Best Lottery Malaysia Guide 2022 – Top Sites, Games, Tickets & Draws

We are certain that you, Malaysia lottery online fans are probably looking for an awesome website to bet at. Then keep reading because you’ve landed on the page featuring all the best online lottery Malaysia sites.

The Best Online Lottery Sites in Malaysia for 2022

Online Lottery Lotto Draws Rating
Lottosmile 60+ 5.00
The Lotter 45 4.90
1xbet Lotto 30 4.80
NetBet Lotto 100 4.70

Best Online Lottery Malaysia Sites for 2022

  1. Lottosmile (Top Malaysian Lotto Site for Lottery Games)
  2. The Lotter (Best Lottery Site for Draws and Jackpots in Malaysia)
  3. 1xbet Lotto (The Best Malaysia Online Lottery Site for Jackpots)
  4. NetBet Lotto (Malaysia Lottery Tickets Site with the Biggest Number of Draws)
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Best Malaysian Online Lottery Sites for 2022

Lotto Site: Lottery: Operator’s Highligts: Rating: Secure Link:
$206 Million Jackpot
  • 60+ Lottos
  • No Fee
  • Mobile App
5.00 ★ out of 5
€130 Million Jackpot
  • 45+ Lottos
  • No Fee
  • Mobile App
4.90 ★ out of 5
€580 Million Jackpot
  • 30+ Lottos
  • Great Security
  • Mobile Availability
4.80 ★ out of 5
€90 Million Jackpot
  • 100+ Lottos
  • Highly Trustworthy
  • All-Device Compatibility
4.70 ★ out of 5

Throughout the course of this review, we will get you acquainted with all the necessary details regarding the most amazing lotto sites that Malays have access to. We will explore the aspects that make them stand out, their features, mobile compatibility, and preferred payment methods. In addition, we will address the legitimacy conditions to buy lottery online Malaysia tickets.

What’s more, we’ll disclose if there is something you should be worried about from a legal standpoint. As a final note, we want to stress the fact that each of our recommended online lottery Malaysia website has undergone a thorough check into its security. You will be in the safest possible hands if you entrust either of them with your time and money.

What Is the Best Malaysian Online Lotto Sites?

⭐ Best Online Lottery Site in Malaysia The Lotter
🎁 Best Malaysia Lotto Bonus Lottosmile
🔝 Most Popular Lottery Draws in Malaysia 1XBet
🎲 Best Online Lotto Games in Malaysia NetBet
📱 Best Mobile Lottery App in Malaysia The Lotter

The necessity for evaluation of the Malaysian lottery online sites stems from the fact there are quite a few of them. That begs the question if all of them are good for Malay lotto fans. We did our part to select the best online lottery sites in Malaysia to give you a steer in the right direction. We have every reason to believe that the operators we have chosen qualify as the very best of their kind.

We began selecting lotto sites for our shortlist by filtering out those that didn’t have the necessary licensing. As a result, the remaining ones we considered safe and legitimate due to them having a licence. Reinforcing this impression is the big number of lotto draws available to Malay online lotto participants, as well as the full mobile compatibility of their platforms.

Guide to Playing the Online Lottery

No matter how exciting an online lottery website might appear, do not engage in any betting before you have ensured it is completely safe and transparent in its business conduct. You are wagering your own funds, and you don’t want to hand them over to a shady website. For us, this is the very first box we need to tick before we even consider anything else.

This is equally applicable not just to the top lotto sites, but for every other category from sports betting to even the best Daily Fantasy sites in Malaysia, as well. Once we do, we proceed with the rest of the important factors to consider for a well-rounded lotto online site. Here are a few of them:

As our top recommended lotto Malaysia online sites managed to cover all of our criteria and brisk through the strenuous examination, we are delighted to have them featured here and be able to endorse them wholeheartedly. They are all licensed, fully regulated, and can have you spend hours at a time, trying to guess the lucky numbers as long as you want to dedicate so much of your time to this. You can do it from any device you own, for as long as it isn’t from ancient times.

Mobile Lottery Apps

What would a successful Malaysia lottery online site be these days without the possibility to be able to access it from either of the portable devices you possess? The mass population – lotto fans included – own a mobile gadget in any for, and the numbers are only increasing. We place great emphasis on that and have put it high on our list when evaluating each lotto site.

With each of our picks, you can be certain that you will be getting a fantastic mobile experience. Not only are the best online lottery Malaysia sites are perfectly optimised to be accessed from your pre-installed browser, but they boast native apps for iOS and Android users, as well. Check out the one that fared the best out of the bunch. The best mobile lotto site in Malaysia is:

Top Malaysia Mobile Lotto App
  • Offer: N/A
  • Available Lotteries: 45+
  • Syndicates: Yes
  • Easy Cash Outs: Yes
€130 Million

Hardly would anyone think of a disadvantage when we discuss the possibility of having something to be easily accessible through your mobile device. It’s extremely convenient, and you won’t have to rearrange your daily routines around in case you want to wager a bit of money on your favourite numbers at either of the lotto Malaysia online websites we have suggested here. Due to the advancements of the software industry, you are sure to have a great time playing with a few simple taps on your HD screen.

If there is one single reason why we love playing the lotto as much as any other casino game, it is for the chance to win, of course. While the occasional win could bring us great thrills, it is the mega jackpots we are all really after. That sweet feeling of scoring all numbers and yelling, “Jackpot!”. Not to mention the life-altering implications this will have on you. Who isn’t dreaming of early retirement, and zero cares about financial instability, after all?

Whichever of the lotto online Malaysia website you opt for, you will have a decent amount of fantastic lotto games to choose from. Naturally, some produce bigger jackpots than others, which makes them a much more popular draw for fans of this particular game. The bigger the prize, the bigger the crowd chasing after it. Below, we have highlighted some of the most popular lotto online games that award hundreds of millions.


EuroMillions is the biggest lottery draw in Europe. It was established back in 2004 and the draws are held every Tuesday and Friday in Paris. The minimum is always set at €17 million, while the biggest ever amount of €190 million has been won 4 times.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is an American cross-state lottery that has been around for nearly two decades now. It has produced such jackpots that even we can barely fathom it. The biggest prize to ever be won here is the absurd $1.537 billion with a single ticket. With the odds being 302,575,350 to 1, imagine the amount of sheer luck here.


Powerball is another American state-wide lottery that draws every Wednesday and Saturday evening. It is the oldest, as well as the one that produced the biggest jackpot in recorded history. In 2016, three incredibly lucky winners split the unheard-of $1.586 billion. Otherwise, the starting amount is always set at $20 million, and it climbs from thereon.

As you can see from the above table, there are some pretty remarkable jackpots to be won. As a matter of fact, they are so huge that we can’t even begin to think about what we can do with that much money. If you are wondering, how is it possible for such an amount to exist, the answer is simple. The prize starts at a predetermined value, and every time it isn’t won, it increases in relation to the number of tickets that were bought for the weekly draw.

Here comes the other tricky thing: the amount of people eligible to play has a direct influence on your odds to win. Billion-dollar jackpots don’t fall easily, and your odds for both are in the vicinity of 300 million to 1. You need an incredible amount of luck to win here. The best thing is that you don’t know what will happen and all it could take is to buy a single ticket that will make you filthy rich.

Payments and Withdrawals

We believe you will be particularly pleased with the number of payment methods you can choose from when the time comes for you to deposit funds into your account. It’s important to have the necessary flexibility, especially if you prefer using a less conventional choice. With our hand-picked online lottery Malaysia websites, you will have the comfort to pick from dozens of available methods. Among them, you can select credit/debit cards, e-wallets, mobile payments, e-banking, direct transfers, crypto, and more. Check out some of the most popular methods below.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Trustly
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer
  • ecoPayz

There are a few things that you need to consider before deciding on the most suitable method for you. Things such as deposit and withdrawal limits, as well as fastness of the transaction, should have substantial weight. Other financial tools might incur fees, which many punters would prefer not to pay, especially when the amount you are to deposit is significant.

For us, the most convenient methods out of the bunch are e-wallets. Examples such as Skrill and Neteller are a safe bet. The deposits are instant, while withdrawals take up to 24 hours. Keep in mind that with 1xbet Casino you can deposit in Malaysian Ringgits, however, with the rest of our recommended lotto Malaysia online sites, you would need to convert to Euro or British Pound. This process is similar at other operators like the top online roulette sites in MY.

The gambling situation in Malaysia is a bit complicated due to its population. More than half of the locals are Muslim, which is strictly prohibited from practising any type of gambling under Sharia law. The rest of the Malays are of Chinese and Indian origin, as well as other minorities. For them, this particular law has zero weight, however, this is where the Common Gambling House Act of 1953 comes into play. According to it, gambling in Malaysia is prohibited in all its forms, as it specifically mentions games of chance and such that require skills, as well.

However, there is a silver lining. As the law is rather old and back then, nobody could have predicted how things will play out in the future. With gambling, in particular, no one knew it would evolve online. Thanks to this, the locals are more than welcome to place bets online at regulated off-shore opeartors.

There are many Malaysia casino online sites that would happily let you place bets and test your luck. Online live casinos are also a must try for true fans of casino games in Malaysia, and eventual regulatinos in the future would include them as well. There is no word on whether these laws will be updated any soon or not. Our guess is that if the government decides to do a slight update, it will ban the foreign-based sites as well. This will limit the access for the casual Malay player to a full extent pretty much.

Minimal Age to Play Lotto Online in Malaysia

Since gambling is not allowed in Malaysia, we can’t determine a minimum age that punters need to have achieved, should they want to place bets. However, as they are allowed to do so abroad, we can conclude that every Malay punter needs to be at least 18 years old, should he or she want to gamble online.

Even though this is the general requirement, not only for the lotto fans but for the punters seeking the best Malaysian online poker casinos, for example, we advise you to always refer to the terms and conditions of each operator separately. The limit might be different for people from different nationalities.

Lotto Security Standards

The Common Gambling House Act of 1953 is the most important piece of documentation that encapsulates what to do in Malaysia and what not gambling-wise. Refer to it, should you want to know anything more specific. Otherwise, it’s needless to mention one more time, how careful you must be when selecting a gambling website. Refer to its footer or terms page for information regarding its security and make sure it’s regulated by the appropriate gambling commission, has strict protection protocols in place and is externally audited. A legitimate operator will have all of these checked.

Conclusion: Enjoy Diverse Lotto Sites in Malaysia

In conclusion, if you are a lotto fan, it is a good day to be alive, even despite the harsh local laws that are firmly against it. You can easily join any of the top-recommended lotto online Malaysia sites and gamble without any worries because they do not fall under the local government legislation and ban.

The truth is that online gambling in Malaysia has been incredibly popular, and more and more fans are seeking great casinos to place wagers at. The ones we have highlighted here are just a few of the incredible set of options that you can venture to. Once again, check out the best casino to buy Malaysia lottery online tickets at:

Euromillions €130 Million Jackpot
  • All-Device Mobile Support
  • Great Lotto Game Selection
  • Safe and Secure

Each one of our top lotto Malaysia online sites is fully regulated and is sure to bring lots of thrills to your life. With the great array of choices, you are all but guaranteed to find your favourite lotto game, while the universal mobile compatibility will allow you to do so wherever you are. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hit a coveted mega-million jackpot and change the course of your life forever.

Popular Lotto Questions

Before we wrap things up on yet another detailed and extensively covered review, this time on the best Malaysia lottery online sites, there is one final thing to include. We have added a brief section that covers the questions punters have and answers that they often seek regarding the lotto online in the country. Check it out and see if you have missed something.

⚖️ Is it legal to buy lottery online Malaysia tickets?

Malay gambling laws prohibit casino-related activities due to religious and political beliefs. However, it is legal to interact with lotto Malaysia online sites because they have no relations with the local government rules and regulations at all.

🔢 What online lottery games can Malay punters choose from?

If you think that your access to the most popular lotto draws for Malaysians there is no reason to think that. Each of our top-recommended lotto online Malaysia sites offer a great range of lotto draws. Among them, you can find smaller ones and such that award billion-dollar prizes.

📱 Are the online lottery Malaysia sites mobile-friendly?

If you prefer to bring your casino experience on the go, you are in luck. There are lotto Malaysia online apps for for you to choose from. If you don't have storage for more apps on your device, the websites have been beautifully optimised to work through your pre-installed browser as well.

💳 Can I buy lottery tickets online in Malaysia?

The very best sites for lottery tickets online in Malaysia are featured on our list of gambling operators. Not only can you purchase tickets to the desired by you lotteries, but you have quite a few options available to you. Read our review for more information on the subject.

🤔 How to buy tickets to an online lottery from Malaysia?

We've put the most important points into our guide to playing lotto online from Malaysia. The steps are simple enough to be performed by a first-timer. You need to settle on a particular site, visit it, and register. Making a deposit is the very next thing on the list. You then buy tickets with your balance.

More Gambling in Malaysia

Even though the lotto online is a favourite gambling activity for thousands of punters, it is far from the only one that enjoys a decent amount of popularity among the fans in Malaysia. Moreover, it Is far from the only topic that we have carefully prepared for you to explore and learn more about.

Via the navigation below, you can jump headfirst into any of the other gambling topics we have prepared for our Malay readers. Read through them and find all the fantastic opportunities you will be given throughout our lists of the best online casinos in Malaysia from one category to another, like the best slot casinos in Malaysia and the best blackjack online casinos in Malaysia.

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