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Wondering how you could increase your chances to win? Why not try one of our chosen roulette strategies? We have included only the best systems and plenty of information about them.
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Roulette is one of the oldest, yet most coveted casino games. It comes with a wide variety of betting options, and many different payouts, suitable for high and low-rollers. Regardless of their budget, however, all players are constantly looking for convenient ways to increase their chances to win. Luckily, there are certain roulette strategies that could help you achieve that goal. Stay with us and keep reading this guide to find out more about the available systems, their pros and cons and much more! We truly hope that you will be able to find the best roulette strategy for you, and enjoy the game even more!

Overview of Roulette Strategy Types

To put it simply, there are two roulette strategy types – progressive and non-progressive. If you are a low roller or a beginner player, we advise you to start with a non-progressive strategy such as the James Bond system. With it, you split a certain sum into several smaller bets and place them on specific numbers only. The system is easy to follow and does not require any expert skills.

On another note, the progressive strategies are slightly more complicated but still manageable. With them, the player will have to calculate the size of the proceeding bet, place it, and then calculate again how much to bet. Nevertheless, these particular roulette strategies promise better results and are often preferred by players. You can test them at our chosen best UK roulette sites. Looking for the best roulette strategy? We have listed some of the most popular systems in the table below.

Roulette Strategy System Type Progression Type Progression Trigger Risk Suitable Bets
Martingale Progressive Steep Loss High Outside Bets
Paroli Progressive Steep Win High Even-Money Bets
D’Alembert Progressive Flat Win Low Even-Money Bets
Fibonacci Progressive Flat Win and Loss Low Even-Money Bets
Labouchere Progressive Steep Win Adjustable Even-Money Bets

Please note that none of the systems listed above can offer guaranteed results. Every roulette strategy involves a certain risk, and it is up to the player to decide whether it is suitable. You should always consider, however, whether the progression trigger is clear enough for you, and whether you have the budget required for the system to work. If you have already chosen the best roulette strategy type for you, please revise the information that we have prepared in the following paragraphs.

Progressive Roulette Betting Systems

As we have already mentioned, even though the progressive roulette betting strategies are rather risky, they are still preferred by many players. Some of the most popular progressive systems include Martingale, Reverse Martingale (Paroli), D’Alembert, Fibonacci and Labouchere. Each of them follows the idea that players should increase the size of their bets, according to the outcome of each round. Like all systems, however, the progressive roulette betting strategies carry a certain risk, and might not always be recommendable. For your convenience, we have listed their pros and cons in the table below.

Pros Cons
Progressive Roulette Strategy Could be Rather Profitable, You Could Limit Your Losses, Wins and Losses Not Balanced, Logical Patterns Typically Involve a High Risk, Might Fail in the Long Run, Might Result Complicated

All progressive roulette strategies typically come with clear instructions, and once you understand them, they are easy to follow. We must remind you, however, that they might not be suitable for beginner players and low-rollers as they often require a rather high budget. That’s why you can easily enjoy the best odds when you play, for example, at the best high stakes roulette sites for UK players. Still, the opportunity to win significant sums, and limit the losses, make the progressive strategies preferred by many players.

Non-Progressive Strategies

Looking for an easy, low-risk roulette strategy? If so, the non-progressive systems might be the right option for you. While they do not usually provide significantly high wins, they are easy to follow and do not lead to significant losses. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many players prefer the infamous James Bond strategy, created by Ian Flemming. Just like all systems, however, the non-progressive strategies also have their flaws. You can find more about them in the table below, where we have listed all significant pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Non-Progressive Roulette Strategy Easy to Follow, Suitable for Low Rollers, Rather Logical Unpredictable Results, Small Wins

As stated in the table above, the non-progressive strategies are clearly not perfect, and also involve a certain risk. While the systems are typically provided to bring small, yet profitable wins in the long run, they could also lead to unpredictable losses. Remember that the house edge cannot be eliminated, and nothing guarantees that your game would be successful. Still, it could be fun to play with a non-progressive roulette strategy, especially if you are a beginner. We advise you, however, you to use your chosen system wisely and to never bet more than you could afford to lose.

Beyond the Math Strategies

If math and numbers are not your strength, you may wish to consider using some of the alternative roulette strategies. Some people, such as the Spanish gambler Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, have spent years exploring, and analysing the imperfections of the roulette wheels. As a result, he could successfully predict the possible outcome and win significant results. Even though Pelayo proved his theory and managed to exploit hundreds of roulette wheels, his system is rather complicated and difficult to follow. Therefore, we would certainly not recommend it to regular players, unfamiliar with the actual mechanics of the roulette wheels.

How to Pick the Best Roulette Strategy?

Looking for roulette strategies that work? As we have already mentioned, no system can offer you reliable results or generous wins. Each roulette betting strategy involves a certain risk that you must be aware of. Still, some systems work better for certain type of players, budgets, etc. In order to select the most successful roulette strategy for you, please follow these steps:

Most strategies are suitable for online and land-based roulette games. Therefore, it might be useful to also try your chosen system in a free roulette demo version. Remember that none of the available strategies provides a guaranteed result. Still, playing with a roulette betting system could theoretically improve your chances to win, and result rather fun.

Are There Roulette Strategies That Work?

As we have already mentioned, all strategies come with certain disadvantages, and none of them is perfect. Unfortunately, no roulette betting system can provide guaranteed results, and assure that you would always win. While it could theoretically improve your odds, the uncertainty will always be there. We must remind you that each type of roulette comes with a specific house edge, which can never be eliminated. Therefore, the casino would always have an advantage over the player, and the final outcome could never be predicted. We advise you always to choose your roulette betting system cautiously, and remember that luck is an essential factor of each casino game.

Roulette Strategies and Uncertainty

The roulette wheel is a random event generator. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to predict what number would come up, especially if you are playing online. Even if you are using a strategy, the probability of every possible outcome remains the same with every spin. To sum up, even the least risky bets such as Reds, Blacks, Evens or Odds have less than 50% chance, which would be even lower in American roulette. Shall you wish to learn more about your possibilities to win, however, please visit our roulette odds guide. With it, and your chosen roulette strategy, you will be able to calculate your actual chances to win successfully.

In-Built House Edge

As we have already mentioned, the house edge is an inevitable part of every roulette game. It can never be eliminated, no matter what strategy you use. The casino would always win in the long run, and you will most likely lose more often than you win. Therefore, you should not have to worry about rigged wheels or dealer tricks, if you are on a losing streak. Your luck will eventually change, and hopefully, you will be able to compensate most of your losses. Shall you need more data, however, please take a look at the table below.

Roulette Variant House Edge Main Distinction Even Bets Probability Where to Play
American 5.26% Double Zero Wheel 47.37% 888 Casino
European 2.70% Single Zero Wheel 48.65% The Grand Ivy Casino
French 2.70% La Partage Rule / En Prison Rule 50.00% Ladbrokes

We advise you to avoid playing American roulette, as it has a notably higher house edge, and your chances to win would be rather low. Meanwhile, both European and French roulette offer excellent odds to win and plenty of bets to choose from. In order to select the most suitable combination of bets and strategies, we recommend you to consult our roulette bets guide. In it, you will find useful information that will help you get the most out of your chosen roulette game.

Independence from Previous Results

Remember that apart from choosing a roulette strategy that works, you must also consider various factors. To begin with, most wheels work automatically, and the hot and cold numbers tend to change. Therefore, you should not rely that the currently hot numbers would actually help you win, and try to make logical decisions. If you are beginner player, we recommend you start with low-risk even-money bets, which are also suitable for most roulette strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you found our guide helpful and useful. Yet, we realise that playing with a roulette strategy might result difficult, and lead to certain doubts. We will gladly resolve them by answering some of the most popular questions regarding the roulette systems. Remember, however, that practice could be the best advisor, and you should always test your chosen strategies in a roulette demo game.

🤑 How to play with roulette strategy?

Once you choose the best roulette betting strategy, all you must do is follow its instructions and make the necessary bets. Most systems are easy to work with, and it will not take long before you are ready to play.

💰 How to win with roulette strategy?

Finding the best roulette strategy to win might be difficult. All systems involve a certain risk and the results are never guaranteed. Therefore, all you could do to win is to follow the instructions and take logical decisions.

👍 What Is the Best Roulette Strategy?

Choosing the best roulette strategy for you is a rather subjective decision. It would usually depend on your experience as a player, the level of risk you are willing to take and your budget. Many beginner players, for example, prefer low-risk strategies, which are also easier to follow.

🌎 How to play with American roulette strategy?

There is no specific strategy for American roulette. Still, players can opt for the available progressive and non-progressive betting systems. We must remind you, however, that American roulette has a slightly higher house edge, and involves more risk.

🥇 Which is the most successful roulette strategy?

While it is hard to decide which is the most successful roulette strategy, many players prefer the progressive betting systems. Even though they involve a higher risk, the possible payout is higher, and the losses are theoretically limited.

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