TheLotter Affiliates Review – Great Long-term Earnings

When it comes to companies who are looking to grow their network and increase their profits, there is one proven way that the best will always turn to the use of affiliates. In this TheLotter Affiliates review, we will be looking at how this company uses affiliates to grow and how this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking at joining an affiliate scheme. We will be looking at what is on offer for potential partners, the advantages and disadvantages, and exactly why this is a programme that warrants serious attention.

Top-Rated Affiliate Programme
Top Brands
Affiliate Rating 4.30/5
Rev Share 15%
CPA $40 – $50
Associated Brands TheLotter
Software Post Affiliate Pro
Currencies USD
Licence MGA/B2C/402/2017 by Malta Gaming Authority
Founded 2002

TheLotter Affiliates Programme

Join TheLotter Affiliates!

Last Updated on 10 Jun 2021 by Harrison Newton

As we have discussed, online companies are keen to develop affiliate programmes in order to help them grow. One area that is renowned for this is online casinos. Casinos such as the LeoVegas have great affiliate schemes on offer. Although TheLotter is not an online casino, it has harnessed the power of affiliates to great effect.

Joining as a TheLotter Affiliates sees you joining a safe company that is fully licensed and operates impeccably. Having been in existence since 2002, this impressive affiliate scheme has grown as it is entirely trusted and delivers outstanding results for its partners.

Of course, when it comes to looking at any affiliate programme, one of the first things to consider is the revenue share. TheLotter Affiliates revenue share is fixed at 15%, and when you look at just how many customers affiliates are gaining, it is easy to see just how this can add up to a substantial income.

As well as the revenue share on offer, it is important to consider what else is made available for affiliate partners. We will be looking at the software used, the payment methods that are on offer and the support given to help you succeed.

TheLotter Affiliates Overview – What You Should Know?

While putting together this TheLotter Affiliates review, we have seen how partners are extremely well rewarded. The affiliate programme came into existence back in 2002 and has consistently shown itself to be attractive. The programme has shown itself as being suitable for anyone who has an online presence and has an understanding of how to drive traffic.

Of course, all affiliate programmes have plus features and areas that aren’t quite as good. TheLotter Affiliates is no different and will be looking at these areas in detail. For now, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of joining TheLotter affiliate programme:

TheLotter Affiliates Programme Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Generous Revenue Share
  • Fantastic Affiliate Software
  • No Negative Carryover
  • Limited Currencies
  • Only One Brand to Promote
  • Restricted in Some Countries

As a TheLotter Affiliates, you can expect to receive industry-beating commissions. By promoting TheLotter brand, you will be driving customers to take part in lottery games. This includes the most famous lotteries such as US Powerball, US Mega Millions, and EuroMillions. As these games are already so popular, the service offered by TheLotter practically sells itself.

The lack of negative carryover is a huge bonus here and makes the offering more attractive to potential partners. Of course, it is important for potential partners to fully read the terms and conditions, but there is nothing apparent to raise any concerns.

TheLotter Affiliates Commission – Revenue Share & CPA

TheLotter Affiliates revenue share comes in at 15%. This may not immediately appear particularly generous if you are comparing with the best casino affiliate programs. However, it is important to realise that such as comparison is unfair as this is a unique offering in terms of what is being promoted: lottery services. As we have seen earlier in this TheLotter Affiliates review, there is no negative carryover, and that means partners are not starting any months at a loss.

As well as a revenue share, there is also a TheLotter Affiliates CPA option. This sees payments being made of between $40-$50 for each acquisition. If partners are unable to decide between revenue share and CPA, TheLotter also has a hybrid option which can be discussed. This means that there are great options for potential partners, and they will need to take the time to consider which option will work best for them. There is, however, the chance to change your decision down the line.

All Associated TheLotter Affiliates Brands

TheLotter Affiliates Programme Brands Main Highlight
🥇 TheLotter A Great Selection of Lottery Games

As a TheLotter affiliate, you would be promoting just the TheLotter brand and its website. Although some potential partners may be put off by the fact that there is just one brand to promote, by looking at exactly what is promoted, any concerns can be overcome. Unlike casino affiliate programmes, here you are promoting a range of lottery games and TheLotter has the best range available. All of the best-known lotteries are covered, and there is no need for customers to go anywhere else.

TheLotter lottery service allows customers to access tickets no matter where they are. The website is well constructed and easy to use. By directing someone to the site, the rest of the work is then done for you: there is no doubt that the conversion rate is impressive. Focusing on this one brand means that all of your attention can be put into one place rather than being concerned about whether one brand is easier to promote than another or what the varying commissions are.

Available Payment Methods

When considering joining an affiliate programme, the number of available payment methods is one of the most important factors. As well as having a variety of payment methods, it is also important that those that are on offer are safe, secure, and trusted. TheLotter Affiliates certainly delivers on this front.

The payment methods that are offered here are amongst the most popular with those that receive online payments. Their popularity comes about because they are known to be secure. This only adds to the confidence that any potential partners have. Here are all of the accepted payment methods by TheLotter affiliate programme:

Another positive point with this affiliate programme is that the minimum withdrawal amounts are relatively low. This is set at $50 and applies no matter which payment option you have selected. The low minimum payout helps motivate new affiliates as they should easily be getting paid after their first full month.

TheLotter Affiliates pays out in USD. Although this doesn’t present an issue in itself, it is worth considering that there may be conversion fees to pay depending on where you are based. Payments are calculated on a monthly basis and sent on the 20th of the following month.

What Software Does TheLotter Affiliates Work With?

An effective affiliate programme doesn’t just mean having a great front-facing website to attract customers. It also relies on powerful software that powers the backend. This allows conversions to be monitored and for payments to be tracked. This TheLotter Affiliates review has revealed that the software used here is Post Affiliate Pro.

This is great news for anyone considering signing up for this affiliate programme. Post Affiliate Pro is one of the most powerful software providers. It is known to be reliable and provide real-time tracking, so affiliates are always in the know when it comes to performance.

Conclusion: Why Choose TheLotter Affiliate Program?

When it comes to making a decision on whether or not TheLotter affiliate programme is for you, it is worth remembering that this has been around for almost two decades. For an affiliate scheme to last this long proves that it is successful. As well as being successful, it also highlights the fact that it is a company that can be trusted.

It is worth reflecting on the revenue share that is on offer again. Set at 15% this is market-leading in the lottery sector and can not be beaten elsewhere. This alone makes the programme worthy of attention.

  • Market-Leading Lottery Level

There is more to this programme than just the revenue share. Another major plus that we have seen is the fact that there is no negative carryover. This is certainly not standard, so it is great to see here. The fact that so many popular lotteries are available means that promoting just one brand is not an issue and actually becomes a positive.

For those who are seeking a casino to promote rather than lottery games, it is well worth checking out Revenue Giants. This programme offers several brands that can be promoted and has a very competitive revenue share.

Popular Questions

That brings us to the end of this TheLotter Affiliates review, but we realise that there are times when our readers may still have queries. That is why below, we have put together some of the most common questions that we get asked along with the answers that you need.

⭐ What is TheLotter Affiliates program?

TheLotter affiliate programme allows partners to promote TheLotter brand and to earn an income by doing this. By reading our TheLotter Affiliates review you can get the full details of the advantages and disadvantages of this programme.

💰 What revenue share does TheLotter Affiliates offer?

When looking at the revenue share on offer at TheLotter Affiliates, this is truly market-leading. It is well above industry standard when it comes to promoting lottery services. Given the popularity of the service, it is easy to build a substantial income.

❓ What casino brands are associated with TheLotter Affiliates?

When it comes to the brands that are being promoted, there are no casinos associated with TheLotter Affiliates. This is an affiliate scheme that allows you to promote its lottery service, and it is not connected with any online casinos. This makes the offerings here unique.

💻 What software does TheLotter Affiliates use?

The software that is used to power TheLotter affiliate programme is Post Affiliate Pro. This is known as one of the leading software companies when it comes to the backend of affiliate schemes. Knowing that a trusted and well-established provider is being used is another plus point for TheLotter Affiliates.

💳 What payment methods are accepted by TheLotter Affiliates?

TheLotter affiliate programme has a variety of payment methods for its partners to choose from. These include some of the most trusted e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. Payments are made to partners on the 20th of each month, and the minimum withdrawal is $50 regardless of the payment method selected.

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