Streamer Trainwrecks Banned from Twitch

Twitch is a very popular streaming platform – it's a heaven for nerdy boys that like to play Fortnite or WOW (World of Warcraft)! A lot of players worldwide stream while playing their favourite games and gain donations by their fans. At some point, girl streamers were introduced at Twitch and things got difficult. Most guys are so happy that there are cute, good-looking ladies, while others are raging that the platform is now welcoming Instagram models that do provocative things live. Yes, fellow readers, we're going to talk about a popular streamer, who is considered a woman-hater by the gals. Trainwrecks banned from Twitch – here's the tea!
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Why Did Trainwrecks Get Banned?

Hey, friends! Welcome to our blog! We try to be versatile when it comes to content on our blog. This article is a little bit different and we might ‘spill some tea’. We’re no strangers to the platform Twitch – there are actually quite a lot of players at online gambling sites that live-stream their bets, winnings and losses. The streamer we’re going to talk about is not a gambler; however, his reckless behavior has been a hot topic for some time now and we wanted to share it with you as well.

Tyler, more known as Trainwreckstv, is a popular Twitch streamer with quite a big community and a lot of donations. Some might say he has a temper, and this shows through a lot of his streams. Why did Trainwrecks get banned? Something that angered a lot of people (mostly ladies) is his big rant against female streamers. We agree that it was harsh! We’ve managed to get our hands on the video that will give you a better idea on why Trainwrecks received a lot of hate and got banned from the platform:

We’ve also found another one that is a bit longer but we’re not going to include it in our article. The video rant contains a lot of bad words and we’re sure you don’t want to hear any of them. For short, it is a 7-minute video about how girls don’t belong in the Twitch community because of their content and that they must be…well, somewhere else. You will find the video on YouTube if you’re curious.

What Do Girls Do on Twitch?

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of ladies that have invaded the popular streaming platform. There are a lot of popular girl gamers that live stream while they’re playing their favourite games that most guys play as well. With time, Twitch has included new categories, where every person can do whatever they want the most. There is a ‘Just Chatting’ section where you can just chat with people and talk about life, work, whatever you please. There is also the ‘ASMR’ section, where you can experience tingles with pro ASMRtists. Also, a lot of popular youtubers have a podcast on Twitch. The possibilities are endless!

However, some of the ladies that stream take it a little too far to get views and donations from their ‘patron’. Maybe this is the right time for us to try to explain what this means. When you have a Twitch account, you get a patron, which is a community that follows what you do. Something like YouTube subscribers with a twist. While you’re streaming, people from your patron can donate money to your account, which can go from a few cents to a 3-figure with a blink of an eye! We hope that we explained it well…

So, girls on Twitch do a lot of inappropriate things for views and donations. There are the ones that would ware provocative clothing, the ones that dance inappropriately, some girls pour different substances all over their bodies to provoke viewers. All is inappropriate and suitable for other types of platforms (you can probably guess yourself what we’re talking about), but apparently it works on Twitch as well and there are not enough restrictions and bans about such actions.

Is Trainwreckstv In Trouble?

Trainwreckstv did a huge rant about ‘those girls’ we’ve mentioned earlier and while most members of his patron have his back, he received a lot of backlash from other Twitch content creators and viewers. He is also active on Twitter, where he tweets a lot of mean things, calling out big brands, etc. This is not the first time this individual has been banned from Twitch. Trainwrecks was banned from the platform some time ago because he live-streamed a whole MasterChef episode from his account! He could have been sued for copyrighted content, but we couldn’t find more details regarding the situation.

Trainwrecks has also been suspended from Reddit. He must have made a lot of people angry!

Stream Must Go On!

Trainwreckstv is very passionate about the gaming community and we understand that, but we think you will agree that there is no need of such a harsh language.

The ban happened back in 2017. As of today, the gentleman is still streaming on the platform, yet, we don’t know whether he would be banned again for something else. We hope that this guy has learned his lesson and will be more careful in the future if he still wants to receive donations on Twitch and keep his patrons.

Well, that’s what we’ve wanted to share! We have answered the question, why was Trainwrecks banned? Find us on our social media handles and comment whether you would like more blog posts like this.

Thank you for the attention. We’ll see you next time!

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