Sri Lanka Online Poker Guide 2022 – Best Sites, Games & Tournaments

Sri Lankan gamblers are constantly on the look for LK online poker action, but which operators really deserve their attention? Find out which are the best Sri Lanka poker online operators here!

Best Online Poker Sites in Sri Lanka for 2022

Poker Sites Bonus Rating
William Hill £100 Welcome Bonus 4.90
NetBet 200% up to €1500 4.90

Top Poker Sites for Sri Lankan Players

  1. 🥇 William Hill (Top-Rated Poker Tournaments in Sri Lanka)
  2. 🥈 NetBet (Great Mobile Online Poker Games for Sri Lankan Players)
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Best Poker Sites in Sri Lanka for 2022

Poker Site Poker Bonus Tournaments Cash Games Speed Poker Rating Secure Link
£100Welcome Bonus Yes Yes Yes
4.90 ★ out of 5
200% up to€1500 Yes Yes Yes
4.90 ★ out of 5

If you are wondering how we are so sure that our review can be of help to you, let us explain. Here you will find valuable tips on how you can estimate whether an operator is good or not and this will help you to find the best online poker sites in the country! We listed all security standards that must be present, together with information about the available deposit and withdrawal methods and terms.

All types of Sri Lanka poker online – tournaments, speed and cash games and even freerolls were reviewed, so we can grant you the optimal assistance at the start of your experience. Of course, we did not forget about the bonuses that you can claim and listed the best ones too! The legality of online gambling and poker in specific are discussed, so you can feel as safe as possible while playing. In the end, there is a handy section of questions that were asked by players and to which we gave proper answers. So, come along, let’s learn all about online poker.

What Is the Best Sri Lankan Online Poker Site?

⭐ Best Online Poker Site in Sri Lanka William Hill
🎁 Best Sri Lankan Poker Bonus NetBet
🔝 Highest Payout Poker Site in Sri Lanka William Hill
🃏 Best Online Poker Games in Sri Lanka William Hill
📱 Best Mobile Poker App in Sri Lanka NetBet

Playing poker online in Sri Lanka might seem easy on the surface, but in reality, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration. Most of the factors you should acknowledge should be observed even before registering with the respective operator. First, you should always look at the safety of an online poker site in Sri Lanka. Bear in mind that there are many poker platforms that claim to be legitimate when in reality they are not. Check the footer of each operator, double-check their licences and have in mind SSL certificates as well.

Once that is cleared out of the way, on your hunt for the Sri Lanka best online poker sites, you’ll discover many opportunities. Cash games, poker tournaments, speed poker, and many other versions await your presence. Knowing their specifics is easy.

However, you should ask yourself the following question: do you have the patience to play tournaments or you’re more of a cash game person? Luckily for Sri Lankan players, we’ve made sure to include operators which have great selections of games in different versions. Bonuses, mobile compatibility, and many other are also important, so let’s not waste any more time and start exploring the exciting Sri Lankan online poker landscape.

How to Find the Best Online Poker Sites in Sri Lanka?

Before to start talking about the online poker games and experiences that await you in Sri Lanka, we would like to point your attention to the most important factors when you choose the site in which to play. The number one priority should always be security. You should never deposit your money in a LK online poker site, which seems unsafe and there are ways to understand it, which we will discuss later on. Other things that you should seek are diversity when it comes to the game selection, stability of the platform itself and mobile-friendliness.

The first two is vital since no matter how secure a site is if it cannot offer you uninterrupted gameplay and a lot of different options, it simply is not worthy. The compatibility with mobile devices is more for your comfort. We guarantee you that we work only with the best poker sites in Sri Lanka and all of them are completely safe and fair. They check all the criteria that we have and can grant you an amazing experience, both if you are a new player and a seasoned poker lover!

When you play a game of online poker, you should be perfectly familiar with the rules. You cannot count on luck in a game of skill after all! And consider the fact that every single variation has its own unique features. If you want to learn the most essential pillars of online poker or you just want to revamp your tactics, you can read some tactics and strategy guides that will help you.

Before to begin playing, you must read the full terms and conditions of the operator. It is good if you are aware of them from the beginning, instead of receiving surprises during your time with the operator. Small text is usually the most important part of any document, and the T&Cs of a casino operator does not make an exception. We took the liberty to choose the best online poker site for you, based on the factors above and our professional judgement.

35% Rakeback
  • Great Games
  • Rewards and Perks
  • Top Operator

There is a great availability of games on this site. But before to talk about them, we would like to emphasize the fact that the operator is perfectly safe. It holds all the needed licenses and certificates to grant your security, so you don’t need to worry! Back to the initial topic – if you are a poker lover, you can enjoy speed poker, different tournaments and also cash games. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the diversity!

Online Poker in Sri Lanka – Safety and Security

When we talk about security, you should understand that this is the most important thing in when playing online poker in Sri Lanka! When you disclose your data and put your money in the hands of an operator, you want to be sure that no scams will happen, right? Let’s explain to you how to understand if that is the case or not. As a starter, the operator should be licensed. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and the Curacao Government are the most popular licensing bodies worldwide. So, if one of these seals is present in the footer, you are in safe hands for sure. The operator should have an SSL certificate too. And while this, maybe, doesn’t sound that important to you, it is the reason why third parties cannot intercept your data.

Popular Online Poker Games – What Sri Lankans Play the Most

Sri Lanka is quite famous for its land-based casinos, which can come as a surprise to anybody who is not very familiar with the country. And we want to discuss the games a bit. Like, do you know which is the favourite and most played poker game in Sri Lanka? No, right? Well, it is the Texas Hold’em.

And while people enjoy it the most, it is definitely not the only option that you have! And this is valid also for the online poker sites that we recommended you. They can really offer you the world if you are a poker lover. We decided to list them, so it will be easier for you to give them a check.

It is hard to decide which is our favourite variation if we have to be completely honest. As you can see, online poker in Sri Lanka really offers enough, as we said. Maybe we have are inclined towards the Hold’em and the Sit’n’Go when playing poker online in Sri Lanka. And while we will review the tournaments in the next section, let us explain why we choose the specific variation.

Hold’em is one of the most interesting poker games and can also be outrageously rewarding if you know your game! Plus, LK online poker fans love Hold’em! Below you can see the site that has the biggest number of available games and according to us is a perfect place both for newbies and for high-rollers!

200% up to €1500
  • Stable Platform
  • Top Games
  • Safe and Secure

Poker Tournaments – All Your Options

The tournaments that you can take part in are not few at all and they can be very profitable. But you really must know how to play! There are the favourite Sit’n’Go that we mentioned, together with multi-table ones. They, of course, have different rules and sizes of bets, with which you have to be familiar with. The most popular tournament type is the sit’n’go and, likely enough, it is available in all online poker sites that we listed. Below you can see some other Sri Lanka poker online tournaments and specifics related to them. We strongly advise you to always read the terms of a tourney before entering. Most tournaments come with a fee that varies between 5% and 10%.
Poker Tournament Buy-in Re-buy Play At:
€400 Gtd Knock-out €10 N/A William Hill
€1000 Ricochet €1 Yes NetBet

It is important to fly low when you are an inexperienced player, so at least in the beginning, don’t jump on the high-stake and no-limit tournaments. Give yourself some time to learn, also because there is a hefty number of great players according to the ranking and statistics of online poker sites in Sri Lanka.

According to us, the best way to start is with a sit’n’go. The idea behind it is that you… well, you make the buy-in, you sit and when your chips are over, you go. If you don’t go for a re-buy one and you choose well the stakes, the risk that you take is minimal, but the awards in case you have the good hands are more than satisfying in most cases.

Online Poker Cash Games

When playing online poker in Sri Lanka, you should know that cash games are the exact opposite of the sit’n’go tourneys. We would recommend them to more seasoned players that are well aware of rules, tactics and strategies. Depending on your choice, the game can be with no limits. This means that you can stake as much as you want and re-buy as many times as it’s needed. The risk here is much higher, but proportionally, also the winnings grow dramatically. Many players that are seeking for online poker site in Sri Lanka are interested in exactly this type of gameplay, so the providers do what is needed – they provide many cash games with different buy-ins etc.

Speed Poker

Speed poker is a great thing if you are a bit impatient and you don’t want to spend too much time waiting for your opponents to make a decision. It has the same rules of the regular poker, but the time for betting, folding and so on is much shorter. If you chose to fold, per example, the next round comes faster. Exactly because of this, the speed version is preferred by long-time poker players and is generally avoided by the new ones. If you feel like giving it a try, you can do so in every single one of the online poker sites in Sri Lanka that we recommended.

Best Freeroll Poker Sites in Sri Lanka

Freerolls are the first step through which you should pass, if available, at the beginning of your online poker career. They are tourneys that don’t require a buy-in. Yes, you heard that right! You don’t need to pay to participate, and still, you can win substantial amounts of money! Unfortunately, not all providers have freerolls on their site. They compensate this, though, and sometimes offer you free entries to certain tournaments that usually require payment. In our opinion, William Hill Poker is the site that can offer you the ultimate experience when it comes to freerolls, so you should definitely give it a try.

Another way to start is with the play-for-fun mode. Again, it is not present on all Sri Lanka best online poker sites, but if you find it, enjoy it! It means that you can sit on a poker table with ‘play money’, but as you can imagine, if you play only for fun, you can win absolutely nothing. In freerolls, exactly like in other types of tournaments, it is vital to read the conditions since most sites have different payout policies.

Betting Limits

We talked already about limits, but it was brief and not very clearly maybe. Now we will dedicate this paragraph exactly to this. It is vital to pay attention to them, since, trust us, you don’t want to sit on a table where your money wouldn’t be enough for even three hands. Anyway, if you see the writing NL you should know that it stands for No Limit and is better to stay away from it, at least for a short while, up to the moment that you don’t gather enough experience! The lower the table limit is the less you risk to lose, so up to the moment you don’t smarten up your game, you should aim at low numbers

Mobile Poker Apps for Sri Lankan Players

The mobile compatibility of an online poker site is extremely important too, nowadays. Let’s face it, we are pretty much living in our phones. The good part is that all the operators that we showed you at the beginning of our page know this and they allow you to play your game also on the go. So, if you are in the mood for camping and playing, you have nothing to worry about. And while most sites that offer online poker in Sri Lanka are mobile-friendly, not all can grant you a native app for Android and iOS.

Netbet Poker
  • Bonus:€1500
  • Top Game:Texas Hold’em
  • Cash Games:YES
  • Speed Poker:YES
200% up to€1500

Above you can see the Sri Lanka poker online operator that we consider as the best when it comes to mobile performances. Absolutely everything is top-notch. The quality of the graphics and sound are impeccable. It is important that the security standards are also the same as in the desktop version – in meaning that you are completely safe when you play via your smartphone or tablet. All in all, there is nothing that can worry you when it comes to mobile play and we cannot underline how much we appreciate the possibility to play on the go!

Online Poker Bonuses in Sri Lanka – Top Deals and Rewards

We are well aware that most of you were waiting for this section to come – LK online poker bonuses. The very first thing that catches our eyes when we visit a poker site. Online poker sites in Sri Lanka can be very rewarding and they tend to take extra care of newly arrived players. Of course, loyal customers are also cherished and pampered, so no worries!

There are different kinds of bonuses going around. The most popular ones are deposit matches. Meaning that you deposit a certain amount and you receive a percentage of it as a bonus. Another option is to be granted a cashback in case you lose your funds. Both options are alluring, and they definitely are advantageous for players. We listed the deals of our top choices in the table below.

Poker Bonus Minimum Deposit Claim Here
Deposit and Get £100 €10
200% up to €1500 €10

Similar to the best Sri Lankan sports betting sites, there are things that you should be careful about! Usually, bonuses have a quite long section of terms and conditions. We advise you to read the entire text. And no, skipping through it will hardly do the trick. The wagering requirements should be reachable, and the validity must not be too short either. It is a very bad idea to claim a huge offer, which playthrough you cannot meet for one reason or another. Other bonuses have a limitation for the minimum and maximum bet. Winnings can be capped to a specific amount too. You see what we mean when we tell you that you should read the entire text now?

Available Payment Methods and Terms

Payment methods are the thing that operators pay a lot of attention too. If there are not enough options, or they are not known, players will hardly agree to deposit their money. If you are eager to play online poker in Sri Lanka, you will be happy to know that the options are not few and are renowned too. You can choose between a credit or debit card, like Visa or MasterCard. If you don’t feel like disclosing your banking details, we recommend you to use an e-wallet, like Neteller or PayPal.

  • Visa
  • Neteller
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

Our favourite is definitely PayPal. This e-wallet combines everything that we cherish. It is easily accessible and it’s user-friendly. It conceals your data from the operator or vendor to which you are sending money too. It is fast and reliable too! But no matter which is your preferred payment method, you should always check if any fees will be applied by the online poker site or by the payment processor!

A deposit will arrive in your account instantly, usually. For withdrawal, you will have to wait a bit more, especially if you choose to use a bank card. Operators tend to process your request within 1 to 5 days, but the times of the transfer itself do not depend on them.

Is Online Poker Legal in Sri Lanka?

We reached the moment to discuss the legality of the Sri Lanka best online poker sites. As we said, the country is popular with its land-based casinos, which are accessible for every person who is over the legal age. Up to the beginning of this decade, gambling was not regulated, since the country was undergoing political and military problems. Now, there are rumours that gambling will be forbidden for the citizens of Sri Lanka, while the tourists will be able to keep on enjoying it.

Online gambling is a bit different. There is no authority in the country to certify operators or help players in case of need. Your best choice remains to play in online poker sites that hold international licenses, like the ones that we talked about before. We are sure that Sri Lanka will be fast in adapting to the new passion for online gambling, so we will keep an eye to the situation, and if we notice even the slightest change, you will be the first one to know.

Drawing the Line for Online Poker in Sri Lanka

Oh well, we almost reached the end of our page and we must say that it was a pleasure to write it! There are so many offers and perks on the table for players of online poker Sri Lanka that we were left in awe. All kinds of games are available, including tournaments, cash and speed poker! The bonuses are not to be missed too, and the operators are really generous.

Of course, security corresponds to the highest standards in all of our recommended online poker sites. Gameplay will not disappoint you either, and while we already promised you once, we will repeat ourselves on our farewell – at the moment that we notice any changes, we will update our page so you can be perfectly calm and safe!

Popular Poker Questions in Sri Lanka and Our Answers

We did our best to cover all the bases when it comes to online poker in Sri Lanka. Here, though, we will try to gather the most important and asked questions on the topic that came from players across the time. It is perfectly normal for you to have a number of queries in your head. But we are sure that you can find the answer to all of them either in our review or in the answers below for playing poker online in Sri Lanka

🏆 Which are the best online poker sites in Sri Lanka?

To estimate something like this is quite hard, and there are many criteria that you should take into account. Security, diversity of games, platform and mobile compatibility are just part of them. Based on that and many other factors, we were able to outline the best poker online sites in Sri Lanka!

✔️ Is online poker legal in Sri Lanka?

Gambling is regulated in Sri Lanka since 2010 and online casinos are not yet reached by any laws. There is no governmental institution that takes care of licensing, but players can enjoy sites and operators that were licensed abroad. Just keep in mind that the legal LK age for gambling is 18.

💰 Which are the best LK online poker bonuses?

When it comes to claiming various promotions, there are some things you should take into consideration. One of them are wagering requirements which are the toughest requirement to meet. You should also have in mind the validity of the respective online poker promotion in Sri Lanka. Still, always make sure to read the full T&Cs.

🃏 What online poker games are there for Sri Lankans?

The diversity of online poker games in Sri Lanka is very big if we have to be honest. There are regular cash games, together with speed poker. You can find Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5-Card Draw, 7-Card Stud and others. Many tournaments are also available, so give them a try if you feel like it.

More Gambling in Sri Lanka – What Else You Can Play?

We talked a lot about playing online poker in Sri Lanka, and we hope that you liked it, but there is so much more than Sri Lanka can offer to iGaming lovers. From slots to live dealer games, sports betting and lotteries the list of possibilities is endless.

Except for diversity, you should know that some of the most popular and renowned operators in the world are offering their services in the country. If we waked up your curiosity, you can see our review of Sri Lanka online casinos. You will find information about the security, the bonuses and all the games that you can play. We bid you goodbye and we wish you lots of luck in Sri Lanka! Ayubowan!

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