Best Online Lottery in Estonia Guide 2021 – Top Games, Tickets & Draws

Estonian lotteries are held and provided by the state-owned company, Eesti. See here what tickets you can purchase and how.
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Best Estonian Online Lottery Sites for 2021

You will discover alternative lotto sites where you bet on international lottos and take part in many jackpot prizes from Estonia. Furthermore, you will learn whether it is better to own a native app on your mobile or play online, the most popular Estonian draws and the payment methods to use to purchase tickets or obtain your winnings. You will also find short information referring to the legal environment of Estonia in which the business flourishes.

How to Choose the Best Estonian Provider?

How do you pick the best lotto in Estonia? It can be a tricky process for inexperienced players. Furthermore, discovering the signs of trustworthiness may prove to be challenging with gambling operators. Even though, in cases of a visible license. When seeking to understand when a gambling operator is legal in Estonia, you should find their permits in the register of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. The only licensed lotto site operator is Eesti Loto.

Mobile Lottery Apps

Most platforms offer both a native application that can be stored on your mobile after a download from the mobile store. Unfortunately, the Eesti Loto online does not have a developed local app. The good news is that you will be able to make bets online on their mobile web application. In other words, said, you can buy tickets via the browser of the mobile device – a phone or a tablet. On the other hand, you will need to secure yourself with a stable internet connection. Still, the page is fully optimised. It adapts to the capacity of the device and is quick to load. Playing mobile is bliss. Unless you prefer the desktop screen of a computer or laptop. Moreover, frequent phone users can expect a quality of design and data security. The site avoids the transfer of personal data to third-party websites and uses https protocol to hide its data from other operators in network galaxy.

The main lottery draws available are Bingo, Eurojackpot, Vikinglotto, and Keno. Below you can see some details about how games are played. The lotto in Estonia is state-owned and the government has a complete say over its regulations. Aditional games involve instant draws like Autoloos, Spordiloto, Kingiloos, Kullapada, Bling, and Super Summ. The instant Autoloos has about 1,000,000 tickets each in circulation where the price per ticket is €3. The winner can receive either €20,000 or Škoda Octavia, Opel Astra Sports Tourer and Volkswagen Golf Variant. Certainly, there are other small prizes as well.


Taking part in the Eurojackpot requires a minimum bet of 4 rows. Players select 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 additional numbers from 1 to 10. Winning the jackpot occurs when 7 of the numbers are an exact match to the numbers from the draw.


You can select 6 numbers from 1 to 48 and 1 extra Viking number from 1 to 8. The extra number is drawn from a separate pool. The 2 top pots are shared between the 9 countries members of the lottery while the rest of the fund is private to the member.


Keno is a type of lottery game played twice a day from Monday to Sunday. The keno involves 64 numbers from 1 to 10 while the total winning numbers are 20. The more bets you make, the better your odds to score a win.

Progressive jackpot funds are established with a withheld from the fee of the ticket. Vikinglotto has the most significant jackpot amounts as the game shares 9 common investors – Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. A recent Estonian winner of the Vikinglotto took half of the jackpot at €768,713.16, while the other half was won in Norway. The winner purchased his ticket online. The odds for winning the Vikinglotto pot are 1 in 98,172,096. The Eurojackpot has the highest pot value of €10,000,000 while the odds are 1:95,344,200, considerably better than the Vikinglotto.

How to Purchase Online Lotto Tickets and Get Wins?

Lotto tickets can be purchased online or via a mobile call. When making an account with the Estonian lotto site operator, you will need the identification number and bank account number. Without having provided a citizenship number, the account won’t be valid. In that case, you can purchase on a mobile you will need to call 17788. There is no charge for the call. Though, each ticket costs €2 + €0.19 a service fee. Purchasing online lotto tickets does not involve a service fee.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Bank Transfer

Recommended payment methods are credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. You can also pay via a bank transfer. But the process can take a few days to be able to purchase tickets. When purchasing ticket via the online platform, the customer is transferred to the bank portal where they fill in their private details. So, the company does not have access to them. The bank confirms the transfer to Eesti Loto. Bought tickets can be seen in ‘My ticket’ menu. Bank transfers are instant when using a credit/debit card. All winnings will be transferred to the first account you use to sign-up.

Lotto in Estonia is organised and distributed by a state-owned company Eesti. The company holds 90% of the control over the sales of tickets and the profits. According to the gambling law of the Baltic country, providers do not need a license to operate on the market but must provide a notice of economic activity where they provide details over the ticket sales, profits, winnings paid and the tax contribution. The Gambling Act was adopted in 2008 and came into power in 2009. Before the new legislation, the Estonian board had two separate legal frameworks – the Gambling Act of 1995 and the Lotteries Act of 1994. Estonia is part of the European Union, and the gambling regulations should meet the needs of the community. Even though there are a few main legislators across the EU like the Gambling Commission in the UK, the national gambling law requires foreign operators to obtain an Estonian permit as foreign licenses are not valid according to the law.

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement to Play Lotto Legally?

The legal age to play lotto in Estonia is one of the lowest in the EU. Officially, if you are 16 years old teen, you can bet online or buy tickets from the state-owned lottery’s point of sales. Though, for some lotteries like the Vikinglotto and other gambling activities, you must be over 18 or 21 years old. Read the terms and conditions before buying tickets.

Security Standards for Providers and Customers

Look for the security signals when you want to play online lotto. Especially in Estonia, where lotto is monopolised by the government. Thus, it is difficult for other providers to get a license. Even though this practice may damage the competition on the market, the Estonian tax and customs board is secure that it is the best way to regulate the gambling industry and protect society.

Overall Impression of the Industry

Lotto in Estonia is provided by the single largest organisation, Eesti. Betters can purchase tickets from 4 main lotteries like Bingo, Keno, Vikinglotto, and Eurojackpot. The lottery games also include instant win tickets when you can make bets and don’t wait for the draw to come to see your results. Legal gambling age for some lotteries is 16, for others 18. You can purchase tickets via online banking if playing on the web or mobile. The industry is monopolised which according to the Estonian officials protect society from the risks of gambling.

Popular Lotto Questions

Dear readers, here we discuss some practical questions about playing lotto in this little known land of Estonia. In case you have lost your ticket or want to play on mobile but cannot make a purchase, learn here how to solve the issues.

🎟️ Can foreigners buy lottery tickets?

Instant lottery tickets can be purchased by anyone. Although to sign-up on the online platform, you will need an Estonian personal identification code. The lottery tickets are personalised, and the winnings are paid out when an ID proof is present. Instant lottery tickets are suitable for making a gift.

❓ What to do if a ticket is purchased and lost?

Even if you buy a ticket from a physical store and lose it, you will still be able to claim your win. All tickets are linked to the player's identity. If you have an account on the Eesti Loto, you can check your winnings in the 'Wins' sections up to 90 days after the draw. Claim tickets on

📱 What to do if i want to play lotto on mobile?

Playing on a mobile is simple. You will need to have a registered account and use it to access the platform via the mobile web browser. You will need to register as a mobile player after accessing the mobile web application. Visit 'My Account' and register the mobile number in the phone field. Read the agreement.

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