Shot Roulette – Brief History and Drink Roulette Game Rules

Nowadays, roulette is one of the most popular casino games which has tons of variations. One of them is the Shot Roulette – an enjoyable drinking game variation, which is widely prevalent among students, stag, and hen parties. In this article, we will explore in detail how to play it, what the rules are, and can it be dangerous for your health?
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Drinking Roulette – Great Pastime for Parties

There’s a famous saying: Alcohol! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad. Maybe that was the driving force behind the inventor of the Shot Roulette, which is a booze-based form of the classic roulette. It’s mainly played at dorm parties, where college students are getting drunk for the first time (or sometimes last).

Similar to the rules found at the best online roulette casinos, the drink roulette rules are very simple. In a nutshell, Drinking Roulette involves a spinning wheel and a ball, just like a regular type of roulette. However, the main difference is that instead of winning money, you get to drink a shot, hence the name. Inside of the shot you can pour tequila, whiskey, aftershock, or whatever liquor you like, so be creative.

Roulette Shot Game – How to Play?

In case it wasn’t already clear from the previous paragraph, take our fair warning – the roulette shot game is not suitable for underaged people! Before you begin playing, keep in mind that alcohol consumption could be hazardous if abused. So always drink responsibly, or you might end up with a massive hangover or even worse, become one of those viral ‘fail videos’ on the social media.

Well, enough with the parental lectures, let’s get down to business and explain the roulette drinking game rules.

Shot Roulette Rules

A standard shot roulette drinking game set comes equipped with a spinning wheel, 2 balls, and 16 numbered shot glasses divided by 8 red and 8 black. The recommended number of players is between 2 to 8. As a rule of thumb, they should all be at least 18 years old in the UK and the rest of Europe, and 21+ in the US.

Generally speaking, the Shot drink roulette rules are pretty much open to your own interpretation. That’s not to say there are no recommended ones. So, if you wish, you can stick to them as follows:

  1. Before the kick-off, fill in the shot glasses with your desired beverage (alcohol or non-alcohol). Then each player chooses a glass that will be his till the end of the game.
  2. Determine the player who will start first and begin the game by spinning the wheel and placing the ball inside.
  3. After the ball has stopped on a particular number, the player who holds the corresponding shot drinks it and places the empty glass back on its original place.
  4. Next is the person on the left-hand side who repeats the exact same steps.
  5. If the ball stops on a number corresponding to an empty shot, then the player doesn’t drink.
  6. If the ball lands on a 0, all players drink a shot.
  7. Once all shots are empty, the game ends, or you can refill them and continue.

Otherwise, you can try a different approach, that’s closer to the real money roulette rules. A good example would look like this:

  1. Gather a prize pool of ‘X’ amount each, which will later be divided among the winners. It’s entirely up to you how much each participant will chip into the pot. All that matters is having fun.
  2. Decide if there will be a single ‘grand prize’ or ‘top 3 prizes’ awarded.
  3. Assign a person who’ll be the dealer to spin the wheel and doesn’t participate (a great solution if someone from the gang is non-drinker). If everyone is feeling enthusiastic, however, then everybody plays. Simple as that.
  4. Before the dealer spins the Roulette Shot game wheel, each of the participants places their bet where the ball will land (that can include red/black and exact number).
  5. Only the person who guessed correctly drinks a shot. In case there’s more than one winner, they all get to drink.
  6. The first person to successfully drink 5 or 10 shots (you can clear that rule before the start of the game) becomes the ‘winner’ and gets a part of the prize pool.

Other Cool Drinking Games

When it comes to entertaining drinking games, people tend to get very creative. As you can see, the drinking roulette is pretty awesome, but it’s far from the only one. We did our research and found that there’re other gems in the alcohol-based genre, such as the Vodka Russian Roulette.

While the original Russian Roulette is a lethal game, its vodka-based counterpart is much more friendly, and it doesn’t involve a bullet in your brain. The concept of these games is quite simple and very well explained in the short video tutorial below:

Another top contender is, of course, the classic Beer Pong. This party game involves a table, several cups, a ping pong ball, and, well, you guessed it, beer. Once again, the drink roulette rules are not complicated, with the primary goal being to shoot the ball in the opponent’s cup. When that happens, he drinks it, and it is his turn.

Since the focus of this article is the Shot Roulette, our next suggestion of a cool drinking game is the Beer Roulette. The rules of this type of roulette are similar to the Vodka Russian Roulette, which means that there will be one beer that’s different than the others.

The main difference is that one can of the beer is vigorously shaken before the initiation of the game. But the participants will not be aware of which one it is, as they’re required to turn their backs. Then the participants put one can of beer on their heads count to a tree and open it. Everybody laughs at the loser as he’ll be soaking wet from the beer splash.

And finally, if not a single one of our suggested drinking roulettes is entertaining enough, you can always give a go to some of the suggested top online roulette games. We’ve collated a comprehensive list of internet’s best roulette types and where to play them. Plus, you can always enjoy online roulette with a beer or two, which immediately makes it into the category of drinking roulette. You can even do it with a native iPhone roulette apps, or one of the best roulette apps in 2021! Of course, you can also apply some sort of a drinking game when playing other casino games that have simple game rules, such as the ones found at the top online higher or lower card game sites for UK players.

Roulette Drinking Game FAQs

The drinking roulette game is a great way to kick start a party and have fun with your mates. Throw in some good music, and the fun atmosphere is guaranteed. Obviously, you should proceed with caution and avoid ending up in the gutter. And as our final piece of advice related to the Shot Roulette, we’ve included several commonly asked questions. Thanks for reading and enjoy playing the roulette drinking game.

🥃 What is Shot Roulette?

The Shot Roulette game is a fun form of the classic game, where the participants take turns and drink shots. On the outside of the roulette wheel are placed 16 shot glasses. Each of them is numbered and filled with liquor. Here's how to play Shot Roulette.

🃏 How to play Shot Roulette game?

The Roulette drinking game rules are pretty straight forward. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to get a grasp of them and usually can make your own interpretations. We've made two detailed suggestions in our blog post, which you can try.

🤔 Are there other games similar to drinking roulette?

The Shot Roulette drinking game is a unique version of the classic casino game. Nevertheless, there're other great similar drinking games that are also fun for a birthday party, pre-drinks, or just a relaxed Friday night at home.

🔞 Is the roulette shot game illegal?

Well, that would be the case if you're under 18 in the UK and the rest of Europe and under 21 in the US, as the roulette shot game involves drinking alcohol. Make sure you don't run into trouble with your parents or with the law in that regard.

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