The Craziest Poker Hands – Things Can Change in Seconds

Poker had evolved with time and now you can enjoy many tournaments on TV, as well as online. Numerous poker shows are broadcasted which gives you the chance to witness some of the craziest poker hands ever. There are often downright bizarre hands played around the world. From the most insane poker hands to horrific bad beats and well-timed bluffs, poker has it all. Poker hands are diverse, but some definitely deserve to be remembered. We have prepared several examples that will always amaze us.
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Bluffs Can Become the Most Insane Poker Hands

Poker is a table game, where fake moves can end up as crazy wins and turnouts. Several situations have been remembered as the most insane poker hand victories. Imagine winning millions by bluffing with a 2 and a 7 against a pair of Kings. You could try out bluffing yourself at the best poker sites in the UK. Check out the videos below and enjoy the power of the perfect bluff. Tim Dwan is one of the best live poker players, known both for his lucky hands and the pots won thanks to the well-played bluffs. Such move was done against Bob Safai on Poker After Dark. Dwan went all-in with eight-six. He has nothing on the board as well. Safai on the other hand holds Ace – the Queen on the board guarantees the hand. Then Dwan goes all-in and Safai folds. What are the odds of losing a winning hand?

Matusow vs. Hellmuth – The Master Bluff

One of the most incredible bluffs to have ever been recorded features “the Mouth” Matusow and Phil Hellmuth. The prior started the game with a 2 and a 7, where Matusow got a strong pair of Kings. The fact that others at the table like Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak were talking about having deuce–seven almost the entire time, makes the situation simply unbelievable.

That definitely infused the poker night with laughs, action, and memories. Once Hellmuth raised with cash placed on the table, Matusow got distracted and didn’t believe in the strength of his pair and folded. What an amazing mind game that was.

An Amateur Beats a Pro With a Bluff

That hand was played in 2003 when ESPN broadcasted a live poker tournament for the first time at the WSOP. It was definitely memorable. An accountant beat a well-known poker pro at the World Series of Poker through a $39 investment. Chris Moneymaker tricked Sam Farha and went home with the $2.5 million dollar cash prize. Chris proved, that sometimes all you need is guts. He was betting bravely all-in with just a seven-king in his hand. The board was in favour of Sam with a 9-2-6-8-3 and a nine-Queen in his possession.

Moneymaker played one very powerful move, which decided the outcome. His raise on the turn boosted things in his favour, especially with the stack/pot ratio. His aim was to make the opponent think that he had a stronger hand than the pair of nines. The cards seem perfect for a flush, but will the last one on the draw bring the victory? It is too soon to fold, but if he calls, he can only win the pot by hitting his draw or bluffing. But bluffing the river after just calling the turn isn’t the best way to go. He goes all-in and Farha decides to fold with just a pair, where Moneymaker seemed like he had something more.

The Craziest Poker Hand Ever

Let’s start by mentioning the rarest hand in poker, which is powerful and yet almost impossible to get – the royal flush. It contains ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, all of the same suit. The history of poker knows many cases, where the last card dealt by the croupier can turn the outcome in a totally different direction. For example, a player can wait with two pairs and the final card to bring victory to his opponent thanks to the created final flush.

It is amusing how two players with unbelievable hands are going toe-to-toe with each other. They bet, confident in their cards. Every action you take might second guess your opponent and help you realise the strength of the hand. Be careful, you could be in such a strong position yourself. Crazy poker hands are also known to serve badly to their owner and leave the rest of the players speechless.

Toby Lewis vs Andrew Robl

It is known as one of the craziest poker hand battles ever seen on a gaming table. Lewis and Robl go up against each other with Pocket Queens and 9s respectively after the deal. Both believe they are in a pretty strong position. After the Flop, two Queens and a 9 come into the game. That is a full house for Robl. It can’t beat Lewis’ Four Of A Kind. Regardless, he bets $18,000. Yevgeniy Timoshenko, who held Pocket 2s elects to fold, but Lewis raises to $42,000.

So far, all three poker players hold a pair. In the world of poker, that move should be taken as an alert to what is going on. Robl makes the call, even after some consideration. After the following 5 on the Turn, he checks and calls to a sizeable bet of $63,000. Then, amazingly, a fourth 9 is dealt which gives Robl his own Four of a Kind. No one thought he could loose with one of the best hands available. What follows? Discarding the signs, he goes all-in, but Lewis takes it all with his four Queens. What a cruel way to be knocked out of a tournament.

Daniel Negreanu vs Barry Shulman

What an amazing final of the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event that was. On the Flop, Negreanu gets a pair of Jacks but is still behind. The 5 and 8 of Diamonds are not much help either. Negreanu’s raise to $900,000 prompts Shulman to go all-in. Negreanu gets the Jack he needs on the Turn to put himself on pole for victory. Everybody is expecting that last card without moving an inch. A third Ace can pull the breaks on that winning perspective, but it is only a 2% given chance of happening. Guess what? It did happen! Shulman wins with the last card drown – an Ace!

FAQ on the Craziest Poker Hands Ever

Thousands of poker games are played annually. That includes numerous bizarre and hard to believe poker outcomes. Even a low card like a 3 or a 2 can flip everything after the last turn. Many players have been tricked by Lady Luck and wining card combinations at first sight can cost you the prize. The cases are countless. We have added some of them. If you get inspired you can try one of the best new UK casinos.

What is the oldest poker bluff seen on TV?

One of the most insane poker hands is owned by the first accountant beating a pro poker player back in 2003. He had nothing and was praying for a flush after the turn. He managed to mislead the pro Sam Farha and made him fold, when Farha had a winning pair of nines.

Which is the most unexpected winning poker hand?

The history of live poker tournaments has many wining hands, which shocked players and audience. However, one of the historical battles between Negreanu and Shulman contains an amazing poker hand. Shulman gets really lucky and takes it all right under Negreanu’s nose.

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