Mentalist or a Trickster – What Are the Odds?

Imagine if you could predict all the live dealer's moves while playing live poker online. Wouldn't it be cool? Or, more importantly – is it possible? Everyone wants to know whether little psychic and magic power could bring extra cash. We will try to debunk the mystery here. This blog post is dedicated to the debate of whether a mentalist could improve your gambling. More specifically – live poker! Let's get started!
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Quick Disclaimer Before We Start

Before we get further into the topic, we would like to address a few disclaimers. First – play responsibly! Gambling could be all fun and games until you go too far down the rabbit hole. Just be careful how you play! Second, we’re not trying to convince you that you really need a mentalist to step up your casino game! We just think that this is an interesting topic that you might like, and we would only like to present facts that either confirm or deny that this is possible. Now that we’ve gotten this out of the way, let’s get into it!

What Is a Mentalist – Quick Guide

There are a lot of people in the world who claim that they have a gift. Whether it is seeing into the future or speaking with the dead, a lot of these experts are labelled as mentalists. So, what exactly is a mentalist? This is a person that have great mental or intuitive abilities, shown through different performances like hypnosis, telepathy and more. Not to be confused with magician – these two are different arts that do not usually go together. However, there are still some people that perform the so-called mental magic, which incorporate high intuition and magic tricks based on the power of illusion.

A mentalist uses mind trickery to manipulate a person’s thinking through suggestion. The suggestions are based on the mentalist’s intuition and, often, on a person’s body language. Each person reacts differently to a specific word or action, which acts as an indicator for the mentalist and helps him pick the right suggestions in the situation.

Can a Mentalist Help You in Your Game?

Have you watched ‘The Mentalist’? If not, you should grab some popcorn and go watch it right now. If you’re not interested in watching the show, we will do our best to sum it up for you. Long story short, this is an American crime procedural TV series, where one of the main characters, Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker), is the mentalist. He is an investigator/detective that solves mysteries and crimes with his ‘psychic’ abilities.

One very iconic scene, which sparked our interest and gave us the idea for this blog post, is when Patrick is in jail and takes part in a poker game alongside other prisoners. We’ve included the video down below for you to see it.

Did you see that? This led us to the big question and the main topic of this blog post – if this guy was that good at playing for himself, would someone like him be able to help you win at poker? More importantly – can a mentalist help you win while playing at a live casino site?

How Do They Do It?

Apparently, people hire or consult with a mentalist to improve their live dealer games. Mostly poker, to be exact. There are ways for people to predict the moves and the upcoming cards from the deck just by looking at the screen. A lot of big forums like Two Plus Two and The Magic Café share some trick on how you could do it for yourself.

There is even an ebook by Ben Harris, ‘PSY-Poker’, which, from what we’ve read, explains the magic of psi-poker and how you can apply easy trickery to predict the live dealer and the other players’ moves.

There are probably a lot more online and offline materials you could find about the connection between mentalism and live poker. However, we wouldn’t want to bother you further with too much information.

Some gamblers are convinced that a mentalist can help you win at a live poker game. They claim that the screen of the computer or the phone cannot disturb the person’s ‘powers’ and he/she could easily make suggestions, based on the movements of the dealer.

On the other hand, some players are more open to the idea that you could be successful at live dealer games with the help of a professional coach or by simple card counting. In either case, you’ll probably have to prepare your wallet – the cost to winning a game isn’t that small!

Is It Real? – Final Thoughts

A lot of players believe that a mentalist could help you get some extra smackers, while others think that it is better to invest in a poker coach or personal training. Like most table games, poker is a game of chance – you never know whether you win or lose until the cards are put on the table face up. Counting cards is also not a great idea, because you can make a mistake, plus, it is not allowed in land-based casinos. You can try while playing on your computer, but we think it would be harder for you.

So, what do we think? Overall, we’re people that like the idea of psychic and other supernatural powers. We’re sure that there is a way for mentalism and gambling to co-exist; however, we’re not fully convinced to confirm anything. Therefore, we would like to read your thoughts and suggestions on the topic!

Thank you for reading our blog post! For more posts, you can go ahead and check out our official blog. If you’re interested in learning more about the best casino sites available, be sure to head over to our homepage and check out our casino reviews.

Until next time!

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