superstore is easy and affordable for just about anyone. Even so, you can make payments in Swedish krona over a payment method of your choosing as long as it’s supported

In November 2005, Svenska Spel became the institution responsible for regulating the online poker market. It has the power to issue gambling licences to the sites deserving of this. You can tell whether a poker site is licensed by the insignia that reads ‘Spel Inspektionen’. Swedes have always had an affinity towards European poker sites and have found ways to play at sites licensed abroad.

Now, that’s no longer needed because the Swedish poker market is open and the big operators are readily standing in line to get licensed by Svenska Spel. From 1 January 2019, any gambling activity that’s not licensed or the advertisement thereof is illegal.

Online Poker Laws in Sweden

Be that as it may, any new amendments of the gambling laws in Sweden won’t make much matter to the residing in the country poker players since they are practically not forbidden (as of yet) to register at EU-licensed poker sites. Even though the government makes its utmost to control the online poker scene in Sweden, this seems to have an opposite to the expected effect. Still many a gambler tends to visit offshore poker sites with a good reputation rather than going through all the hassle of complying with the regulations and declaring their winnings as income.

Conclusion: Enjoy Excellent Online Poker In

The country and its legislative framework seem to be heading the right way in making real money card games more accessible and safe to the average customer. Even though the existing legislature can be interpreted as an attempt to shut down the invasion of foreign private corporations, it’s still flexible enough so as to afford players the right to have different options. In that sense, there’s a good amount of top Swedish online casino sites that are licensed and regulated by Svenska Spel. Our extensive best poker sites Sewdenreview goes deep into details and features several cherry-picked offers you don’t want to miss on!

Frequently Asked Poker Questions

The legal situation and the wealth of opportunity for online poker in Sweden take some time to grasp. That’s why we intend on touching on a few more important topics by providing you with quick answers. If you have any doubts or think there’s something we haven’t discussed so far in our Sweden poker online guide, take a look at the following Q&A section.

🥈 What are the best poker sites in Sweden?

There are many operators you can try your poker skills one, but only the best online poker sites deserve your attention. They all come with great welcome bonuses, top security, interesting games and many other perks worth exploring. Don't hesitate to register and have a blast!

🔝 Which is the best poker site in Sweden?

Due to to various player preferences, it's hard to outline one clear winner. However, the recommended online poker sites in Sweden excel in particular categories which are most common for the majority of players. Explore the platforms and find your new number one SE poker site!

✔️ Is poker legal in Sweden?

When choosing a new operator, you should be aware of the legality of online poker in the country. Fortunately for all interested parties, this classic card game is legal in Sweden, but that doesn't mean yo should trust all operators. There are many fraudulent sites you should avoid, so always double-check their security.

🃏 What are the top SE poker games online?

Similar to many other poker sites, the operators we've included have made sure to add various online poker games for all players. From cash games to tournaments, Sit&GO and many more, SE players can sit on quality tables and compete for exciting prizes!

❓ How can I choose the top online poker site in Sweden?

The answer to this query is never easy. There are so much things that should be taken into account that you might get lost in the narrative in no time. Luckily, in such cases, a guide on choosing the right poker site can be of much help. You'll certainly find the most important factors needed to make the right decision.

🏆 What tournaments can I play on Swedish online poker sites?

This poker variant has always attracted lots of players due to its great prizes and exciting rounds However, bear in mind that Swedish online poker tournaments aren't suitable for everybody. If you're impatient or lose focus rapidly, we advise you check the cash tables at your chosen poker site.

Other Forms of Gambling in Sweden – Which Way to Go?

The trend is towards expanding all gambling markets, not just online poker, so you might be interested in checking out a detailed overview of each individual sector. We bring into view the ins and outs of sports betting, Bitcoin gambling in Sweden, online lotto and daily fantasy sports with a whole suite of reviews.

It’s highly recommended that you start from our main page where we discuss everything there is to know about gambling at online casinos in Sweden and give you the names of several licensed operators. We also listed the best live casinos in Sweden, together with impeccable SE slots casino sites that you will enjoy for sure! Use the quick navy bar to navigate directly to the topic that interests you the most.

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