The Best Casino Affiliate Programs for January 2023

Many online operators offer affiliate programs and aim at building a sustainable partnership with companies that promote online gaming to players. Here are the best casino affiliate programs for 2023:
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Casino Affiliate Programs Revenue Share CPA Negative Carryover PayPal Accepted Rating Secure Link:
50% Yes No Yes
5.00 ★ out of 5
50% No No No
4.95 ★ out of 5
50% No Yes No
4.90 ★ out of 5
50% No No Yes
4.90 ★ out of 5
35% Yes No No
4.90 ★ out of 5
50% No Yes No
4.85 ★ out of 5
45% No No No
4.85 ★ out of 5
40% Yes No No
4.85 ★ out of 5
45% Yes No No
4.80 ★ out of 5
40% Yes No Yes
4.80 ★ out of 5
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The affiliate programs that we have analysed in the table above are offered only by trusted online operators. We have selected the top online gaming platforms with affiliate programs that have the necessary licensing to provide secure gaming services to online players. This is a very important element in the fast-growing iGaming industry in current years.

Some of the affiliate programs will allow partner companies to become an affiliate to multiple brands. This is the case when the online provider of gaming services manages more than one iGaming brand. In our thorough guide, we will tell you what are the main types of affiliate programs and what are the details to know if you want to become an affiliate.

The Top 10 Best Online Casino Affiliate Programs for 2023

  1. Galaxy Affiliates (Up to 50% Revenue Share and Top Legal Status)
  2. Ivy Affiliates (Up to 50% Revenue Share and a Dozen of Successful Brands)
  3. Affiliate Edge (Huge Commission and Many Top Brands)
  4. Rovert Affiliates (Great Revenue Share and Fast Payments)
  5. Rewards Affiliates (Excellent Microgaming Casino Brands)
  6. 10bet Affiliates (Great Communication and Timely Payments)
  7. Mr Affiliate (45% Revenue Share for Referral and Top Casino Brand)
  8. PlayAttack Affiliate (Up to 40% Revenue Share and Reputable Brands)
  9. Casumo Affiliates (Generous 45% Revenue Share Available)
  10. Buffalo Affiliates (Up to 40% Revenue Share for Partners)

Types of Affiliate Deals

Building a creative partnership with other companies in the iGaming business is not an easy task. It requires a lot of analysis and observing the most affordable and convenient options. This is the reason why there are different types of affiliate programs. Although their major idea swirls around the revenue shares and generating more traffic, various aspects can differentiate one affiliate program from another.

The most popular type of affiliate deal is where the operator makes a partnership with another company that aims at generating bigger traffic to the operator’s gaming website. Thus the affiliate partner can earn a commission for every bettor or casino player that deposits at the operator’s website. Of course, there are some other types of affiliate deals, such as e-mail marketing, bloggers, coupon sites, loyalty portals, etc.

Revenue Share – What You Should Know?

The main objective of the affiliate is to earn revenue shares by promoting the online gaming services of operators. In most cases, revenue shares can be formed as a percentage of the income generated by the operator. For instance, the bigger traffic the affiliate partner generates, the bigger the revenue share would be.

In other cases, the amount or the percentage of the revenue share may depend on other criteria too. For instance, it could be a part of the total amount of deposits made by players referred by the affiliate, or percentage from the income generated by referred players every month.

But what would be the most beneficial revenue share for affiliates? This question can not be answered easily. It depends on the business model of the affiliate and the marketing tools that are used for promoting the gaming services of the partner operators. Some details have to be taken into consideration before choosing the top casino affiliates with revenue share.

For instance, newer affiliates which have a start-up business may need an affiliate program that offers them smaller but stable revenue shares for generating good traffic. Besides, operators may support those new affiliates by providing them with marketing materials and other useful stuff. However, affiliates who have already developed strong positions in the iGaming market may have the necessary tools by themselves to promote gaming services. In this case, operators may offer bigger revenue shares or even exclusive deals for even better performance.

CPA – Why Is It Important to Casino Affilliates?

The CPA (or Cost Per Action) is another form of affiliate marketing advertising where the affiliates can earn revenues per clicks by customers and players. In other words, online operators pay affiliates only when players and bettors make a specific action – filling a subscription form, registering an account, clicks to requests of services, installing or downloading additional files or apps, making a payment, etc.

This form of affiliate marketing is quite affordable to smaller and mid-sized affiliates who want to promote gaming services but still can not go for a full affiliate marketing revenue share program. Besides, depending on how the affiliates are promoting the online gambling services, sometimes the CPA model might be more beneficial than the Revenue Share Program.

Hybrid Affiliate Deals

Another form of promoting gaming services together with affiliate marketing is the hybrid marketing. This is a more specific kind of affiliate marketing that also involves earning commissions as an affiliate. However, in this case, the affiliate may create and promote his own gaming services and at the same time, promote the services of other operators.

We may say that this is a double-chance option that allows affiliates to develop their own product and earn by offering their specific products. At the same time, having the chance to earn commissions by promoting the services of other companies in the iGaming industry remains an available option. Some affiliate programs do not offer hybrid affiliate deals. However, hybrid affiliate deals are popular in the gambling industry.

Beginner’s Guide – First Steps to Joining a Casino Affiliate Program

As you may have already assumed, becoming a casino affiliate can offer many advantages. In fact, the majority of online operators offer affiliate programs. In most cases, their conditions include similar details and features. However, they are not quite the same. The different affiliate programs differ from each other in terms of details and extras of the provided services. This is why a thorough analysis is required before you can find the most convenient affiliate program on the market. Below, we have listed the main criteria for choosing a stable and reliable casino affiliate program.

  • 💰 Types of Casino Affiliate Deals – The different terms and conditions that the affiliate shcemes can offer and the main options and features that are available.
  • 📑 Sign up process – What are the steps to register ana ffiliate account and become successful affiliate partner.
  • 💳 Flexible payment schemes – The different types of revenue schemes that affiliate partners can choose between and the revenuse shares that can eb earned.
  • 🎁 Exclusive deals to affiliates – Special promotions and marketing material that are available to affiliate partners to reach to a bigger tharget group.
  • 💵 Multiple payment methods – The most suitable payment systems that are wiely used across the majority of the affiliate rpograms.

Quite many components have to be carefully analysed before you decide which casino affiliate program you should choose. Before all, know that the operators that offer affiliate programs are should be licensed and regulated by the respective gaming regulatory bodies. This will indicate that they meet the necessary safety features.

Yet another thing to pay attention to is the conditions of the affiliate program itself. Although those type of programs may have similar options, each operator offers its own terms and conditions that may be different from those of other competitors. The main objectives that we have listed above will help you make a better analysis. It is always good to stick to those main steps before you make a decision.

Sign Up Process – First Steps for New Casino Affiliates

Once you have done your thorough research and have finally chosen an affiliate program, you will have to create your affiliate account. This is the only way to become an affiliate partner and benefit from the advantages of the program. All operators partner with casino affiliate will offer you quick and easy registration procedures.

However, before you make your registration, you will have to check some other essential details. First of all, be sure that you are eligible to become an affiliate. The programs require that you meet certain criteria to become an affiliate partner. Here are the main steps that new affiliates should make.

  • Step 1: Choose a program Finding the most suitable program required thorough analysis and careful observation.
  • Step 2: Analyse the terms A step-by-step observation of the details is necessary to get to know the specific terms and conditions better.
  • Step 3: Register an affiliate account Most operators offer quick and easy registration procedures. However, affiliates will have to provide vital information and meet specific requirements.
  • Step 4: Start using the affiliate scheme By signing in an affiliate program, you agree with the terms of use. You are advised to follow the good practices and procedures for a better partnership.
  • Step 5: Earn commissions Benefit from the advantages of the affiliate program. Earn good revenue shares by referring to potential customers. Improve your results by using the available options.

Without a doubt, the most important thing when becoming a casino affiliate is to choose a reliable program. Only licensed and regulated operators may offer you clear and fair affiliate terms. Besides, if you choose licensed operators, you will eliminate any kind of risk of fraudful activities. However, keep in mind that operators will also observe you for following the good practices.

The top casino affiliate programs can offer you safety tools and other options that will help you to become a successful affiliate partner. Keep in mind that due to those security features, your affiliate verification may take some time.

Flexible Payment Schemes – Where to Find Them?

As we already mentioned becoming an affiliate requires a thorough analysis of many details. Once you choose the affiliate program that will meet your expectations, it is good to also check what payment schemes will be involved in the affiliate agreement. In most cases, the majority of online operators will offer flexible and relevantly fast payment procedures.

However, the exact type of payment may be different for different operators. Sometimes, the casino affiliate revenue share agreements can offer affiliates the chance to choose the payment type, if there is an option to choose between different payment schemes. Here are some of the most popular methods of payment in affiliate marketing.

Casino Affiliate Programs Revenue Share CPA Hybrid Secure Link
35% Yes No Join Program!
50% Yes Yes Join Program!
45% No No Join Program!
35% Yes Yes Join Program!

Affiliates can make an agreement that is based on their main objectives and capabilities as a partner in promoting online gambling services. In most common situations, casino rewards affiliates are paid once they generate traffic to the operator’s website. However, there might be specific details to mention. For instance, the payment could be made per click on a promotional banner.

In other cases, affiliates can earn revenue shares from the money generated by players who were navigated to the operator’s gaming site through the affiliate website. This type of affiliate scheme is also known as Residual Program. There are cases when online casinos and sportsbooks can offer hybrid affiliate payment schemes which are a combination of the above-mentioned.

Casino Affiliate Programs with Exclusive Offers

Without a doubt, affiliate marketing schemes offer good opportunities to both online gaming platforms and other companies that promote gambling services online. Sometimes, the affiliates can show quite good results in generating bigger traffic. This can increase mutual benefit a lot. If the affiliate website is well-developed and managed in a way that offers targeted traffic, then the operator may decide to negotiate special propositions and offers.

One such example is the exclusive bonus offers. This type of promotional advertising aims at generating even better conversion rates. The affiliate partner will receive the chance to promote an exclusive bonus offer for an online casino or sportsbook through its affiliate website. The exclusive bonus will be available only for those customers who register through the online platform of the affiliate partner.

Exclusive bonus offers have proven to be a very convenient and attractive advertising tool. It helps both online operators and affiliate partners execute the better performance. Many of the best casino bonus offers for UK players for 2023 can be exclusive bonuses. Without a doubt, those types of promotions are very attractive to players because they have more competitive terms.

Supported Payment Methods for Casino Affiliates

Affiliate marketing can turn out to be very beneficial, especially if the necessity details, features and elements are present. And all this can lead to a very good partnership between the affiliates and the online operators. Earning commissions is, of course, the primary goal.

When it comes to paying the commissions, most casino rewards affiliates programs will offer the most often used payment systems. Using payment methods that are widely popular in the iGaming business is a common practice across many affiliate programs. Many players use those types of payment systems and it is natural to be used for money transactions between affiliate partner as well. Below is a list with the top casino affiliate program that supports some of the most popular payment methods in the iGaming business.

Casino Affiliate E-Wallets Bank Transfer Others
PayPal, Skrill, Neteller Yes EcoPayz, Cheque
PayPal, Skrill, Neteller Yes EcoPayz, Paysafecard
Neteller, Skrill Yes Paysafecard, Instadebit
Skrill, Neteller Yes EcoPayz
PayPal, Skrill, Neteller Yes EcoPayz, Paysafecard
Neteller, Skrill Yes EcoPayz, Paysafecard
PayPal, Skrill, Neteller Yes EcoPayz
Neteller, Skrill Yes EcoPayz
Neteller, Skrill Yes EcoPayz, Paysafecard
Neteller, Skrill Yes EcoPayz
Neteller, Skrill Yes Paysafecard
Neteller, Skrill Yes Paysafecard, EcoPayz
Neteller Yes EcoPayz
Neteller, Skrill Yes EcoPayz, Paysafecard
Neteller, Skrill Yes N/A

Across the most preferred payment methods that many affiliate programs are the top payment systems that are used in the gambling industry. Those are debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard or e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and many more. Bank transfer money processing is also popular bu,t then it may take longer before the money reaches the affiliate account.

Depending on the specific affiliate deal, the casino rewards affiliates partner can change the payment method that was initially chosen. This possibility has to be negotiated between the two sides. It is an essential option because sometimes there are circumstances related to the specific gambling market that may force one of the sides or both of them to stop using a given payment system. Or, the conditions for using this payment system may change and may turn out to be less favourable to both affiliate partners and operators.

What Other Casino Affiliate Programs Are There?

The iGaming industry develops at a fast pace. In recent years affiliate marketing became asignificant part of the world of online gambling. The modern internet and mobile technologies made it possible for all companies involved in online gambling to accomplish better results and to reach to the target audience quicker and more efficiently.

This is the reason why affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry develops fast too. Nowadays, almost every inline casino and sportsbook offers an affiliate program. Many affiliates partner with the biggest gambling brands too. The diversity of affiliate programs even lead to the establishment of different categories of affiliate partnerships that categorise with various features and options.

The best casino affiliate programmes for 2023 are the main goal of many other companies involved in the business. However, there are other types of affiliate programs that are considered less attractive. Some are even put in the blacklist because some fraudful and unloyal practices have been estimated. Other affiliate programs can be inactive for s certain period or because some outside factors have made an unfavourable impact on them.

New Casino Affiliate Schemes

As we mentioned earlier, the online gambling segment is developing rapidly. New operators start offering gaming services online regularly. They are trying to quickly become popular among players and to be compatible with the rest of the already established brands.

In this case, casino affiliate programs may turn out to be very helpful as new affiliates are constantly emerging too. This is why you can find many new affiliate programs on the market. And, they aim at being beneficial for both sides. Each new affiliate programs tries to attract more potential partners and to offer the necessary combination of mutual benefit and individual growth. Here are some of the top new affiliate programs that rank on top positions on the market.

New Casino Affiliate Revenue Share Negative Carryover PayPal Casino Brands Rating Secure Link
35% No No 1 Brand
4.95 ★ out of 5
50% No Yes 8 Brands
4.90 ★ out of 5
45% No No 1 Brand
4.85 ★ out of 5
35% No No 5 Brands
4.80 ★ out of 5

New online operators that are offering new affiliate programs are trying to establish a good reputation and to stiffen their positions in the industry. To do this, new affiliate programs have to offer all preferred feature and options that have proven to be doing a good job. And, of course, implementing some new and attractive extras can definitely rank them up.

To be more compatible, some of the new affiliate programmes may offer quicker registration procedures, faster payouts and even more attractive revenue share schemes. Besides, exclusive bonus offers may also be part of the advertising tools that the new operators may offer to their affiliate partners.

Inactive Casino Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer very good opportunities when it comes to targeting a bigger audience quickly. However, for a different reason, specific affiliate programs may become inactive. This can happen when the online operator closes, for instance. Then, the affiliate program ends. Of course, if everything is legit, all involved parties will receive their revenue shares earned by the time that the program became inactive and officially stopped. However, there are other reasons for an affiliate program becoming inactive. This might be losing a license and failing to renew it, for example.

Inactive Casino Affiliate Inactive Since Reason for Closing Top Alternative
2020 Affiliate Program Was Not Renewed Casumo Affiliates
2018 Stopped Offering Gaming Services Mr Affiliate
2018 Low Revenues and Inability to Operate Bgo Buddies

If a certain affiliate program becomes inactive, it may be renewed after some time. However, this depends on whether the given online operator will be able to do this, and whether it will decide to do it. Or, the operator may develop a new program. Sometimes, a specificcasino affiliate program can be terminated suddenly due to different obstacles in the business. The termination of the affiliate program is, of course, a bad thing as it can end already accomplished targets and objectives.

Blacklisted Casino Affiliate Schemes

Without a doubt, the big number of online operators on the gambling market is a prerequisite for different unloyal practices. For instance, some operators that offer affiliate schemes may not have the proper licensing. Besides, their affiliate program may not have clear terms and fair conditions. This, on the other hand, can lead to different fraudful activities and violating the established good practices in the business, or even the law. For this reason, some affiliate programs can be blacklisted and considered unreliable. Here are some of the casino affiliate programs that are currently blacklisted.

Casino Affiliate Program Active Since Reason for Blacklisting Recommended Alternative
2017 Failed Payments
2000 No Valid License
2015 No Valid License

When choosing an affiliate program to join, it is recommended to pay careful attention to every detail. All terms and conditions have to be clearly examined to be able to avoid any bad decision. Blacklisted affiliate programs may hide big risk because operators that offer them not always follow the stated conditions in the agreements.

Moreover, if you stumble upon a blacklisted affiliate scheme, you are more likely to face other types of unloyal practices. This is why it is advisable always to choose only the top-recommended casino affiliate programmes can provide you with clear terms and fair conditions.

All Casino Affiliate Programs

Conclusion: Pick the Best Casino Affiliate Schemes

In the fast-paced iGaming industry nowadays, you will be probably able to find many affiliate programs that worth checking out. All online operators that follow the security and safety feature thus, trying to offer better gambling services also manage trustworthy and reliable affiliate programs.

Nonetheless, the online gambling industry is highly competitive. Still, some affiliate schemes are better than others. Many different components and details have to be carefully analysed to tell which affiliate program offers the best terms. After careful analysis, we below we could outline our top-recommended casino affiliate program for 2023

Up To 35% Revenue Share
  • Competitive Scheme
  • Various Promotional Tools
  • Licensed and Regulated

We chose this affiliate program because it can offer the best combination of the most important components. First of all, it offers attractive revenue shared based on the results and active involvement in the advertising process. Besides, this affiliate scheme guarantees relevantly fast payments too.

Yet another thing that makes it suitable is the fact that affiliate partners can receive additional promotional tools and materials that will help them reach up to better conversion rates. Besides, exclusive bonus offers might also be negotiated. However, be sure to check the other of the best casino affiliate programs as they also stand out with attractive conditions and fair terms.

Popular Questions

If you still need some more details regarding the affiliate programmes in the iGaming industry, then check the section below. Here we have picked the most frequently asked questions about the affiliate schemes on the markets. We have provided you with brief answers to make every detail clear for you.

⭐ Where can I find the best casino affiliate programs?

Currently, many online operators offer gambling services on the iGaming market. Almost all of them offer competitive affiliate scheme that may offer good conditions to affiliate partners. However, if you are looking for the best conditions, check our top-recommended affiliate programs as they are trustworthy enough.

✅ How to join right casino affiliate program?

Joining the right casino affiliate program requires that you pay attention to different important details. Many components have to be observed first. This is the only way to make a better choice. We advise you to use our thorough guide. You will be able to explore more details in advance.

❓ How to become a casino affiliate?

Becoming a casino affiliate is something that can offer you many additional advantages, especially if you want to promote gaming services online. To become an affiliate partner, you have to meet specific requirements, first. Signing-up an affiliate account is the first step that you need to take, though.

💰 How to make money with casino affiliate?

Earning commissions is the main goal when signing-up for an affiliate program. To be able to earn a good commission, though, you have to be able to attract more potential customers. However, various types of affiliate schemes can offer you different ways to earn commissions.

💳 What payment methods are accepted by the casino affiliates?

will offer you the most popular payment methods that are common in the iGaming industry. This will offer you the chance to benefit from convenient and fast payouts. Most of the payment systems that trustworthy operators with affiliate programmes offer are reliable and fairly easy to use.

📑 What is a casino affiliate CPA?

There are different types of casino affiliate scheme. Each can offer different tools and options to promote online gambling services to customers. This also means that there are different ways of generating traffic and earning commissions. The CPA (or Cost Per Action) model is quite popular across many affiliate schemes.

🎁 What casino reward affiliates come with exclusive offers?

Affiliates can be a key partner to online operators, especially when they manage to provide targeted traffic to the operator's online casino. Depending on their performance, affiliates can receive the right to promote exclusive bonus offers that will be available to customers who sign-up through the affiliate platform.

❓ What is a casino affiliate?

A casino affiliate is a business model that is involved in the iGaming market. It can be an online platform that promotes gaming services to customers or a gambling website that reviews, rates and ranks other online operators. In general, casino affiliates earn by promoting the gaming services of online casinos and use their affiliate programs.

🆕 Where can I find new casino affiliate programs?

The iGaming industry is growing rapidly. Many new operators emerge on the online gambling scene almost every day. Almost every new casino site offers affiliate programs to be able to reach to more potential customers through a partnership with other companies in the industry. The new affiliate programs can be very attractive.

💳 Do all casino affiliate schemes accept PayPal?

affiliate schemes will offer the most convenient payment methods that are used regularly in the iGaming industry. However, some may offer PayPal, while others may not. It also depends on the geolocation of the operators that offer affiliate programs. In some jurisdictions, specific types of payments may be restricted.

More Interesting Guides

We hope that our guide about the casino affiliate programs was interesting to you and provided you with the necessary details. However, there are many other interesting topics that you might also like to learn about. This is why we have prepared a useful guide for you below. Here you can find more themes that may intrigue your attention if you are interested in online gambling.

Check the rest of our guides as they can provide you with enough information and specific details that you might be willing to know.

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