Best Daily Fantasy Canada – Top Betting Sites for 2023

Daily fantasy sports became outrageously popular in the past two years, transforming from a small niche to a multimillion industry. Canadians didn’t stay behind and reached up to the newest member of the otherwise big gambling family.
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Last Updated on 16 Apr 2021 by Chief Editor Harrison Newton
Daily Fantasy Site Bonus Top DFS League Other Competitions Rating Secure Link
Free $3 Ticket With Your First Deposit NHL
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
5.00 ★ out of 5
1000 Points On First Deposit Premier League
  • EPL Yahoo Cup
  • NBA Yahoo Cup
4.50 ★ out of 5

Fantasy sports are games, where several players form a league and create a fantasy team using real-life players characteristics. The daily fantasy allows you to see whether your team gathered most points or not, but without making you wait an entire season for the results. Since the market and the search are increasing drastically in Canada, we feel bound to keep our readers informed and up to date.

The Makings of a Top Site for Daily Fantasy Sports in Canada

As you saw, there are two operators in the table above. These are the two sites that we think to be the best in the field of fantasy sports in Canada. And they are such because of the successful pattern that they follow – to provide players with what they need. The choice, while not easy, was quite straight forward. The two operators offer everything in terms of quality, security and fairness. They have great platforms. They are also licensed, and all those qualities make them a very desirable destination for all daily fantasy devotees!

How to Create an Account for Daily Fantasy in Canada– First Steps

In this section, we will give you few tips on how to register yourself on a website for DFS in Canada. You can do so by any desktop device or even by using one of the best Canadian apps. All you need is a strong internet connection and to know your personal details. The entire process is simple and very easy to complete, so you will have no troubles while going through it. Still, you can find a small, but handy step-by-step guide on creating an account right below and we are sure that it will help you. From there on, you can always contact the customer support of the chosen website and they will assist you through the process.

  • Step 1: Insert User Information The first thing you must do is to click on the registration button, once you enter the website. From there on, you will have to type your username, email address and password.
  • Step 2: Insert Personal Data The next step is to write your personal information. Daily fantasy sites require your name and surname, date of birth and mobile phone number.
  • Step 3: Address Details Other info that you will have to share is your address, including the city and postcode, the street and the exact number of your home.
  • Step 4: Deposit Limits If you completed the steps above, then you are a proud owner of an account in a site for daily fantasy in Canada. Now you will be given the option to set a deposit limit. You can also choose to do so at another moment.
  • Step 5: Make a Deposit For playing you will need money, so you should make a deposit. That is also easy, you just have to choose your preferred payment method and the amount you would like to cash in. Some more data might be needed for the verification.

As you can see, we didn’t lie about it and registering is, indeed, very easy. There are some new players, which are a bit doubtful when they see the amount of data required by the operators. Later on, we will discuss all the security measures that casinos have to ensure the confidentiality of every line of personal information that you disclose.

The Daily Fantasy Sports Canada – Leagues Available to Players

Daily fantasy in Canada offers a really immense number of sports to players. The website that we listed as our number one has a catalogue which can impress even the most experienced player. The top daily fantasy sports in Canada, that are one click away from you are listed below. And they are not few as well… Take into consideration that each sport has a number of available leagues as well! And if you are indeed an experienced player, you might want to take a look at the best casinos for high rollers in Canada

The opportunities that these sports give you are endless, and each has a number of leagues too. Important factors when you decide to play is to update yourself on all, and we mean all, news regarding injuries of both renowned and less popular players as well as speculations regarding the possibilities of some newly arisen stars. This type of betting is heaven for sports fanatics, and it can be outrageously rewarding! It is great that sites offer college sports too and if you are aware of them you can take the upper hand since many players are more focused on the regular fantasy sports.

Which are the Top Contests for Canadian Fantasy Sports?

A high number of contests means more chances for you to win. And we cannot say that contests are missing on the websites of the best DFS operators in Canada. You can choose between daily and weekly ones, including but not limited to Multy-Entry, Guaranteed Payout, Head-to-Head, 50/50s Double-Ups and Multipliers. They are present for different sports too, like soccer, NBA, golf, MLB, CFL, MMA and more.

Operator Head-to-Head Multi-Entry 50/50s Double-Ups Secure Link
Yes No Yes Play Now!
Yes Yes Yes Play Now!

These, in our humble opinion, are some of the best ones that are present in the daily fantasy platforms and you can win good cash with them. Some operators offer promotions and rewards or have VIP Clubs with whose help you can participate in a contest without actually spending money. You can either pay with some VIP currency or you might be given a free entry ticket. Both ways sound good enough and we never look a gift horse in the mouth anyway.

Daily Fantasy Sports Canada – The Best Bonus for You in 2023

It is quite obvious that the Canadian sites with huge welcome bonuses are a much more desired place than those that do not have a bonus for new customers. In our case, operators are eager to give a flying start to Canadian DFS players! Some give a free ticket of some amount, others let you participate in a game for free. Both options are available to players who made their first deposit, of course. Always be careful to read the terms of an offer since many operators have certain requirements. For example, there is usually a minimum deposit amount which is eligible for a bonus and anything below that amount will be left ‘offer-less’. Others have requirements on the games on which you can play your bonus ticket or free game. And all have an expiration time! Taking all these factors into account, we estimated which is the best welcome offer that you can get from a site for fantasy sports in Canada. And the winner is:

$3 Ticket Welcome Bonus
Free $3 Ticket
Min. Deposit:
Within 1 year of depositing

We understand that you might be a bit disappointed by the amount of the bonus offer but let us try to convince you in the superiority of it. As a starter, at least you get something, no? Aside from our jokes, the bonus has quite good terms. Also, some of the best welcome bonuses are offered by the newest Canadian gambling sites because these special offers are dedicated to new and inexperienced players, not for seasoned ones. The first advantage of the welcoming above is the minimum deposit amount. Let’s face it – you would like to give a try to the game before going with your own money, wouldn’t you? From there on, the validity is an entire year. Which means that even if, for whatever reason, you don’t use it immediately after depositing, you can still do it for a very long time. Plus, the operator gives you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the games.

Legality of Daily Fantasy Betting in Canada and Safety Measures

Since the boom of daily fantasy sports, many countries took the initiative and immediately included it in their lawbooks. Some marked it as legal, others preferred to outlaw it. In Canada, the situation is much vaguer and you can learn more about it in our guide of the trusted Canadian operators. Shortly put, you can play safely only at offshore DFS or other gambling sites. Government bodies have left the topic untouched. This means that DFS in Canada enters the grey column – it is not legal, but it is not illegal…

The determination, which in future is bound to happen, whether the fantasy sports are out of the law or not comes can rest on one pillar. That pillar has a bolded writing – ‘Is daily fantasy a game of chance or a game of skill?’ Another main point in the legality of fantasy games is that as far an operator is based outside of Canada, it doesn’t break Canadian laws… simply because it is not in their jurisdiction.

Operator Operating Licence Payout Report Responsible Gambling Supervisor Other Certificates Partnership Secure Link
UKGC Licence: 42475
NMi GamCare
I.B.A.S., Go Daddy, GamStop
UKGC Licence: 44723
StatsReport National Council on Problem Gambling
OATH, Yahoo, Verizon Media
OATH Limited

And while the laws will, undoubtfully, be changed to match better the reality, there are several security standards that you must look for when you enter a site for daily fantasy sports. The main one is licensing and compliance with laws.

The first operator that we listed, is an American company and therefore has no licence for its operation. However, it complies in full of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or shortly UIGEA. The second one is operated with a licence from United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Despite that none of these is Canadian, they all hold extremely much power over the operators of gambling sites and are proofs that a website is safe to play at.

Another main factor is if the operator works with organisations for responsible gambling. Just like at the top real-money gambling sites in Canada, this factor is especially important because players must have the option to self-exclude or to limit their deposits, for example. Such socially responsible associations are the US National Center for Responsible Gaming and the British GamCare, GamStop, BeGambleAware etc.

There are some non-bias arbiters, in case there is a problem between a player and an operator. You should check if the site in which you plan to play includes names like IBAS – The Independent Betting Adjudication Service, although their presence is not vital. Most websites use high-tech security measures, like the 128-bit SSL encryption, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all your private and financial data.

Daily Fantasy Canada – Recommended Payment Methods

It is time to discuss the payment methods that you can use when playing daily fantasy in Canada. They are many and most of them offer fast and comfortable service. Players can choose to use credit and debit cards, although many are moving on from these two options since disclosing your bank details to an online gambling operator doesn’t sound that great. A brilliant possibility is to use an e-wallet. In the past years, e-wallets became very popular and are the preferred method of many when it comes to whatever online money-spending. In our opinion PayPal is the best among them, but you should not discard Skrill, Neteller and Interac casinos too! You can always deposit with a prepaid card, like Paysafecard, but you must be aware that you will be unable to withdraw funds with it. The same is the case with the best Flexepin casinos. Below you can see a list of the payment methods available in Canada, which we completely trust.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Online Banking

Many operators have minimum deposit requirements with which you will have to comply. In other cases, the bonus offer is connected to the deposit amount too, so you will want to check well the terms and conditions. The minimum deposit varies between £5 and £20. On some sites, you will have to pass through more verification processes if your overall deposits exceed £2000.

When it comes to withdrawals most operators don’t have a minimum amount, but they have a maximum one. Withdrawal requests tend to be processed by the operators within 2 to 14 days utmost. From there on, the timings depend on the payment method that you are using for cashing out. Keep in mind that e-wallets have the shortest timetables. On the other hand, the best part of the PayPal sites in Canada, par example, is that this payment processor hides your data from the recipient of the money.

The Number 1 Site for Daily Fantasy in Canada

If you are already eager and impatient to give a try to the daily fantasy in Canada, you will be happy you know that our article is towards its end. We believe that we covered most of the information about Canadian fantasy sports. But don’t go just yet! Below you will find some more blabbering that will be useful to you! There is still a FAQ section about DFS in Canada that you must check and a short, but in the bull’s eye, description of other online gambling sites in Canada and different games that you might want to check!

Anyway, we have to give you our opinion about the top site when it comes to daily fantasy in Canada. The decision was tough, we took some time to evaluate all operators around, so we can list exactly these two that you see at the beginning of the page. Well, our choice was made, and we cherry-picked the website below, giving it an imaginary crown and a sceptre!

$3 Ticket Welcome Bonus
Free $3 Ticket
Min. Deposit:
Licence Issued by MGA

The website above can offer you an absolutely amazing daily fantasy experience. It has a welcome offer, which we already mentioned. A great variety of possible games is waiting for you too! The platform is impeccable, and the site is easy to use and clear.

We talked about many aspects of daily fantasy in Canada and hopefully, we satisfied your curiosity. You already know everything about the legality, the payment methods and the available games. And while we have our favorite operator, don’t forget that there are different strokes for different folks, and you might try yourself on the other website that we mentioned. If you want to try something different, you can read our page dedicated to the blackjack sites in Canada as well.

Daily Fantasy in Canada – Quiz Time

While daily fantasy sports might not be a new and unknown subject for you, you might have a question or two in your head. Inexperienced players and newcomers will have a tone of queries too. That is why we compiled a pretty handy section of frequently asked questions about DFS in Canada. Hopefully, with our FAQs, you will lose less time in digging your answers and more time in creating the perfect team to win!

❓ Do I Have to Keep Playing Canadian Fantasy Sports All Season Long?

The beauty of Daily Fantasy Sports is exactly in this! You can play on a day-to-day basis without waiting an entire season to finish. There are more DFS options, though. You can either choose the daily one, or you can play an entire game week or season!

✅ Can I Change My Lineup and How Often in Daily Fantasy in Canada?

Daily Fantasy has many features, which are in benefit of the players. One of those is that you can change your lineup, literally, every day. However, you can edit it before the beginning of a contest. For certain daily fantasy sports, you can keep on with the changes until the beginning of an individual game.

⚽ How to Play Canadian Fantasy Football?

Once you log into the chosen site, you must choose a league in which to play. Then pick your lineup – you need 3 wide receivers, 2 running backs, 1 quarterback, 1 flex, 1 tight end and 1 defence. The rest is to play claim a DFS welcome bonus and win!

More Gambling in Canada – All That You Can Enjoy

We dedicated an entire page on daily fantasy sports, but Canada has much more to offer! Slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, bingo – if you name it, you will have it! The gambling industry is in its peak right now. More and more online casinos are launched to satisfy the requests of players. If you are interested in the rest of gambling opportunities that are put on the table for Canadians, you should check our page about top Canadian online casinos! There you will find lucrative bonuses, amazing games and detailed information about the ways to play in the best sites that you can play at, including our trusted live casinos in Canada! Furthermore, we prepared a number of guides for you, starting from the ones about Canadian slots and playing roulette online in Canada.

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