NL Online Gambling Trends – What Does the Future Hold?

In today's world, there's no doubt that the iGaming industry and technology as a whole advance and evolve by the minute. Just like all innovations, online gambling trends in the Netherlands are exciting yet not very predictable. Explore the NL gambling trends and their complex nature and learn about the most important news in today's blog post.
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And while experts are still unsure about certain aspects of the casino industry’s future, they are positive about one thing – the Netherlands’ gambling course has taken a very positive direction. With the emergence of NL’s new laws, the latest lockdowns, and changing consumer habits, its gambling scene is taking a turn.

Gambling Trends in the Netherlands – Most Important News

With numerous reports consistently published by all sorts of organisations, NL gambling trends can confuse many. Therefore, we decided to summarise and present the most important highlights from all sources at the beginning of this article. Please read the table below where we have included some main points.

Gambling Trends in the Netherlands – Key Highlights
⭐ Casino Trends ⏩ Short Description
The Triumph of NL Online Gambling The KOA Act took effect on the 1st of October and gave 10 NL online casino licences
Dutch Online Gambling GGR 2025 Predictions After the KOA act, analysts are predicting that the industry will generate €1.27 billion by 2025.
Sports Betting vs Casinos Sports betting is still dominant in the Dutch gambling market, but NL online casinos are on the rise.
Best Online Gambling Trends in the Netherlands The Netherlands’ best online gambling trends are standard in terms of gaming preferences.

After the KOA act took effect, numerous news outlets reported about the upcoming triumph of the NL online gambling scene. Sports betting continued to dominate the Dutch gambling market, but experts predicted that the industry would generate €1.27 billion by 2025. As the most recent news brings some uncertainties, we decided to dive deep into it.

The KOA Act – the Triumph of the NL Online Gambling Market

After being postponed multiple times, the Dutch KOA act went into effect on the 1st of October 2021. The new law made for a new beginning and put the Netherlands on its new online gambling journey. With very strong safety precautions in mind, the Dutch KSA (a Dutch regulatory authority) approved 10 operators, giving them a Dutch gambling licence.

Picture Describing the Netherlands' Online Gambling KOA Act

With these licences, the operators were given the right to offer sports betting platforms and real money online casinos in the NL market. All operators had to undergo some very severe security checks and ensure they can enforce responsible gambling in the Netherlands. Now, when the KOA law has taken effect, some NL online gambling trends have changed for good.

Dutch Online Gambling GGR – Surpassing €1bn by 2025

Aside from technological improvements, the COVID-19 pandemic along with the activation of the KOA law helped reform the Dutch gambling market. The Netherlands’ 2021 intensive lockdowns just happened to match with the passing of the KOA act and NL online casinos made record-breaking profits.

NL Casino Industry GGR by Years
Year Dutch Land-Based Casinos Dutch Online Casinos Total Value
2019 €2.27 billion €424 million €2.7 billion
2020 N/A €814 million N/A
2025 N/A €1.27 billion N/A

According to the ‘Netherlands Betting Focus’ report, the Netherlands online gambling market reached €424 million in 2019, which is a lot less than the figures land-based casinos made – €2.27 billion in GGR. After the KOA act and the global pandemic, these numbers took a turn.

Holland Casino, the Dutch state-owned company that had the legal monopoly on gambling in the Netherlands, started reporting major losses as the KOA act enrolled. With €814 million made by NL online casinos for 2020, experts predict the industry will make €1.27 billion by 2025 in GGR.

The NL Gambling Trends – Sports Betting vs Online Casinos

Since the Dutch are known for their love of sports, it’s expected that they love to bet on their favourite matches as well. The KOA gambling act pushed online casinos up, but the latest trends reveal that Dutch citizens still prefer sports betting. The insights into this trend will be fully available after the market’s 2022 reports.

Although the Netherlands’ gambling course is still a bit uncertain, all experts agree that the industry in the country is flourishing in all the best ways. And while we still don’t have solid data about the country’s gambling preferences yet, we managed to make a list of the best online gambling trends in the Netherlands:

  • NL Roulette Trends – American Roulette, European Roulette, Live Roulette
  • NL Sports Betting Trends – Football, Basketball, Volleyball
  • NL Slot Machine Trends – Book of Dead, Monopoly 250K, Sweet Bonanza
  • NL Online Blackjack Trends – Live Dealer Games

While some NL casino industry trends are still unpredictable, we still have a clear image of what NL players’ gaming habits look like. With nothing out of the ordinary, Dutch people love what we all do – live dealer games, slots, roulette, and of course, sports betting. In terms of sports betting trends, Dutch punters are very similar to Brits as their favourite sport to wager on is football.

Although wagering on sports is preferred by most Dutch players, slots are still their top choice for casino games. The things that the top 10 casino slots in the Netherlands have in common make for a great trend forecast. By looking at the titles as well as their features we get a good idea of what NL players look for in slots.

Picture Describing the Netherlands' Top Betting Trends

Among the slot titles, the Netherlands loves all the classics such as Sweet Bonanza, Book of Dead, and Monopoly 250K. Dutch players, just like us, also prefer slot titles with RTP rates of at least 95%. The availability of flexible betting limits is sought after, and that’s why NL low wagering casinos are a mass preference.

Top Betting Trends in the Netherlands – Final Verdict

The Netherlands’ online gambling course is looking very good. Although some industry specifications are yet to be solidified, the experts’ predictions are very optimistic. With historically high annual GGR and new operators on the horizon, the KOA act may have played a key role in regulating some of the Netherlands’ top casino sites ever.


Today’s article about the best online gambling trends in the Netherlands continues with a brief yet informative FAQ section, which includes further details on the main topics in this blog post. Please, make sure to read them carefully.

1️⃣ How does gambling look like in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands' gambling course is as good as it can be. With various events boosting the industry, the online gambling trends in the Netherlands are shaping a new landscape that is a dream come true for every Dutch player.

2️⃣ What's the latest news regarding gambling trends in the Netherlands?

Just like everything surrounding us in today's world, NL's gambling trends have faced severe changes due to a series of events like COVID-19, technological advancements, and many more. Unlike many other industries, the latest Dutch gambling news shows us that NL's iGaming scene is doing very well.

3️⃣ What is the Dutch KOA act?

Marked as the triumph of NL online gambling by many, the Dutch KOA act took the exclusive rights away from the state-owned Holland Casino and gave rights to several new operators to step into both land-based and online gambling NL market. This legal action gave the start of some of the best online gambling trends in the Netherlands.

4️⃣ Do Dutch players prefer sports betting or casino games?

Since the passing of the KOA act wasn't that long ago, there isn't much solid data to work with. However, experts are still positive that the battle between sports betting and casino games is still in the punters' favour. This tendency may change in the upcoming year since the process has just begun.

5️⃣ What are the predictions for the NL online gambling industry?

With the recent passing of the KOA act combined with the global pandemic, the NL online gambling industry is flourishing as it's giving better numbers than planned. Dutch Online Gambling GGR Predictions even state that by 2025 the NL iGaming industry will be worth €1 billion.

6️⃣ What are the best online gambling trends in the Netherlands?

Although there are certain aspects that are yet to be solidified in the Dutch market, the top betting trends in the Netherlands are quite like the ones in the UK. NL players value quality and safety by going for licensed online casinos, which carry sports betting, numerous payment methods, and slots with high RTP rates.

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