What Cool Things to Do in Atlantic City? - Let's Discover Now!

If you plan a vacation to the gambling capital on the east coast of the U.S. and you still don't exactly know what to do in Atlantic City – we invite you to read this blog post until the bottom line! You will find out an agenda with dozens of cool things to do in Atlantic City ranging from a walk on the beach to a photographing adventure in the wintertime.
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That’s true – there are so many cool things to do other than playing in the best Atlantic City casinos! Gambling, however, is without a doubt an excellent choice for your holidays on this iconic island and that’s why we started our list exactly with it. The gambling experience is superb because this famous city possesses casinos, environments and exotic atmosphere that cannot be found even in Vegas or in the other top gambling locations in the U.S. Take a look at the next table in the first place. It represents an overview of all the activities and interesting places to visit from the agenda, analysed, and put to a comparison side by side.

The section with ‘Places to Visit’ includes the total number of sites and activities that you will find as recommendations further down this review. The next section ‘Estimated Budget’ shows you how much could be the total cost for the specific types of these Atlantic City holidays. Whether you can explore a small secluded park, eat bagels and enjoy a wonderful family vacation on a budget, or you will need to spend more for a daily boat trip, for example. Thirdly, the last section of our table features the type of activities in terms of whether they offer a more dynamic or a more laid-back experience. A long day of shopping would be a wonderful choice as a relaxing therapy while playing baseball, tennis or snorkeling would transform your Atlantic City holidays into a really thrilling adventure. There is one thing in common though: all these are some of the coolest things to do in Atlantic City!

Cool Things to Do in Atlantic City Recommended Places Estimated Budget Type of Activities
Enjoy Superb Gambling Experience 6 High Mixt
Summertime Holidays & Activities 15 High Dynamic
Explore the Romantic Night-Тime 12 Med Leisure
Cheap Things to Do in Atlantic City 18 Low Dynamic
Family Weekend with the Kids 14 Med Mixt
Wintertime Vacations 9 High Leisure

Your Atlantic City holidays would be unlike in any other gambling city in the US. There is a long, crowded stretch with world-renowned casinos bounded by a panoramic Boardwalk, fine sand beaches, and countless opportunities to lay on the sand. With the crashing waves of the ocean and the invigorating breeze from the side, you will find yourself on a heavenly secluded island that has nothing to do with Las Vegas, Macau or Monaco. So, without further delay, sit back and enjoy the next agenda with cool things to do in Atlantic City!

Try the AC’s Superb Gambling Experience

Gambling in Harrah's or in Ocean Casino in Atlantic City There are so many iconic casino resorts on the island that usually, it is not an easy task to pick the best place to play roulette, blackjack or maybe poker. Atlantic City is famous as the gambling capital on the East Coast of the U.S. and there are many reasons for that, including the remote location, the stunning ocean views, the exquisite hospitality and the countless amenities. However, thanks to legalised gambling, this city transformed into an irresistible magnet for players from all over the state and beyond. With nearly two dozen Atlantic City casinos and resorts that also offer legal sports betting, this long stretch of an exotic island definitely has something to offer even for the most serious players who seek a superb gambling experience.

The superior Atlantic City gambling can be found in Borgata, Harrah’s and Golden Nugget which are the largest casino resorts nearby the marina, and their huge buildings can be seen from far. That’s your best choice if you are after a more laid-back gambling vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Atlantic City Downtown. On the other hand, if you want to play in a casino resort along the oceanfront, the list of appealing places is pretty long but make sure to put Hard Rock, Ocean and Resorts high on your agenda. Some of the greatest Atlantic City attractions are located at a short walking distance while the amenities of the resorts offer a perfect fit for a superior gambling vacation.

Make also sure to combine gambling with spa, music events, poolside relaxation, fine dining and others of the numerous specials that you can find in these huge Atlantic City casinos and resorts. There are many interesting and cool things to do in Atlantic City but there is nothing to beat the comfort, amenities and services offered by your resort. When it comes down to pure Atlantic City gambling though, Borgata leads the list with its thousands of opportunities to win big. It offers a gaming area of over 160,000 sq. ft. equipped with 4000 slot machines and 180 tables for classic casino games like blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette. The ultimate Atlantic City fun in Borgata is also enhanced by numerous race and sports betting opportunities, and by some of the best poker tables on the entire island. Here is an overview of the coolest things to do in Atlantic City when we are talking about gambling!

  • Try your luck at a gambling event in Borgata or another iconic AC Casino
  • Combine gambling with spa, fine dining and other attractions in the resort
  • Challenge yourself and try to hit a jackpot on a slot machine
  • Play casino poker on a high-roller table for superior Atlantic City fun

Summertime Holidays & Activities

Summer Sun, Beach, Slices of Watermelon and Ocean When the summer is around the corner and you are blessed with so much more things to do in Atlantic City besides gambling, the beautiful ocean coast transforms into the most appealing area for adventures. For instance, enjoy a boat tour along the coast or book one of the dolphin cruises that take place near the island. Another great option would be to find the best jet ski rentals in Atlantic City and spend an entire day in the water. Diving, snorkelling, body boarding or just laying down on the Atlantic City beach are also appealing, but there are so many other things to do in the summertime.

Going to a beach concert is perhaps one of the most appealing things to do in Atlantic City at night. The lower air temperature and the refreshing ocean breeze help you dance and party all night long, especially on some of the major events like the Vans Warped Tour at the end of June. Take a good break on the next day because, after that, you should not miss the chance to include some of the top summertime sports in your Atlantic City holidays! Right in the middle of the island is located a couple of recreation centres with sports facilities including baseball and softball fields. Uptown Park is another fabulous place with tennis courts, basketball fields and other playgrounds while if you are a golfer, then Brigantine Golf Links is located only a couple of miles north of the Downtown.

Last but not least, if you seek the greatest adrenaline and breathtaking panoramic vistas, make sure to book your Atlantic City helicopter tour! Alternatively, Atlantic City Parasail is located right next to the aquarium and nearby the State Marina. You can book a tandem flying tour of about a dozen minutes high in the air while the entire adventure with the boat ride takes up to an hour and a half. It’s a perfect match to refresh yourself in the warm summer afternoons. After that, spend the rest of the day on the beach with a couple of slices of watermelon and some exotic cocktails. Some of the most exciting things to do in Atlantic City for a bachelor party can be enjoyed exactly on the beach as well. To summarize:

  • Tour the waterfront and the marinas on a boat
  • Go on a beach concert, music festival or another major event
  • Spend an entire weekend with sport initiatives
  • Take a panoramic parasailing ride for an invigorating trip above the island
  • Enjoy all day long on the beach with cocktails and slices of watermelon

Explore the Romantic Night-time

Atlantic City Romance in the Nighttime

The waterfront and the beach also offer some of the most romantic things to do in Atlantic City at night. A simple walk at sunset with your loved one could easily transform into a perfect romance because the reddish skyline and the sound of the crashing waves are mesmerising. The silhouette of Taj Mahal from the Boardwalk is another romantic sight to witness, especially when you know the symbolism of this huge edifice. The original Taj Mahal in India was built as a symbol of love between the emperor and his wife and the white round domes are certainly the most impressive objects of this monument. Well, you have a huge façade reminiscent the replica of Taj Mahal right Infront of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. So, at night when the beachfront becomes quieter and less crowded and you don’t know what to do in Atlantic City with your loved one – there you have it. Just find a remote nook that you will have only for yourselves and watch the romantic silhouette of Taj Mahal and the stars above.

Beside the romantic Atlantic City attractions, make sure to spend the night with some romantic dining experience. The best thing is that the beachfront is dotted by cosy and upscale romantic restaurants. Capriccio is a fine Italian restaurant in Resorts Casino, and it offers awesome views to the ocean’s infinite horizon. The Continental is another tempting place to visit with your loved one and it is situated on the beachfront as well, while The Palm Atlantic City is an exquisite steakhouse surrounded by the cityscape. Overall, a dinner in an upscale restaurant would be the perfect end of a romantic day in Atlantic City.

The daytime offers plenty of romantic things to do in Atlantic City for couples too. Hire a private boat and transport yourself to the remotest water channels of Absecon Bay or Lakes Bay. If you want a romantic trip in the ocean – book a boat tour from Atlantic City Cruises which organise dolphin watching, weddings, anniversaries and special events and other attractions with the stunning skyline of Atlantic City on the horizon. A boat tour is certainly one of the most romantic things to do in Atlantic City for couples, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Here is again the shortlist of top romantic things to do in Atlantic City at night and in the daytime.

  • Walk along the waterfront and the beach to watch the purple sunset
  • Explore Taj Mahal casino along the Boardwalk at night
  • Enjoy a special dining event with your loved one in a romantic restaurant
  • Hire a private boat and escape for a quiet romantic getaway in the ocean
  • Book a boat cruise to enjoy dolphin watching with your loved one

Cheap Things to Do in Atlantic City

Attractions on the Beach and the Steel Pier If you are on a budget, there is no need to worry either because there are plenty of cheap things to do in Atlantic City. For instance, the nearly 5-mile long Boardwalk offers the best options to visit some of the top Atlantic City must-see landmarks. Examples include tiny walkways and alleys through the sandy dunes, panoramic squares and viewpoints, the Korean War Memorial and the amphitheatre at Brighton Park, and the list goes on. A number of huge piers stretch alongside the Boardwalk while from the other side, you can find most of the Atlantic City casinos, hotels, restaurants, eateries and amusement centres. Overall, pretty much all the famous Atlantic City attractions are located exactly on the Boardwalk. A short walk in the early morning or in the freshness of the night wouldn’t cost you much. You just need to stop by the Boardwalk Hall and the ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’ museum, as well as enjoy the panoramic views from the three piers: Playground, Central and Steel Pier.

Don’t forget to take your camera because taking photos might be one of the cheapest things to do in Atlantic City but each will become an absolutely impressive moment to remember. The northern side of the island is the right place to find Absecon Lighthouse majestically overlooking the inlet canal. Its tall B&W masonry structure sits quite remarkably on the skyline in this part of Atlantic City because it is also the tallest lighthouse all over the state. At just a short walking distance, you can get to Uptown and Fisherman’s Park, while around the State Marina can be taken some of the most beautiful photos at sunset. Another short walk trip to the wetlands near Borgata Casino will take you to one of the most spectacular places for photographing in the entire city. It comes to the wind farm of Jersey-Atlantic. Its huge wind turbines stretch to a height of 380 feet while the green wetlands below and the calm waters provide unbelievable contrasting scenery for photographers, adventurers and sightseeing enthusiasts.

Moreover, the oceanfront is the perfect choice to find your favourite Atlantic City beach and enjoy all day long in sunbathing and swimming. The oceanfront beaches of the city offer free public access and they are monitored by lifeguards. Actually, the fine sand beaches are the greatest Atlantic City attractions by sheer size, and they are perfect for laid-back walk trips. If you do so, make sure to walk nearby the Steel Pier and enjoy the panoramic scenery. The tall Ferris wheel, the carousels and all other amusement installations are an amazing sight to witness from a distance. Make sure to have enough memory on your camera if you do the trip at sunset. In the meantime, if you want to spend a day in bird watching and wildlife exploration – go enjoy a trip within the wetlands of Absecon Wildlife Management Area! It is the perfect place for day-long activities with countless opportunities to take gorgeous natural photos and do all this for free. Here is again the overview of these cool things to do in Atlantic City when you are on a budget.

  • Walk along the Boardwalk and soak up the true Atlantic City atmosphere
  • Sunbathing, leisure, games and sightseeing on the fine sand beach
  • Take stunning photos of the most famous landmarks in Atlantic City
  • Wildlife journey in Absecon Wildlife Management Area

Family Weekend with the Kids

Playing with the Kids in an Atlantic City Park If you are on a vacation with the kids and you need some interesting things to do in Atlantic City this weekend, you won’t get wrong with a little bit of recreation in the green parks. Although the city is vastly inhabited and the oceanfront is usually overcrowded, Atlantic City is dotted by small green nooks, tranquil corners and green playgrounds to escape for a while with your kids. Such is the Kingston Avenue Playground which overlooks the water channel and the wetlands while once there, you can easily combine your journey with a walk along the waterfront. These quieter parts of the residential area are absolutely suitable for walking, bird watching or other tranquil activities and things to do with kids in Atlantic City. Just a short stroll to the south will take you to another awesome playground – the small park at Little Rock and Winchester Aves. Walk around and stop for a while for a family pizza or hot bagels and continue your trip to some of the most famous Atlantic City attractions for arts and culture.

A visit to the Atlantic City Aquarium and the nearby Historic Gardner’s Basin will take up to a whole afternoon but it will be full of family fun. Plenty of small shops and restaurants dot the area so you can combine your cultural trip with an amazing Atlantic City shopping experience. Adjacent to the Playground Pier is the iconic Kennedy Plaza which huge building with numerous pillars turns it into one of the best historical Atlantic City attractions. In the meantime, a huge mini-golf course is another main attraction where kids and adults alike can get an unforgettable time full of amusements.

Other places to visit in Atlantic City with the kids include Lucy the Elephant in Margate City, the Historical Museum and the arts centre. If you are after a more fun experience with the kids, then go watch a movie with the kids in the IMAX theatre or visit a comedy club like the one in the historic Claridge Hotel nearby the Steel Pier. Sometimes, this is the righteous recipe for truly unforgettable Atlantic City holidays. If your kids are on the adventurist side, make sure to spend more time on the pier itself and take them to some of the renovated attractions and amusement parks located there. From a Ferris wheel to hot dog and roller coasters – your fun is guaranteed! That’s the summary of the best things to do with kids in Atlantic City:

  • Go outdoors for recreation and green park adventures
  • Enjoy arts and culture venues like Atlantic City Historical Museum and the aquarium
  • Play mini golf with your kids or go to a comedy club for maximum fun
  • All day-long adventures and adrenaline on the Steel Peer

Wintertime Vacations

When you wonder if there are any cool things to do in Atlantic City in winter – well, some of them are literally the coolest! The weather simply offers plenty of cool and fresh days with almost freezing air temperature, but the ocean keeps it warm enough for some awesome Atlantic City holidays in the winter. The city receives less snow in comparison to the rest of the state and yet, you might witness some snowy hours even while walking on the cold beach. So, what to do in Atlantic City when the snow covers the beach? Actually, there are some pretty appealing ones. There are fewer crowds on the Boardwalk and the Atlantic City beach becomes perfect for a short laid-back walk trip. Stop for a while to warm up in a nice cosy restaurant like Landshark Bar & Grill, Brickers Burgers, the Irish Pub or somewhere else.

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Atlantic City in winter. This is one of the best gambling cities in the world, so make sure to put some gambling experience in your winter vacation as well. The casinos offer all-year-round top activities on the island and if you feel like it is your lucky day, you know what to do. Atlantic City gambling goes along with another awesome laid-back activity in the wintertime. It comes to the Atlantic City shopping adventures. A number of huge shopping centres and malls can be found in the city. Examples include the Playground Pier because some of its shops are open all year, as well as the Quarter at Tropicana, and Tanger Outlets Atlantic City.

One of the coolest things to do in Atlantic City in winter is actually photographing. The snowy days can tempt you to get out of your hotel room and enjoy a short walk along the beach, searching for the perfect shot. The infinite horizon of the ocean and the sandy beaches covered with snow can easily transform every moment into a perfect sight to take a photo or two. The chilly parks are also amazing places to go on a photographing adventure in the wintertime or maybe a couple of hours in the warm pool of your hotel are what suits you best. Seek and you shall find out and, meanwhile, let’s recap the coolest things to do in Atlantic City in winter.

  • Shopping in The Playground at Caesars Atlantic or in the nearby Tanger Outlets
  • Gambling in the wintertime with the greatest seasonal promotions and bonuses
  • Casual dining and warming up with hot soup in a nice cosy restaurant
  • Wintertime photo sessions from the observation platform of Steel Pier or along the beach
  • Visit famous exhibitions and other Atlantic City must see landmarks

The Coolest Atlantic City Vacation: Conclusions

The Full List of Things to Do in Atlantic City – Cover Page So, what would include your Atlantic City holidays in this remarkable island city? Of course, you should combine all the cool things to do in Atlantic City at once or do either one of them all your vacation. Consider our list as the most thorough agenda with tips and tricks as well as fabulous Atlantic City attractions to pamper your vacations with endless fun and unforgettable moments. If you still wonder what’s the coolest thing to do – well, it should be gambling in one of the most iconic Atlantic City casinos. Share this list with your friends and other gamblers and see you soon on the Bestcasinosites.net blog!

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