The Casino Pit Boss – General Job Description

Thanks to countless urban legends and the way they’ve been represented in books, movies and other works of fiction, the pit bosses’ reputation has been somewhat mystified. Thus, we decided to write a short and comprehensive article on the topic in an attempt to answer all of your questions and put an end to all the common misconceptions that we encountered. So, make yourselves comfortable and take a few minutes of your time to learn more about who the pit bosses are and what they do on a daily basis.
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The Pit Boss Casino Responsibilities

Even though most people think that pit managers are only there to keep an eye on the players, there is actually a lot more going on. On a day-to-day basis, they are running complex operations that include both front and back of house duties. Skilled pit managers are extremely unobtrusive and act in a very subtle manner, which is why most players have little to no idea of what their profession actually is. This is why we are going to use primary sources such as interviews and testimonies in order to give you a unique insight into the day of a pit boss.

Administrative Work

We are going to start off with the administrative part of the job as it is the one that people know the least about. Believe it or not, running a land-based casino requires an immense amount of paperwork to be filled and in most cases, it is the pit boss that needs to keep track of it. The most obvious examples are the sheets that list the wins, losses, credits and inventories for each of the tables in the pit. These are usually done at the end of each shift or when the dealers change. But the story doesn’t end there.

You will be surprised to find out that in most conventional gambling establishments, the pit managers are also taking care of the staff schedules, vacation requests, time off as well as the dealer shifts and changes. And if we take everything into consideration, we are talking tens of pages of paperwork that need to be kept in check on every shift. This is yet another testimony to the abilities of pit bosses and the high demands that they have to meet on a daily basis.

Preventing Cheating – The Pit Boss is Always Looking

Another important part of their job and the one that they are probably best known for is looking out for acts of fraud and cheating and then dealing with them. If you’ve seen the 1995 blockbuster Casino you will be familiar with one of the most famous phrases of Robert De Niro’s character. What he says is that in Vegas everybody has got to watch everybody else. And what is true about Sin City usually applies to casinos all around the world. But what are pit bosses exactly looking for?

Thefts Do Happen at Casinos

Well, theft and possible theft are some of the most common offences that take place on the casino floor. Despite the fact that most venues have state-of-the-art security systems in place, muggings do still happen. Whether someone is trying to steal purses, wallets or casino chips, the pit bosses are constantly on the lookout for people with criminal intents. Then there is card counting and even though it is not actually illegal, it is of the casino’s best interest that players don’t do it. It is the pit managers’ job to locate such customers and make it impossible for them to continue. One of the most common ways to tackle such players is to limit their winnings by making their maximum bet equal to the table’s minimum.

Dealing with Any Issues That May Arise in The Pit

Most of you have probably visited real casinos more than once in your life, so you should be pretty familiar with the overall vibe. When you have so many people at one place, some of whom wining, others losing it is inevitable that things are going to get somewhat rowdy. Pit bosses are trained to be vigilant and to spot such situations while there are still in development. An important part of their job is to intervene before things have gotten out of hand, thus ensuring the safety of the casino staff and the customers.

For example, if someone has had too many free drinks, they will be approached by the pit managers, taken to the restaurant so they can relax and have something to eat, before being sent home. All expenses are going to be covered by the house and everyone is going to have a wonderful experience. Other examples include all types of player disputes that are the result of player or dealer errors. In such cases, the casino pit boss will utilise his experience and perfect knowledge of the game rules to act as the arbitrator and resolve any disagreements or requests.

What Is The Casino Pit Boss Salary?

At last, we reach the million-dollar question of how much are casino pit bosses making? Considering the fact that salaries are usually kept in secrecy that isn’t the easiest question to answer. Nevertheless, we have used our knowledge of the gambling industry, done our research and found some interesting data. According to our information, the average casino pit boss salary in the US is around $25 per hour, which adds up to around $56, 000 of annual pay. Depending on the casino, numbers can go up to around $75,000. Unfortunately, unlike the dealers, pit bosses are not allowed to take tips which means that they can often end up making as much or even less than employees at lower positions.

If we hop across the pond, however, things are not looking as good. Across the UK, pit bosses are making an average of £27,000, which is roughly the equivalent of $35, 000. And things are not much better for those who are more experienced or employed at larger venues. Even in the best-case scenario, a pit manager in Britain will be making around £50,000 or $65,000. And if that doesn’t seem like a lot of money to you, then we agree. However, if you take a look at our list of the best online casinos in the UK and you are somewhat lucky you can end up making that much or even more in a single night!


All in all, the job of a casino pit boss is much more complex and responsible than most people may have been made to believe. In most smaller venues, where the position of a shift manager does not exist, the pit bosses occupy the second most important post after the casino manager. It is thanks to their extensive experience, immense knowledge and people skills that casinos around the world operate so seemingly.

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