Is Online Poker Rigged – Myth or Reality?

Due to many malicious digital actions in the last 20 years, a lot of players have asked themselves - is online poker rigged? Should you continue playing online or there's no point in that? These and many other questions will be answered in the following article, so don't miss out on our analysis.
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The fairness of online poker is a subject that became quite popular on the web in the last decade and a half, and that is thanks to the rapidly growing poker society over the world. We will remind you of some of the biggest poker scandals in history and show you more about how online poker works nowadays. You will have the chance to find out how to spot if online poker is rigged.

Reasons Why People Believe That Online Poker is Rigged

Ever since the digital world entered our reality, things like the lack of physical croupiers pushed players into thinking that there is a trick. The truth is that most players seek a reason different from their poor skills to justify their losses. But still, there are some cases from the past proving that sometimes online poker is rigged.

Online Poker Scandals

We could point to a few most famous online poker scandals that increase doubt in online ventures. Some cases below proved that platforms are rigged, while others were alleged in financial crimes. Read more about these case files and decide on your own if online poker is rigged or not.

🏆 Top 3 Online Poker Scandals 📅 Year
Black Poker Friday 2011
Ultimate Bet Poker 2007
Pitbull Poker 2009

Let’s examine each case separately and find out if online poker is rigged or not. It is good to know such stories because the industry improved significantly based on them. Don’t forget such big businesses are led by the goal of enhancing and adapting their services regularly to keep up with the competition.

Black Friday 2011 – USA Against Online Poker

The long story short is that in 2011, three of the most famous and prominent at the time poker operators in the USA were seized by the federal government. None of the companies expected anything likewise to happen, but it did. Some websites closed real-money play for US players for the time being, while others just shut down entirely due to the incapability of paying all of their US customers.PokerStars was the biggest and most reputable company of all, which was able to payout not only its debts but also to purchase Full Tilt and payout their debts too.

Man Gambling Online on His Portable Computer

The result was that the allegations against both companies were dropped in 2012. Meanwhile, Ultimate Bet took roughly ten years to do the same. It was proved that none of the online poker sites was rigged, but the financial sustainability of each online platform was raised as a potential problem. Here is a full output on the story of the black Friday poker scandal.

Ultimate Bet – Super Users Scheme

This is a case where we can consider that online poker is rigged, although it is not entirely true. Let’s elaborate more on this subject, and you will find out. Ultimate Bet was a company created by the pro poker player Russ Hamilton and the businessman Greg Pierson. This was one of the most successful poker platforms in the USA at the time. However, due to the fast developing technology and the suspicion that someone on the platform might be cheating, they created the Super User account.

The idea was to create several special accounts available only for a short circle of people from the management and be used to prevent cheating on the website. But was online poker rigged? We can’t say that because the super users could not interfere with the gameplay, but they could see the cards of all table participants.

Five People Play Online Poker

Now you probably get how all this became a multimillion scheme. The thing was that “god-mode” and play mode couldn’t be launched from the same computer. Therefore, there were two people needed for this scheme to work. On one hand, the first person could see the hands of the players, while the other user could use the information brought by the god-mode user.

The poker society discovered the whole case at the time. The first poker analytic software came on the market simultaneously, allowing players to follow their win rate and other aspects of their performance. In this way, it was discovered that some users have unrealistic winning rates. This is how the whole scheme actually came to light.

Pitbull Poker – A Platform that Dissappeared

This platform never gained much attention, but it was still able to scheme money out of its customers for over five years. Because it was all developed on Flash, it was easy for skilful hackers to use extensions and see the cards of all players. The poker society suspected this at the time, which is why it was probably closed in 2009, while no players were paid. However, one question remains – is poker online rigged?

Green Purple and Blue Poker Chips

Well, for the time being (2003-2009), it was definitely possible to break the code and make a profit out of it. Back then, many players might have considered that online poker was rigged, but nowadays, it is impossible to scheme any reputable online poker platform. In the following paragraph, we will prove why it is so hard to rig online poker.

How Rigged is Online Poker and Is that Possible at All

The truth is that nowadays, it is nearly impossible to rig an online poker platform, not only because the security is extremely high, but because players are way more vigilant than ever before. After all, the online poker industry went through a lot in the last decades and learned from its mistakes.

If you are a conspiracy theory lover, you will probably fall for the several Reddit discussions on the theme “Is online poker rigged?”. The latest we checked was from 2021, but you will find such from 2012 too. Again, some allegations were thrown in the air without concrete evidence that online poker is rigged.

Table With Spread Playing Cards

There are two main reasons why you lose more money while playing online poker. Many players in a bad streak will refuse to accept that their poor skills are actually the problem. In addition, the thing that makes things even worse is the pace of online poker, but how does it matter?

The lack of a human hand, or more likely the presence of artificial intelligence, makes the gameplay way faster and more strict. To explain that more comprehensively, we will compare the number of hands on live poker and online poker with six players. With an average pace and enough poker chips, you can deal 25-30 hands per hour, while online, this number goes between 75 and 100 hands. When we consider that many online poker players play on 2-5 tables simultaneously, this makes the played hands for an hour between 400 and 500.

This is why many players think online poker is rigged, and people lose money quickly. Again, thanks to the game’s pace, you may often lose even with strong pockets like AA or KK. Your winning chances when holding such a hand are mathematically below 20%, so don’t expect miracles. From this perspective, luck overcomes skills.

Computer Made Image of Playing Cards

How to Find Out if Online Poker is Rigged

Another truth is that even if your platform for online poker is rigged, you won’t be able to find it on your own, or at least not right away. If you play at reputable global online poker rooms, you won’t have any issues because they all strive to provide better services just like the best online casinos in the UK.

The easiest way to do it is to share with other players your opinion. When speaking about professional poker players, or VIP high-rollers, they usually use the before-mentioned poker analysis software that gives them an insight into their gameplay. If suspicion about a platform or a player is raised in the poker community, many passionate players will follow and observe the games of the “cheaters”.

Man Holding Four Aces Poker Hand

Of course, the truth won’t become evident immediately because to consist of statistics and estimate the winning rate, there is a need for gameplay examination. If you are determined enough, you can do the same with the best poker players on the global scene that we have listed in the following paragraph and compare them with the person you have doubts is cheating.

Some Poker Players are Just Good

Because the easiest way to learn how to be a better poker player is to observe and study the best players, we have gathered a short list of them. Some are modern competitors, while others are old-time rollers who paved the way for all future generations of poker fans.

If ladies are reading this article. You will be pleased to find out which are the best female poker players. In general, the online poker and gambling industry is considered the future for all pro players who like to compete in the big leagues. Take, for instance, Charlie Carrel, who made his debut as an online poker player and then moved to live tournaments.

The best about online poker is that you can stay incognito as long as you want, and also because people don’t see your face, eyes and emotions, which improves your gameplay, especially as a newbie. Being able to hide any potential poker tells is crucial on the poker table. Follow the pro players and the platforms they use, so you don’t wonder if online poker is rigged.

Man Playing Poker on his Laptop

Is Online Poker Rigged – the Definitive Answer & Top Sites

Nowadays, there are literally thousands of online platforms that offer poker. They win way more money by serving decent and fair services to their customers. We want to highlight that platforms have no interest in rigging online poker or other games simply because they make more money without doing anything illegal.

All of the best online sites strictly observe and investigate all players to ensure that proper gameplay is delivered to all players. All the online poker providers realise that they will lose more money and players if they decide to rig the games instead of providing better services.

If you observe a player and you have doubts, you can always contact customer service, and they can investigate the case as soon as possible. Nowadays, an excellent reputation is all a business needs to prosper and flourish. In order to be on the safe side, we always advise our readers to trust only licensed operators. We can’t miss mentioning that free-play poker sites are perfect if you want to practice and learn the basics of the game.


To your attention, now we place the most frequently asked questions we were able to gather about online poker and how it could be rigged. Use the provided jump links in each answer to explore its more extensive version. Do not hesitate to reread the article if you want to double-check some details.

1️⃣ Are online poker platforms rigged?

The definitive answer if online poker rigged is no. There have been many poker scandals in the game's history, but none are related to rigged online games. Nowadays, such schemes are impossible to implement because security is very high, and the community has become vigilant.

2️⃣ How rigged is online poker?

It is nearly impossible to rig online poker. We don't know how to rig online poker, but we can tell why people think it could be scammed. Online poker offers way faster gameplay than real-time poker because computers can handle over 70 hands per hour, while a live dealer can do 25-30 max.

3️⃣ How to find out if online poker is rigged?

One thing is clear - if you have any doubts, it is very time-consuming to determine whether online poker is rigged. You will need poker analysis software which shows you statistically how successfully you are playing and what are your main mistakes. If you spot an unrealistic winning rate, you should alarm others and the platform.

4️⃣ Where can I play online poker that is not rigged?

Nowadays, there are plenty of reputable online poker platforms with worldwide coverage where you can sign in and play many variations of the game with real money or for fun. All the online poker pages provide top-notch services, excellent gaming quality and a high level of security simply because our modern age demands it.

5️⃣ Which online poker platforms are not trustworthy?

The truth is that online poker scam sites usually disappear the way they appear – suddenly. A great example is the Pitbull Poker platform, which was founded in 2004 and suddenly disappeared in 2009 with the funds of all its players. You should always look for relevant gambling licenses at gambling sites to stay safe.

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