Funny Bets – Wagers with Unusual Consequence

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt or at least that's what they say. Don't worry, though, we are just going to explore the fun side of gambling with friends. You know, the funniest bets ever. Having a friendly wager is how professional sports betting came about. Things are not so friendly, however, when gamblers are involved who are willing to take it to the extreme. Those are a different breed and they don't fear the prospect of being humiliated, nor are they quick to swallow their pride. This is the perfect set up for ridiculous situations, the most interesting of which we are going to go over shortly. Before we do that, can we have a moment of silence for those brave souls? Alright, let's get to it.
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#1 Loose a Fantasy Football Bet and Be Punished for It

Chuck Jose lost a fantasy football bet to his friend Allen Mark. The conditions of the wager were such that the loser must recreate the official music video for Sia’s song Chandelier only using his own dancing ability In the original video, dance prodigy Maddie Ziegler performs a stunning routine in a ballet outfit. So did Chuck. He created a near-perfect match of Maddie’s dance and published it on his personal YouTube channel. Instead of receiving just a few hits from users embracing the weird side of YouTube, the video got millions of views. It’s a good thing he was a hardcore daily fantasy fan and not one who visits eSports bookies online.

In the following video, Jose explained that he and his best friend invented ‘The League of Humiliation’ – a set of rules according to which the loser of a weekly fantasy league bet has to be punished. The player unfortunate enough to lose the match of the week would have to suffer one of a list of predetermined consequences. Chuck Joes eventually lost one of the weekly bets and this is how he wound up creating his chef-d’oeuvre.

#2 Out of a Tournament Due to a Funny Prop Bet

The former magician couldn’t get away from being disqualified from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event for relieving himself in a bottle. It was a prop bet with businessman Bill Perkins that made him resort to this rather unusual solution. Bill Perkins bet Antonio $50, 000 he couldn’t perform the ‘lunges’ move instead of walking in the next 48 hours. Bill guess was that he’ll give up eventually. That didn’t happen though, and Antonio won his 50,000. However, as a result of the repeated lunging, his legs were in so much pain that he couldn’t walk to the restroom on the day the tournament took place. Esfandiari thought that peeing in a bottle will be the solution to his woes, but unfortunately for him, the tournament officials disqualified him for his inappropriate actions. The online poker and live cash games specialist apologized in written and verbal form after the incident.

#3 Brian Zembic Gets 38C Breast Implants

The bizarre world of gamblers has seen it wall, but one scandalous bet from the not so distant past hit the headlines big time. Brian Zembic is a gambler with the status of a prop bet expert, known for winning some of the weirdest wagers to ever been documented. He lived up to his reputation when friends challenged him to get breast implants sized 36C or more. Not only did Zembic get the implants, he kept them for twenty years. Another fun story is how he actually paid for the operation. He won the surgery fair and square by outplaying a cosmetic surgeon at backgammon. That rather unusual stunt is just another one in Zembic’s portfolio of weird achievements.

#4 Poker Pro Mike Noori’s McDonald’s Meal Worth $1,000

Poker Player Mike Noori, reportedly a fan of fast-food, came up with the ridiculous proposition bet that he can eat $1,000 worth of McDonald’s food. Everyone listening to common sense would think that’s impossible and rightly so. Noori had something in mind, however, as he negotiated very specific conditions. The whole story was brought into prominence when WPT Tour Director Matt Savage shed light on the stipulations of the bet. $300 had to be spent on hot food, $200 on salads, with the option $500 to be spent on apple bags (as Noori was hoping to do anyway). Even so, the total energy content of the food was estimated at about 70, 000 calories. To do that in a day and a half is all but possible said Jimmy Fricke. To no one’s surprise, Noori didn’t even get close to consuming the amount of food specified in the wager’s conditions. It wasn’t for want of trying though. It wasn’t all for nothing either, because $14, 000 was raised for charity in the process.

#5 Kobayashi Pranks the New York Cosmos

Making a funny bet people regret later on is usually caused by misinformation or misjudgment altogether. A prime example of both is the case of Peri Marošević – a New York Cosmos soccer player. At the time, he was unanimously considered the team’s biggest eater, so he took on a chicken nugget eating challenge posed by the Buffalo Wild Wings manager Steve. Little did he know, he’s going up against Takeru Kobayashi – one of the all-time greatest competitive eaters. The whole thing was a prank, so Kobayashi postured as Kevin – a random Buffalo Wild Wings employee.

The promise was that if Peri Marošević won, Steve would buy lunch for the whole team. The entire audience exploded when Kobayashi started speeding up. Peri’s friends cried out with disbelief ‘Peri Look!’. Sometime later Kobayashi turned his hat over to sending the whole crowd into a state of wild excitement. He finished miles ahead of Peri Marošević beating him 58 nuggets to only 18. The prank was executed entirely in the spirit of good fun, as shown by the video footage available on Youtube.

Funny Bets Conclusion – Know Your Limits

The mathematics of gambling is a complicated thing. We are bound to experience ups and downs in our everyday lives, let alone when we gamble. The key thing to remember is to play responsibly and not to bet more than you can afford to lose. Yes, that includes your dignity and reputation. Clearly some are bound to learn that lesson the hard way (as we’ve seen countless times in various Superbowl funny bets), but for the rest of us who learn from the mistakes of others, it’s best to stay in our comfort zone where we can make a reasonably informed decision and avoid looking silly. Of course, unless you’re not in it to win it but simply to have fun.

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