Can You Gamble Anywhere in the USA?

There are different restrictions in the US of A when it comes to gambling. There are some legal and other illegal activities in most or all states that are strictly regulated by the respected authorities, like the Arizona Department of Gaming. Yes, Arizona has a dedicated gaming department that operates everything gaming-related and we're going to talk more about it in our post here! We've included some useful information about the department, the legal gambling activites and other details you might find interesting and helpful. We've also added a short FAQ section with popular questions regarding the gambling situation in the state.
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Arizona Department of Gaming – Main Highlights

Hey, everyone! Welcome to our blog for another interesting post. This article is dedicated to the Arizona Department of Gaming and we’re going to learn a little bit more about the department and its function. We will also give you a thorough answer of whether you can gamble anywhere in the USA or not. Just a hint: the best PayPal casinos in the USA allow you to make an online deposit from anywhere in the country, but stay tuned to find out more details!

The Arizona Department of Gaming is the state’s gaming control board that regulates all gaming activities and provides brief information about legal and illegal gaming. The department was established in 1995 by the Arizona State Legislature. The Department’s ”job” is to regulate Native American gaming activities, including races, boxing and mixed arts.

The Department can also regulate some online gaming activities, but only if they are available outside the state of Arizona. According to recent research, playing at online casino sites that are established and run in Arizona is illegal. The ADG is in accordance with the Trible-State Gaming Compact, which includes 21 Native American tribes that own casinos across the state.

What Does Arizona Department of Gaming Regulate?

As shortly mentioned earlier, the ADG is responsible for the legal and illegal matter of some gambling activities. The department may assist in the investigation of illegal gaming and may also take part in certifying or restricting certain casinos and their activities. Something that you might find interesting is that Roulette, Baccarat and Craps are not allowed to be played in the state of Arizona. The ones it focuses on and are legal in the state include:

  1. Tribal Casinos
  2. Horse and Dog Racing
  3. Boxing and MMA
  4. Official State Lottery
  5. Charitable Gaming

Arizona is the state that has more Native American land than the other states. Everything gambling-related that is practiced on Native American land is authorized by the Indian Gambling Regulatory Act, which is a state law that the Arizona Department of Gaming operates by.

The ADG has a convenient website, where you can pay for services online and find more information about the gambling situation in the state. Each mentioned gaming activity you saw above has its section on the official website with more details you might find helpful, including statistics, enabling legislation, press release contributions and more.

ADG Regulated Areas
Tribal Casinos Native Casinos owned by tribes from the Tribal-State Gaming Compact are legal in the state.
Horse Racing Off-track races are illegal. Only horse and harness races.
Dog Racing There cannot be dog racing on the same day there are horse races during the daytime.
Boxing and MMA Both strictly regulated by the ADG.

ADG Contacts

The Arizona Department of Gaming gives access to its website to natives and foreigners who are interested in getting more information about the state gambling regulations. There, you can find more detailed information about the role of the department, the Arizona Department of Gaming jobs, as well as info for tribal gaming measures and contributions. As mentioned, there is also a very helpful FAQ section, where you can find answers to the most popular questions. Of course, if you would like to personally contact someone from the ADG, there are a few ways. There is a free state number for any general enquiries (602-771-4263) or you can fill in a contact form. You can also send an email at if you find it as a convenient option.

Department of Gaming Phoenix, AZ & Online Gambling

US online gambling is a very interesting topic that creates a lot of discussions. Each state has its laws and regulations regarding gambling in general, but when it comes to online gaming, it is a bit difficult to track.

In Arizona, online gaming is illegal if the casino site of choice is established and located in the state. You can only play at Arizona online casinos that are licensed, regulated and located outside of Arizona. Same applies for online poker rooms and sports betting sites, which are also regulated by specific license holders. Any other form of illegal gambling can get you into prison, but there are no such strict laws regarding online gambling except for the mentioned beforehand.

ADG Regulations

We had to make a bigger research on that because there is a lot of information that changes often, and we wanted to find details that are recently updated. With regards to what exactly the Department of Gaming Phoenix Arizona regulates, we’ve included some of the main laws the department complies with.

As previously mentioned, the ADG regulates tribal casinos and other gaming facilities, owned by any of the Native American tribes on the territory of the state. The Department is the one that must negotiate with tribes regarding gaming device assessments, as there is a specific budget that needs to be kept in mind, as well as fees for the tribes that own and run land-based casinos. This is how the tribal-state gaming compacts are formed.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered a list of all the rules that the ADG needs to follow to function and regulate properly:

  1. The State reviews and decides what the Department’s role is
  2. The Department must negotiate with tribes to reach an agreement on gaming device assessment fees
  3. The department can make refinements and certify vendors for tribal gaming operations.

ADG Popular Questions and Conclusion

Since there might be some questions about the gambling situation in Arizona that we haven’t answered yet, we’ve prepared a small FAQ section for your convenience. These are popular questions players ask, which might help you out:

🎰 Can you gamble online in Arizona?

You can gamble online if the casino site of choice is located outside of Arizona. There are no other strict rules or fines regarding online gaming, but the Gambling Law does often change, so you must keep an eye for any updates.

⚖️ Is gambling legal in Arizona?

A lot of forms of gambling are forbidden in Arizona and the States in general. Each state has its regulatory bodies that take care of any illegal activities and that license and regulates what is available. The state of Arizona allows horse and dog racing, boxing and MMA, and is also responsible for the state's Lottery.

❓ How many casinos are in Phoenix AZ?

There are 8 land-based casinos in total in Phoenix AZ. All of them offer slot machines and have a few table games available for AZ players. Table games do not include Roulette or Blackjack, as they are considered illegal gambling activities on the territory of the state.

⚽ Is sports betting allowed in Arizona?

You can place bets on horse and dog races, which are legal gambling activities in the state. Online, you can only participate in sports betting on sites and online casinos that operate outside of the state of Arizona.

We do hope you find our article interesting and helpful. If you are interested in reading more, our blog and main website are always open for you to explore. We’ve included articles about the best casino sites in the USA, articles about DIY and other gambling crafts and more!

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