bet-at-home Affiliates Review – Great Benefits and Revenue Share

Affiliate programmes allow affiliate partners to earn commissions by sending customers to online gaming brands, and bet-at-home is one of the best affiliates to sign up with. In this bet-at-home Affiliates review, we will take you through a range of different details about the affiliate programme, including their revenue share, their associated brands and the payment methods they offer.

Top-Ranked Affiliate Programme
Revenue Share 50% For the First 12 Months
Top Brands
Affiliate Rating 4.50/5
Rev Share Up to 50% for the first 12 months, 30% thereafter
CPA Deal Dependent
Associated Brands
Software Income Access
Currencies EUR
Licence 39091 by UK Gambling Commission
Founded 1999

bet-at-home Affiliates Partner Program

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Last Updated on 20 May 2021 by Harrison Newton

The bet-at-home affiliate programme is responsible exclusively for the bet-at-home Casino. This is a good casino, but in case you wish to earn commission from another popular one, such as Mansion Casino, you can check more similar programmes.

Overall, however, it’s a good affiliate programme, and you can be confident that it’s safe to join. Some users have complained about issues surrounding the withdrawal process and the fact that it needs to be requested each month, but on the whole, most customers are happy, and a high entry revenue share is a major bonus.

Indeed, it’s the bet-at-home affiliate revenue share system which is one of the major reasons why we recommend this particular programme. Many other affiliate programmes offer raised revenue shares for new users, but with bet-at-home those increased rates last for an extended period of time.

Throughout the rest of this bet-at-home Affiliates review, you’ll find more information about that revenue share system and much more. We’ll also talk about payment methods that are available, the brands they are responsible about and much more to make sure you know all you need to know.

bet-at-home Affiliates Overview – What You Should Know?

The v affiliate programme was started way back in 1999, so it’s safe to say that by now they have a well-established model and know what they are doing. It’s suitable for any affiliates directing customers towards the bet-at-home Casino, as this is the only brand for which affiliates can earn a commission.

This casino offers a wide variety of games and is popular among many, though obviously, the fact that the affiliate programme offers commission on just one brand is a drawback for some potential affiliates. There are plenty of benefits too though, and here are the main advantages and disadvantages of joining the bet-at-home affiliate program.

bet-at-home Affiliate Programme Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Increased Initial Share Revenue
  • Income Access Software
  • Plenty of Experience
  • Only One Currency
  • Negative Carryover
  • Only One Brand Represented

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the v affiliate programme is that you can earn extra commission for an extended period of time when you first join. This makes them attractive for new users and is a reliable way to ensure they continue to draw new customers.

There is, however, only the one casino through which affiliates can earn a commission, so this does limit options somewhat for many potential users. Nonetheless, it is a reliable organisation, but as always, you should make sure that you read the respective terms and conditions prior to joining.

bet-at-home Affiliates Commission – Revenue Share & CPA

The revenue share commission scheme focuses on providing a fixed commission percentage of 30% for all bet-at-home affiliate partners. As with many similar affiliate programmes, this percentage is heightened for the initial period during which an affiliate uses the programme; affiliates can earn up to 50% for 12 months, or alternatively, they can take the option to earn up to 40%, but for 18 months. This means that during the initial stages you can make more money than with many competitors, though after this stage there are other programmes which offer greater commission levels.

There is also the possibility to organise bet-at-home affiliate CPA deals with the affiliate programme. Unfortunately, one drawback is that there is a negative carryover from month to month, which may deter some potential affiliates from using the platform. Despite that, there is still plenty of reasons why many people think that bet-at-home provides one of the best casino affiliate programmes, and with so much experience, they are well and truly worth checking out.

All Associated bet-at-home Affiliate Programme Brands

bet-at-home Brands Main Highlight
🏆 bet-at-home Casino Huge Range of Different Games

The bet-at-home affiliate programme is unique in that it is associated with just one brand – the bet-at-home Casino. This is something of a drawback and may deter potential affiliates who want the option to earn commission through a range of different brands. It is, however, worth noting that the bet-at-home Casino has a wide range of different games available, meaning that it is attractive to a huge number of different clients.

As a result, affiliates can potentially find sufficient clients to earn significant commission from simply through this one brand. It caters to so many different types of gamers that players of all kinds can find something suited to their needs with this online casino. The fact that there is only one associated brand also means that the payment scheme is a lot more straightforward. Unlike some other affiliate programmes, where the revenue shares can vary depending on the type of brand from which money is earned, this one is nice and simple.

Available Payment Methods

The payment methods available with the bet-at-home affiliate programme relatively similar to most other programmes. There are not many different types available, but for most users, this will not pose any sort of significant problem as they are very common payment types.

Undoubtedly the bank wire option will be most common among affiliates, and this is a payment method that is available for virtually all affiliates. This is a reasonably quick and very secure way to handle your money, but there are a couple of others worth thought too, and here are all accepted payment methods by bet-at-home affiliate programme:

Earnings are transferred once per month, with this transfer occurring on the 20th of each month. There is a minimum threshold of €50, so if your balance is below this, you’ll need to wait until the following month in order to have your winnings transferred to your bank account.

Bank wire is generally the quickest method, but payment can speed can vary. Generally, it will take at least one day for the money to reach your bank account, while at the other end of the spectrum, five days is the maximum you’ll likely be waiting. The casino affiliate only offers Euros as a currency.

What Software Does bet-at-home Affiliates Work With?

The bet-at-homeaffiliate programme uses Income Access as their software, an extremely common software programme used by many different organisations. Clearly, since so many different organisations use this software, it’s very reliable, so you can feel safe and secure with the system that is in place.

The Income Access software enables affiliates to closely follow their progress, with a number of different useful features being offered. This includes statistics about important factors like total commissions, clicks, and much more, and this can make it easier for affiliates to follow how they are performing on the platform.

Conclusion: Why Choose bet-at-home Casino Affiliate Programme?

bet-at-home offers a range of great features, which has enabled them to continue attracting new customers over the past number of years. After all, the organisation would not have survived since way back in 1999 if it did not have some good systems in place.

Perhaps the most notable positive feature of the programme is the bet-at-home affiliate revenue share system which is designed to attract new users. The extra commission you can earn upon initially joining the programme lasts for much longer than with many other affiliates, and this is an important point of difference.

Up to 50% Up to 40% + €10 CPA 30%
  • For the first 12 months
  • For the first year
  • After the welcome period

Some potential users will be deterred by the fact that the bet-at-home affiliate programme is only associated with one brand which shares their name – the bet-at-home Casino. If this is you, there are many alternative casino affiliate programmes such as Galaxy Affiliates or Jetbull Affiliates, but there are numerous reasons to join bet-at-home Affiliates too.

Aside from the fact that the bet-at-home Casino actually has a huge range of different games available, the affiliate programme also has other benefits. The revenue share system is reasonably good, and the fact that they have been around for a long time means that you know you can trust the system.

Popular Questions

Hopefully throughout this bet-at-home Affiliates review, we’ve provided you with all the information you need. Below, we’ve covered off a few commonly asked questions, so if there’s anything else you need to know, take a look at those.

⭐ What is Bet at Home affiliate programme?

The Bet at Home affiliate programme allows affiliates to make a commission when they send clients to the Bet at Home Casino. In the detailed review above, we've taken a look at it in great depth, so check it all out.

💰 What revenue share does Bet at Home casino affiliate offer?

The revenue share on offer with the Bet at Home casino affiliate is a flat rate of 30%. However, this revenue model differs significantly for new users, who are able to earn up to 50% on the revenue of referred users for the first 12 months.

❓ What casino brands are associated with Bet at Home affiliate programme?

The Bet at Home affiliate programme has a fairly straightforward system because they have just one casino brand associated with them. The Bet at Home Casino offers a wide range of different games, so plenty of online gamers will be suited by this platform.

💻 What software does Bet at Home affiliate programme use?

Like a great deal of different organisations, the Bet at Home affiliate programme uses the Income Access software. This is a reliable software type which has been around for a long time, so you can be confident that it does what it is supposed to do and will offer a secure experience.

💳 What payment methods are accepted by the Bet at Home affiliate programme?

The Bet at Home affiliate programme offers a range of different payment methods. The most popular among these is the bank wire option, which is something that is available with virtually all affiliate programmes, but a couple of others round out a well-developed payment method system.

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