Kenya Online Poker Guide 2022 – Best Sites, Games & Tournaments

Online poker sites in Kenya include a mixture of global gambling companies and small local business owners. Learn all about playing poker in the this article about the best online poker sites in Kenya!

Best Online Poker Sites in Kenya for 2022

Poker Sites Bonus Rating
Unibet 200€ + 20€ in Free Tickets 5.00
Full Tilt 35,000 Free Play Chips 4.90
PokerStars $30 First Deposit Bonus 4.85
1xbet Up to 10,000 KES Welcome Bonus 4.80
William Hill £100 + 6 Free Twister Entries 4.70
Bet365 365€ Welcome Bonus 4.65
Winner Up to 350€ Welcome Bonus 4.60

Top 9 Poker Sites for Kenyan Players

  • Unibet (Best Poker Site in Kenya)
  • Full Tilt (Excellent Bonuses and Top Customer Support)
  • PokerStars (Best Online Poker Real Money Games)
  • 1xbet (Wide Betting Limits for Online Poker Games)
  • William Hill (Renowned KE Operator with Top Live Dealers Games)
  • Bet365 (Great Welcome Bonus and Many High Roller Tables)
  • Winner (Excellent Live Poker Site for Kenyan Low Rollers)
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Best Poker Sites in Kenya for 2022

Poker Site Poker Bonus Tournaments Cash Games Speed Poker Rating Secure Link
200€ + 20€ in Free Tickets Yes Yes Yes
5.00 ★ out of 5
35,000 Free Play Chips Yes Yes Yes
4.90 ★ out of 5
$30 First Deposit Bonus Yes Yes Yes
4.85 ★ out of 5
10,000 KESWelcome Bonus Yes Yes No
4.80 ★ out of 5
£100 + 6 Free Twister Entries Yes Yes Yes
4.70 ★ out of 5
365€ First Deposit Bonus Yes Yes Yes
4.65 ★ out of 5
Up to 350€Welcome Bonus Yes Yes No
4.60 ★ out of 5

Our aim with the current review is to help you keep abreast of the changes in the poker landscape of Kenya. The remote gambling industry is really coming into its own, and there are many operators worthy of attention. We’ll start by suggesting a good approach to looking at online poker sites in Kenya, providing solid arguments that are the result of years of experience. We’ll make it very clear what features and insignias to be on the lookout for in order to confirm a site is safe. You’ll also learn about the poker variations that are most often played in the county, how to fund your account and much more.

What Is the Best KE Online Poker Site?

⭐ Best Online Poker Site in Kenya Unibet
🎁 Best Kenya Poker Bonus PokerStars
♦️ Best Online Poker Games in Kenya PokerStars
📱 Best Mobile Poker App in Kenya Bet365

Online poker in Kenya is not to be taken lightly. There are many factors to take into account, and even some risks to avoid. Player safety is always our top priority. All sites mentioned here have a proven track record of good operations and customer relations. All poker sites in Kenya offer their own unique gaming experience. As such, we have to look at each individually and compare what they have in store for us.

Specifically, we always look out for special bonuses and promotions, as these add considerable value to your bankroll. Other vital elements include the selection of poker games, the tournament schedule, the available betting limits, the mobile compatibility of the platform, and more. Below, we will look at each of these factors individually and more provide in-depth information.

How to Choose the Best Kenyan Poker Site to Play At

The process of choosing the right site for online poker in Kenya boils down to assuring that several critical criteria are satisfied. Firstly, one of the most important things that drive customer gratification up is diversity. We are speaking, here, about game selection diversity. Тhat is tournaments, cash games, poker variations etc. You want all that to be at your disposal so that you can mix it up and change tac from time to time.

We test each of the sites recommended here with due consideration for the established safety standards for the gambling industry. Take this to mean that those gambling platforms belong to reputable companies leaders that are held accountable for their policies by one or more regulatory bodies. When all of the things we just mentioned click in place, that’s how you know that a Kenyan online poker site is safe to play at.

It could happen to anyone – the rules working against you – especially when you were not very familiar with them, to begin with. So, sitting at a poker table without knowing the rules to a tee is a cardinal sin by all accounts. Of course that learning takes time, but there are enough guides and books that can help you. There you’ll find summarised all the information needed to play by the rules. One thing, though, falls on your lot and that’s making sure you understand the significant terms and conditions of the operator you’re signing with. When we take all online poker sites in Kenya into consideration, here’s the one that comes across as the most user-friendly one.

$30First Deposit Bonus
  • Premium Package
  • Loyalty Programme
  • Ko Tournaments

Being one of the industry’s best, Unibet boasts a varied selection of poker games where tournaments measure against the cash game options. Striking a balance between the two popular game modes, the operator plays to the taste of most Kenyan poker players. It also lends itself to a safe online gambling experience thanks to the combination of security features and reputation that Unibet is known for.

Online Poker Sites in Kenya – Safety and Security

The hands-down, most important aspect of gaming is that it was meant to be safe and accessible. While little can be done to address the second point, it’s up to us to filter out poker sites in Kenya that don’t measure up to the standards for security. It could be something simple as not having an SSL certificate that can impact your user experience in a negative way. Conversely, having the appropriate certificates and licenses means that you’re dealing with an operator that’s living up to the expectations of the competent institutions and organisations.

Popular Online Poker Games – What Kenyans Play the Most

Though change is constantly introduced to the fast-paced environment of online poker, by all accounts, the all-time favourite variant of the game has to be Texas Hold’em. This is partly due to the comprehensible rules. Players are dealt two face-down cards called ‘pocket cards’ which can be combined with exactly three cards from the board to make the strongest hand possible. Of course, other, more exotic variations can also be found on Unibet’s platform like Chinese poker for example, but those get delisted sooner or later due to the lack of interest.

We don’t recommend going against the grain. No limit Hold’em takes a priority position in most online poker sites in Kenya around the world for a reason. Of course, you are in your right to seek something other than Hold’em, and here is where having the ability to make an informed decision comes in. Pot limit Omaha is, we would say, particularly suitable for high rollers, but can also be played with smaller buy-ins. The game also enjoys decent popularity around the world and altogether is the second-best option from all Kenyan poker games online.

Up to €200 + €20 in Tickets
  • Innovative Interface
  • Unibet Open
  • Weekly Challenges

Poker Tournaments – All Your Options

We checked through the best poker software that’s accessible to Kenyan players and what we found out was that tournaments falling under the following categories are available. What you must understand is that tournaments are a favourite way of playing both for high-rollers and for players that don’t like to wager huge amounts of money all at once. And among the most popular ones is, without a doubt, the Sit’n’Go, which is a favourite to most poker fans. Below you can see also the other tourneys available at online poker sites in Kenya and read some additional information about Sit’n’Go as well.

Sit n’go tournaments are something that sits well with the idea of speed poker in that they are over faster than your average poker tournament. That being so, you can get a good bang for your buck without taking too much time to complete a given event. When it comes to which poker event is the most popular in Kenya, we’d say Unibet Open is a pretty big deal considering its scale and prize pool. Among many things, it has several qualification rounds that allow just about anyone to reach the final table paying a minimal buy-in. For more details on the available tournaments refer to the table below.

Poker Tournament Buy-in Re-buy Game Play At:
Unibet Open Freeroll €0.00 No Hold’em
Qualifier ot Unibet Open €4.4 TIX €1. 00 No Hold’em
Jackpot Freerolls Open Tournament €0.00 No Hold’em
Unibet Open Centroll €0.01 No Hold’em

Online Poker Cash Games

Though the unbiased viewer would almost always associate poker with the televised stages of tournament play, cash games is what many experienced players make a living out of. Such games take place on a daily basis in the top poker sites in Kenya and grant participants the freedom to re-buy as frequently as they want should they lose their entire stack. Choosing our recommended operators we factored in this very important aspect of Kenyan poker into account. These poker platforms are consistent in keeping the cash number of available cash games above one hundred. That would mean that you can easily find a table with your preferred betting limits and poker rules.

Speed Poker

Not to say that the regular rules are If you want to kick it up a notch, speed poker is one of the best ways. This mode allows you to fold out of turn and be taken to another table and be dealt another hand instantly. Inevitably, this quickens the pace quite a bit and cuts the waiting time to a minimum. Imagine it this way, you still select a table, but instead of joining just one table you enter a pool of players. Online poker in Kenya lends itself to more intense action so that if you’re not over-reliant on your table image, there’s no good reason not tap into speed poker right away.

Best Freeroll Poker Sites in Kenya

The building blocks of playing economically is paying as little as possible, right? If you like this way of thinking, freerolls are the way to go for you. They are tournaments with no buy-in – it’s enough to opt in and wait for the tournament to start. Some of these events are accessible only to players with certain loyalty level and newcomers. While we don’t recommend you stake your whole game plan on what the freeroll poker sites in Kenya have to offer in terms of free-to-enter tournaments, such competitive endeavours can certainly help you build a bankroll. Down below is a reductive overview of what’s is available to Kenyan poker players.
Rank Poker Site Daily Poker Freerolls Joining Condition Play Freeroll at:
1. Unibet 3 Open to All Player

The single most important rule to registering for a freeroll is, of course, creating a gambling account first. The majority of time this is all you need to do, as these tournaments are free to enter to practically all registered players unless stated otherwise. This means you have to allow for rare cases of loyalty freerolls or such that require your wagers total to reach a certain sum. For the most part, the entry requirements (if any at all) are user-friendly in nature.

Betting Limits

Betting limits matter to every cash game player for two major reasons – they determine your buy-in and blinds. By the same token, you have to choose betting limits with due consideration. Luckily, they grade on a spectrum, starting from micro stakes and going to high stakes. Blinds of several hundred euros constitute what’s typically called a high-stakes cash game. You can find tables that allow for such high-stakes action. Their player capacity is, most often, two or six players. What you should keep in mind is that, in case you are not experienced, you take a bigger risk with a bigger blind. The best tactic is to start from the slow buy-ins and gradually climb your way to the more ‘expensive’ tables.

Mobile Poker Apps for Kenyan Players

Without attaching too much importance to the fact that the best online poker sites in Kenya are mobile-friendly – which is the norm nowadays – you might be surprised to learn that innate iOS poker apps can also be downloaded and installed for free. Having an innate app is a definite upgrade as it facilitates your access to the online poker tables, can remember your favourite settings, and allows overall quicker and safer access to your account. We approached the matter from different angles and chose an application that resonates with our idea of the best mobile poker app.

  • Bonus:€200
  • Top Game:Hold’em
  • Cash Games:80
  • Speed Poker:7
€200 Welcome Bonus

By going with the recommended poker application detailed above, you negate the big disadvantage of playing on a desktop computer, which is staying at home. Instead, you can share the emotion with friends or take the game to the street. Where and how you’re going to play is literally in your hands.

Poker Bonus in Kenya– Best Real Money Poker Bonuses

Arguably, the sign most telling of a poker operator that genuinely cares about its customers, is having a functioning cashback system. By design, it’s meant to empower the players with a straightforward way of getting a percentage of their losses refunded. There are other perks making the user experience more enjoyable and lessening the financial load that comes with playing poker professionally. Of course that we are alluding to welcome bonuses – already mentioned a few times throughout this review.

Poker Bonus Minimum Deposit Cashback Claim Here
€200 €10 Unspecified Unibet

As with all gambling promotions, there’s something called wagering requirements that are there to determine whether you’ve held up your end of the deal. In what way are those rules going to affect your game is something you need to clarify by yourself right there on the spot before opting in. Directness is the desirable approach because the terms and conditions are being constantly updated, and you want to be sure you’re reading their latest version. You can always check those for yourself if you have any doubts. This information is always included in the poker offer itself.

Payment Methods for Safe Deposits and Withdrawals

It’s not just bonuses you should be looking for. In order to function as expected, a gambling site of any sort should also accept a varied range of payment methods. These are essential for Kenyan poker players given their limited choice of online banking means. The most commonly used internet payment services for moving money in and out of one’s online poker real money account, are eWallets, card payments, and Bank Transfer. Let’s mention a few names so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • PaysafeCard
  • Bank Transfer

Neteller establishes itself by far as the all-time favourite of gamblers in Kenya. It’s fast, reliant, and transactions are cheap. It’s also a widely accepted payment method with a firm customer support foundation. As far as currency goes, your bonuses and transaction will most likely be calculated in Euro although the official currency of Kenya is the shilling. This won’t take away from the speed in which transactions are processed by the operator. In other words – using e-wallets, and banking cards will still result in instant deposits, while a few days will be needed for bank transfers.

Gambling in Kenya was made legal in the not so distant 1966. Soon after that, the Betting Control and Licensing Board was appointed the regulatory body responsible for the regulation of this type of activity. The gambling sites that offer Kenyan poker games online must have an operating licence issued by the Board in order to be fully compliant with the laws of the country. By comparison with other African countries, about 50% of Kenyan citizens have home access to the internet, and that’s one of the key factors that laid the groundwork for a thriving gaming market. That being said, online poker is currently legal as well as other forms of gambling that take place in licensed land-based or online facilities.

Online Poker Is Legal in Kenya

With the 2014 gambling reforms coming into effect, new taxation rates have been introduced to the sector. Though some operators found that a bit hard to swallow, no one has closed down yet on account of the increased taxes. As a matter of fact, all 13 brick and mortar casinos located in Kenya host poker cash games and tournaments. Despite that, the majority of players is heading towards the online rooms because of the clear advantages of remote gambling.

Conclusion: Enjoy Excellent Online Poker in Kenya

The fact of the matter is that Kenyans are afforded an internet-based poker service that’s very decent in every respect – starting with the game variants on offer and topping things off with perfect welcome bonuses. All of that is not a precedent though, considering the fact that the gambling sites in Kenya have all landmark features and offers characteristic of the top brands in the industry. From the looks of it, everything is set up for an enjoyable and profitable gambling experience. It’s true online poker in Kenya is just one way of turning profit, but it surely is one of the best and most accessible ones.

Popular Kenya Poker Questions

The gambling industry in Africa is anything but a one-trick pony. Online poker is just a glimpse of what it has to offer. Quite naturally, a lot of questions surround the field. Here you can find the most commonly asked questions about poker bonuses or the industry in general. Keep coming for regular updates, we do our best to keep you posted.

🥇 Which are the best poker sites in Kenya?

Unibet is one of the best online poker sites accepting Kenyan players which successfully lives up to the hype in recent years. It offers everything from live casino games to slots and scratch cards. Regulated and audited, the company operates in the spirit of fair play.

♣️ What kind of Kenyan online poker real money games are there?

Online poker sites offer multiple poker products to customers. You can play some of the most popular poker games in history. These include Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Draw Stud, Five Card Draw, and Omaha PL, Omaha Hi-Lo, and other excellent gaming options.

✔️ What poker tournaments can I play at the best online poker sites KE?

There are many varieties of poker tournaments available to Kenyan players. From freerolls to more professional events, you will have plenty of options at your disposal. Each event functions differently, and it will be up to you to decide which is the most suitable for you.

📱 Can I play online poker in Kenya from my phone?

Mobile online poker in Kenya is broadly accessible, and just about anyone can participate. Modern poker operators are ready to accommodate your needs for gaming on the go. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can play to your heart's content.

💳 How can I deposit at online poker sites?

Poker sites in Kenya support a wide range of banking methods for your convenience. You will get to pick from eWallets, credit cards, and prepaid services. Each method comes with different pros and cons, and we recommend that you check out all of them to see which works best for you.

More Gambling in Kenya

The notion that online poker is the prevalent form of gambling in the country is not only not true but is also misleading to some extent. Few can deny that poker is highly valued, at the same time, though, there’s a clear trend towards using new and innovative ways of placing wagers as well. This is exactly what we are discussing in the other reviews we’ve written. The first thing to catch our eye was the multitude of good online casinos in Kenya. Along with that, you’ll learn more about the cryptocurrency aspect of gambling in Kenya, daily fantasy sports, and betting.

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