Martingale Roulette Strategy – the Simplest Betting System of Them All

If you wish to learn about the easiest strategy to compensate for your losses on a roulette game, then make sure to carefully check this page about the Martingale roulette betting system.
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You will find the explanation of the strategy in contrast to other similar ones, the steps to apply it during a roulette game, the advantages, and the disadvantages as well as the best casino operator to test your newly obtained knowledge. Keep going!

What Is the Martingale Roulette Strategy?

The betting strategy originated from the 18th century. The French people invented this simple strategy as well as the roulette game. In the beginning, it was all down to make bets, toss a coin and see whether it came up heads or tails. The tails signified a loss, so the gambler was supposed to double the bet after each loss. They believed that by doubling the bet, the consecutive wins would make up for the early losses. Eventually, the principle to double bets after a loss has also been applied to the roulette bets. The best bets to make are even chance bets like red/black, even/odd or high/low since there is a 50% probability for a win . Take a look at our list of safe UK roulette sites if you wish to find a suitable online gambling operator to play for real. The Martingale system is the simplest one to understand and use. In comparison to other negative progression strategies like the Fibonacci and D’Albembert strategies.

Those latter ones usually involve a sequence of numbers where betters must either bet the corresponding amount to the first number in the sequence or pick an initial bet and keep increasing bets by one after a loss or decrease them by win after a win. Each theory has strengths and weaknesses but keep reading to find more about the Martingale strategy.

Comparison of the Martingale Roulette System
Roulette Strategy Type Limitation Recommended Bets Winnings Risk
Martingale Steep Progression Table Limits Even Chance Bets Increase in the Short Run High
Fibonacci Progression Fibonacci Sequence Even Chance Bets Requires a Larger Number of Bets High
D’Alembert Progression Table Limits Even Chance Bets Not Profitable in the Long Run Low

Steep progression means that losses can be quickly accumulated leaving you with a loss difficult to come back from. It’s one of the pitfalls of the Martingale betting system. Nevertheless, Martingale and D’Alembert theories seem to be only profitable in the short run while the Fibonacci system would require a greater bankroll to be able to finish the betting cycle. On the other side, we take into consideration the house edge of the casino. Therefore, players using the strategies for a longer period tend to be at a loss rather than winning.

The difference comes from the fact that the other two strategies count on a single bet to make up for their previously incurred loss while the Fibonacci system takes into account the entire sequence. The betting cycle finishes once you’ve reached your starting numbers.

All those three strategies work best on even chance bets like black or red, low or high and even or odd simply because the probability for scoring a win is 50%, the highest chances to double your bet and overcome the loss. This system is especially effective when you play high stakes roulette. D’Alembert concept is the less risky one, but you won’t also win a lot of cash using this strategy.

How to Use the Martingale System – Simple Steps to Apply

Although the Martingale only works in the short-term, it can be profitable, and the risk – controlled. It is also a simple strategy to figure out how to use. What can help you analyse the data and to predict the outcome of the game is to make an Excel sheet with the number of bets, sum, doubling amount and the outcome. Then, on a graph you can see how the strategy is working for you. Tip: use a demo roulette game for your experiment. The outcome will be similar to a real cash game.

Discover the Martingale Roulette Betting System Below:

  • 1. Set Bankroll – Determine the maximum bankroll that you could eventually lose on roulette
  • 2. First Bet – Make an initial 50/50 chance bet that is a tiny fraction of your bankroll
  • 3. Doubling – If you lose, repeat the bet and stake twice the amount of your first bet
  • 4. Keep Doubling – Only if you keep losing a bet, keep doubling it every time you have lost
  • 5. Recovery – You recover all the loses (+ your initial bet) once the ball lands on a winning slot
  • 6. Repeat – Put off aside your winnings and repeat the system by staking another small amount of your bankroll

Those are the steps to follow when you encounter a loss during the roulette session. However, take this strategy with a grain of salt as often it can be challenging to recover from a losing streak. If you notice that more than half of the available funds are lost, it is better to change the strategy, the game or to stop playing at all.

An Example of How the Tactic Works

In the table below, you will find our example applying the strategy on black and red bets. So, in a game of 10 rounds, starting with a single bet of £1 and doubling the bet after each loss, we estimated the total losses in contrast to the total wins by hitting a single win. The accumulated loss in round 8 is £255. In the 9 rounds, we hit a win with our double bet of £256.

The win equalled the loss from round 8 including a profit of the same amount. Overall, during the 9 rounds, we came to a net profit of £256 after subtracting the losses we incurred during the game. In the 10th round, we encountered another win, so we didn’t double the next bet.

Roulette Game Using the Martingale System
Round Bet Total Outcome (Amount) Net Profit
Round 1 £1 Loss (- £1) – £1 (£510)
Round 2 £2 Loss (- £2) – £3 (£508)
Round 3 £4 Loss (- £4) – £7 (£504)
Round 4 £8 Loss (- £8) – £15 (£496)
Round 5 £16 Loss (- £16) – £31 (£480)
Round 6 £32 Loss (- £32) – £63 (£448)
Round 7 £64 Loss (- £64) – £127 (£384)
Round 8 £128 Loss (- £128) – £255 (£256)
Round 9 £256 Win (+ £512) + £256 (£512)
Round 10 £1 Win (+ £2) + £2 (£514)
End Result £257 £514 £258

You can decide when to stop playing. There is no rule for that. Although, the system is limited by the betting limits and the odds of each bet, so it does not allow for greater diversity. Certainly, our trial is a very basic one where only one bet was included. But players can adjust the system by making multiple bets on the 50/50 chance bets. At the end of the test, we see that we managed to recover our initial bets and make an insignificant profit of $2. If Martingale sounds too complicated, you may also wish to consider using a non-progressive system such as the James Bond roulette strategy.

Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Reverse Martingale strategy is just the opposite betting concept. Instead of making bets when the bet is losing, the player doubles the bet after a winning one. The aim is to keep increasing the bet, go with the flow during a winning streak, and walk away with healthy profits. The best bets to make on the roulette table are again even chance bets. Even though it seems easy, this positive progression also requires a sequence of numbers where players must subtract the betting numbers from the series. Perhaps, the advantages of the Reverse Martingale strategy are that the strategy focuses on contributing more while its winning time and investing less during downtime. You may also be able to increase your profits if you combine both theories, yet a large bankroll will be needed so that you can double after a win or a loss. It is a much more aggressive tactic to follow, and we doubt it that it will be beneficial in the long term or during long sessions.

The Martingale System Roulette – Pros and Cons

There is no single formula for success. Therefore, here we take a look at some of the benefits and less advantageous points of this roulette method. Some of the positive aspects are easy to implement and understand, simple to adjust or combine with other strategies and suitable to all roulette games on mobile, desktop, or in a real-world casino.

Advantages and Setbacks
  • Can Be Used on All Roulettes
  • Very Easy for Implementation
  • Suitable for Restoring Losses
  • Can Be Used with Bonus Money
  • Easy for Combination
  • A Bankroll Limit Can Be Set
  • Has a Limitation of Use
  • Not Good for Big Wins
  • Fast Bet Accummulation

Even so, when it comes to the disadvantages, this type of strategy can cause great damage if you are unable to stop, and it is not suitable for making high profits as it focuses on overcoming the losses and will eventually accumulate bets swiftly.

Additionally, the system has a limit. Once you start to yield profits, you need to stop the cycle. One of the main issues with the Martingale system roulette is the rapid increase in the bet sizes. The good thing is that the ball must sooner or later fall on a winning number. Not sure whether Martingale is the right system for you? You can test it out at some of the top Android roulette casinos or you could explore your other options in our full roulette strategy guide.

The Best Roulette Casino to Play At

Once you’ve gotten to know the basics of the theory, it’s time to practice. If you are from the UK, you can play for real or demo games once there is an account at a casino operator. Perhaps, you are wondering which one has the most and the best collection of roulette games and others. Well, there is no single operator to satisfy all our desires and needs. But there are a few signs to help you determine whether a casino provider is the right one for you.

Firstly, they should proudly show off their licence if there is nothing else to hide. Secondly, we talk about roulette games in this review, so we select a partner that has a decent amount of mobile, desktop, and live casino games. The more games are available, the better you will be with practising the Martingale strategy roulette. Thirdly, they offer a nice bonus to new customers.

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FAQ Section

Thank you for taking your time reaching the end of this short but informative page. Here we discuss some of the most frequently asked questions by our readers related to the Martingale topic.

🤔 How does the Martingale System work for online roulette?

The player must double the initial bet they placed after a losing bet. Therefore, once a winning bet is hit, the increased worth of the bet will compensate for all the losses earlier. However, be careful of the rapidly growing number of bets.

💰 How profitable is the Martingale Strategy?

It is not as profitable as other strategies that focus on maximising the earnings. The aim here is rather to outweigh the losses via the accumulation of the value of the bet during negative streaks. Try out the Reverse Martingale system roulette instead if you wish to increase profits.

✔️ Am I obliged to use Martingale in a single roulette session?

No, you are not obliged. But you can use it if you wish to improve the game and your score. For example, the few previous bets were at a loss, and you wish to turn around the game. However, you need to be patient and able to afford to lose.

🤑 Is keep doubling your bet endless?

Once, you've come to a positive profit or ended the cycle, and you can stop doubling. It is not required to do it always and all the time. Only, when you see there is a need for it. Like a preventive measure.

👌 Is it possible to get your wallet wiped out by using the Martingale System?

Certainly. Everyone should have boundaries when it comes to gambling. Even more when we cannot afford to play anymore. So, be reasonable in your judgment and put the breaks on. Don't take this strategy as a black or white/all or nothing scenario.

👍 Can I use the Martingale System with other bet types on roulette?

It is possible to combine the Martingale theory with other roulette tactics. Though, it may feel overwhelming when you're just beginning to learn new strategies. Progress comes over time, so don't stress yourself. Try them one by one. However, you should always consider the roulette payouts.

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