James Bond Roulette Strategy – Can This System Help You Win More?

On this page, we’ll present the strategy named after everyone’s favourite secret agent, the brilliant… Bond. James Bond. Learn all about the James Bond roulette strategy and how to make it look as cool as 007 did himself.
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If you are a cinema lover and you have never even touched the books about Bond (shame on you) you are most likely wondering when and where on earth did he play roulette. It happened in Casino Royale, of course! No, not the new movie, the old one. And in the book by the way. He did spin the wheel on the pages written by Ian Fleming but unfortunately, this didn’t go on the screen in the last remake. Anyway, we are here to help you understand in-depth how does the James Bond roulette strategy work and how you can use it for your benefit. You will learn about each step of it and also what are your odds. In the end, we even included a section of frequently asked questions so you can have them right at hand instead of roaming the web for answers.

What Actually Is James Bond Roulette System?

The Bond strategy is influenced by also other types of betting systems, and you will learn more about it below. It is progressive and must choose your bet amount in proportion. The bet must be split into three parts, which are in no way equal. The first one should be 70% of your total. The second is 25%, and the third is just 5%. The progression comes in case you lose, where you have to double the chips. James Bond obviously made it look easy, simple and extremely rewarding. But we will now show you what are the advantages and disadvantages.

James Bond Roulette Strategy
Strategy Type Progression Type Risk Possible Profit
Progressive Low Medium to Low Medium to High

Since we mentioned the progression, you most likely made a connection between the James Bond roulette tactic and the Martingale. And you are right. Just like in the Martingale strategy which is highly recommended for some of the top UK high stakes online casinos, the bet is doubled if you lose. But the difference is in the actual bets that you make, since here they are three, as we said earlier. In the next paragraph, we will give you some further details. But what we should mention beforehand, is that the original strategy of James Bond was with £200 for one spin of the wheel and is considered as the optimal option according to the system’s fans.

Similaties to Martingale

The Martingale strategy is one of the simplest and most used tactics on roulette tables both in online casinos and in brick and mortar venues. It has a huge number of followers and is particularly liked by inexperienced players because of the clarity that it offers, and it’s clear-cut, let’s say. In it, there is a sequence of bets where the amount changes only if you lose, but not if you win. It can hardly grant you much success in the long term according to seasoned players. To make you understand better, we listed the sequence that must be followed and below it, we will explain how exactly it relates with the James Bond roulette system.

1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128 – 256 – 512 – 1024 – 2048 – 4096 – 8192

Whenever the ball lands away from your bet, you should double the amount. Like this, you will recoup for previous losses. The James Bond roulette strategy has the same point, with the difference that the Martingale is to be used only with even money bets, like even or odd, red or black and High or Low. Furthermore, you can start with an insignificant budget. 007, though, has much different betting habits which as mentioned start from a quite high amount.

How to Use James Bond Roulette Tactic and Bets?

In case you are not really eager to start practising with the humble bet of £200, you can also go lower. But do not forget that you need to spread it across three different bets with the percentages divided on seventy, twenty-five and five. These bets are on:

  • Bet on 19-36 – 70%
  • Bet on 13-18 – 25%
  • Bet on 0 – 5%

If you look at the things correctly, it’s like the bets are completely separate and have nothing to do with each other. Now we will discuss each of them as a single case, together with their odds and you will have a much better picture of the chances to actually gain good profit using the James Bond roulette strategy.

The First Bet from James Bond Roulette Strategy

Bet on 19-36

A bet on High, so 19-36, has a payout of 1 to 1 in both American and European roulettes. And this is your first and biggest play. Seventy per cent of your total amount must go exactly on these numbers. So, to take the example of Bond, if you put £200, £140 of which on the High, you would have a profit of £80. And the chances for it are very close to 50%, no matter what variation you choose to play.

The Second Bet from James Bond Roulette Strategy

Bet on a Line Bet (13-18)

The second place where you must put chips is on the Line Bet, from 13 to 18. And you should wager twenty-five per cent of your money there. The payout here is 5 to 1, but the chances are getting lower. You have averagely 16.2% on the European and 15.8% on the American roulette table. If, though, the ball hits one of the numbers, with Bond’s bet of £50, you will cash a hundred more than your initial stake.

The Third Bet from James Bond Roulette Strategy

Bet on 0

The last bet is only 5% and is set on the Zero. You can accept it as your insurance since the amount is very low, but the payout is amazing. You will get 35 times you wager plus the initial bet in case the ball falls in the green sector. With the bet from the original James Bond roulette strategy, you will take £160 as a clean profit.

Can the James Bond Strategy for Roulette Help You Win?

If we have to talk only in numbers, there is a quite big chance for the strategy to earn you good amounts of money, as far as you don’t get outrageously unlucky. Twenty-five of thirty-seven numbers are covered and only twelve are out. In percentage, your chance to win with one of the three bets is almost 67.6, which is one very, very high number. Of course, James Bond can afford to also lose and from there on, increase the bets as much as needed, with the entire mightiness of Her Majesty the Queen of England.

James Bond Roulette Strategy Advantages Disadvantages
Expert Reviews Good Bet Coverage, 67.6% Chance for a Win Bets Can Reach High Amounts, 32.4% Chance for a Loss

You, however, maybe don’t have endless resources and have to make your calculations good enough. And here is the main fault of the James Bond roulette system. It can drain your bank account very fast if you enter a losing session. This is of course if you choose to play with the original bet used in the Casino Royale. If you choose to play with smaller amounts, like £20 instead of £200, the things are an inch less traumatic. Still, you can give a check also to the best roulette strategies which have proven to be helpful.

Where You Can Test James Bond Roulette Strategy for Real Money?

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Our Grande Finale

The impression that the James Bond roulette system left in us is definitely on the positive side. We tried it ourselves, and the amount of profit that we generated was quite impressive, in all honesty. From around 10 spins, with two inconsequent losses, we gained almost half on top of what we had initially. But we must admit it – more than one loss in a row can be a ‘game over’ for any player that doesn’t have a fortune to spend on roulette tables. So, if you want to test out the James Bond roulette system, you can start playing at some of the top Android roulette casino sites. And if you really get inspired, you can check our page about the best casino sites in the UK, where you will find much more than roulettes!

What Do Players Ask About the James Bond System

Do you remember that we promised you a section of frequently asked questions? Well, here it is. We gathered them, selected the useful ones and gave them answers based on our professional experience and knowledge. We really hope that you will enjoy them and that they, together with the entire article, will cover all the information that you were searching for.

💡 What is the James Bond roulette strategy?

James Bond roulette strategy is based on three different bets that cover more than 67% of the possible outcomes on a roulette table. It is supposed to be used with a total amount that can be divided into three different parts. It also includes parts of the Martingale, where the bet is doubled in case of a loss.

‼️ What is the James Bond roulette bet?

There are three bets in the original James Bond roulette strategy. The total amount needed is £200 and bets are spread in the following way. £140 go on the Hi (19-36). £50 go on the Line Bet 13-18 and £10 go to the zero. You can play with smaller bets too, dividing them on 70%, 25% and 5%.

🚦 How to play roulette James Bond style?

That is a hard one! As a starter, find your spot in the MI6… And if this happens to be out of your league, don't worry, there are other ways, although not that amazing ones. Try to be as confident as possible, learn to be a fast thinker on the table and always wear your tuxedo with style!

🏆 How to win at roulette like James Bond?

Unfortunately, there is no way to always win on the roulette table. We are sure that even the flashy 007 cannot manage something like that. Still, you can utilise James Bond roulette strategy, and with an inch of luck, you might win a hefty amount of money. Alternatively, you could also find the best roulette strategy for you in our dedicated guide.

🌌 From where is the James Bond roulette strategy?

James Bond roulette tactic can be found in Ian Fleming's book 'Casino Royale'. There, though, the main gambling topic was baccarat, the top agent also gave a spin to the roulette wheel and came out with his own strategy as well. Unfortunately, in the movie, everything was slimmed down to a series of Hold'em poker.

👌 What are the odds of the James Bond roulette system?

If we have to be honest, the odds of James Bond roulette system to work are quite good. The three bets that you must place are covering 25 of the available 37 numbers. This, in percentage, means that your chance to win equals almost 67.6%. The other 32.4%, though, represent the possibility of a loss.

What Other Games of Chance or Skill Does James Bond Play?

We arrived at the end of our page about the James Bond roulette strategy and it is time to bid our farewell. But before our final ‘au revoir’, let’s give some credit also to the other gambling adventures of Her Majesty’s top agent. In the book, as well as in the first ‘Casino Royale’ movie, he is playing baccarat. If you are a fan of the game, of the book or of Bond, you can be interested in our page about best baccarat casinos. In the movie from 2006 with the adorable Daniel Craig, though, 007 is in for a poker challenge. In case you are a fan of the more modern version, we can show you which are the top online poker casinos around! That’s it from us, we wish you luck and a lot of wins on one of Bond’s favourite games!

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