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Casino hosts had made the difference for centuries at brick-and-mortar gambling halls. Work had shifted and adjusted with time, which lead to a bit different approach of the casino host job. Players are lured in via variously inspired methods. The host is there to assist, to offer free deals and make you feel important. Some of the most used perks are free drinks, tickets, free buffet or some exotic pitch. A casino VIP host can even accompany you at your luxurious yacht cruise, offered by the casino. The following article will address the spiciest aspects of being a casino host in 2022 and everything you might be interested to know about the job.
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Many Prefer Online Casinos, but Hosts Outstrip

Land gaming establishments still offer extras, based on theoretical wins. Such calculations result from the average outcomes of a game over a long period of time. All that is monitored by the casino and a host is assigned to you, in case you qualify. Let’s take the diversity of the game categories. Those of you playing slots or video poker don’t need a pit boss or someone to monitor the play. Such games don’t usually end up with a casino host by your side. Live-action games like poker and blackjack, on the other hand, are tracked and will definitely help being noticed. Reputation and high bets are the main bait for a host. Casino hosts are the only ones with the authority to issue complimentary services (comps). The range varies and every data is reported usually to the casino’s marketing managers.

The Role of the Casino Host

When you spend enough time playing at casinos, you will meet a host for sure. They will approach you with free offers like a meal at the buffet, a free room, some kind of an upgrade or tickets for a show. The range of the complementary offers stretches based on the amount of money you risk. The idea is to keep you coming back and betting again. There are some ways to trick the hosts as well as the dealer. More on that in a bit.

In addition, you get access to endless events, paradise destinations, upgrades, VIP treats and many more. The expensive villa, that is always booked when you check, is now on your list, thanks to the casino host. They can even come with you there and keep up the gaming-related questions under control. You can even ask them to pick the players, which will sit at your betting table. Hosts are there to smooth things out and keep up the positive atmosphere at the table. In many occasions, they are the ones assisting with follow-up bets. Their goal is to spin as much money as they can through the casino. That is the main factor in determining their salary.

The Casino Host Job

Being a casino host requires devotion. They work with players and handle a lot of assignments. They are fully aware of the casino policy and know what to offer, when and to whom. Their competitive salary keeps the staff inspired. The idea behind assigning such person to players is to motivate them to play and bet more. When a host brings more money to the casino, their salary and bonuses increase. As far as tipping them goes, it depends entirely on the establishment. Somewhere they are not allowed to accept tips and gifts, elsewhere only VIP hosts get that luxury. Once you become a VIP casino host, you are assigned only to high-rollers and loyal guests.

Trick the Casino to Attract a Host

There are ways to trick casinos in offering complimentary five-star meals, suites, flights, tickets and more. It is not that difficult to get deluxe comps and spend less. For starters, get to know the system of assigning hosts and such perks. Well, you can always play together with a friend. Act like you bet more than you do. The longer it seems you play the better it is. Don’t forget to pretend to lose a lot, because you know nothing, and you are a newbie. Here are some points, which will help you look like in need of a casino host.

Trick the Host – Tips
Reputation is Vital Act like a big gambler, but not only in the same casino. High-rollers’ reputation spreads fast. The next casino will try to match your status and will welcome you with comps – rooms, meals, you name it.
Act Like Losing Try acting like losing. Many players suggest pocketing some chips and playing longer with lower bets. This way you will look like losing a lot.
Enter and Leave in Style Make sure to start a game with a very high bet. That info goes into the system through the dealer. Do the same with your last bet too. Repeat that in several tables and it will look like you are a big fish.

We have offered legal ways to sneak some rib eye stakes and lobster tails. It is refreshing to trick the casino host from time to time. Basically, you make them do the job, they are hired for. However, losing some money is all part of the game. Once a reputation is created, the free goods keep pouring before you even spend a penny. Bear in mind, that such actions are not used when playing online.

Online Casino Hosts

Things with online casinos is a completely different story. The used software is programmed to track your play and every dime you wager. Fewer mistakes are done this way. Here, table games bring better promotions as well. However, players focus exclusively on online slot machines. Have in mind, that slots favour the house, where roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other table games favour the player. You don’t have an online casino host as in the land-based halls. There are pit bosses, who are present just to assist for the live stream table sessions. Every bonus, comp and the related terms of use are mentioned on the websites of the casinos. There you are your own online casino VIP host.

FAQ Showing More About the Casino Host

Casino hosts are a mystery for many players, but this article aims to explain every detail. In the FAQ we try to clear the idea behind that profession by answering the most common questions. Try to see both sides of the chip. The hosts can be used to increase the fun and thrill when playing at a gambling hall after all, so it is in your interest to know as much as possible about them.

How to contact the casino host?

Play long enough and they will approach you at some point. Bet big, lose a lot or just call for a host before you spend a penny. Many players lure comps from the casinos, using the main host job idea – assist more players, spin more money through the casino and earn a higher salary.

What is a VIP player?

VIP player or a high roller is a gambler consistently wagering large amounts of money. The pamper comps they get are determined by the casino and managed by the casino VIP host. The main role of such employees to match the perks and the status of the player. Instead of a free buffet meal, they get private jet transfers or use limousines for example.

Do casino hosts accept gifts and tips?

Some players might connect tipping and gifts as a bribe, to get better deals. With casino hosts, things look a bit different. Such actions are determined by the casino - some allow it, others don’t. However, you can trick the casino host and get comps. Bribes are not working. Well, throwing some tips, if allowed, will only help you keep the illusion alive. Hosts respond to a certain type of players.

What makes one person a great casino host?

Working with people requires excellent customer services abilities and fruitful player-host relationships. Casinos and hosts benefit from loyal guests. The good casino host keeps a larger number of players by offering various comps, has a positive attitude and assists at any given moment.

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