Daniel Negreanu Vlog – 'Kid Poker' Is on the Hunt Again!

Danie Negreanu has been playing poker for more than 20 years and became one of the most respected players out there. His accomplishments from live games, as well as from online poker, speak volumes about his impeccable skills and outstanding reading abilities. Fortunately, his passion for the game hasn't ended and he's on a different adventure this time – the 2019 WSOPE event! However, Mr Negreanu decided to capture his experience on camera and share it with the world. Since 'Kid Poker' is involved there's a lot of fun moments to see, so let's check what this Daniel Negreanu vlog is all about!
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The Daniel Negreanu Video Blog Starts with a Travel Day

As most of you know, Daniel Negreanu is a very outgoing person, so don’t expect him to start filming on the way to the airport! He turns his camera on from early in the morning by showing his house and his two adorable dogs to the camera while joking with the puppies. In reality, it’s pleasing to see that throughout the years of intense poker play, Daniel has remained consistent in his cheerful behaviour and with a great sense of humour. Furthermore, he decided to move ‘solo’ as he recently parted ways with PokerStars which is also a part of the best poker sites in the UK. Anyway, on the vlog, Daniel quickly approaches more serious matters by revealing what his strategy will be and how he’s planned the whole day. Furthermore, for those of you who travel quite often, Daniel has prepared a piece of interesting advice for adjusting to different timezones, which will definitely come in handy!

Packing the Bags and off to the Airport!

In the course of explaining his schedule for the day, Daniel did mention that the flight was in evening hours, so he had the whole day to relax, goof around with his two puppies Apollo and Rocky and prepare mentally for the events ahead. However, he filmed a part of the packing with his wife Amanda, and we should note that the luggage was indeed enormous – 64 kilos combined! We won’t dig in many details, but we can assure the animal lovers that the puppies were left in safe hands, so Daniel and his wife took the 10-hour plane ride to London and then to the Czech Republic.

What amused Daniel as well as us, is the fact that he was treated like royalty. After arriving, Kid Poker and Amanda were left relaxing in a lobby with food and drinks while the staff was taking care of their luggage and passports. If you think that this was royal treatment, think again! The Daniel Negreanu vlog reveals more spicy details like a helicopter waiting for the poker pro and his wife. Although Amanda wasn’t that thrilled about that particular ride, they were both treated like celebrities after arriving at the King’s Resort in Rozvadov. The couple was accommodated in the Daniel Negreanu suite, which was a luxurious five-star apartment with perks that impressed Daniel and his wife. They even had the option to choose a meal from a menu specially designed for their vegan cravings! However, the day came to an end and the poker action was left for day 2.

Day 2 of the Daniel Negreanu 2019 Vlog – Time for Action!

Daniel had time to relax and it was time to start to put his great poker telling skills to work! However, the event he registered for, a €350 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament, had a start hour of 6 PM, so Kid Poker revealed his daily schedule and poker strategy. He also shared with the public his main objective – winning his third WSOP Player of the Year award. For the time being, Daniel is third in the rankings but is pretty close to becoming first and winning this prize.

Enough with the details – let’s play some poker! Mr Negreanu hit the tables and was even able to film a couple of hands for those of us who enjoy poker action. A classic pre-flop all-in pot was shot on a camera with Daniel’s pocket aces cracking pocket kings. He also did a recap on a hand he had, demonstrating the logic behind his reading abilities. Unfortunately, Negreanu’s pocket nines lost to an Ace-Queen on a board of queen, ten, eight, eight and five. In the course of the tournament, Daniel filmed a couple of hands where he didn’t participate but decided that they would be interesting for the public. The players at the table didn’t mind at all since Kid Poker was socialising and they were all having a good time. However, the event came to an end for Daniel since he got in the way of pocket Jacks with his Ace-King pre-flop. The board was ‘dry’ for Negreanu and he was busted with a stack of 23 blinds.

Day 3 of the Vlog– Switching to Pot-Limit Omaha

Nothing is lost for Kid Poker, as he decided to switch his play to a €550 buy-in 8-Handed PLO tournament. Daniel’s plan was to attend the tournament and later on to move to the second version of the same €350 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament he was eliminated in. A poker pro like Mr Negreanu can afford to mix up his play in one day, especially when he has a bigger goal set.

Unfortunately, the WSOPE 2019 tournament isn’t that favourable to Daniel as he got busted again pretty soon after the start of the tournament. The good thing is that re-buys are allowed, so he quickly got back in the game! Luckily this time, the Daniel Negreanu video blog captured a moment of success as the poker pro was able to secure a decent amount of chips. He even filmed a pre-flop all-in hand where he flopped a full house and his opponent had no chance for a better hand.

Hand Recap and Getting in the Money!

From the previous day, you might have noticed that Daniel Negreanu vlog includes a hand recap from time to time, so this video won’t make an exception. Kid Poker shared a hand with the viewers where he had Aces full of Jacks, but most importantly he revealed the logic behind his river raise and what he put his opponent on. Unfortunately, the other player didn’t have the highest flush possible, so he folded a 40,000 pot to Kid Poker. However, re-buys were over and he creator of his very own poker masterclass was busted in the end at 22nd place. The second attempt of the hold’em tournament also wasn’t successful so we can conclude that the Daniel Negreanu 2019 WSOPE experience so far wasn’t that pleasing.

Day 4 of the Daniel Negreanu WSOPE Adventure

Kid Poker isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! It’s day 4 of his stay at the King’s Resort and Daniel decides to attack the Flight B of the €550 PLO tournament he was busted in. Since we’re talking about Omaha, getting involved in hands is more frequent compared to Texas hold’em, so it’s no surprise that Daniel had to rebuy early on. His two pairs weren’t good enough against the set of aces his opponent had. Fortunately, Negreanu didn’t lose his positive attitude and continued having fun with other players, even though he lost a third of his stack after his first re-buy. Speaking of players, Phil Hellmuth and Viktor Blom also joined the PLO action and were both on Daniel’s table. Negreanu rebought a total of 3 times, but at the end of the day was busted once again. The poker pro isn’t giving up and there are more scheduled WSOPE events that await him. Will he succeed in capturing his third Player of the Year award by earning tournament points? We’ll keep an eye on his vlogs and see what will happen!

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