Danish Betway Terms and Conditions

It is very important to know your obligations and responsibilities when playing at the Danish Betway Casino. That’s why we highly recommend you to read the full Danish Betway terms and conditions, as well as its standard bonus policy. You can find them here, on this page, and make sure to check them out before making your first deposit.

Betway DK – Gaming Contract (Terms and Conditions)

These terms and conditions form the binding basis for your participation at www.betway.dk (the “Casino” and / or the “Mobile Casino / et”).

By participating in games on this website, you confirm that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and that you agree to be bound by them.

If you do not agree to any of the following terms and conditions, immediately stop using the software and remove the software from your computer.

By selecting the “Yes, I accept the Terms and Conditions” checkbox for the registration process, you are bound by these terms and conditions, our privacy policy, special promotions and contest terms and conditions, and other rules and policies related to your participation, and each of which may be updated from time to time (all rules and policies will then be collectively referred to as “rules”).

You are bound by these rules in any case if you use the Service or the Software, including but not limited to, by initiating or making a payment through the Service, or by submitting your payment information to us.

In these terms and conditions, the following words shall have the following meanings:

“Betway” means the website betway.dk

“Casino” means both the online casino and the mobile casino.

“Closed Customer Account” means an account that has been closed, unsubscribed or excluded, either by us or you;

“Customer / s” means a registered customer, including a customer whose client account has been closed;

“Games” means poker, online casino, mobile casino and any other game offered on the Website;

“Intellectual Property” means trademarks and trade names whether registered or not, including the use of trademarks and registered trademarks with the goodwill attached to the trade names, trademarks, domain names, layout, design and trade names, including but not limited to , those listed on the websites; domain name registrations and any variation thereof, both now and in the future; any layout, design and trade name copyright, any right or license under the copyright to use the layout, design or trade name, the software code and architecture, the appearance and feel of the software, or any other intellectual property rights that are either owned or licensed by us to us, in every case and in any part of the world;

“Participate” means, without limitation, any action described in 4.1.1 to 4.1.8 below, visits to the Website to play games or the use of the Software in any other way;

“Registered Customer” means a person who has registered with us in the manner described in section 3.2 below and who has created an account with us;

“Service” means the availability and delivery of the Software that allows you to participate;

“Software” means any software that is owned by us or licensed to us so that you may participate, and any download, flash and mobile version of the software used by Betway;

“We / Us / Our” and any variation thereof, means Betway Limited in all matters relating to the Games, as well as (depending on the context) their holding companies and associates;

“Website” means betway.dk

“You / Your / Customers / Customers”  means any person who visits Betway and participates in the Games offered by Betway.

1. About Betway

Betway is a brand managed by Betway Limited (C39710), a Maltese registered company whose registered address is 9 Empire Stadium Street, Gzira, GZR 1300, Malta and which has license number 18-1405228. All transactions between you and Betway take place in Malta, where the primary servers are based.

The player’s gaming contract is with Betway Limited. Betway Limited is the company that provides the player with the gaming service.

Unless otherwise stated, “Betway” and “we / us / our” refer collectively to Betway Limited and its subsidiaries, associates, directors, managers, employees, representatives and contract partners.

2. License and regulatory authorities

Betway Limited is licensed by the Danish Gaming Authority with license number 18-1405228 .

The Gambling Authority’s website can be found at https://pillemyndheden.dk/ .

3. Your participation at Betway

3.1 Limitations

You may only play at Betway if you are 18 years or older.

Playing at Betway is illegal if you are under 18.


3.2 Verification of identification

To play at Betway, you are required to enter your CPR number during the registration process. By doing so, you agree that Betway may provide additional information, either through internal resources or through third parties, in order to verify your identity. If Betway is unable to verify your identity within one month of registering your account, your account will be closed and the rest of your deposit will be refunded.

3.3 Credentials

There may be situations where Betway will request that you submit valid credentials that document your age and address. Payments cannot be made until we have received the required ID. For further information, please see our registration page.

Satisfactory credentials include, but are not limited to:

i.Information of your full CPR number. ii.Copy of valid photo ID such as passport or driver’s license, iii.Copy of a recent bill confirming your residence such as an electric bill, etc. (the bill must be less than 3 months old), and iv. Copy of a recent credit / debit / bank account note ( Note: the note must relate to the financing method used and must not be older than 3 months.)

3.4 Risk

You acknowledge that your participation at Betway is at your discretion, at your own risk. In addition, you are only allowed to enter the casino on a non-professional basis and for entertainment purposes only, and you are acting on your own behalf.

3.5 Acceptable use

You represent, warrant and agree that you will comply with all laws, statutes and regulations in connection with your use of the Software and the Service. We are not responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the software or service by you. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to help us to the fullest extent possible with the applicable laws and regulations.

4. Your account

4.1 One account

You may only open and use one account. If you have more than one account, we reserve the right to suspend your accounts until all account information and balances (which belong to you) have been combined. After that, all other accounts will be terminated and there will only be one active account left.

4.2 Precision

We ask that you keep your registered information up to date. If you change your address, email or telephone number or any other contact or personal information, please contact us to update your account information.

4.3 Password

When you create a casino account on your mobile, select your own username and enter a password. Please keep these in a safe place. All actions in your account will be valid and final if your username and password were entered correctly.

4.4 Verification of Banking Information

If you use a debit or credit card when making transactions with Betway, the cardholder’s name MUST match the name you registered on the website. In the event of any discrepancies between the name you used for registration and the name on your debit or credit card, your account will be immediately suspended. Suspension may result in withholding of gains. Please also see ”4.8. Suspension of Accounts ”.

In the event that your account has been suspended, you can contact us for further details on our verification process. Payments made by bank transfer or check can only be paid to the name used when registering on the website. If a debit or credit card was used for deposit, the name must match the name registered on the card.

4.5 Liability

Betway assumes no responsibility for any damages or losses that are considered or alleged to have arisen as a result of or in connection with your participation; including, but not limited to, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or data corruption, communications errors or errors on the line, any misuse of the casino and its contents, and any errors or omissions in the content of the website. Betway reserves the right to close or suspend your account.

4.6 Temporary Account

After completing the registration process and up to Betway’s verification of your identity, you will be granted access to a temporary account. The temporary account is subject to the following restrictions:

You may pay a maximum of DKK 10,000.

You cannot make a payment

Once your information has been verified, your account will be activated.

Note: If the creation was made at the mobile casino, it will only be possible to activate the account by registering at the online casino and logging in with NemID.

Once your information has been verified, your account will be officially activated. If Betway has not been able to verify your identity after a month, the following happens:

Your temporary account will be disabled

Any winnings declared invalid

Any remaining balance from the deposit will be refunded

4.7 Inactive / Passive Accounts

4.7.1 Inactive Accounts

Betway will consider a bonus balance to be lapsed in case of 6 months of inactivity. These funds will be transferred to Betway.

Betway will consider an account to be inactive after a period of 12 months after the last financial transaction.

4.7.2 Passive Accounts

Should Betway consider an account as passive because there have been no transactions for more than 30 months, the account will be deactivated / blocked. If the account contains a balance, Betway will attempt to contact you with a view to returning the remaining funds. If this is not possible, the remaining funds (if any should be found) will be transferred to Betway.

4.8 Suspension of Accounts

Betway reserves the right to suspend your account at its sole discretion if you are suspected of:

have obtained profits illegally

have violated the terms of your account terms and conditions

You will be notified of Betway’s decision by letter or email and, if the suspension results in withholding of winnings, a documented copy of the decision will be sent to the Danish Gambling Authority. During the suspension period, you cannot close your gaming account.

4.9 Self-Excluding Accounts

You will be provided with aids to exclude yourself permanently or temporarily from joining Betway. Upon receiving an exclusion request, Betway will immediately suspend your account.

If we receive a request for permanent self-exclusion, Betway will contact you to return any amount in the account – less bonus money.

For further information, please refer to our Responsible Gaming page .

4.10 Money still in play

If you leave a game while there is still money in play, you will have up to 90 days to complete the game. You will be reminded of this through a dialog every time you log into the casino. If you still have not completed the game after 90 days, all funds still in play will be removed and transferred to Betway.

4.11 Transfer between accounts

It is strictly prohibited to transfer funds between individual accounts.

4.12 Interest

No interest will be credited to the balance on your account.

4.13 Credit

Betting on credit is not allowed at Betway.

5. Payment Information / Payouts

5.1 Identity verification

Betway must have verified your identity, either through internal resources or through third parties, before you can make a payment from your gaming account.

5.2 Credit Check

Betway reserves the right to make a credit assessment of all cardholders through third-party credit rating agencies based on the information provided at registration.

5.3 History

It is the cardholder’s responsibility to keep copies of his transaction history and website policies and rules. By contacting our customer service, you will be able to obtain transaction history for transactions made with us in the last 12 months from the time we receive your request.

5.4 Payouts

According to Betway’s payout policy, the minimum payout amount is 200 DKK. Payments made via Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) will only be paid to the person whose name was entered during the creation of the account. If a debit or credit card was used for deposit, the cardholder’s name must match the name registered in the account, see also 4.4. Verification of bank information .  If a fee is charged for your selected payment method, this will be disclosed in our banking system. Funds must be paid out using the same method as used for deposit, up to the total deposit amount.

Please note that there may be minor delays in your payments during our verification process.

5.5 Updating Payment Information

For payments, you can only update or add additional payment information by contacting Customer Service .

5.6 Chargeback of Payment

In case you enter incorrect information during the credit card and / or bank transfer payment process, an administration fee of $ 190 (credit card) and / or $ 250 (bank transfer) will be charged to refund the payment.

As soon as our payment processor has confirmed that the money has been returned to Betway, a new payment – less the management fee – will be issued using the correct information.

6. Bonuses

6.1 Special Terms and Conditions

From time to time, we may offer certain promotions and contests, and these may be subject to specific terms, conditions and rules that are campaign or competition specific. All promotions, bonuses or special offers credited to your account must be used in accordance with such terms and conditions.

In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and the Campaign or Competition Specific Terms and Conditions, the Specific Campaign or Competition Specific Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Bonus money cannot be transferred or paid out.

6.2 Abuse of the Bonus System

If we find reason to believe that you are abusing or attempting to abuse a bonus or promotion, or that you are likely to benefit from abusing the betting policy adopted by Betway, we may in our sole discretion deny, withhold or withdraw any bonus and campaign that you have been offered. We may also suspend any policy that is abused, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate your access to the Service and / or suspend your account. In such cases, Betway will not be required to refund any amount that may be in your account, in addition to your initial deposit amount.

6.3 The right to cancel

Betway reserves the right to cancel any promotion, bonus or special offer at any time.

7. Privacy Policy

7.1 General

Betway is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Betway follows the applicable data protection laws and personal data laws. If you have any doubts about how we handle or use the personal information you provide to us, please feel free to send any questions to Customer Service .

7.2 Information collected

Betway may collect and record all telephone calls, all Internet communications, all information relating to the transactions you make on the Website and information about your visits to the Website. Personal information received will be processed in accordance with your rights and will only be collected for a specific and lawful purpose and stored securely.

7.3 Disclosure of Personal Information

Betway will authorize the financial institution you used to register your account to disclose information about you if the Danish Gambling Authority requests this in connection with your game. We will disclose personal information at the discretion of a public authority and / or to the extent we are required to do so under applicable law. We will also disclose information, if necessary, to enforce these terms and conditions.

In combating fraud and for control purposes, you agree that we reserve the right to disclose your personal information to relevant authorities, including the Gaming Authority and the police, as well as other parties, if necessary. In addition, we reserve the right to disclose personal information to relevant beneficiaries where we have reasonable grounds to suspect irregularities involving an account.

7.4 Customer Relationship Management and Promotional Material

Provided that you have given your express consent, Betway is entitled to process personal information for CRM purposes. You may at any time opt out of promotional materials and advertisements upon registration and / or unsubscribe through the promotional material sent electronically or by contacting us at Customer Service . From time to time, our Website may contain links to and from websites of our partner networks, advertisers and affiliates. Please note that these websites may have their own privacy policy and we take no responsibility for these policies. Please make sure you check these policies carefully before submitting any personal information. We cannot be held responsible for the policies of partner websites.

7.5 Correction of Inaccurate Account Information

You have the right to request access to your own personal information and / or to correct / delete incorrect and / or inappropriate information.

7.6 Cookie / ActiveX

You agree that from time to time, we may use a cookie or ActiveX component on your hard drive to store information (such as username, password, other personal information, email address, etc.) so that you do not have to re-enter such information every time you visit Betway. This cookie cannot be used to run programs or give your computer a virus, and the assigned cookie will be unique to you. The primary purpose of a cookie is to enable you to save time and facilitate future access to the website.

7.7 Storing of Personal Information

The information we collect from you may be transferred to and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). They can also be treated by employees who work outside the EEA and who work for us or one of our suppliers. These employees may be involved, among other things, in handling your orders, processing your payment details and providing customer service. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that your information is processed securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. While we will do our best to protect your privacy, we cannot always guarantee the security of the information sent to our website; information that you submit to our website is at your own risk.

7.8 Communication and unsubscribe

In connection with registering a practice account or a real gaming account, you hereby authorize us to contact you through all means of communication (whether written or verbal, including, but not limited to, email, telephone) and SMS), in connection with service and help regarding your account. If you wish to unsubscribe from any or all forms of communication, please contact Customer Service .

7.9 Privacy Policy

For more information on Betway’s Privacy Policy, please visit our Privacy Policy .

8. Intellectual property rights

8.1 You acknowledge and agree that all rights and title and interest in intellectual property are our property or properly licensed to us. Any use of intellectual property without our prior written consent is prohibited. You agree that you will not (and agree that you will not help others) copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, exploit for commercial purposes or manipulate the intellectual property rights in any way.

8.2 You acknowledge and agree that the material and content of the Website is made available for your personal, non-commercial use. Any other use of such materials and content is strictly prohibited.

8.3 We hereby grant you a license to download and use the Software for participation. Your right to use is subject to these terms and conditions. We reserve all rights to the Software and you may only use the Software in accordance with these terms and conditions and the license granted to you.

9. Interruptions in play

9.1 Warranty

The service and software are made available “as is”. We make no representations or representations, whether expressed or implied, of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose or the completeness and accuracy of the service or software.

9.2 Technical faults

We cannot be held responsible for any computer errors, errors or failures of telecommunications services or Internet connections or for attempting to participate in games through methods, means or means which differ from those intended by us.

9.3 Reported errors

We cannot guarantee that the service will never fail, but we will correct reported errors as soon as possible. If an error occurs, please report the error by phone or email to our customer service center.

9.4 Viruses

Although we take all necessary steps to ensure that the software and files are free of viruses, we cannot guarantee that the software and files are free from such problems. It is your responsibility to protect your systems and to take precautions in case you need to reinstall lost data or programs due to viruses.

9.5 Interruption of operation

We may temporarily discontinue all or part of the Service for any reason and in our sole discretion. In the event of an interruption, we will, without obligation, give you prior notice as far as possible. After a temporary interruption, we will restore the service as soon as possible.

9.6 Canceled bets

In case of technical errors in the system, all outstanding bets / bets will be canceled. We cannot be held liable to you for any losses you incur as a result of an interruption or delay.

9.7 Complaints / claims

Complaints or claims of any kind must be submitted no later than 3 months after the date of the incident.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure that complaints / claims are referred and investigated by the correct department, any communication to Betway.dk must be submitted in writing at the following contact details:

Email: manager@betway.dk

Letter: Betway Limited, PO Box 29, Malta Post, Gzira, GZR-1300, MALTA

In addition, your inquiry should include the following information:

a) Your username / account number

b) Your registered first name and last name

c) A detailed explanation of the complaint / claim

d) The exact date and time associated with the complaint / claim (if applicable)

NB: Failure to submit your inquiry in accordance with the above will result in the complaint / claim not being properly categorized and investigated for a timely resolution.

Upon receipt of the complaint / claim, we will endeavor to resolve the issue as best as possible within 14 days or at least provide you with an expected timeframe for a solution. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint / claim, you can contact eCOGRA and submit a “ Complaint Form ”.

9.8 Changes

Betway reserves the right to discontinue, modify, remove or add any games or software at its sole discretion on the Website with immediate effect and without prior notice. We cannot be held liable for any loss as a result of these changes, modifications, interruptions or discontinuations of the software or service and you are not entitled to compensation against Betway for that purpose.

10. Indemnification and Limitation of Liability

10.1 Replacement

You agree to indemnify us, our directors, executives, employees, shareholders, representatives, associates, our ultimate parent company, parent companies and subsidiaries, at all costs, expenses, debt and damages (whether direct or indirect or consequential damages) ) as a result of your participation, including but not limited to:

Visiting, using or reusing the Website;

ii. Use or reuse of the Website by means of telecommunications services;

iii. Use or recycling of materials from, or obtained from, the Website or other sources;

iv. Access to, or use or reuse of, the Website Server;

v. Enabling or making a deposit into your Betway account;

we. Participation in betting or betting at Betway through any method of delivery offered; we you. Receipt and use of any winnings or prizes at or from Betway; and viii. Use or reuse of Betway’s software, in any way or through any medium.

10.2 Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances are we, our directors, executives, employees, shareholders, representatives, associates, our ultimate parent company, parent companies or subsidiaries liable to you in or out of contract, or liable for any other, including loss or damage, which is arising from any cause, whether direct or indirect, or for any amount (whether or not we have been informed of the possibility of such loss or damage).

10.3 Link

Betway is not liable in or out of contract or is liable for anything else, including any loss or damage resulting from or in connection with your use of a link on the Website. We are not responsible for the content of a website that we link to on our website or through the service.

10.4 Negligence

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions may waive or limit the Company’s liability for fraud, death or personal injury resulting from the Company’s negligence.

11. Availability of offers

11.1 Eligibility

All offers are limited to one person per person. family, household address, email address, phone number, same account number on payment (such as debit or credit cards, etc.), and shared computer (such as school, library, or workplace). All offers at Betway are for leisure players, and Betway may, in its sole discretion, restrict a player’s access to any offer. We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or offer for any player.

11.2 Withdrawal of offers

Betway reserves the right to withdraw all bonuses awarded and any winnings arising therefrom if players are found guilty of falsifying or abusing any aspect of any Betway promotion. If there is evidence of a number of bets placed by a player or a group of players that, as a result of improved payments through promotional offers, results in a guaranteed player profit regardless of result, Betway reserves the right to ignore the bonus element of such offers and settle the bets with the correct odds. Betway also reserves the right to ask a player to provide complete documentation, so we are fully convinced of the player’s identity before crediting a bonus, freebet or offer to the player’s account.

12. Responsible gaming

12.1 Policy

The game is meant to be a fun experience, but it can be addictive, so we encourage you to play sensibly and responsibly. On our Responsible Gaming page , you can read more about how to get a more secure and responsible gaming experience, as well as a description of the different Responsible Gaming settings in the software.

12.2 Self Exclusion Policy

You can set a temporary or permanent self-exclusion period for your gaming account at any time:

Short-term break – the account is suspended for a period of 24 hours

Temporary exclusion – the account is suspended for a period of at least 1 calendar month

Permanent exclusion – the account is suspended for a period of at least 1 year.

Please refer to Betway’s self-exclusion policy during responsible gaming . Alternatively, you can contact Customer Service .

12.3 Deposit Limits

You can apply a deposit limit to your account at any time based on the following criteria:

Daily limit

Weekly limit

Monthly limit

For more information, please refer to the Betway Responsible Gaming page .

13. Player Protection

13.1 Policy

We want to make sure you can enjoy your experience at Betway safely and responsibly. We will immediately take care of any problem that may affect your experience at the casino. We have a detailed player protection policy that can be found here, as well as a list of tools you can install to ensure a safer gaming experience.

14. Applicable laws, customer service, conflicts and complaints

14.1 Customer Service

Customer service is available should you experience any problems. Customer service can be contacted by email at support@betway.dk .

14.2 Alternative conflict resolution

The current balance and your account’s transaction history can be viewed at any time. If a claim or conflict arises as a result of past or current transactions, please contact us. If we are unable to decide the conflict, we refer the conflict to an independent broker, such as eCOGRA, whose decision will be final provided all parties have had the opportunity to present their case fully.

15. Financial institution

15.1 Interest

Betway is not a financial institution, which means that payments to your account are not eligible for interest payments under any circumstances.

15.2 Legal or tax advice

Betway does not provide tax and / or legal advice. Players seeking tax or legal advice are advised to contact the appropriate advisers.

15.4 Money Laundering

It is strictly forbidden to use Betway and its systems to enable illegal remittances. You may not use the Website to conduct any illegal or fraudulent activity or what is considered illegal transactions (including money laundering) in the jurisdiction applicable to you. If Betway suspects that you are engaged in, or has been engaged in, fraudulent, illegal or inappropriate activity, including money laundering or any other behavior that violates these Terms and Conditions, your access to Betway be terminated immediately and your account may be suspended. If your account is terminated or suspended in these circumstances, Betway is under no obligation to refund any funds that may be in your account. In addition, Betway will be entitled to inform the Danish Gambling Authority, other online service providers, banks, credit card companies, electronic payment services or other financial institutions about your identity, as well as the suspicion of the illegal, fraudulent or inappropriate activity. We expect you to fully partner with Betway during an investigation into this activity.

16. Other

16.1 Acceptance

By accepting these terms and conditions, you represent that you are aware that there is a risk of losing money when you play and that you have full responsibility for such losses. You acknowledge that your participation at Betway is at your option, discretion and at your own risk. In connection with your losses, you will have no claim whatsoever for compensation, neither with Betway, a partner, our respective directors, managers or employees.

16.2 Eligible Players

Employees of Betway, its licensors, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, advertising / campaign agencies or other agencies, media partners, retailers, and members of their immediate family are not eligible to participate in the Games.

16.3 Termination of Account

Betway reserves the right to terminate your account at any time and for any reason. If you have funds in your account upon termination, the funds will be credited to your credit card and / or sent to you by check. We also reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to cancel any winnings and to confiscate the balance on your Betway account in the case of one or more of the following circumstances:

1. If you have more than one active account with Betway;

ii. If the name of your Betway account does not match the name of the credit card (s) used to make payments to the Betway account:

iii. If you participate in a campaign and request a payout before you meet the requirements of that campaign;

iv. If you enter incorrect or misleading information when registering an account with Betway;

v. If you do not meet the age requirements to participate in the Games;

we. If you have allowed (knowingly or unknowingly) another person to play using your Betway account;

we you. If you have played professionally or with other players as part of a club, group or similar. Betway may only be used on an individual basis and for personal entertainment purposes;

viii. If you chargeback a deposit with a credit card in your Betway account;

ix. If you become known guilty of agreed gambling, fraud, money laundering or any other fraudulent conduct at Betway;

x. If it is determined by Betway that you have made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems, such as bots or the like) specifically designed to overcome the gaming system or Betway;

xi. If you use our website, software or your account in bad faith;

xii. If in our chat you make statements with explicit sexual content or are offensive, which includes statements about religion, racism, hatred or mischief;


xiii.If Betway has been notified that you have played at another casino under one or more of the circumstances specified from (i) to (xii) above.

16.4 PR

By accepting a prize and / or a win from Betway, you consent to your name being used for advertising and promotional purposes without further compensation, except where prohibited by law.

16.5 Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between you and Betway and supersede and aggregate all prior agreements, disclosures and understandings between you and Betway in connection with playing at Betway. Betway reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or to implement or change a procedure at any time and without prior notice. Such changes will be implemented at the discretion of management and will take effect immediately.

16.6 Irregular play

Before any payouts are processed, your game will be reviewed for any irregular gambling patterns. In order to achieve fair play, single bets with equal, zero or low margins and hedge betting will be considered irregular bets in connection with the turnover of a bonus amount. Should Betway believe that irregular betting has occurred, we reserve the right to withhold any payment and / or confiscate all of your winnings.

16.7 Final decision

In the event of discrepancies between the result displayed in your software and Betway’s server software, the result displayed on Betway’s server software will be the official and decisive result.

16.8 Tax

You are solely responsible for paying any taxes on any prize and / or winnings that you collect from Betway.

16.9 Force Major

Betway cannot be held liable for failure to fulfill obligations or delay in fulfilling the obligations in the gaming contract if these have arisen as a result of events beyond our reasonable control.

16.10 Agency

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as creating any agency, partnership, association, trust or other form of joint venture between you and us.

16.11 Independence of Terms

If a provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid, unlawful or unenforceable by a qualified authority, the provision will be separated from the other provisions which remain in force and will be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law. In such cases, the portion deemed invalid or unenforceable will be amended in accordance with applicable law to best reflect Betway’s original intent.

16.12 Explanation of these Terms and Conditions

We consider these terms and conditions as fair. Should you require any advice regarding the above or other parts of the service, please contact us at support@betway.dk . Please note that correspondence and telephone calls may be recorded.

Last updated on 03/03/2020 at 17:00 CET.

Bonus Rules

A. Our Welcome Bonus

Betway.dk Casino offers all new customers a Welcome Bonus . If you choose it during registration, you will receive a 100% match bonus up to a maximum of DKK 1000 on your first deposit, which is subject to the terms and conditions set out below:

Example: Make a 1st deposit of DKK 1000 and receive a bonus of 1000 DKK. The total balance in your account is therefore DKK 2000.

The following key terms apply:

1. This offer is only valid for new customers at Betway.dk Casino.

2. It is only possible to accrue the Welcome Bonus during the registration process. To be eligible for this offer, check the box “I would like to receive the Welcome Bonus and I accept the Terms and Conditions”.

3. The minimum accepted deposit is DKK 200 and must be made within 7 days of the new account being created.

4. To raise the Welcome Bonus and any winnings from it, you must bet for an amount equal to ten (10) times the Welcome Bonus in question – ie. if you receive a bonus of DKK 200, you must bet at least DKK 2,000 (DKK 10 x 200) before the relevant Welcome Bonus and any winnings from it can be paid out. As with all bonuses offered by Betway.dk Casino, you can still pay your account’s cash balance at any time.

5. If any associated play-through requirements for the Welcome Bonus have not been met within a 60-day period according to the general terms and conditions for bonuses, the current bonus balance will be removed from the account.

6. The welcome bonus is automatically deposited into the bonus account after the first payment of DKK 200 or more. The maximum Welcome Bonus is £ 1000. The Welcome Bonus is a Flexi Bonus. For more information, please see the “Flexi Bonus” section below.

B. General Terms and Conditions for the Welcome Bonus

1. This offer is only available to new customers at Betway.dk Casino.

2. In order to qualify for this offer, you must tick the box “I would like to receive the Welcome Bonus and I accept the Terms and Conditions” in connection with the registration process.

3. If you opt-in during the sign-up process, please note that this offer is only valid for 7 days from the time your new account was created, and it expires.

4. The minimum required deposit to receive the Welcome Bonus is £ 200.

5. To raise the Welcome Bonus and any winnings from it, you must play for an amount equal to ten (10) times the Welcome Bonus in question – ie. If you receive a bonus of DKK 200, you must bet at least DKK 2,000 (DKK 10 x 200) before the relevant Welcome Bonus and any winnings from it can be paid out. This is referred to as the Playback requirement. As with all bonuses offered by Betway.dk Casino, you can still pay your account’s cash balance at any time.

6. If you have accidentally ticked the ” I would like to receive the Welcome Bonus and I accept the Terms and Conditions “ or you do not wish to receive any additional bonuses or you wish to cancel your acceptance of this offer, please contact Customer Support.

7. Not all types of games contribute to the Pass-through requirement .

– Excluded games are: all table poker games, all roulette games, all video / power poker games, classic blackjack, All Aces and Jacks or Better video / power poker games, all baccarat games, all dice games, Red Dog and Sic Bo games. In addition, the following slot machines are excluded: Untamed – Bengal Tiger, Spring Break, Ho Ho Ho, Kathmandu, Avalon, Golden Princess, Pure Platinum, Great Griffin, Burning Desire, Lucky Firecracker, Agent Jane Blonde, Tally Ho, Gnome Wood, Break da Bank Again, Silver Fang, Loaded, Thunderstruck, Lucky Zodiac, Gung Pow, Cashville, Adventure Palace, Tally Ho, Untamed – Giant Panda, Karaoke Party, Isis, Gnome Wood, Center Court, Avalon, Untamed – Giant Panda, Cashapillar and Bush Telegraph .

As long as the Welcome Bonus pass-through requirement is not fulfilled, the excluded games will not be available to you. If you would like to play the excluded games, you must either complete the play-through requirement or give up the Welcome Bonus. If you wish to give up your Welcome Bonus, please contact Customer Support.

– NOTE: Pass-throughs (bets) made via the Gamble feature on slot machines or the Double Poker feature on video poker do not contribute to the play-through requirement.

8. Any winnings after accepting the Welcome Bonus offer can only be paid out once the full play requirement has been met. If you would like the original cash payment paid out before the playback requirement has been met, you can do so by giving up the Welcome Bonus and all winnings. If you wish to do this, please contact customer support.

9. All payments are subject to revision by Betway.dk Casino. Betway.dk Casino reserves the right to claim a Welcome Bonus and any winnings and / or close an account in the event of blatant abuse or fraud.

10. If you leave a game while money is still in play, you will have up to 90 days to complete the game. You will be reminded of this through a dialog box each time you log in. If you still have not completed the game after 90 days, all funds still in play will be deemed to have been abandoned by you and transferred to Betway.dk Casino.

11. The Welcome Bonus Offer is given only once per person, household, family, place of residence, email address, credit card number, or shared computer environment (e.g., library, workplace, student union, university, or school). Betway.dk Casino reserves the right to cancel all winnings and bets if these terms are violated.

12. This Welcome Bonus offer is valid only for the person who signs up for the new account and makes a payment to it. This offer cannot be transferred to others.

13. This Welcome Bonus offer cannot be claimed with other current promotions offered by Betway.dk Casino, and is subject to continuous monitoring. Betway.dk Casino reserves the right to change this Welcome Bonus offer and its terms at any time, including cancellation of the promotion.

14. Bonus account terms also apply. Please see the General Terms and Conditions for Bonuses section below.

C. Flexi Bonus

We are always looking for new ways to improve your gaming experience. We have therefore listened to you and understand that players do not like to be bound by pass-through requirements or locked in unclear terms. Based on this, we have launched our new Flexi bonus system – our new player-focused bonuses that give you control over your game like never before. The Flexi Bonus allows you to pay your current cash balance at any time, regardless of any outstanding play-through requirements. It gives you, as a player, complete flexibility to stop your game exactly when you want. All of our campaigns have clear and clear terms and conditions, and the full terms are just a click away. Below you will find our helpful OSS sections with everything you could want to know about our bonuses: At Betway.dk Casino, we provide players with a number of offers both by signing up and running, while playing at Betway.dk Casino. These include: a) Deposit bonuses or bonuses without deposit b) Bonus spins, free spins or cash spins Before we explain how they can be used, here are 5 important things to know about our bonus offer: Quick guide to bonuses

1. What is a Flexi Bonus?

2. What are match bonuses, free credits, free bets, free spins, bonus spins and cash spins?

3. Are there any pass-through requirements for my bonus?

4. When can I make a payout?

5. Should I receive a bonus?

Customers must always choose to receive a bonus. Bonuses are awarded after you have logged in or made a deposit.

1. What is a Flexi Bonus?

The Flexi Bonus is the name of any bonus credited to your bonus balance. It basically gives you the flexibility to give up your entire bonus balance and raise your entire cash balance at any time without being bound by the bonus playback requirements. All bonuses except free spins and cash spins are subject to wagering requirements that must be met before the bonus and any associated winnings on your bonus balance can be paid out. It works according to a principle that we call “Bonus for cash ratio (BKF)”. BKF is the percentage split between your total cash balance and your current bonus balance. Please see the sections ” Transparent Guide to Requirements for Gambling Requirements and Contribution ” and “Examples of how the Flexi bonus works “for more information.

2. What are match bonuses, casino credit, free spins, bonus spins and cash spins?

All our bonuses now come in the form of our new Flexi Bonus – we offer a selection of different types of Flexi Bonuses, as explained below:

Match bonuses are offers that give you a certain amount in the form of an extra bonus on top of your deposit. All bonuses that are credited to your bonus balance will be in the form of a Flexi bonus, which lets you raise your cash balance at any time and you are no longer bound by the wagering requirement.

Casino credit are offers that do not require a deposit they deposit on your bonus balance, and as with all bonuses, a play-through requirement is included before the bonus balance and any associated winnings can be paid out.

Free spins are awarded to a specific slot machine or group of slot machines after selecting this without a deposit being required. Once assigned, simply load the slot machine and select either ‘Use free games now’ to start playing, ‘Use later’ to use them later or ‘I don’t want this free games offer’ to remove them for free spins. Free Spins winnings will be deposited into your cash balance and are not subject to a pass-through requirement.

Bonus spins are awarded on a specific slot or group of slot machines after opting in and making a deposit. Simply load the game machine and, as with free spins, select either ‘Use free games now’ to start playing, ‘Use later’ to use them later or ‘I do not want this free game offer’ to remove bonus spins. Bonus spins winnings are placed on your Bonus Balance and are subject to a 10x play-through requirement.

Cash spins are awarded on a specific slot machine or group of slot machines after selecting this and making a deposit. Simply load the game machine and, as with free spins, select either ‘Use free games now’ to start playing, ‘Use later’ to use them later or ‘I don’t want this free games offer’ to remove the free spins. Cash spins winnings are deposited into your cash balance and are not subject to a pass-through requirement.

3. Are there any pass-through requirements for my bonus?

Betting requirements apply to all bonuses, but not to winnings. See the section “Transparent Guide to Requirements and Gaming Requirements” section for more information. Welcome Deposit Flexi Bonuses and Certain Flexi Bonuses for Existing Customers – To raise these bonuses and any associated winnings, you must wager an amount equal to 10 x the amount of the bonus awarded. Always check the terms and conditions of the offer.

New Player, Bonuses Without Deposit – These are bonuses given to new players who have not yet made a deposit – these bonuses are subject to a 10x play-through requirement. The maximum amount that can be paid out from this promotion is $ 500.

All other Flexi Bonuses – To raise these bonuses and any associated winnings, you must wager an amount equal to 10 x the amount of the bonuses awarded. Existing Player Bonus Spins – Winnings from bonus spins are paid out to your Bonus Balance in the form of a Flexi Bonus. To raise your Bonus Balance, you must wager an amount equal to 10x the winnings from the free spins.

Not all games contribute to the play-through requirement. Table games are therefore locked and unavailable if the playthrough requirement is not yet met. See the section “Transparent Guide to Requirements and Gaming Requirements” section for more information. Existing Free Spins or Cash Spins – Winnings from free or cash spins are deposited into your cash balance and are not subject to a play-through requirement.

4. When can I make a payment?

That’s the best thing about our bonuses, you can raise your cash balance at any time! The only thing that happens is that you waive your current bonus balance at the time of payment. If you do not want to lose your bonus, simply continue playing within a 60-day period until you have met the applicable play-through requirements. But remember that your cash balance is yours whenever you want.

We strive to make your payment as soon as possible, but the transfer period may vary over the weekend.

5. Should I receive a bonus?

Of course not! All of the bonuses we offer are optional, and you have to ‘select’ them yourself, which means you must confirm that you want the bonus before we award it. If you change your mind after choosing it, contact customer support who will happily remove it for you, whether you have started playing or not.

Examples of how the Flexi bonus works

Flexi Bonus is the name of our bonus system that lets you raise your cash balance at any time .

It works according to a principle that we call “Bonus for cash ratio (BKF)”. BKF is the percentage split between your total cash balance and your current bonus balance. When you have an active Flexi bonus and bet on a bet, the amount you bet will come from your cash balance and your bonus balance according to your “BKF” ratio, at the time the bet is made. Winnings are also credited back to your cash balance and your bonus balance in the same proportion as they were made.

We have provided some examples below that explain this; based on a hypothetical new customer who signs up and pays $ 200 and receives a 100% match bonus ($ 200 in bonus).

Example 1 – Deposit 200 DKK and receive 200 DKK in bonus

200 DKK in cash balance and 200 DKK in bonus balance represents a 50% / 50% BKF

200 DKK cash plus 200 DKK in bonus = 400 DKK in total balance (50% cash and 50% bonus).

Using example 1 above – if you bet $ 100, $ 50 will come from your cash balance and $ 50 from your bonus balance. If you win $ 200 from this bet, $ 100 (50% of the winnings) will be credited to your cash balance and $ 100 (50% of the winnings) to your bonus balance. You can withdraw the cash balance of DKK 250, but the bonus balance of DKK 250 is subject to the requirement to play through.

Example 2 – you currently have $ 100 in your cash balance and $ 100 in your bonus balance and deposit $ 200 in cash without a match bonus

A $ 300 cash balance and $ 100 bonus balance have a BKF ratio of 75% / 25%

300 DKK cash plus DKK 100 bonus = total balance of DKK 400 (75% consists of cash and 25% consists of bonus)

Using example 2 above – If you bet DKK 100, DKK 75 will come from your cash balance and £ 25 from your bonus balance. If you win $ 200 from this bet, $ 150 (75% of the winnings) will be deposited into your cash balance and $ 50 (25% of the winnings) on your bonus balance. You can withdraw the cash balance of DKK 375, but the bonus balance of DKK 125 is subject to the requirement to play through.

If you only use your bonus balance because you do not have a cash balance to withdraw, your Bonus to Cash Ratio (BKF) will be 100% and therefore all your wagers and winnings will be deducted / deposited on your bonus balance.

What Happens When I Have Met the Bonus Playback Requirement – Once you have met the bonus playback requirement, your entire bonus balance will be transferred to your cash balance, after which it will be available for payout.

Remember, bonuses still have play-through requirements depending on what type of bonus they are. Once all the associated play-through requirements in your Bonus Account have been completed, the entire bonus balance will be transferred to your cash balance.

D. General terms and conditions for bonuses

1. Our Flexi bonus system allows you to raise your cash balance at any time, but doing so will require you to give up your remaining bonus balance.

2. Pass-through requirements apply to all bonuses. Unless otherwise specified in the specific terms of a given bonus offer, the relevant bonus must be played ten (10) times the value of the bonus awarded.

3. Certain games do not contribute to the play-through requirement. See the section ‘Transparent Guide to Requirements and Gaming Requirements’ section for more information. 4. Unless otherwise stated in the terms of an individual offer, all Flexi Bonuses are valid for 60 days after the activation date. If the associated pass-through requirement for the bonus has not been met within a 60-day period, the current bonus balance will be removed from the account.

5. Bonuses are given only once per person, household, family, place of residence, email address, credit card number, or shared computer environment (e.g., library, workplace, student union, university, or school). Betway.dk Casino reserves the right to cancel all winnings and bets if these terms are violated.

6. All additional bonuses awarded are subject to a pass-through requirement, which is placed on top of any existing pass-through requirement that still applies to your bonus balance.

7. All free bonuses without deposit / cash spins / free spins expire after 60 days.

8. The maximum amount that can be raised from free bonuses without deposit / cash spins / free spins is DKK 500.

9. All accounts are reviewed for irregular gaming, as described in the Irregular Games section below.

10. The following terms apply to free or cash spins:

• Free or cash spins are credited to your account and can be played by loading the game referred to in the promotion where you are presented with an opportunity to claim spins.

• Free or cash spins cannot be exchanged for free casino credit or cash.

• Winnings from free or cash spins are credited as cash and are not subject to any betting requirements.

E. Transparent guide to play-through requirements and games’ contribution

Offer with a claim of 10 x the value of the bonus to be converted into cash:

Example: Welcome offer (welcome bonus of maximum DKK 1,000)

If your first deposit is $ 200, you will receive a bonus of $ 200 and must spend $ 2,000 on slot machines to clear the playthrough requirements – remember that not all games are available to meet the playthrough requirement. All excluded games are locked as long as you have a bonus on your bonus account that has not yet been played. We have added an easy and clear table below:

Deposits Percentage If you bet 100 DKK, what would that contribute? Game
0% 0 DKK Omitted games: All table poker games, all roulette games , all video / power poker games, classic blackjack, All Aces video poker / power poker games, Jacks or Better video poker games / power poker games, all Baccarat games, all dice games, Red Dog and Sic Bo. In addition, the following slot machines are excluded: Untamed – Bengal Tiger, Spring Break, Ho Ho Ho, Kathmandu, Avalon, Golden Princess, Pure Platinum, Great Griffin, Burning Desire, Lucky Firecracker, Agent Jane Blonde, Tally Ho, Gnome Wood, Break da Bank Again, Silver Fang, Loaded, Thunderstruck, Lucky Zodiac, Gung Pow, Cashville, Adventure Palace, Tally Ho, Untamed – Giant Panda, Karaoke Party, Isis, Gnome Wood, Center Court, Avalon, Untamed – Giant Panda, Cashapillar and Bush Telegraph .

F. Irregular gambling

We offer our valued customers promotions and bonuses to reward them. In order to continue offering these promotions, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to activities designed to utilize our offerings in violation of these terms. If bonus-related irregular games occur, we reserve the right to stop additional bonuses, promotions and / or offers and confiscate the bonus balance from these and / or affiliated accounts. See also sections 6 and 7 of the General Terms and Conditions. Examples of irregular gambling include:

1. Using more than one account to claim more bonuses

2. Use of multiple accounts / proxy accounts

3. Using a VPN or masking IP address

4. Artificial manipulation of affiliate CPAs or revenue share

5. Reducing your bet amount by 60% or more after a big win (5x the value of the last deposit or more) in order to clear wagering requirements while a bonus is still active. For example. you win $ 100 in a round, including a double up, and then reduce the bet amount to $ 50 or less.

6. Moving from a low weighted game (25% or less) to a higher weighted game (70% or more) after big winnings in order to clear the play requirements. For example, but not limited to placing bets on the roulette and, after a win, moving your gameplay to the slot machines to clear bets.

7. You place at least one bet on a game that has a weighting of 20% or less in relation to average play. The resulting winnings are 100% more than the corresponding wager, and you move the initial wager and winnings to a game that has a 100% weighting to meet the wagering requirements.

8. When you play with a free bonus and you bet more than 10% of the bonus amount in a single bet or round, your bonus and winnings may lapse.

9. If you have come from a site that promotes gambling in a manner that violates these Terms.

Betway.dk Casino considers all of the above terms reasonable. If you need clarification or advice regarding these terms, please contact customer support .

Last updated: 03.07.2020

Betway DK – Spillekontrakten (Vilkår og betingelser)

Disse vilkår og betingelser danner det bindende grundlag for din deltagelse hos www.betway.dk (“casinoet” og/eller ”mobil casino/et”). Ved at deltage i spil på denne hjemmeside bekræfter du, at du har læst og forstået disse vilkår og betingelser, og at du accepterer at være bundet heraf. Hvis du ikke accepterer nogle af de følgende vilkår og betingelser, skal du straks stoppe med at bruge softwaren og fjerne softwaren fra din computer. Ved at markere afkrydsningsfeltet “Ja, jeg accepterer vilkårene og betingelserne” i forbindelse med registreringsprocessen er du bundet af disse vilkår og betingelser, vores fortrolighedspolitik, særlige vilkår og betingelser for kampagner og konkurrencer samt andre regler og politikker, som relaterer sig til din deltagelse, og som hver især kan blive opdateret fra tid til anden (samtlige regler og politikker vil herefter samlet blive omtalt som “regler”). Du er bundet af disse regler under alle omstændigheder, hvis du anvender tjenesten eller softwaren, herunder, men ikke begrænset til, ved at indlede eller foretage en indbetaling via tjenesten, eller ved at indsende dine betalingsoplysninger til os.

I disse vilkår og betingelser vil følgende ord have følgende betydninger:

“Betway” betyder hjemmesiden betway.dk

“Casino” betyder både online casinoet og mobil casinoet.

“Lukket kundekonto” betyder en konto, som er blevet lukket, afmeldt eller udelukket, enten af os eller dig;

“Kunde/r” betyder en registreret kunde, herunder også en kunde, hvis kundekonto er blevet lukket;

“Spil” betyder poker, online casino, mobil casino og ethvert andet spil, som udbydes på hjemmesiden;

“Immaterielle rettigheder” betyder varemærker og varenavne, uanset om disse er registrerede eller ej, herunder brug af varemærker og registrerede varemærker med den goodwill, der er knyttet til varenavnene, varemærkerne, domænenavnene, layoutet, designet og handelsnavnet, inklusive, men ikke begrænset til, dem, som er opført på hjemmesiderne; registreringer af domænenavne og enhver variation deraf, både nu og i fremtiden; enhver ophavsret i layout, design og handelsnavn, enhver rettighed eller licens under ophavsretten til at anvende layoutet, designet eller handelsnavnet, softwarens kode og arkitektur, softwarens udseende og fornemmelse eller enhver anden form for immaterielle rettigheder, som enten ejes af os eller er blevet licenseret til os, i hvert tilfælde og i en hvilken som helst del af verden;

“Deltage” betyder, uden begrænsning, enhver handling, som er beskrevet i punkt 4.1.1 til 4.1.8 nedenfor, besøg på hjemmesiden for at spille spil eller brug af softwaren på en hvilken som helst anden måde;

“Registreret kunde” betyder en person som har registreret sig hos os på den måde, som er beskrevet i punkt 3.2 nedenfor og som har oprettet en konto hos os; “Tjenesten” betyder tilgængeligheden og leveringen af softwaren, som giver dig mulighed for at deltage;

“Software” betyder enhver software, som ejes af os eller som er blevet licenseret til os, så du kan deltage, og enhver download-, flash- og mobilversion af softwaren, som anvendes hos Betway;

“Vi/os/vores” og enhver variation deraf, betyder Betway Limited i alle forhold vedrørende spillene, samt (afhængig af konteksten) deres holdingselskaber og associerede selskaber;

“Hjemmeside” betyder betway.dk

“Dig/Dine/Kunde/Kunder” betyder enhver person, som besøger Betway og deltager i spillene tilbudt af Betway.

1. Om Betway

Betway er et brand, som administreres af Betway Limited (C39710), et maltesisk registreret firma, hvis registrerede adresse er 9 Empire Stadium Street, Gzira, GZR 1300, Malta, og som har licensnummer 18-1405228. Alle transaktioner mellem dig og Betway finder sted på Malta, hvor de primære servere er baseret.

Spillerens spilkontrakt er med Betway Limited. Betway Limited er det selskab, som forsyner spilleren med spiltjenesten.

Medmindre andet er anført, refererer “Betway” og “vi/os/vores” kollektivt til Betway Limited og dets datterselskaber, associerede selskaber, direktører, ledere, ansatte, repræsentanter og kontraktpartnere.

2. Licens og regulerende myndigheder

Betway Limited har licens hos den danske spillemyndighed med licensnummer 18-1405228.

Spillemyndighedens hjemmeside kan findes på https://spillemyndigheden.dk/.

3. Din deltagelse hos Betway

3.1 Begrænsninger

Du må kun spille hos Betway, hvis du er 18 år eller ældre.

Det er ulovligt at spille hos Betway, hvis du er under 18 år.


3.2 Verificering af identifikation

For at spille hos Betway kræves det, at du indtaster dit CPR-nummer under registreringsprocessen. Ved denne handling accepterer du, at Betway kan skaffe yderligere informationer, enten via interne ressourcer eller via tredjepart, med henblik på at verificere din identitet. Hvis Betway er ude af stand til at verificere din identitet inden for en måned efter kontoregistreringen, vil din konto blive lukket, og resten af din indbetaling vil blive refunderet.

3.3 Legitimationspapirer

Der kan være situationer, hvor Betway vil anmode om, at du indsender gyldige legitimationspapirer, som dokumenterer din alder og adresse. Udbetalinger kan ikke foretages, før vi har modtaget den nødvendige legitimation. For yderligere informationer bedes du venligst se vores registreringsside.

Tilfredsstillende legitimationspapirer inkluderer, men er ikke begrænset til:

i.Oplysning af dit fulde CPR-nummer.

ii.Kopi af gyldig billedlegitimation såsom pas eller kørekort,

iii.Kopi af en nylig regning, som bekræfter din bopæl såsom en elregning, osv. (regningen skal være mindre end 3 måneder gammel), og

iv. Kopi af en nylig kredit/debit/bankkonto nota (NB: notaen skal relatere sig til den anvendte finanseringsmetode, og må ikke være ældre end 3 måneder.)

3.4 Risiko

Du anerkender, at din deltagelse hos Betway er efter dit eget valg, skøn og på egen risiko. I øvrigt er det kun tilladt for dig at gå ind i casinoet på et ikke-professionelt grundlag og alene med underholdningsformål for øje, og du handler således på egne vegne.

3.5 Acceptabel brug

Du erklærer, garanterer og accepterer, at du vil overholde alle love, vedtægter og reguleringer i forbindelse med din brug af softwaren og tjenesten. Vi er ikke ansvarlige for ulovlig eller uautoriseret brug af softwaren eller tjenesten af dig. Ved at acceptere disse vilkår og betingelser indvilliger du i at hjælpe os i videst mulig omfang med at overholde gældende love og reguleringer.

4. Din konto

4.1 Én konto

Du må kun åbne og anvende én konto. Hvis du har mere end én konto, forbeholder vi os retten til at suspendere dine konti, indtil samtlige kontooplysninger og saldi (som tilhører dig) er blevet lagt sammen. Herefter vil alle andre konti blive opsagt, og der vil kun være én aktiv konto tilbage.

4.2 Præcision

Vi beder dig holde dine registrerede oplysninger opdateret. Hvis du ændrer din adresse, e-mail eller dit telefonnummer eller andre former for kontaktoplysninger eller personlige oplysninger, bedes du venligst kontakte os for at opdatere dine kontooplysninger.

4.3 Adgangskode

Når du opretter en casinokonto på mobilen, skal du vælge dit eget brugernavn og indtaste en adgangskode. Du bedes venligst opbevare disse et sikkert sted. Alle handlinger på din konto vil være gyldige og endelige, såfremt dit brugernavn og din adgangskode blev indtastet korrekt.

4.4 Verificering af bankoplysninger

Hvis du bruger et debet- eller kreditkort, når du foretager transaktioner hos Betway, SKAL kortholderens navn stemme i overens med det navn, som du har registreret på hjemmesiden. I tilfælde af uoverensstemmelser af nogen art mellem det navn, som du brugte ved registrering, og det navn, som er anført på dit debet- eller kreditkortet, vil din konto øjeblikkeligt blive suspenderet. Suspension kan medføre tilbageholdelse af gevinster. Se venligst også ”4.8. Suspension af Konti”.

I tilfælde af at din konto er blevet suspenderet, kan du kontakte os for yderligere oplysninger om vores verificeringsprocedure. Udbetalinger, som foretages via bankoverførsel eller check, kan kun udbetales til det navn, som blev anvendt ved registrering på hjemmesiden. Hvis et debet- eller kreditkort blev anvendt ved indbetaling, skal navnet stemme overens med det navn, som er registreret på kortet.

4.5 Ansvar

Betway påtager sig intet ansvar for eventuelle skader eller tab, som anses for eller påstås at være opstået som følge af eller i forbindelse med din deltagelse; herunder, men ikke begrænset til, forsinkelser eller afbrydelser i drift eller transmission, tab eller datakorruption, kommunikationsfejl eller fejl på linjen, ethvert misbrug af casinoet og dets indhold samt eventuelle fejl eller udeladelser i hjemmesidens indhold. Betway forbeholder sig retten til at lukke eller suspendere din konto.

4.6 Midlertidig konto

Efter fuldførelsen af registreringsprocessen og frem til Betways verificering af din identitet vil du få adgang til en midlertidig konto. Den midlertidige konto er underlagt følgende begrænsninger:

• Du må maksimalt indbetale 10.000 kr.

• Du kan ikke foretage nogen udbetaling

Så snart dine oplysninger er blevet verificeret, vil din konto blive aktiveret.

NB: Hvis oprettelsen blev gennemført på mobil casinoet, vil det kun være muligt at aktivere kontoen ved at registrere dig på online casinoet og logge ind med NemID. Når dine oplysninger er blevet verificeret, vil kontoen blive aktiveret officielt. Har Betway ikke været i stand til at verificere din identitet efter en måned, sker følgende:

• Din midlertidige konto vil blive deaktiveret

• Eventuelle gevinster erklæres ugyldige

• En eventuel restsaldo fra indbetalingen vil blive refunderet

4.7 Inaktive / Passive Konti

4.7.1 Inaktive Konti

Betway vil betragte en bonusaldo som værende bortfaldet i tilfælde af 6 måneders inaktivitet. Disse midler vil blive overført til Betway.

Betway vil betragte en konto som værende inaktiv efter en periode af 12 måneder efter sidste finansielle transaktion.

4.7.2 Passive konti

Skulle Betway betragte en konto som passiv, fordi der ikke har været nogen former for transaktioner i mere end 30 måneder, vil kontoen blive deaktiveret/spærret. Hvis kontoen indeholder en saldo, vil Betway forsøge at kontakte dig med henblik på at returnere de resterende midler. Hvis dette ikke er muligt, vil de resterende midler (hvis nogen skulle findes) blive overført til Betway.

4.8 Suspension af konti

Betway forbeholder sig retten til at suspendere din konto efter eget skøn, såfremt du mistænkes for at:

• have opnået gevinster på ulovlig vis

• have overtrådt betingelserne i vilkårene gældende for din konto

Du vil blive underrettet om Betways beslutning via brev eller e-mail, og, hvis suspensionen medfører tilbageholdelse af gevinster, vil en dokumenteret kopi af afgørelsen blive sendt til den danske spillemyndighed. I suspensionsperioden kan du ikke lukke din spilkonto.

4.9 Selvudelukkede konti

Du vil blive forsynet med hjælpemidler til at udelukke dig selv permanent eller midlertidigt fra deltagelse hos Betway. Efter at have modtaget en anmodning om udelukkelse, vil Betway øjeblikkeligt suspendere din konto.

Såfremt vi modtager en anmodning om permanent selvudelukkelse, vil Betway kontakte dig med henblik på at returnere et eventuelt beløb på kontoen – fratrukket bonuspenge. For yderligere information henviser vi til vores side om ansvarligt spil.

4.10 Penge stadig i spil

Hvis du forlader et spil mens der stadig er penge i spil, vil du have op til 90 dage til at gennemføre spillet. Du vil blive mindet om dette via en dialogboks hver gang du logger ind på casinoet. Hvis du stadig ikke har gennemført spillet efter 90 dage, vil alle midler der stadig er i spil blive fjernet og overført til Betway.

4.11 Overførsel mellem konti

Det er strengt forbudt at overføre midler mellem individuelle konti.

4.12 Renter

Der vil ikke blive tilskrevet renter på indeståendet på din konto.

4.13 Kredit

Spil på kredit er ikke tilladt hos Betway.

5. Betalingsoplysninger / Udbetalinger

5.1 Identitetskontrol

Betway skal have verificeret din identitet, enten via interne ressourcer eller via tredjemand, før du kan foretage en udbetaling fra din spilkonto.

5.2 Kreditkontrol

Betway forbeholder sig retten til at foretage en kreditvurdering af alle kortholdere igennem udenforstående kreditvurderingsbureauer, baseret på oplysningerne, som blev givet ved registrering.

5.3 Historik

Det er kortholderens ansvar at opbevare kopier af sin transaktionshistorik og hjemmesidens politikker og regler. Du vil ved henvendelse til vores kundeservice kunne få udleveret transaktionshistorik for transaktioner foretaget hos os i de seneste 12 måneder fra det tidspunkt, hvor vi modtager din anmodning.

5.4 Udbetalinger

I henhold til Betways udbetalingspolitik, er minimum udbetalingsbeløb på 200 DKK. Udbetalinger foretaget via bankoverførsel (Direct Bank Transfer – DBT) vil kun blive betalt til vedkommende hvis navn blev indtastet under oprettelse af kontoen. Hvis et debet- eller kreditkort blev anvendt ved indbetaling, skal korthaverens navn stemme overens med navnet der blev registreret på kontoen, se også 4.4. Verificering af bankoplysninger. Hvis et gebyr bliver opkrævet i forbindelse med din valgte udbetalingsmetode, vil dette blive oplyst i vores banksystem. Midler skal udbetales til samme metode som blev anvendt ved indbetaling, op til det samlede indbetalingsbeløb.

Bemærk venligst, at der kan forekomme mindre forsinkelser på dine udbetalinger i forbindelse med vores verificeringsproces.

5.5 Opdatering af betalingsoplysninger

I forbindelse med udbetalinger kan du kun opdatere eller tilføje yderligere betalingsoplysninger ved at kontakte Kundeservice.

5.6 Tilbageførsel af betaling

I tilfælde af at du indtaster fejlagtige oplysninger under udbetalingsprocessen for kreditkort og/eller bankoverførsel, vil et administrationsgebyr på 190 kr. (kreditkort) og/eller 250 kr. (bankoverførsel) blive opkrævet for at tilbageføre betalingen.

Så snart vores betalingsbehandler har bekræftet at pengene er blevet returneret til Betway, vil en ny betaling – minus administrationsgebyret – blive udstedt ved brug af de korrekte oplysninger.

6. Bonusser

6.1 Særlige vilkår og betingelser

Fra tid til anden kan vi tilbyde visse kampagner og konkurrencer, og disse kan være underlagt særlige vilkår, betingelser og regler, som er kampagne- eller konkurrencespecifikke. Alle kampagner, bonusser eller særtilbud, som krediteres på din konto, skal bruges i overensstemmelse med sådanne vilkår og betingelser. I tilfælde af uoverensstemmelser mellem disse vilkår og betingelser og de kampagne- eller konkurrencespecifikke vilkår og betingelser vil de særlige kampagne- eller konkurrencespecifikke vilkår og betingelser være gældende.

Bonuspenge kan ikke overføres eller udbetales.

6.2 Misbrug af bonussystemet

Hvis vi finder grund til at tro at du misbruger eller forsøger at misbruge en bonus eller en kampagne, eller at du sandsynligvis vil profitere af at misbruge den spilpolitik, der er vedtaget af Betway, kan vi efter eget skøn nægte, tilbageholde eller tilbagetrække enhver bonus og kampagne, som du er blevet tilbudt. Vi kan også ophæve enhver politik, som bliver misbrugt, enten midlertidigt eller permanent, eller ophæve din adgang til tjenesten og/eller suspendere din konto. I sådanne tilfælde vil Betway ikke være forpligtet til at refundere et eventuelt beløb, som måtte være på din konto, udover dit oprindelige indbetalingsbeløb.

6.3 Retten til at annullere

Betway forbeholder sig retten til at annullere enhver kampagne, bonus eller ethvert særtilbud på et hvilket som helst tidspunkt.

7. Fortrolighedspolitik

7.1 Generelt

Betway forpligter sig til at beskytte og respektere dit privatliv. Betway følger de gældende databeskyttelseslove og persondatalove. Hvis du er i tvivl om, hvordan vi håndterer eller bruger de personlige oplysninger, som du giver os, er du velkommen til at sende eventuelle spørgsmål til Kundeservice.

7.2 Indsamlede oplysninger

Betway kan indsamle og registrere alle telefonsamtaler, al internetkommunikation, alle oplysninger vedrørende de transaktioner, som du foretager på hjemmesiden og oplysninger om dine besøg på hjemmesiden. Personlige oplysninger, som bliver modtaget, bliver behandlet i overensstemmelse med dine rettigheder, og de bliver kun indhentet til et specifikt og lovligt formål og opbevaret på sikker vis.

7.3 Videregivelse af personlige oplysninger

Betway vil give den finansielle institution, som du brugte ved registrering af din konto, tilladelse til at videregive oplysninger om dig, såfremt den danske Spillemyndighed anmoder om dette i forbindelse med dit spil. Vi vil videregive personlige oplysninger efter påbud fra en offentlig myndighed og/eller i det omfang, vi er forpligtet hertil i henhold til gældende ret. Vi vil også videregive oplysninger, hvis det findes nødvendigt for at håndhæve nærværende vilkår og betingelser.

I forbindelse med at bekæmpe bedrageri og til kontrolformål accepterer du, at vi forbeholder os retten til at videregive dine personlige oplysninger til relevante myndigheder, inklusive Spillemyndigheden og politiet, samt andre parter, hvis dette findes nødvendigt. Desuden forbeholder vi os retten til at videregive personlige oplysninger til relevante modtagere, hvor vi har rimelig grund til at mistænke uregelmæssigheder, som involverer en konto.

7.4 Kunderelationsstyring og salgsfremmende materiale

Under forudsætning af, at du har givet dit udtrykkelige samtykke hertil, har Betway ret til at behandle personlige oplysninger til CRM-formål. Du kan til enhver tid fravælge salgsfremmende materialer og reklamer ved registrering og/eller afmelde dig via det salgsfremmende materiale som blev sendt elektronisk, eller ved at kontakte os på Kundeservice. Vores hjemmeside kan fra tid til anden indeholde links til og fra hjemmesider fra vores partnernetværker, annoncører og associerede selskaber. Bemærk venligst, at disse hjemmesider kan have deres egen fortrolighedspolitik, og vi tager intet ansvar for disse politikker. Sørg venligst for, at du tjekker disse politikker omhyggeligt, inden du indsender personlige oplysninger. Vi kan ikke holdes ansvarlige for politikkerne på partnerhjemmesider.

7.5 Korrektion af urigtige kontooplysninger

Du har ret til at kræve adgang til dine egne personlige oplysninger og/eller til at rette/slette forkerte og/eller upassende oplysninger.

7.6 Cookie / ActiveX

Du accepterer, at vi fra tid til anden kan anvende en cookie eller en ActiveX-komponent på din harddisk for at gemme oplysninger (såsom brugernavn, adgangskode, andre personlige oplysninger, e-mail-adresse osv.), så du ikke behøver at genindtaste sådanne oplysninger, hver gang du besøger Betway. Denne cookie kan ikke anvendes til at køre programmer eller give din computer virus, og den tildelte cookie vil være unik for dig. Det primære formål med en cookie er at gøre det muligt for dig at spare tid og lette fremtidig adgang til hjemmesiden.

7.7 Opbevaring af personlige oplysninger

De oplysninger, som vi indsamler fra dig, kan blive overført til og opbevaret hos en destination uden for Det Europæiske Økonomiske Samarbejdsområde (“EØS”). De kan også blive behandlet af medarbejdere, som arbejder uden for EØS, og som arbejder for os eller en af vores leverandører. Disse medarbejdere kan blandt andet være involveret i ekspedering af dine ordrer, behandling af dine betalingsdetaljer og levering af kundeservice. Vi vil tage alle nødvendige skridt for at sikre, at dine oplysninger bliver behandlet sikkert og i overensstemmelse med denne fortrolighedspolitik. Selv om vi vil gøre vores bedste for at beskytte dine personlige oplysninger, kan vi ikke altid garantere sikkerheden af de oplysninger, som bliver sendt til vores hjemmeside; oplysninger, som du sender til vores hjemmeside, er på egen risiko.

7.8 Kommunikation og afmelding

I forbindelse med at registrere en øvelseskonto eller en rigtig spilkonto, giver du hermed din tilladelse til, at vi kan kontakte dig igennem alle former for kommunikationsmidler (hvad enten det er skriftligt eller verbalt, inklusive, men ikke begrænset til, e-mail, telefon og SMS), i forbindelse med service og hjælp vedrørende din konto. Ønsker du at afmelde en del eller alle former for kommunikation, bedes du venligst kontakte Kundeservice.

7.9 Fortrolighedspolitik

For mere information om Betways fortrolighedspolitik, bedes du venligst besøge vores fortrolighedspolitik.

8. Immaterielle rettigheder

8.1 Du anerkender og accepterer, at alle rettigheder og al benævnelse og interesse i de immaterielle rettigheder er vores ejendom eller behørigt licenseret til os. Enhver brug af immaterielle rettigheder uden vores forudgående skriftlige samtykke er ikke tilladt. Du indvilliger i, at du ikke vil (og er enig i, at du ikke vil hjælpe andre med at) kopiere, reproducere, overføre, offentliggøre, fremvise, uddele, udnytte i erhvervsøjemed eller manipulere de immaterielle rettigheder på en hvilken som helst måde.

8.2 Du anerkender og accepterer, at materialet og indholdet på hjemmesiden stilles til rådighed for din personlige, ikke-kommercielle brug. Enhver anden brug af sådanne materialer og sådant indhold er strengt forbudt.

8.3 Vi giver dig hermed licens til at downloade og bruge softwaren, så du kan deltage. Din brugsret er underlagt nærværende vilkår og betingelser. Vi forbeholder os enhver ret til softwaren, og du må kun bruge softwaren i overensstemmelse med disse vilkår og betingelser samt licensen som er givet til dig.

9. Afbrydelser i spil

9.1 Garanti

Tjenesten og softwaren stilles til rådighed “som den er og forefindes”. Vi giver ingen garantier eller erklæringer om, hvad enten det er udtrykt eller antydet, i forbindelse med tilfredsstillende kvalitet, egnethed til et bestemt formål eller fuldstændigheden og nøjagtigheden af tjenesten eller softwaren.

9.2 Tekniske fejl

Vi kan ikke holdes ansvarlige for computerfejl, fejl eller svigt hos telekommunikationstjenester eller internetforbindelser eller for forsøg på at deltage i spil via metoder, midler eller måder, som afviger fra de af os tilsigtede.

9.3 Rapporterede fejl

Vi kan ikke garantere, at tjenesten aldrig vil have fejl, men vi vil udbedre rapporterede fejl så hurtigt som muligt. Hvis en fejl opstår, bedes du rapportere fejlen via telefon eller e-mail til vores kundeservicecenter.

9.4 Vira

Til trods for at vi tager alle de nødvendige skridt for at sikre, at softwaren og filerne er fri for virus, kan vi ikke garantere, at softwaren og filerne er fri fra sådanne problemer. Det er dit ansvar at beskytte dine systemer og at have taget forholdsregler for det tilfælde, at du skal geninstallere tabt data eller programmer på grund af virus.

9.5 Driftsafbrydelse

Vi kan midlertidigt afbryde hele eller dele af tjenesten af en hvilken som helst grund og efter eget skøn. Ved afbrydelse vil vi, uden at være forpligtet hertil, så vidt muligt give dig forudgående varsel. Efter en midlertidig afbrydelse vil vi genoprette tjenesten, så snart det er muligt.

9.6 Annullerede indsatser

I tilfælde af tekniske fejl i systemet vil alle udestående indsatser/væddemål blive annulleret. Vi kan ikke holdes ansvarlige over for dig for eventuelle tab, som du pådrager dig som følge af en afbrydelse eller forsinkelse.

9.7 Klager/krav

Klager eller krav af en hvilken som helst art, skal være indsendt senest 3 måneder efter hændelsens dato.

VIGTIGT: For at sikre, at klager/krav henvises og undersøges af den korrekte afdeling, skal enhver kommunikation til Betway.dk indsendes skriftligt på følgende kontaktoplysninger:

• E-mail: manager@betway.dk

• Brev: Betway Limited, PO Box 29, Malta Post, Gzira, GZR-1300, MALTA

Derudover skal din henvendelse inkludere følgende oplysninger:


a) Dit brugernavn/kontonummer

b) dit registrerede fornavn og efternavn

c) En uddybende forklaring på klagen/kravet

d) Den præcise dato og tid associeret med klagen/kravet (hvis det er relevant)

NB: Undladelse af at indsende din henvendelse i overensstemmelse med ovenstående, vil resultere i, at klagen/kravet ikke bliver kategoriseret korrekt og undersøgt for en rettidig løsning.

Ved modtagelse af klagen/kravet, vil vi bestræbe os på at løse problemet best muligt inden for 14 dage eller som et minimum give dig en forventet tidsramme på en løsning. Hvis du af en eller anden grund ikke er tilfreds med resultatet af din klage/krav, kan du kontakte eCOGRA og indsende en ”Klageformular”.

9.8 Ændringer

Betway forbeholder sig retten til med øjeblikkelig virkning og uden forudgående varsel at afbryde, ændre, fjerne eller tilføje ethvert spil eller enhver software efter eget skøn på hjemmesiden. Vi kan ikke holdes ansvarlige for et eventuelt tab som resultat af disse ændringer, modifikationer, afbrydelser eller ophør af softwaren eller tjenesten, og du har ikke krav på erstatning mod Betway i den anledning.

10. Skadesløsholdelse og ansvarsbegrænsning

10.1 Erstatning

Du accepterer at skadesløsholde os, vores direktører, ledere, ansatte, aktionærer, repræsentanter, associerede selskaber, vores ultimative moderselskab, moderselskaber og datterselskaber, mod alle omkostninger, udgifter, gæld og skader (hvad enten der er tale om direkte eller indirekte skader eller følgeskader) som følge af din deltagelse, herunder, men ikke begrænset til:

1. Besøg, brug eller genbrug af hjemmesiden;

ii. Brug eller genbrug af hjemmesiden ved hjælp af telekommunikationstjenester;

iii. Brug eller genbrug af materialer hos, eller som blev skaffet fra, hjemmesiden eller andre kilder;

iv. Adgang til, eller brug eller genbrug af, hjemmesidens server;

v. Muliggørelse eller foretagelse af en indbetaling på din konto hos Betway;

vi. Deltagelse i væddemål eller spil hos Betway igennem en hvilken som helst leveringsmetode, som tilbydes;

vii. Modtagelse og brug af enhver gevinst eller præmie hos eller fra Betway; og

viii. Brug eller genbrug af Betways software, på en hvilken som helst måde eller gennem et hvilket som helst medium.

10.2 Ansvarsbegrænsning

Under ingen omstændigheder er vi, vores direktører, ledere, ansatte, aktionærer, repræsentanter, associerede selskaber, vores ultimative moderselskab, moderselskaber eller datterselskaber ansvarlige over for dig i eller uden for kontrakt, eller erstatningsansvarlige for andet, herunder for tab eller skader, som er opstået af en hvilken som helst årsag, hvad enten det er direkte eller indirekte, eller for et hvilket som helst beløb (uanset om vi er blevet orienteret om muligheden for sådanne tab eller skader).

Betway er hverken ansvarlig i eller uden for kontrakt eller erstatningsansvarlig for andet, herunder for tab eller skader som følge af eller i forbindelse med din brug af et link på hjemmesiden. Vi er ikke ansvarlige for indholdet på en hjemmeside, som vi linker til på vores hjemmeside eller via tjenesten.

10.4 Uagtsomhed

Intet i disse vilkår og betingelser kan fravige eller begrænse firmaets ansvar ved bedrageri, dødsfald eller personskade som følge af firmaets uagtsomhed.

11. Tilgængelighed af tilbud

11.1 Berettigelse

Alle tilbud er begrænset til én person pr. familie, husholdningsadresse, e-mail-adresse, telefonnummer, samme kontonummer ved betaling (f.eks. debet- eller kreditkort osv.), og delt computer (som f.eks. skole, bibliotek eller arbejdsplads). Samtlige tilbud hos Betway henvender sig til fritidsspillere, og Betway kan, efter eget skøn, begrænse en spillers adgang til at deltage i et hvilket som helst tilbud. Vi forbeholder os retten til at tilbagetrække tilgængeligheden af ethvert tilbud eller samtlige tilbud for enhver spiller.

11.2 Tilbagekaldelse af tilbud

Betway forbeholder sig retten til at tilbagekalde samtlige tildelte bonusser, samt enhver gevinst, som er opstået deraf, hvis spillere er fundet skyldige i at forfalske eller misbruge et hvilket som helst aspekt af en kampagne hos Betway. Hvis der findes bevis på en række væddemål placeret af en spiller eller en gruppe af spillere, der som følge af forbedrede betalinger igennem salgsfremmende tilbud resulterer i en garanteret spillerprofit uanset resultat, forbeholder Betway sig retten til at ignorere bonuselementet af sådanne tilbud og afregne væddemålene med de korrekte odds. Betway forbeholder sig desuden retten til at bede en spiller om at indlevere fyldestgørende dokumentation, så vi er fuldt ud overbevist om spillerens identitet, før vi krediterer en bonus, et freebet eller et tilbud på spillerens konto.

12. Ansvarligt spil

12.1 Politik

Det er meningen at spil skal være en sjov oplevelse, men det kan være vanedannende, så vi opfordrer dig til at spille fornuftigt og ansvarligt. På vores side for ansvarligt spil kan du læse mere om, hvordan du kan få en mere tryg og ansvarlig spilleoplevelse, såvel som en beskrivelse af de forskellige indstillinger for ansvarligt spil i softwaren.

12.2 Politik for selvudelukkelse

Du kan når som helst indføre en midlertidig eller permanent selvudelukkelsesperiode for din spilkonto:

Kortvarig pause – kontoen suspenderes i en periode på 24 timer

Midlertidig udelukkelse – kontoen suspenderes i en periode på mindst 1 kalendermåned

Permanent udelukkelse – kontoen suspenderes i en periode på mindst 1 år.

Se venligst Betways selvudelukkelsespolitik under ansvarligt spil. Alternativt kan du kontakte Kundeservice.

12.3 Indbetalingsgrænser

Du kan til enhver tid indføre en indbetalingsgrænse på din konto, baseret på følgende kriterier:

• Daglig grænse

• Ugentlig grænse

• Månedlig grænse

For flere informationer bedes du venligst henvende dig Betways side for ansvarligt spil.

13. Spillerbeskyttelse

13.1 Politik

Vi vil gerne sikre os, at du kan nyde din oplevelse hos Betway på en sikker og ansvarlig måde. Vi vil omgående sørge for at tage os af ethvert problem, som måtte påvirke din oplevelse hos casinoet. Vi har en detaljeret politik for spillerbeskyttelse, som kan findes her, samt en liste over værktøjer, som du kan installere for at sikre en mere tryg spiloplevelse.

14. Gældende love, kundeservice, konflikter og klager

14.1 Kundeservice

Kundeservice er tilgængelig, hvis du skulle opleve problemer. Kundeservice kan kontaktes via e-mail på support@betway.dk.

14.2 Alternativ konfliktløsning

Den nuværende saldo og din kontos transaktionshistorik kan ses når som helst. Hvis der opstår et krav eller en konflikt som følge af tidligere eller nuværende transaktioner, bedes du venligst kontakte os. Hvis vi er ude af stand til at afgøre konflikten, henviser vi konflikten til en uafhængig mægler, som f.eks. eCOGRA, hvis beslutning vil være endelig under forudsætning af, at alle parter har haft mulighed for at fremlægge deres sag til fulde.

15. Finansiel institution

15.1 Renter

Betway er ikke en finansiel institution, hvorfor indbetalinger på din konto under ingen omstændigheder berettiger til udbetalinger af renter. 15.2 Juridisk rådgivning eller skatterådgivning

Betway yder ikke rådgivning vedrørende skat og/eller juridiske anliggender. Spillere, som ønsker rådgivning vedrørende skat eller juridiske anliggender rådes til at kontakte de relevante rådgivere.

15.4 Hvidvaskning af penge

Der er strengt forbudt at anvende Betway og dets systemer til at muliggøre ulovlige pengeoverførsler. Du må ikke bruge hjemmesiden til at udføre ulovlig eller bedragerisk aktivitet, eller hvad der bliver betragtet som ulovlige transaktioner (inklusive hvidvaskning af penge) i den jurisdiktion som gælder for dig. Hvis Betway har mistanke om, at du beskæftiger dig med, eller har været beskæftiget med, bedragerisk, ulovlig eller upassende aktivitet, inklusive hvidvaskning af penge eller anden form for opførsel, som er i modstrid med disse vilkår og betingelser, vil din adgang til Betway blive opsagt øjeblikkeligt, og din konto kan blive spærret. Hvis din konto bliver opsagt eller spærret under disse omstændigheder, er Betway ikke forpligtet til at refundere eventuelle midler, der måtte være på din konto. Derudover vil Betway være berettiget til at informere den danske spillemyndighed, andre online tjenesteudbydere, banker, kreditkortfirmaer, elektroniske betalingstjenester eller andre finansielle institutioner om din identitet, samt mistanken om den ulovlige, bedrageriske eller upassende aktivitet. Vi forventer, at du samarbejder fuldt ud med Betway under en undersøgelse af denne aktivitet.

16. Andet

16.1 Accept

Ved at acceptere disse vilkår og betingelser erklærer du, at du er klar over, at der er en risiko for at tabe penge, når du spiller, og at du har det fulde ansvar for sådanne tab. Du anerkender, at din deltagelse hos Betway er efter eget valg, skøn og på egen risiko. I forbindelse med dine tab vil du ikke have noget som helst krav på erstatning, hverken hos Betway, en partner, vores respektive direktører, ledere eller ansatte.

16.2 Berettigede spillere

Ansatte hos Betway, dets licenshavere, distributører, grossister, datterselskaber, reklame/kampagne agenturer eller andre agenturer, mediepartnere, detailhandlere og medlemmer af den nærmeste familie af disse er ikke berettiget til at deltage i spil.

16.3 Opsigelse af konto

Betway forbeholder sig retten til at opsige din konto når som helst og af en hvilken som helst grund. Hvis du har midler på din konto ved opsigelse, vil midlerne blive krediteret til dit kreditkort og/eller sendt til dig via check. Vi forbeholder os desuden retten til efter eget skøn at annullere enhver gevinst og konfiskere saldoen på din konto hos Betway, i tilfælde af et eller flere af følgende omstændigheder:

1. Hvis du har mere end én aktiv konto hos Betway;

ii. Hvis navnet på din konto hos Betway ikke stemmer overens med navnet på det/de kreditkort, som blev anvendt til at foretage indbetalinger på Betway kontoen:

iii. Hvis du deltager i en kampagne og anmoder om en udbetaling, før du har opfyldt kravene i den pågældende kampagne;

iv. Hvis du indtaster ukorrekte eller vildledende oplysninger ved registrering af en konto hos Betway;

v. Hvis du ikke opfylder aldersbetingelserne for at deltage i spillene;

vi. Hvis du har tilladt (bevidst eller ubevidst) en anden person at spille ved brug af din Betway konto;

vii. Hvis du har spillet professionelt eller sammen med andre spillere som del af en klub, gruppe eller lignende. Betway må udelukkende anvendes på individuel basis og for egen personlig underholdning;

viii. Hvis du har tilbageført (chargeback) en indbetaling foretaget med et kreditkort på din Betway konto;

ix. Hvis du bliver kendt skyldig i aftalt spil, bedrageri, hvidvaskning af penge eller enhver anden form for bedragerisk adfærd hos Betway;

x. Hvis det fastslås af Betway, at du har gjort brug af et system (inklusive maskiner, computere, software eller andre automatiserede systemer, som f.eks. bots eller lignende), som specifikt er designet til at overvinde spilsystemet eller Betway;

xi. Hvis du bruger vores hjemmeside, software eller din konto i ond tro;

xii. Hvis du i vores chat laver udtalelser med eksplicit seksuelt indhold eller som er stødende, hvilket inkluderer ytringer om religion, racisme, had eller ukvemsord;


xiii.Hvis Betway er blevet gjort opmærksom på, at du har spillet hos et andet casino under et eller flere af omstændighederne angivet fra (i) til (xii) foroven.

16.4 PR

Ved at acceptere en præmie og/eller en gevinst fra Betway, giver du samtykke til, at dit navn kan blive anvendt til reklame og PR-formål uden yderligere kompensation, undtagen, hvor det er forbudt ved lov.

16.5 Hele aftalen

Nærværende vilkår og betingelser repræsenterer den fuldstændige, endelige og eksklusive aftale mellem dig og Betway og erstatter og samler alle tidligere aftaler, tilkendegivelser og forståelser mellem dig og Betway i forbindelse med at spille hos Betway. Betway forbeholder sig retten til at ændre disse vilkår og betingelser eller implementere eller ændre en procedure når som helst og uden forudgående varsel. Sådanne ændringer vil blive implementeret efter ledelsens eget skøn og vil træde i kraft omgående.

16.6 Uregelmæssigt spil

Inden udbetalinger behandles, vil dit spil blive gennemgået for eventuelle uregelmæssige spillemønstre. Med henblik på at opnå retfærdigt spil vil enkeltindsatser med lige, nul eller lave marginer samt hedge betting blive betragtet som uregelmæssigt spil i forbindelse med omsætning af et bonusbeløb. Skulle Betway skønne, at uregelmæssigt spil har fundet sted, forbeholder vi os retten til at tilbageholde enhver udbetaling og/eller konfiskere alle dine gevinster.

16.7 Endegyldig beslutning

I tilfælde af uoverensstemmelser mellem resultatet som vises i din software og Betways server software, vil resultatet der vises på Betways server software være det officielle og afgørende resultat.

16.8 Skat

Du er alene ansvarlig for at betale eventuelle skatter på en præmie og/eller gevinst, som du indkasserer fra Betway.

16.9 Force majeure

Betway kan ikke holdes ansvarlig for manglende opfyldelse af forpligtelser eller forsinkelse i opfyldelsen af forpligtelserne i spilkontrakten, såfremt disse er opstået som følge af begivenheder, som er uden for vores rimelige kontrol.

16.10 Agentur

Intet i disse vilkår og betingelser skal blive betragtet som at skabe agentur, partnerskab, sammenslutning, tillidsforhold eller anden form for joint venture mellem dig og os. 16.11 Vilkårenes uafhængighed

Hvis en bestemmelse i disse vilkår og betingelser bliver erklæret ugyldig, ulovlig eller uden retskraft af en kvalificeret myndighed, vil bestemmelsen blive udskilt fra de øvrige bestemmelser, som forbliver i kraft og vil være gyldige i videst muligt omfang tilladt ved lov. I sådanne tilfælde vil den del, som anses for ugyldig eller uden retskraft, blive ændret i overensstemmelse med gældende lovgivning for at afspejle Betways oprindelige hensigt bedst muligt.

16.12 Forklaring af disse vilkår og betingelser

Vi anser disse vilkår og betingelser som retfærdige. Skulle du få brug for råd vedrørende ovenstående eller andre dele af tjenesten, bedes du venligst kontakte os support@betway.dk. Bemærk venligst, at korrespondance og telefonopkald kan blive optaget.

Sidst opdateret den 03/03/2020 kl. 17:00 CET.

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