The Best Sports Betting Sites in Greece – Top Sportsbooks for 2021

If sports betting is your jam or if you would like it to be, don’t hesitate to delve into our very thorough and comprehensive review of how it all works. In addition, we will recommend the best sports betting websites to practice it and it’s all entirely dedicated to the Greek audience.
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Sports Betting Site Bonus Official Partner of Club Top Markets Rating Secure Link
Up to €25 Money Back Champion Hurdle, Club Brugge
  • Football
  • Tennis
4.85 ★ out of 5
€122 + 22 Bet Points Ronaldinho & Friends VS Adler All-Stars charity match
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
4.70 ★ out of 5

If you are passionate about sports, live and breathe football, can recite every NBA player’s names, or the Winter Olympics are your most anticipated event every 4 years, you are destined to be a pro at sports betting. It is the perfect fusion between your passion and the gambling world that will allow you to monetise on what you are exceptional at. Throughout this review, we will cover plenty of aspects directly related to sports betting in the sunny nation of Greece, as well as what we consider the best sites that you would certainly love. Licensing, bet types, best odds and favourite payment methods among other interesting things are all at your disposal with just a few simple scrolls or clicks. Let’s dive right in.

A Good Operator Is a Licensed One – Why We Feature Only Legal Sites

When we do research on a casino or a country, as it is in this case, something we absolutely pay attention to is safety with regards to the players from a casino standpoint and gambling from country standpoint. There always needs to be proper regulation with specific laws set in place to ensure that the punters can engage in their favourite activities without any fear that they might be breaking any rules if they do. Many Greeks across the nation have chosen sports betting as their go-to option when they want to have some adrenaline-fueled in their bodies.

Prior to 2011, the Greek government was firmly against gambling and all electronic forms of it were banned with a law that was passed in 2002. Luckily for the locals, the 2011 Gambling Act reversed the situation making all land-based and online casino activities legal. This only meant fabulous news for everyone as the act meant regulated venues across the country and a complete ban of any website or gambling locale that doesn’t possess any licensing or certification that proves their transparency and safety. Therefore, rest assured, that every bookie that we recommend here is not only among the best we think the Greeks deserve to sink their teeth into but is also completely safe, fair and trustworthy.

  • OPAP
  • Hellenic Gaming Commission

Currently, the Hellenic Gaming Commission is the main Greek body that follows for all the regularities and irregularities that occur within the field. This, in combination with the Gambling Act from 2011, has resulted in a greatly regulated environment, and this is something we always look at when examining the safety of a website. Licensing and authorities that it is being regulated by. The websites we have explored here have all met the industry standards for legitimacy. Moreover, the casinos promote responsible gambling and have established relations with numerous sites that can help you deal with potential problems that might arise in the process” further proof of their security and trustworthiness.

The Best Live Betting Sites in Greece

Every casino that demands a place among the best in the respective category must aim to provide the most modern and up-to-date experience to its devoted punters. Live betting is something every self-respecting and reputable gambling website should consider as part of its arsenal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, this allows you to place bets even after the event of choice has begun already. This provides a greater degree of flexibility, excitement, and unpredictability to the outcome of your bet. You might encounter it as “In-Play” or “Live NOW”, but it all means the exact same. Below, we have outlined the 3 best casinos you can enjoy from any Greek locale or beach, that offer live betting on their platforms.

Betting Site Bonus Offer Min. Deposit Wagering Requirements Rating Secure Link
100% Up To €100 €10 X4 the bonus amount 4.70/5 Play Here!
100% Up To €122 + 22 Bet Points €1 X5 the bonus amount in accumulator bets 4.85/5 Play Here!

Each of our personal favourite picks was tested to measure the quality of the streams, as well as how accurate the real-time updating is. It might not come as a surprise to you, but the performance was indeed fantastic. The odds are updated to the second, which is really a testament to the accuracy of the in-play option. You are welcome to follow the progress as well as any other bet you have placed from the comfort of your portable device, as well.

As all of this is happening online, it is needless to say, and yet extremely important, that you need to have a stable Internet connection. Otherwise, you might experience lagging and be unable to act when you see fit. The quality of the streams is equally stunning and the bigger your display, the better the picture of the event you are currently tracking. Overall, you will be really satisfied with the performance of the 3 casinos when it comes to their live betting features.

Top Greek Bookie for Cash Out

Every person who is familiar with the cash-out option would know for sure, why it is among the most valuable ones you can take advantage of. For those of you who are unaware of it, it basically allows you to settle your bet before the end of the event you have chosen to place your money on. This is particularly beneficial in cases where you feel like you are starting to lose money on your bet and would like to limit your losses, or instances, where you are on a winning row and would like to step back because you have a hunch things, might go south from here on.

There’s a flip side to this, keep in mind. Sometimes you can decide to cash out a bet too early, thinking now is the time to do so because the bet might win, only for it to end up making loads of cash at the end. A displeasing situation that can happen and we would like you to know this. The bottom line is to always opt for the smart move and avoid making rash decisions, blinded by pile of cash. The Greeks can test the feature out at one of the recommendations we have provided you with and see where the tides of luck will bring you.

The Best Sports Betting Welcome Bonus for Greek Gamblers

No casino experience is complete without juicy bonuses and promotions. Many punters seek them out and place great importance on them, as they provide the necessary incentive to keep going and return over and over again. Above all, particular interest falls on the welcome bonus. It is the perfect way to kickstart your journey with a decent amount of extra cash that will allow you to place more and bigger bets, depending on your experience and knowledge of how everything works.

Greeks have the opportunity to take advantage of great starting offers through any of our top picks here. The one we’d recommend the most is probably the welcome bonus offer of 22Bet Casino. It promises to match 100% of your first deposit up to €122 and will award you with additional 22 Bet points. This will provide you with a very decent starting amount that will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sports betting section of the 22Bet casino.

100% up to €122 + 22 Bet Points
7 Days

We hope you didn’t think that you would get the extra cash just like that and it wouldn’t entail certain terms and conditions. We advise you to read through them as they contain important information that will spare you possible confusion and lay out everything you need to know. For starters, you have to be aware that most of the bonuses and promotions on any given casino website are subject to a specific number of wagers you must complete before you are able to claim/withdraw the awarded amount. In this case, if the amount in question is credited to the sports betting bonus account, the wager you’ll have to meet is x5 the bonus amount in accumulator bets. An underlining rule here is that each of these bets has to contain 3 selections with odds of 1.40 or higher each. These are just some of the conditions you must know and play by if you want to successfully claim your free cash.

On a side note, we want to commend the fact that the initial amount the casino has decided to go for is well within the grasp of the majority of the punters out there. It is neither too high to afford, nor insignificant enough to have the gamblers deem it as unworthy and pass on. Moreover, the additional free bets are more than welcome if you ask us, and we will accept them with open arms. Last but not least, the considerably lower wager requirement makes it an easy accomplishment, as opposed to other websites that demand more than 35 or 40 times the amount of your initial deposit. It is a great starting offer all-around, and we are certain you will be happy with it.

The Bookies in Greece with the Best Betting Apps

Ever since the first-ever smartphone was made available to the mass population, the world was taken by a storm as every average joe wanted to get their hands on one. As a result, in the past 15 years or so, we have become increasingly addicted to having everything at our disposal and at the tip of our fingers. Gambling does not come as an exception, as everyone wants to have the convenience of playing poker or betting on the favourite horse from a portable device. The good news is that the companies are learning. The websites become increasingly mobile-friendly, or even better, a dedicated app is developed for the most popular operating systems.

Having said that, 22Bet Sport and Unibet Sport are all beautifully optimised for any relatively modern device you can think of. We ran our tests on various iOS and Android devices and the sports betting section of each of our top picks was running, as well as streaming smoothly and without any lagging. For this, you’d need a stable internet connection, as well. If you decide to enter through your pre-installed browser, this won’t cause any difficulties whatsoever.

The team behind the casinos have made it perfectly easy and straight forward for you to access the casino, your account, and track your favourite sporting events. Luckily for all the folks in Greece, your web browser isn’t your only option. The teams of Unibet have taken the time to invest in a dedicated sports app for the Apple users, while 22bet for Android, as well. As you might expect, it would be considered as the most efficient and optimal way to track all your sports, bets, and live streams with a single click of the icon. Unfortunately, the Android supporters, have to wait a little while longer before they are treated on equal grounds across all casinos. We are giving extra bonus points to Unibet for having an app for iOS and taking points back at the same time for not creating one for Android users, as well.

Money Back Up to €25
  • Sports: 29
  • Live Betting
  • iOS Application

Sports Betting Markets Available to Greek Punters

Similarly to the casino section, where every gambler counts on a vast array of slots and table games to choose from, with sports betting it is very much the exact same. The variety of offered events and different sports is essential for the success of the online venue. This provides the bettors with the possibility to find the most valuable bets on any of the platforms, switch sports and mix up their daily gambling experiences. Who knows, you might find the thrills you’ve been looking for where you least expect them.

All 3 of our recommendations will blow your mind in terms of quantity and variety of the offerings. There are so many sports you can choose from and not only that but can bet on many major sporting events, as well. First things first, all 3 sites contain extensive databases covering a great deal of sports for any taste and preference. We have highlighted the total amounts of available sports you can engage with in each casino in the small table below:

# Unibet Sport 22Bet Sport
# of Supported Sports (Total) 38 50
# of Supported Countries (Football) 58 51
# of Supported Countries (Basketball) 8 14
# of Supported Athletic Disciplines 48 32
# of Supported American Football Leagues 3 (NFL, CFL, NCAAF) 3 (NFL, CFL, NCAAF)
# of Supported Handball Leagues 10 8

22bet is taking the lead when it comes to a total amount of offered sports. However, this does not exclude the others as lesser of an option. Football championships, tennis tournaments, hockey matches, horse racing, and many more are available in the pool of choices, and regardless if you are a pro at your selectee or a rookie, you are more than welcome to take part and become a pro. Plus you never know where you will stumble upon the most valuable bet of them all.

It’s not a secret that the biggest events and tournaments for each sport are the most competitive ones. Not just that, but the bets are increasingly competitive, as well, not to mention extremely lucrative. Any self-respected fan would want to participate in that. With our special selection of the best betting platforms, Greek nationals can feel like they are a part of a big chunk of the most renowned world events in the field of sports.

Head to Unibet to follow the most recent updates from Bundesliga, La Liga, or the Premier League. Fans of the hoops can check Unibet Sport’s basketball section and see what is worth betting on in the NBA and FIBA World Cup qualifications. Last but not least, 22Bet gives you the opportunity to bet for your favourite tennis player, provide you with a glimpse into the Rugby World Cup and give you a tour of the current odds in one of the numerous Formula One Grand Prix’s on display. There really are so many possibilities and the best thing is that most of them can be found at any of our 3 recommendations for you.

Sports Popular in Greece

Greece has a very long history in sports. In fact, many of the modern-day Olympic and non-Olympic sports are believed to have originated in ancient Greece. Examples include jumping, running, boxing, wrestling, and discus throw among others. Regardless of just how valid this statement is, there is no denying that Greeks love sporty activities and are huge fans and supporters of a great deal of them. Like any other progressive country in Europe, Greece places great value on football and basketball. Their national basketball team is considered one of the best in the world, constantly winning medals from championships. Furthermore, the national soccer team has been gaining momentum thanks to the great team of players representing their homeland.

When it comes to athletics, Greece is probably the first country many get an instant association with. Interesting fact, the nation is only one of four countries to have not missed a single Summer Olympics participation since the inception of the global tournament. Aside from these, volleyball has its stable following, tennis is quickly rising to fame and all things water are beloved across the board…no surprise here. With all of these things considered, we are absolutely sure that every local gambling enthusiast and sports fanatic will find his or her respective safe heaven at any of our 3 recommended.

eSports Betting Markets

The rapid advancement of technology and graphics came the inevitable rise of popularity of the video games culture, in particular, the online multiplayer sector. It has grown to be the passion for many players around the world and Greece is no exception. National players can engage in some of the most popular games that have immense followings and attract bettors. You can find most of them in our favourite picks for local enthusiasts, which really puts an emphasis on just how diverse they are in terms of content and quality of each catalogue. Take a look at the table below for some figures regarding our absolute front-runners.
Brand Name CS:GO Markets LoL Markets Dota2 Markets
7 17 5
3 12 0

22Bet is the clear winner having all 3 top games available on its platform, quantity-wise, as well. Aside from this, you have plenty of markets to choose from regardless of the website you opt for. Even though these 3 are considered the most widely followed by fans, this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones that enjoy the players’ interest. The above-listed casinos are well aware of this fact and that is why they have included additional titles to make their appeal broader and your satisfaction higher. At Unibet casino you can also beat the odds at Starcraft 2, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. 22Bet can lure you not just with the extra offering from the other websites, but with a few exciting inclusions and namely: Street Fighter V, WarCraft III, SMITE, Rainbow Six, and Clash Royale. This gets our heart pumping and we aren’t even the biggest gamers out there. We are certain the Greek fans will be thrilled by the options they have at their disposal.

Bet Types Selection for Best Betting Sites in Greece

Having the possibility to choose between dozens of sports and hundreds of individual face-offs and matches is probably the first thing that ignites the interest in many punters: existing and potential. Flexibility is key and providing your customer base with options makes them happy. While on that topic, there is one more thing in the sports betting world that makes the gamblers even happier, and that’s the flexibility of the wagers you are placing. This allows you to not only win on based on the pure outcome but to possibly benefit from everything that is happening in between, aside from the end result.

The freedom to create betting combinations by using various aspects of the sport you have engaged yourself with gives you tremendous leverage. Here, luck isn’t the only thing that will reap you even more rewards as knowledge of the sport itself is also vital. If you take football, for example, knowing the history of the team and individual players will significantly boost your odds when betting on amounts of goals or red cards that will be pulled during play. The Greek fans can feel nothing short of pure joy as our top picks for the country allow you to do just that. With their sophisticated betting systems, you are allowed to utilize the features of any match/game/round you please to your maximum effectiveness and profitability. You have the opportunity to place outrights, handicaps, bet on a number of goals, use handicaps to your advantage and place over/under bets on various aspects of the game or tournaments. Really, the possibilities to twig your wager and earn from everything happening seem limitless. Head to any of the recommended websites to check it out for yourself.

The Greek Bookie with the Best Odds

The punters that know their way around the system, understand just how important the profit margin is when it comes to defining your bet and evaluating the odds of it. For the newbies unfamiliar with the term, this is the percentage that you are charged with by the house for every bet you make. Naturally, the smaller the percentage, the better for you and everything under 10% is considered legit and reasonable. The house must earn something to maintain the business with after all, doesn’t it? These percentages are adjusted individually for every sport or game and is very difficult to come by any two that are the same thanks to a number of factors. We examined the profit margins for an upcoming match from the German Bundesliga and have outlined the results in the table below.

Betting Site Pre-Match/In-Play Betting Market Profit Margin
Pre-Match Bundesliga 5.40%
Pre-Match Bundesliga 5.57%

This specific case exemplifies two things that has our attention immediately turned to. Firstly, all of them offer a great profit margin percentage. Every one of them keeps just between 5% and 7% of your bet in-house. Generally speaking, the odds are great across them all and you are safe, placing a wager at any of them. Secondly, 22Bet rises to the top spot again as the casino with the smallest percentage that it keeps from every pet you place in its sports betting section. The difference is small, but enough to have you dedicate less to the casino and more towards your bet.

The Highest Odds for Football

It’s hard to think of a European country where football won’t be a dominant force, towering above all else as a favourite sport among the locals. Greece certainly isn’t an exception from the rule. If we stick with famous European Leagues, make a slight transition to the Spanish La Liga, and take the upcoming FC Barcelona vs. Valencia as an example, we calculated that the odds for this game fall at 6.18%. This is a great percentage to go for, as it means a tiny percentage of your bet goes for the house. In addition, it illustrates how tiny the difference between our top picks is, regardless of the fact that the table in the previous paragraph exemplifies the one with the highest percentage.

The Highest Odds for Basketball

As we mentioned earlier, the Greek basketball team is considered as one of the best in the world. As of 2019, it is sitting comfortably at number 9. The nation takes pride in it, and naturally, we took it as the 2nd most popular sport in the country. Unibet Sport covers both the FIBA World Cup and the NBA, while 22bet takes care of the FIBA again, as well as the Space League 4×4, the China Championship U21, and the Russia 3×3 Premier League. In any case, whenever Greece is on the field, you will be able to follow the bets on any of the websites. The rest would depend on your personal preferences. For the NBA fans out there, the upcoming San Antonia Spurs Vs. the New York Knicks game, the odds are set at 6.26%, which again is a prime example of how almost evenly balanced the numbers are across any of our recommended bookies.

PayPal Bookies in Greece – The Top Payment Methods for Betting

It’s important for every self-respected online business that is selling a product to provide its customer base with the right amount of payment method options to satisfy every taste. The more you offer, the lesser it is an inconvenience for any punter that is willing to deposit funds. Greeks can jump from joy as a variety of the most widely used and common methods are dispersed across all of our favourite picks. VISA for all of them, Maestro for 22Bet, Paysafecard for Unibet, Neteller and Skrill for all of them, in addition to direct bank transfers.

With a few exceptions, the minimum deposit amount for all payment methods at 22Bet is set at 1 EUR/USD; for bank transfers, the sum is 50. At Unibet, the amount falls in between with 5 USD/EUR. Processing time is usually instant for the majority of methods across all casinos. Allow for a few minutes for the amount to reflect in your casino account. The one major exception here would be the bank transfers that may take up to 2 or 3 business days due to the internal processing time the institutions have.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Trustly
  • Paysafecard

The withdrawal process is usually a bit more time-consuming and requires more patience. You can withdraw to your VISA, local debit card, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, and Trustly account, as well as via a wire transfer You cannot receive withdrawals to a Diners card, Sofort, iWallet, PurplePay, and Instadebit accounts among others. With Unibet and 22Bet, the situation is pretty similar to every major method you can deposit wit with, is entitled to receive funds back, as well. We always advise you to have a look for additional information regarding the matter, because there is always something additional that will help you paint a complete picture. For example, bear in mind that 22Bet accepts a total of 134 methods for depositing and 69 for withdrawing. This is an extremely extensive and accommodating list that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you consider a less traditional one for your cash infusions.

Processing times are seldom instant due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, the casinos have individual internal checks to make sure the transaction is legitimate, it isn’t in any way connected with money laundering, and your account completeness allows it (most casinos require you to have a fully verified account before a withdrawal is authorized). Secondly, once the transaction is released it needs to arrive at the destination institution where it needs additional internal processing before it’s reflected in your personal account. With PayPal, for example, the amount usually arrives almost instantly, however, many users are not aware that they must access their accounts and claim it before it is added to the respective PayPal account. All combined and considering your account is fully verified, expect a total waiting time in the range of 5 to 7 business days, not including (local)public holidays and weekends. On a final note, a little piece of advice from our side: the fastest methods to place withdrawals to, are usually e-wallets, where it takes 2 to 3 business days.

In Summary: The Top Online Betting Site for Greece in 2021

As we near the end of our thorough research on what and how Greek nationals can engage with when it comes to sports betting in Greece, we would like to touch upon some of the highlights that should definitely have everyone within the country borders more than excited. The main keywords are diversity, flexibility, inclusion, and great odds. These are the main characteristics that are deeply rooted inside the foundation of each of our recommended casinos. Each one of them boasts an impressive array of sports, leagues, and tournaments that will please the fans. Moreover, the odds you are getting here are all in line with industry standards and fall below the 10th percentile. This is only good news as the smaller the odd, the less of an amount is taken by the house from every bet of yours. You have plenty of payment methods you can use and the bonus system for each casino is there to bring you even more enjoyment with lucrative rewards.

If we were to pick one of our top picks as an absolute favourite, even by a tiny much, we would go for 22Bet Sport. It boasts the most extensive selection of sports, biggest number of eSports games, including Dota 2, which is absent from the other pick, and the most lucrative welcome bonus with a 100% match for up to €122 + 22 Bet Points. Not only that, but it also provides you with a massive list of payment methods you can use for your casino transactions and the lowest odds even if it is by a small margin compared to Unibet Sport. It’s an overall crowd-pleaser across the board.

We sincerely hope that this review was as fun for you to read as it was for us to compose. If we managed to shed some light on things you needed more information about, then we did our job right. In case you feel like you want to know more about other gambling topics, their availability, and features for the Greek nationals, make sure you check our extremely detailed and informative reviews by following one of the links below. You can also take a look at our page dedicated to the best casino sites in Greece and learn everything about the top places and games to play.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting in Greece

Is there something which we’ve left unanswered? Or maybe you’re just curious to know what are the most frequent queries around Greek sports betting? Either way, check out the FAQ’s we’ve listed below as they might be instructive for your future experience with bookies!

How can a company become a bookmaker in Greece?

There are certain regulations and requirements which one needs to meet. First of all, you need to be regulated by the Hellenic Gambling Commission and you have to be aware of the current gambling situation in Greece.

Can the eSport markets change across the sport sites available in Greece?

For the time being the most popular electronic games are as CS:GO, LoL and DOTA, but this doesn't mean that the operators won't include more options. Esports gambling in Greece is getting more and more popular, so you can definitely expect more to come!

Can I place a bet with the top Greek bookmakers after the match has started?

This is one of the main advantages of online sports betting in Greece. After a game starts, the odds change in the course of the match, but players can still place their bets. This is called in-play betting in Greece and you should definitely try it out!

What is the best sports betting bonus from Greek bookmakers?

We've listed the best sports betting bonus in Greece from 22Bet as the one which should inspire your interest the most.However, depending on your preferences you might find the other promotions quite appealing as well.

Do I always need to have a mobile app on my phone to enter a Greek bookmaker?

Although apps are quite trendy nowadays, online sports betting around the world has evolved. Most Greek operators don't require downloading an app anymore and have mobile versions as well. This applies for the operator of our top Greek sports betting app as well!