Shootings in Casinos – Mass Killings of the Modern World

It is so unfortunate that we read about such events on a daily basis in different parts of the world. Today we intend to focus our attention particularly on casino shootings and the worst cases of such in the last half a decade. We will try to peek behind the brains of the sinister killers and find what exactly pushed them to execute such ruthless plans of mass extermination. Have in mind that this article is full of disturbing and shocking information and facts not recommended for people with a sensitive personality.
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The Worst Casino Shootings in the Last Decade

We went through all tragic events of the last 5 years and overviewed the 3 most vicious acts in our modern history. The casino shootings that we are about to explore today happened in different countries and they got nothing in common apart from the unpredictable ill minds of the shooters. The tragedy is all around us every day, but we pay attention to it only when it concerns us directly… Maybe this is why some people prefer online casinos, because its simple, its safe and fun.

Extreme Violence in Chili – 5 People Shot Dead

This awful event happened nearby the capital Santiago in a small district called Puente Alto. If you look around the web, you will find real footage from the scene, but we don’t recommend it. After the last changes of the Chilean Gambling Laws in the last few years, small size casinos were allowed to freely exist in such not that populated areas like Puente Alto. The reason why the shooter did what he did is still unclear, and no one was detained for this crime against humanity.

Man Holding a Gun

The whole story is quite short, an armed man runs into a casino and opens fire. For the time frame of fewer than 10 seconds, he successfully releases over 40 bullets. On the footage, it is clear that he uses a pistol, the police stated that automatic Glock was used. As a result, 2 men and 1 woman were dead shot on site, while another 2 men died later in the hospital from their wounds. The police were investigating different scenarios, but the most logical and relevant one was a gang rivalry because some of the players in the casino were convicted felons too.

Manila – 35+ Found Dead

This tragic story leads us to Manila, Philippines wherein 2017 a man rushes the famous Resorts World and starts firing random shots all around. The action takes place early in the morning, and maybe this is why there were so many innocent victims. Just a few clicks after midnight he enters the casino with an assault automatic rifle and bottled gasoline. The shots spread panic around, but the attacker had no intention to hurt the guests of the resort, they looked more like warning shots. When he reached the second floor, he set on fire several gaming tables with the gasoline he brought. Meanwhile, he was able to collect round bound £1.7 million in casino chips, but the police already surrounded the resort, so there was no way out.

Mannequin On the Ground

The panic caused much of trouble after the fire spread inside the building, some people were even trying to jump from the windows to save themselves. The shooter was sitting on the stairs between the floors when he encountered one of the first security guys and exchanged a few rounds but no hits. The unknown attacker then locks himself in room number 510, where he burned himself to death. When the police entered the room, they found the casino chips in the toilet, but the shooter was unrecognisable at first look. He was found dead between the bedroom sheets, he poured the gasoline on the bed lied on in and fired it up.

The police were working on several scenarios regarding this accident, but even today no-one is absolutely sure what was the reason for this drastic act. Initially, there were suspicious that this could be related to ISIS and terrorism in general, but this statement was proofed wrong because there is no evidence pointing otherwise. But how that many people died then? As we mentioned, in the beginning, the total number of casualties is over 35, but none killed by a gunshot wound. Because of the late hour, many of the guests were sleeping and the fire caused their unfortunate and silent suffocation. Others were injured while they were trying to escape in the panic. The presence of much synthetic material in the casino design increased the speed of the fire significantly and its toxicity in the result of which many people were caught in its deadly trap.

Vegas – The Most Terrible Mass Casino Shooting

The shooting in the Mandalay Bay resort in 2017 is maybe the most sadistic and psychosocial tragedy of the last decade. The detailed investigation after the casino shooting was not able to lead the federal investigation anywhere. Up to this date, it is not yet clear why Stephan Paddock did what he did… The federal bureau has several scenarios but the most commonly accepted one is a psychiatric breakdown. They were able to build the timeline up to a week before the execution of his awful plan. We intend to follow it and tell you the whole story from its beginning to its fatal end.

Mandalay Bay Resort Shooting Side

Stephen Craig Paddock becomes the most famous mass murderer in our modern society in 2017 when he killed over 58 people and injured over 700 others. He was born in Clinton, Iowa but his family was travelling a lot because his father was one of the FBI most-wanted robbers in the 60s. Stephan was the oldest of four brothers and he successfully graduated from California State University in 1977. Stephen started his own carrier in the real-estate business together with his brother Eric. Later on, they decided to sell the whole business. His wife described him as a professional gambler but despite his high earnings, he was not known among the high-stakes players in the city.

He arrived in Mandalay Bay resort on Mondays, 25th of September which is a week before the terrible attack of his. He checks in a suite 135 on level 32 and also room 134, which is right next to the suite. His personal computer and cellphone records show that initially, he booked rooms in The Ogden hotel too. He investigated in details the lineup and the attendance volume of the Life Is Beautiful festival which was being held in the surrounding streets around The Ogden. He did similar research for the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Harvest Festival which was placed right in front of the hotel. At the very end, he chose the Harvest Festival for his malicious act.

In the period between 25th of September and 1st of October he successfully moved over 20 luggage bags full of weapons and ammo without being suspected. During his last week, he never showed any indication of aggression or so. He was well known to the casino and hotel personnel because he was partly local and of course a huge gambling enthusiast. From the video footages, we saw that he is playing on the casino floor mainly in the small hours after midnight, while during the days he was either sleeping in his room or going to his property in Mesquite, city located on 80 miles from Las Vegas.

Many Different Rifles

He repeated the course to his home and back to the hotel several times bringing in total 21+ bags with semi-auto and fully automatic rifles and ammunition for them. On Sunday the 1st of October around 12-1 pm he entered his room for the last time. During the day he stayed inside closing and opening locks in both rooms. At 9 pm he locks the deadbolt of room 135 for a last time in the next 10 mins he is doing the same with room 134, meanwhile, he even placed a video camera in the hallway to be prepared in case someone decides to stop him.

The living nightmare begins at 10:05 pm when he opens fire from his window on the 32nd floor of the hotel. He successfully shots over 900 rounds, injuring 700+ people and killing 58. During the first several clips the crowd was thinking that the noise is coming from the festival visual effects and fireworks. In a few minutes, it was already obvious that someone is shooting at the people, but no-one was able to spot his strategic location. This is where the panic started, the crowd was laying on the floor during the shots and while he was reloading, they were running for their lives.

At 10:20 PM 2 police officers breached the door, but Stephen Paddock was already dead, he killed himself seconds before they entered the room. The police found 23 different guns and hundreds of rounds inside. The force statement was that he fired over 900 bullets at the festival and around 200 at the hallway. At the age of 64 Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured over 700 others without any clear motive or reason, this will always be remembered as the most vicious and ruthless mass killings of our modern society.

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