Justyn Rees Larcombe Lifestory Before & After His Gambling Addiction

Justyn Rees Larcombe is a bright example of how gambling can ruin your life, but also his story will persuade you that motivation and consistency could reverse things that you thought are irreversible. Justyn Larcombe changes his occupation several times and fulfils some of his dreams before he even got into gambling and online casinos. We find his life inspiring and also enlightening because nothing in this world is 100% sure, apart of death. So, if you are alive and breathing, you still have the chance to change, build and improve your life, job or mindset and achieve everything you want!
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Justyn Larcombe Early Ages & Carrier

Justyn Rees Larcombe is a descendant of Jennifer Rees Larcombe who is the daughter to the evangelist Tom Rees. Let’s say that Justyn comes from a family of true believers and church supporters. Jennifer Rees Larcombe is famous because of her books, all based on Christianity and preaching, the most popular ones are the “Beauty from Ashes” and “Journey into Gods Heart” which are also her latest works printed and published in 2011 and 2006. But why we are telling you all of that? Just to show that Larcombe comes from a family with a strong foundation and huge faith, which helped him through his endeavours in life.

Probably you also read the article published in 2013 by the Daily Mail UK about an ex-military Major that lost all of his money and savings, additionally, his wife left him together with the kids. But how come, how exactly this happened and why? The answer is short – compulsive gambling! But the real truth is that Justyn Larcombe lost everything to gambling and successfully came back and gathered all of the broken pieces of his life back together. All that thanks to his strong will, consistency, a bit of family support and, of course, dedication. But how it all started, you may wonder?

Ambitions and Carrier

Justyn Rees Larcombe has always been a winner and always successful in every aspect. After his graduation from the East Sussex Uplands Community College, he went straight into military forces where his big journey started. He was good and even awarded with Sword of Honour on his graduation for being one of the best of his class. For around 2 years he becomes the youngest Major in the Royall Army. After around 8 years and a half, he decided to drop out because he was advised that he won’t see any promotion in the next 6 years. Justyn has always been restless, or at least that’s what he says about himself and this is why he left the army, to see for a better future.

British Soldiers On Duty

He is ambitious, we can definitely admit that! After the army, he started working as an insurance broker even though he had no experience, no idea and no practice. What did he do? He stayed hours of overtime reading books and striving to level up with his colleagues. In 2 years all of those efforts and hardworking payoff, he was promoted to a managing director and again he has been one of the youngest of such in a global financial services company. His salary increased to six figures each month and everything nice coming with that like expensive holidays, sports cars, an amazing house and other luxuries of such. He found the love of his life which gave the birth of his first son Matthew which was one of the most amazing moments in his lifetime according to him. He was happy with his lifestyle or at least that what he was thinking, but was that true? Not entirely!

At this time, Justyn Larcombe achieved every goal is his life – money, career, family, but something was still bothering him… that was his ambition. At that point he was happy but the focus of his was falling over the money, which was his mistake at the time. He missed promotion and that made him angry but that was not the only factor of stress for him. Around the same time, his older son Matthew was diagnosed with hemiplegia(paralysis) of his right side, he was not able to use his right hand properly, no sensitivity or dexterity. Additionally, cerebral palsy may bring signs of epilepsy in the future. Maybe Justyn Larcombe was not ready for such news because he says that this experience and more specifically a case in which his son was suffocating 40 minutes before the ambulance arrived, hurt him and his mentality a lot, Justyn was not prepared for such turn of events. We guess that was his breaking point because he decided to start gambling “just for fun”.

He says that with the time he got more and more engaged with online casinos, sports and bets. But the biggest problem was that he was hiding it from his wife and family, and we all know that keeping secrets never ends well. This is where Justyn`s Larcombes downfall stars!

Justyn Rees Larcombe and How He Lost Everything

Keeping secrets never end well especially when we speak about family and relatives. The truth that Justyn Larcombe admits it that with the time he withdrawal as a husband later on as a father too. He even started working from home so he can bet and read more about sports and gambling.

He admits that at some point he was losing more money than winning which for an ambitious and optimistic person like him was devastating.

Like every addict, he was thinking that he can turn the hands of luck and win back all the losses. The first major loss was a bet of £1,000 on a tennis match, but what you think he did afterwards? He calls his banks and organises an overdraft of another £1,000, but he loses them too. This was the actual real breaking point, he was already in debt, but his family was not aware of that. Instead of sharing his problems with his relatives he does exactly the opposite, he continues living the life he was used to and upholding his lifestyle.

He was feeling ashamed of himself and not willing to share his problem with anyone, meanwhile, his addiction becomes more and more serious – larger and more frequent bets and larger losses. All of that was still a secret when they sold their house for ¾ of a million or £750,000, but Justyn transferred the amount to his own account. They moved into a rented property meanwhile, 2 months later his wife called him to check on a house, a potential new home for them including his newly born son Oscar. Justyn Larcombe explained that in one of his interviews, how he was looking only for disadvantages during the viewing. The true reason for doing that was the incapability of his to afford the house at that moment. All of that because he was constantly gambling and slowly draining all his family funds, on top of that he was already in debt with the bank in order to cover this whole illusion and his lies from all of his relatives.

Man Struggles On a Bench

Justyn Rees Larcombe admits that compulsive gambling is an addiction which is easy to hide because it only hits you mentally and the only sign of it is the fast switching moods of his. He also says that his stupidity of thinking that he can cover the losses with other bets and his pride which stopped him from getting help and accepting the need of such. His lies continued, one day he used his corporate bank card to organise a bet and that was the moment he was fired. But he never got the courage to admit it in front of his family, that why he told them he quit. The lies were piling up and building a fence between him and his family until one day he woked up but the house was empty, his wife took the kids and left him. But this sad story does not end here, because he continued gambling even after they left him until he emptied all of his savings, he sold his wedding bands, his Sword of Honor, his Breitling watch, and he even got in dept with over £75,000. He was already too deep, but now he was not only betting but playing online casinos too.

Well, all the things that he has done led him to the consideration to commit a really serious crime or take his own life, but this is where his family of true believers comes in. His mother Jennifer Rees Larcombe and his brother visited him and brought some sense to him. He moved into the bedroom in his mother’s house that he left when he was 18 years old with £75,000 depts and a black bin bag with personal belongings. For around a year he was able to step on his feet again, bring his family back and most importantly start helping people in the same terrible position. He wrote a problem gambling book and organised dozens of courses to help people fight their addiction. The most inspiring fact about Justyn Rees Larcombe is that he never gave up! On the other side, his story tells us how important family is and their support in case of trouble.

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