Slovakia Gambling Advertisement Laws and Changes

Slovakia's gambling laws will soon undergo a big change with the new Slovakia gambling advertisement standards. As online gambling is becoming more popular, stricter regulation is being planned to ensure that players continue to practice responsible gambling. Our article will cover the most critical aspects of these new laws and how they may affect the industry.

The History of Slovakia’s Online Gambling Laws

To better understand the current situation of Sk gambling advertisement, we need to examine its history. While gambling has been legal since 1992, it was under the monopoly of the state-owned company TIPOS. Since then, there have been many exciting developments for the SK gambling industry, which is why we prepared the following table with some of the most important events regarding SK gambling advertising laws:

🗓️ 1992: Slovakia became sovereign, and the national lottery company TIPOS was established.
🗓️ 2005: Gambling Act No. 171 is passed, granting TIPOS, the national lottery company, permission to operate online gambling games.
🗓️ 2011: Government attempts to block access to unlicenced offshore casinos.
🗓️ 1st of March 2019: New Gambling Act No.30/2019 passed, allowing foreign operators to apply for licences. TIPOS retains a monopoly on bingo, raffles and lottery.
🗓️ 2020: Bratislava bans gambling as recent changes allow local municipalities to ban gambling in their territories. Bingo halls, betting shops and in-person wagering remain legal.
🗓️ 2022: Slovakia bans Twitch due to illegal gambling.

As can be seen in the table, it wasn’t until 2019 that players could enjoy their favourite games at the best casino sites in Slovakia. However, those who prefer land-based gambling may face issues as Bratislava bans gambling within its territory. As such, SK gambling regulation is somewhat complex, and it is a good idea to check the latest news for more information on SK casino advertising.

The incident with Twitch provides a good idea as to why Slovakia is updating its gambling advertisement standards. As many minors use the platform to watch their favourite streamers and the streamers themselves typically play on sites not licenced in Slovakia, this can lead to many issues. That is why new rules need to be established.

SK Gambling Advertising Laws and the 2019 Gambling Act

Similar to the situation with Sweden’s sports betting advertisement bans, the government aims to have secure control of the gambling industry. TIPOS held a monopoly on all forms of gambling and the gambling authorities in Slovakia tried to ban all unlicenced sites in 2017. Only after the 2019 Gambling Act could players legally enjoy online gambling and online casino ads in Slovakia were allowed.

Regarding advertising, the Act imposes very few restrictions, mainly on land-based establishments. We have included the essential rules in the following list so that you can examine them yourself:

  • Promotion of gambling games in Latin or Roman script without a licence is prohibited
  • Gambling game operators must identify their establishments with a “gambling house” sign
  • “Casino” can be used in the business name or to identify establishments
  • No light sign or other advertising board that does not comply with previous regulations may be used to promote the casino’s existence or incite players to play
  • No external advertisement for alcohol
  • No advertisements within 200 meters of the casino

Aside from that, casinos cannot place information on winnings on the external parts of their establishments. With the rising popularity of online gambling in Slovakia, new rules for SK gambling advertisements must be set. That is the aim of the recent Concept of Responsible Gambling by the Office for the Regulation of Gambling.

The New Slovakian Gambling Advertisement Standards

As gambling ads have become more prominent through the internet, TV, etc., and the public demands stricter regulations, the Office for the Regulation of Gambling plans to implement new Slovakian gambling advertisement standards. The aim is to keep gambling a safe form of entertainment, prevent minors from participating and prevent addiction among vulnerable groups.

It is socially desirable for Slovak gambling advertising to have clear standards and responsible content. That is why we are coming up with the Concept of Responsible Advertising.Dávid Lenčéš, Director General of the Office

This Concept of Responsible Advertising aims to start a discussion between companies and the government on proper ways to regulate such advertisements. While the initial document will have information on appropriate new standards, the government will implement any operator feedback into the new rules. That will hopefully lead to excellent self-regulation mechanisms to help ensure responsible gambling.

The Regulation Office and Other Relevant Authorities

We will now briefly cover the Office and other authorities relevant to online casino ads in Slovakia. The Office for the Regulation of Gambling was established in 2019 with Act. 30/2019 and is responsible for licencing gambling game operators in Slovakia. It also keeps a register of all operators and ensures the Act’s regulations are strictly followed. The Office is a government agency, part of the Ministry of Finance

Meanwhile, the Center for the Treatment of Drug Addictions also operates the National Gambling Helpline to help players combat gambling addiction. Lastly, TIPOS is the national lottery organisation owned by the state that also offers legal casino games and sports betting.

The Future of Gambling Advertisement in Slovakia

As this is a very recent concept, there are few details on the upcoming changes to SK casino advertising. The fact that it will involve operator feedback should be a good sign that proper law will be implemented. It may also further improve the experience of all players.

The Future of Gambling in Slovakia

Photo: Pixabay. All rights reserved. 2019

While there are some concerns over the increasingly stricter regulations and gambling bans, we hope this will alleviate some of the issues, so players can enjoy their favourite games freely. Those who wish to learn more about the importance of gambling advertisement regulations can check out our article on UK brands and advertising costs.

Slovakia Gambling Advertisement FAQ

Before wrapping up our article, we will answer all your pressing questions on Slovakian gambling advertisement standards. Learn some extra info on SK’s relevant gambling authorities and the current situation in the country. Additionally, we will provide details on past laws and their implications for online casino ads in Slovakia.

1️⃣ When were online casino ads in SK legalized?

Although Slovakia has a long history with gambling, foreign operators could not apply for a licence until 2019. Until then, the national lottery company TIPOS monopolised Slovakia's online gambling industry. The Office for the Regulation of Gambling is the main licencing body, although TIPOS still retains a monopoly on some forms of gambling.

2️⃣ What are the SK gambling advertising laws?

According to the 2019 Gambling Act, there aren't many restrictions regarding SK gambling advertisement. Most rules apply to land-based establishments and require them not to have flashing signs, advertise alcohol, etc. As most advertisements have moved to the internet and other media, it has become essential to update these standards.

3️⃣ What are the new plans for SK casino advertising?

While the new SK gambling advertising laws are still being planned, we are aware of the intended process. The Office will draft rules and begin discussions with legal operators to receive feedback. Their goal is to create self-regulation mechanisms, which will allow for better advertising management without heavy restrictions and help prevent addiction and underage gambling.

4️⃣ Which are the gambling authorities in Slovakia looking after ads?

Among the various gambling authorities, the Office for the Regulation of Gambling is the main licencing body that also ensures all online casino ads in Slovakia comply with the laws. Meanwhile, the Center for the Treatment of Drug Addictions helps gamblers combat addiction, while TIPOS is the national lottery company that runs most legal gambling establishments in the country.

5️⃣ How will SK gambling advertisement change?

When making our conclusion on online gambling in Slovakia, we mentioned that it is too early to tell what will change in the future. The country's most recent laws and decisions seem incredibly restrictive, with some municipalities even banning some forms of gambling. However, as operators will be involved through feedback, it may lead to better self-regulation standards.

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