Online Poker Sites in Ghana Guide 2022 – Best Sites, Games & Tournaments

If we have to choose a game that is an all-time favourite and attracts millions worldwide, we would say poker. And since hardly any country makes an exception from this, we want to show you the best online poker sites in Ghana!

Best Online Poker Sites in Ghana for 2022

Poker Sites Bonus Rating
Unibet Poker Up to €200 + €20 in Tickets 5.00
William Hill Poker Up to £100 + Twister Discovery Pack 4.80

Top 2 Poker Sites for Ghanaian Players

  • 🥇 Unibet Poker (Best Online Poker Real Money Site in Ghana for Top Poker Welcome Bonus)
  • 🥈 William Hill Poker (Top Ghanaian Site for Live Poker Games, Customer Support and Payment Methods)
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Best Poker Sites in Ghana for 2022

Poker Site Poker Bonus Tournaments Cash Games Speed Poker Rating Secure Link
Up to €200 + €20 in Tickets Yes Yes Yes
5.00 ★ out of 5
Up to £100 + Twister Discovery Pack Yes Yes Yes
4.90 ★ out of 5

If you are wondering whether our review will actually be of help to you, let us briefly introduce to you all the topics that we will discuss. As a beginning, we will give you a few tips on how to decide which is the best site for online poker in Ghana. We will talk about some of the most popular games, tournaments and variations of poker that are available for your location.

Furthermore, we will explain to you everything about the legal situation in Ghana and also, what are the betting limits that you have to comply with. We didn’t forget to check what payment methods you can use and what are the general banking terms of online poker sites in Ghana. In the end, there is also a FAQ section in which we will answer the three most popular questions, asked by players of online poker in Ghana.

What Is the Best Ghanaian Online Poker Site?

⭐ Best Online Poker Site in Ghana Unibet
🎁 Best Ghana Poker Bonus William Hill
🔝 Highest Payout Poker Site in Ghana William Hill
♦️ Best Online Poker Games in Ghana Unibet
📱 Best Mobile Poker App in Ghana Unibet

If you are a player from Ghana and you love online poker, then this guide is for you. Here, we have made a selection of the top-ranked online poker sites in Ghana. Keep in mind that we have ranked the online poker GH sites based on the essential criteria. To be able to make our top-list of the Ghana poker sites, we analysed various details carefully.

Among the most essential elements that we focused on was safety. The Ghana online poker sites that we picked for you are licensed and regulated. They all meet the requirements regarding players’ security. Moreover, the GH poker sites online that we checked and selected pay serious attention to responsible gambling.

But we also outlined another factor that we think is of great importance – the number and variety of online poker games on offer. The top Ghana poker sites that you will find in this article have a great selection of online poker games. You will be able to find a good variety in terms of poker games with top quality and gameplay features. Thus, players in Ghana will have the chance to try out the top online poker variations and improve their online poker skills.

How to Choose the Best and What a Poker Site Should Be?

While for us is a routine to dig through sites and estimate their qualities, for a player it is a quite hard task, especially if you are inexperienced. But there are few criteria that will help you to do it fast and almost professionally, just like us! The first thing you must look for is the legality of the site. The online poker sites in Ghana should be licensed and certified, otherwise, it is not worth it! Later on, you will be able to read which authorities and seals can grant you security and legitimacy.

The second factor is the game catalogue. While in online poker, you cannot seek a provider of thousands of options, it will be a pity if you choose a site that has barely a few games, right? Then, the Ghana online poker sites on which you will play must be secure and easy to use. For the very best experience, you should find online poker GH sites that allows you to enjoy your games also through your smartphone or whatever mobile device for that matter.

If you actually pay attention to essential details and ensure yourself that the chosen online Ghana poker sites check all the boxes that we mentioned, then you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. On our side, we can grant you that all the online poker sites in Ghana that you saw above are completely safe and that we thoughtfully checked them inside-out and proudly stand as our chosen top 2 online poker sites in Ghana.

When you decide on which Ghana online poker sites you are going to play at, you will also have to decide on which online poker game you will play… And it is vital that you choose well! You should be perfectly familiar with the rules of a variation, otherwise, your entire experience might be ruined. Don’t forget that poker is not a game of luck but of skills.

If you lack the second, the most that can happen is to win with few lucky hands and to start losing afterwards. To smarten up your game, we advise you to read some poker guides which will surely help you at least in the beginning. We also took the liberty to highlight one of the sites above since we consider it to be the best online poker venue that you can possibly ask for.

€200 + €20 in Tickets
  • Top Provider
  • Great Variety
  • Safe and Secure

The number of games that you can find on it is very impressive, and you will hardly be left with anything to play. From cash games to tournaments, the operator has it all! As you can see, it also has a quite remunerating welcome offer for you to claim which ranks it among the top online poker GH sites. Of course, the site is absolutely safe. All operator’s licences are present, together with the needed certifications and your time will be completely hassle-free.

Online Poker in Ghana – Safety and Security

Okay, we nagged you enough about Ghana online poker sites criteria and so on, but you will have to resist just a little bit longer. Here we will show you what kinds of stamps you must find on the site of an operator. And yes, they are extremely important, since they are the proofs of security that we talked about a while ago. Licensing is a top priority.

The most renowned seals of the GH poker sites online are from the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, the United Kingdom Gambling Authority and the Curacao Government. If you see one of these names, usually positioned in the footer of the page, you are in the right hands and absolutely every single moment of your gameplay is monitored and checked for fairness. Yet there is one more thing that you should look for.

We are talking about the encryption used by the site. An SSL or a Secure Socket Layer can be 128-, 192- or 256-bit and it is the connection made between the web server and the browser. This type of encryption is what secures your data, both personal, and financial from landing in the hands of third parties that intercept in on the way. And if all of these are present, your time playing online poker in Ghana will be great and more importantly, you can be tranquil.

Popular Online Poker Games – What Ghanaian Play the Most

We reached a part of our article that is a bit less dry and a lot funnier. No more security details for now. It is time to talk about variations of poker that you can enjoy at the online poker sites in Ghana. The most played ones in Ghana are Texas Hold’em and Omaha, which can be said about most countries on the globe. The first one, though, holds the leading position.

The rules are also known by most GH poker sites online players. Generally, there are two bets that are placed before any cards are dealt and they vary depending on the table – small and big blind. Then two cards are dealt with every player, then three are open on the table. At this moment you have the options to check, bet, call someone’s bet or fold. One more card will be opened, and you have the same options. If you resist and you don’t fold, you will be in for the final round. Another card is revealed, and the final bets are placed.

Then the strongest hand wins. Simple enough, right? Well, it takes a lot of training to play well, and this was just a brief introduction, so don’t get alluded. And when it comes to the rest of the variety, for your comfort, we decided to list them below. It is not a bad collection, at least in our opinion.

At the online poker GH sites, you can enjoy many more variations, tournaments, among which are Sit’n’Go tourneys too, cash games, speed poker and multi-tables, as you can see. According to us, the best way to start is with either Hold’em or Omaha. Sit’n’go is also a good start, as far as you choose one with affordable bets. Again, we decided to make your job less hard and found the best site with the most games that you can try yourself on.

Up to £100
  • Many Games
  • Stable Platform
  • Safe and Reliable

Poker Tournaments – All Your Options

Now we will discuss them one by one. Sit’n’go means that you enter the tourney with a certain amount, once it’s over, you go away and let other players finish their game. There are prizes for the first three places in most of the cases, while sometimes the prizes go up to place number five. This happens to be the most popular poker tournament played in Ghana. It is quite logical to start with it, as the risk that you undergo is rather limited. Just be careful when you choose the limits of the poker room you sit in.
Poker Tournament Buy-in Re-buy Play At:
€400 GTD Knock-out €20 Yes
€5000 Gtd Echo €10 Yes

Other popular options at the GH poker sites online are multi-table tournaments. They start at a specific time, unlike Sit’n’Go, which need a certain number of players. The amount of chips is the same for everybody and customers are split randomly on the tables. With time, players get eliminated and only one table remains. The tournament finishes when only one player has remaining chips. Then everybody gets awarded according to the position in which they finished the game. The multi-table, like the Sit’n’Go tournaments, gives you a good possibility to learn and master your strategy and also provides you with longer times.

Online Poker Cash Games

A cash game of poker would mean that you get the chips equivalent to the cash you spend. Here, that the blinds don’t raise during the rounds. The minimum required number of players is usually two, which also means that you don’t need to wait, as it will happen if you opt-in for a tourney. We strongly recommend you give a try to this type of poker since it is the perfect way to learn the game. There are cash games with blinds as few as €0.01/€0.02, which limits the risk of losing too much because of inexperience.

Speed Poker

Speed poker is what we would never recommend to a newbie. Technically, you are not on one table with a certain number of players, but you meet new players on every round. The point is that you will not have to wait in case you want to fold, because you will be automatically redirected to another set of players to play against. Speed poker is very dynamic and can confuse you if you don’t have a solid base behind your back, so it will be better if you lay the foundations before reaching this kind of poker.

Best Freeroll Poker Sites in Ghana

Freerolls give you the great opportunity to play and win on online poker, but without spending a single coin. Obviously, all players would love to participate in a game like this. Unfortunately, though, not all poker sites in Ghana offer freerolls. Still, many can grant you the possibility to play at Ghana poker sites with a free ticket or give you a certain amount to use on certain games or tourneys. One of the reasons sites to not be so inclined towards the freerolls is that many players abuse the operator’s generosity and try to benefit only from free play.

No matter if you choose a freeroll site or one that gives you tickets for different games and tournaments, keep in mind that there are certain conditions to pay attention to. As a starter, they both have very strict timings, and if you miss the moment there is no going back. Plus, the winnings that you can accumulate are either capped at a certain amount, or there are prizes depending on the position you reached. Our advice is always to read the conditions of your participation, so you don’t end up surprised.

Betting Limits

This section is important for every player that is now learning to play poker, while experienced players are, we assume, aware of betting limits and risks that they can hide. The limit shows you what is the maximum amount of money that you can put on a table, therefore it also represents the biggest risk that you will take. No limit online poker means that you can spend as much as you want, over and over again. Usually, if there is no limit, or it is very high, the blinds would also be higher in most cases. You should stray away from such poker tables, since you hardly want your chips to be enough for barely five rounds, let’s say. Keep it low in the beginning and learn as much as you can. You will have all the space in the world to show your abilities in a later stage!

Mobile Poker Apps for Ghanaian Players

Mobile performance is a very important factor. Mobile devices are a part of our everyday life without which most cannot live. And what better than to be able to enjoy online poker on the go? Online poker GH sites can grant you this, especially the ones that we choose for our list of the Top 2 Online Poker Sites in Ghana. Each one of them is not simply mobile-friendly, but also has specifically developed apps for both Android and iOS! We estimated that the very best one when it comes to mobile experience is:

Unibet Poker
  • Bonus:€200
  • Top Game:Texas Hold’em
  • Cash Games:YES
  • Speed Poker:YES
€200 + €20 in Tickets

Absolutely nothing essential is missing or is changed compared to the desktop version, which we find really appealing. The security remains impeccable. Of course, the look of the app is different. The positions are slightly diverse but trust us, it’s nothing you wouldn’t manage. When it comes to online poker GH sites that have no native apps, don’t worry. Nowadays, every website out there is compatible with phones and tablets. So, you can simply access it from your browser. The only thing that you necessarily must have is a stable internet connection.

Online Poker Ghana – Best Bonuses and Benefits for Players

Bonuses are our favourite subject to discuss. Be it because we are always curious and eager to see the offers at the Ghana poker sites, or because this is the first thing that a player sets his eyes on, Ghana online poker sites pay a huge lot of attention when they prepare their promotions. If you want to have a kick-start in online poker Ghana, then we advise you to check the offers that we recommend below. Generally, bonuses can vary from deposit matches to cashbacks, free tickets etc. It pretty much depends on the creativity of the operator.

Poker Bonus Minimum Deposit Claim Here
Up to €200 + €20 in Tickets €10
Up to £100 + Twister Discovery Pack £10

What you have to remember is that no matter how alluring an offer sounds, you must always read the terms and conditions related to it. Including the small text! Most, if not all bonuses have wagering requirements, which are usually in the range of the normality. Some, though, are completely unmeetable. Needless to say, you must stay away from such ones. Take into consideration the validity of the bonus too. The golden rule is to never claim more than you can play!

What About the Banking in Ghana?

Ghana was averagely fast in entering the century of online payments and offers a quite good number of options. You can choose to use your credit or debit card, like Visa or MasterCard. If, on the other hand, you are not eager to disclose your banking details to Ghana online poker sites, you can give a try to other types of methods.

Like an e-wallet or a prepaid card, for example. Usually, operators list in their terms and conditions if they have any fees for transactions, but it’s not a bad idea to check also with the payment provider that you plan to use. Below you can find the options that you can choose.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Transfer
  • Airtel Money
  • Tigo Cash
  • Vodafone Cash
  • PayPal

We were happy to announce that our preferred e-wallet is offering services in Ghana! We are talking about PayPal, of course! It is the most renowned among all, perfectly safe and also fast! The best part about it is that it hides all of your information from the recipient. You will hardly find sites that work with Ghanian cedi, which is the official and only currency accepted in the country.

Still, currency exchange can be made, but you have to pay attention to the rates! Minimum deposits in online poker sites vary according to the operator but are around €10 in most cases. The times that are needed for the money to reach the poker account are usually very short. For withdrawals, you will have to wait a bit more, but on averagely it takes between 5 and 14 days.

Back in 2006, the government of Ghana presented the Gaming Commission, which up to today regulates gambling in the country. In the same year, the Gaming Act was signed, which has the same purposes. Online gambling is less restricted than the land-based casinos, bingos or bookmakers if we have to be honest. But with the wide internet usage, many offshore operators accept players from Ghana and, up to now, no problem has been reported.

Is Online Poker Legal in Ghana?

It is not really a surprise that the law has its flaws when it comes to iGaming since back when it was accepted, online casinos were not as spread as they are now. This is a problem not only in Ghana but in the entire continent. We promise you that we will follow closely the development of the laws and you will be the first one to know in case something changes, no matter if for the better or for the worse.

Sum and Substance of Online Poker Ghana

It is almost time to say goodbye to you now. And we would like to summarise what we’ve discussed on this page. As a starter, online poker in Ghana can offer you absolutely everything in terms of games! Name it and it is there – from cash to speed poker and different kinds of tournaments, literally, nothing is missing.

The payment options and legality should also be quite clear to you now and you have no reasons to worry! Please, always pay attention to the security of a site before jumping on the tables and necessarily read the terms and conditions of bonus offers that you claim. If you follow the simple tips that we gave you, you will have an amazing experience with online poker!

Popular Questions About Online Poker in Ghana

We value extremely much the sites that have sections with frequently asked questions since this is a very helpful tool that every player ends up using at least once. Therefore, we decided to compile one for you on our own page. While it would be impossible to answer absolutely every query that an existing or a potential player might have, we chose the three that were most common about online poker in Ghana. We hope you will enjoy them and find them useful!

1️⃣ Which are the best online poker sites in Ghana?

Many online gambling sites in Ghana offer online poker games. However, if you are a true online poker GH player, then you should definitely check our list of the top-ranked online poker GH sites. They can provide you with the best combination of poker games and attractive bonus offers to choose from.

2️⃣ Are the Ghana poker sites safe enough?

Secure and licensed operators are always to be preferred! Safety should be your number one priority when choosing where to play. We advise you to look at our recommendations for the top 2 online poker sites in Ghana and pick one of our trusted operators!

3️⃣ What are the legal online poker games that I can play at the GH poker sites online?

At our recommended Ghana online poker sites, you can find the best selection of poker games online. You can choose from different online poker game variations. They are powered by leading software developers. Therefore, they boast excellent quality and their gameplay features are exciting.

4️⃣ How to play poker at the Ghana poker sites?

First, you need to choose the top online poker GH sites in which to play. If you need some help with this, you can refer to our section on how to choose a Ghana poker site. Then make yourself a registration and deposit. This is how the doors of online poker will open in front of you!

5️⃣ What are the best bonuses at the online poker GH sites?

The online poker sites in Ghana that we have selected offer the most attractive welcome bonuses. Promotions for new customers are an important part of the promotional campaign of the top Ghana poker sites. You can be sure that the recommended bonuses for new customers at the GH poker sites are generous enough.

6️⃣ How to deposit at the best online poker GH sites?

Each of the Gh poker sites online that we have outlined offers a convenient selection of the most useful payment systems. In case you need to start playing poker online, you will have to create a new account and deposit using any of the available top payment methods such as debit or credit cards and e-wallets.

7️⃣ Is it legal to play at the top GH poker sites online?

Playing online poker in Ghana is not illegal. According to the Gambling Act, players in the country can access the best online poker sites in Ghana and enjoy their favourite online poker games. There are no restrictions regarding gambling online in Ghana and the iGaming business in the country becomes popular.

8️⃣ What is the minimum gambling age at the Ghana online poker sites?

Ghanaian players need to be at least 18 years of age or older to be able to register as new players at the best Ghana poker sites and play. The GH minimum gambling age applies to all of the top-ranked GH poker sites. They have strict safety policies and verify each player's account carefully.

9️⃣ Can I play at the Ghana poker sites on the go?

Our top-ranked online poker GH sites have excellent mobile compatibility. They can be accessed through any kind of mobile device. You can play your favourite online poker games even on the go. Some of the operators even offer dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, making your mobile gambling experience even greater.

🔟 Does the Ghana poker sites offer any online poker tournaments?

The top-ranked online poker GH sites that we have listed offer many of the most preferred online poker game variations. But what is more is that when you register at those sites, you can participate in exciting online poker tournaments. The GH poker sites run regular poker tournaments and players who join can grab generous prizes.

More Gambling in Ghana – Can We Allure You with More?

We spend a good amount of time reviewing online poker sites in Ghana, but that is definitely not the only online gambling opportunity that the country offers. Since gambling is legal in the country, many top operators started to offer their services there. From slots to perfect live casino games, security and alluring bonuses, you can spend the time of your life in this country! In case we lit the match and your curiosity is nagging you for some more information, you can go and give a check to our page for the best casino sites in Ghana!

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